Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 17: Confidence

AN: Since everyone’s excited about the dress, this is basically what I had in mind


Chapter 17

“Ohno-sama…” Y/n called softly as she walked out of the private room in the salon. Ohno and her assistant looked towards Y/n, both of their eyes widening. Ohno was shocked that she dropped her cigarette (thankfully it was unlit).

“Oh my… Y/n…” She was at a loss for words. She stared at the younger woman, hand on her chest. She looked breath-taking. Y/n stood in front of them, her face was tinted pink, they looked gob smacked that it made her feel shy again.

The stylist stood proudly by Y/n, hands on her hips

“I turned this princess into a QUEEN” She declared, holding the curling iron in her hand, high in the air, making Ohno laugh and clap her hands

“You sure did! Y/n, you’re glowing! And your hair! See, we didn’t go drastic but look at how lovely she’s cut and curled it. The makeup is on point too! Did you do what I requested?” Ohno asked the stylist who nodded

“Ma’am, the mascara is water-proof and 100% smudge proof.” She winked at Y/n who was confused making Ohno smirk and give a thumbs up, as her assistant blushed.

Y/n realised that all three women were staring at her intently…

“Um… could you please… stop?”

She turned her head, clearly aware of their stares zeroing in on her chest.

“Sorry Y/n, we’re just nostalgic because our breasts don’t look like that anymore….” Ohno muttered, pouting

“My breasts didn’t even look like that… then…” Ohno’s assistant mumbled, adjusting her glasses

“Ah… to be young again! She has a cute butt too, just look at it! Her boyfriend will be drooling before she even gets to say hi!” The stylist laughed, making Y/n blush, covering herself with the shawl.

“Alright Y/n, ready to go?” Ohno asked and Y/n gave herself a once over in the mirror. She let out a tiny smile, she looked but more importantly felt exotic. She really wanted to see his reaction. He was slightly taken aback last night when she told him that she would meet him at the hotel’s restaurant, instead of going together.

Y/n slid into the passenger seat as Ohno started the car. Ohno caught her glancing at herself in the rear-view mirror.

“Still in awe, I see?” She asked, smiling at the younger woman who reticently looked at her hands, admiring the nude nail polish on her nails.

“A little… I’ve never done this before…” Y/n muttered, making Ohno raise a brow

“What? The date or…. Sex?” She asked a bit hesitantly. She expected Y/n to let out a squeak of embarrassment, but she was taken back by her honestly

“Both… but I mean, I honestly didn’t expect myself to ever date someone… I was preparing for a life by myself, until I met Satori… Now every moment with him is a new experience and they’re always pleasant.” She smiled softly, looking at the road ahead of her.

“I guess, I’m a little scared…” She trailed off

Ohno quietly watched the road rolling under the car

“It’s only natural to be scared Y/n…” She started but Y/n looked towards Ohno

“But I feel immature for being so nervous about tonight… I’m an adult… I should be more confident in myself. I’m… not like you… I mean, I wish I was. Despite everything you went through, you still rose to the top… You fell in love; you chased your dreams… You are amazing” Y/n revealed and Ohno stopped at a red light, eyes remaining on the car ahead of her

“You read my book… I take it” Ohno said quietly, remembering when she gave Y/n the drafts of the first (unpublished) book she had written. A book which contained the truth about her past, a past she now had overcome.

A past that no longer haunted her.

Y/n nodded, looking at her hands

“I couldn’t sleep last night… and I, by chance remembered the drafts you gave me. So… I read it…”

Ohno hummed,

“You know Y/n, when I first met you… you could barely look me in the face… I wasn’t really going to hire you, if I’m being honest… However, I saw how you reacted with the men in the interview room… I kind of realised that moment, you probably went through something traumatic and… I couldn’t let a young innocent girl, who came alone to a new city, struggle…. You’re truly a remarkable girl…” She laughed softly and Y/n gazed towards Ohno, who had a fond look on her face

“Truthfully… I gave you the erotica novel as your first assignment on purpose.”

Y/n’s eyes widened


Ohno chuckled

“Sorry Y/n but, I just felt like this would have been a safe way for you to realise that sex is beautiful. The pen is mightier than the sword, as they say… It was just a bonus point that you met Tendou at the same moment. Your writing has really improved… in fact the recent stories have been kinky… You finally used my ‘presents’…” She smirked and Y/n blushed, looking outside her window

“Please… It was… just research…”

“Your boyfriend’s been pretty good in helping with your research” Ohno said knowingly while Y/n was at a loss for words causing the woman to laugh

“To be honest, it’s because of him I’m excited whenever I’m writing again. Ideas keep following and Satori is super encouraging. He may tease me a lot but he’s always honest when he goes over the drafts.” Y/n said fondly, thinking of his face. The sweet smile he always had when they were together. Y/n felt like he didn’t even need to tell her he was happy; she could clearly see it. Her heart was beating softly, but her chest felt warm.

“He’s perfect” She slipped

Ohno bit her lip, Y/n was so mature at this moment, she was stunned.

“You’ve grown in a short amount of time. I’m proud of you…” She said quietly before she turned to Y/n.

“Be confident tonight, Y/n. It’s going to be one of the most special nights of your life… not because it’s your first time. But, because you’re sharing this moment with someone who cherishes you, as much as you do him. Trust is a very difficult thing, we often put that trust into the wrong people, but… just from what you told me. You really trust him, right?”

Y/n didn’t need to think over Ohno’s question, she immediately responded

“With all my heart”

Ohno’s car slowly pulled up the driveway of the hotel

“We’re almost there!” She said excitedly

“Ohno-sama… listen…?” Y/n said softly making Ohno turn to her


Y/n fixed her shawl, slowly, cheeks tinted pink

“I… just wanted to say… thank you”

Ohno raised a brow

“Thank you?”

The younger woman nodded,

“Yes… um… I guess it’s just I never had a mother. I often think to myself sometimes, what my life would have been like if she was alive. I had to teach myself a lot of things… but there would be times where I really wished she was there...” Y/n’s gazed dropped to her lap

“What I’m trying to say is…. I’m grateful to you, I don’t think I would or could be where I am right now… without you. When we went shopping together yesterday, to you getting ready with me and giving me encouragement. It makes me wonder if this is what a mother would be like. Thank you for not giving up on me…”

Ohno parked in front of the hotel entryway, smiling at Y/n

“You’re truly a wonderful woman Y/n”

She leaned forward to hug her tight, Y/n startled for a second before she smiled hugging Ohno too

“You are too” She whispered before they let go.

Ohno startled Y/n when she spritzed her with perfume,

“Alright, get the fuck out kid. You’re 20 minutes late… Perfect amount of time to keep him in suspense”

Y/n nodded, quickly opening the car door

“Thank you Ohno-sama! Please take good care of Maro tonight!” She said, bowing and Ohno paled thinking of the creature that awaited her home.

“Have a good time Y/n… by the way… I slipped a few condoms in your clutch…. Y’know, just in case, he runs out…” She winked and Y/n blushed


The car behind Ohno honked and she cursed,

“Tch… fuckin bitch… Anyways Y/n, in you go and call me if you need anything! Have a nice time! Remember, be confident” She gushed before she drove off. Y/n turned faced the glass doors of the hotel, she could already feel the eyes of various strangers zeroing in on her. She took a deep breath, before she held her head high walking through the glass doors.

25 Minutes Ago

Tendou Satori had lost count of the number of times he had adjusted the sleeves and collar of his shirt. He reached a little earlier than the intended meeting time, but he couldn’t help it. He was itching to see her. He was hopefully while he was getting ready when his doorbell rang. Tendou simply thought Y/n had changed her mind and decided to go with him to the hotel. He was sorely disappointed when it was her boss’ assistant, coming to pick up Maro…

“What do you think then? Don’t I look good?” Tendou cooed, lips curling in a delighted grin as he turned from his mirror towards the hedgehog sitting on his dresser facing him. Maro didn’t really react, turning and huddling into a corner of his dresser. Tendou just shrugged, humming as he went to fix his hair, only stopping when he realised, he didn’t really have hair that needed fixing.

“I wonder what Cutie’s up to…?”

Before his thoughts could trail off, his doorbell rang. He raised a brow looking at the time, he had to leave soon… Maybe Y/n was ready earlier than expected. He made his way to the door, swinging it open only to meet a stern looking woman

“Tendou-san?” She asked and he just nodded, feeling disappointed. She raised a brow, giving him a once over before she bowed

“Ohno-sama sent me. I’m here for Maro…”

He raised a brow,

“Whoa… the spikeball’s getting VIP treatment…?” He asked while the assistant just raised a brow. He laughed awkwardly at her stern face

“…One moment…” Tendou said. It was a struggle to put Maro in his cage, but Tendou handed him to Ohno’s assistant, bidding her farewell

“I hope Miss L/n and you, enjoy your night, Tendou-san” She bowed again, making him blush

“Thanks…” He laughed

Tendou snapped out of his daydream when he felt his phone buzz, quickly pulling it out, he opened a text from Ryo

ThatBratRyo: 👉🏻👌🏻 I 👉🏻👌🏻 HOPE 👉🏻👌🏻 YOU 👉🏻👌🏻 HAVE 👉🏻👌🏻 A 👉🏻👌🏻 GREAT 👉🏻👌🏻 TIME 👉🏻👌🏻TONIGHT 👉🏻👌🏻

His eye twitched and he slipped his phone back in his pocket, flushing

“Idiot…” He muttered. He idly tapped his fingers on the table, looking down at the city below him. He wasn’t going to deny it, he was anxious too. Despite them doing almost everything, Tendou was nervous having sex for the first time in his life. Mainly because he was worried, she would be in discomfort… or frightened. He had to make this best experience possible for her.

Tendou checked his watch, frowning a little. It wasn’t like her to be late… He hadn’t received any text signifying she would be late. Debating whether to call her, his eyes scanned the restaurant, till they hit the back of a woman, talking to a waitress. Tendou straightened a little, as she slowly turned towards where the waitress was pointing.

‘No way….’ He thought, his eyes widening. He almost wasn’t sure if what he was seeing was real. There was no way that was Y/n… His heartbeat raced; he bit his lip… She looked unreal… exhilarating. Y/n’s eyes locked with his, she smiled sweetly, and he almost felt his heart stop. The closer she approached, the more mesmerized he was.


“Sorry for being late” She said, trying to maintain her gaze with his.

‘Be confident…’ She thought

Tendou tried to stand up immediately, still in his daze, his knee hitting the underside of the table, almost knocking over the glasses. She blushed at his reaction, now that was cute. Tendou looked at her up and down, grinning when he finally locked eyes with hers, placing his hand on her hip

“This was worth the wait… You look incredible” He purred softly, eyes lidding. Her face was flushing, she could feel her chest burning underneath her shawl from the sudden increase in body temperature.

“Th-thank you…”

Y/n’s eyes glossed over his form, taking in his fancy clothes, she raised a brow.

“Wow Satori, you look really suave!” She gushed and he just chuckled, feeling a sudden boost in his confidence. He kindly pulled back her chair for her, ushering her to sit down before he sat down in front of her. Y/n felt his intense gaze, but his face was giddy. She felt proud that he was entranced. Remembering a tip Ohno had slipped at the boutique yesterday. She began unwrapping her shawl

“It’s a little hot, no?” She asked quietly while Tendou hummed, taking note of her polished nails before his eyes zeroed onto her bosom. They looked extra tantalising tonight. His face flushed a pink hue, wondering if she was wearing a bra. He catch himself staring a bit too hard, quickly looking at her face again. A cheeky smile arising on his features, he leaned forward slight, gently holding her hand. A thumb caressing the back of it,

“Very hot, indeed”

Tendou’s scarlet eyes locked with hers, she bit her lip, feeling her heart pump faster. Tendou just chuckled, showing her the menu

“This place has got a pretty awesome menu, I ordered our drinks already but I’m leaving the food up to you” He grinned, and Y/n smiled nodding,

“I already checked the menu out online, Ohno-sama recommended some stuff too! I’ve been pretty excited about tonight. This hotel is so sleek, I mean the view down below is gorgeous!” She beamed, turning to look down the large glass window at the city below her. Tendou’s gaze didn’t waver, as he again slowly took his time to scan her

“It’s extremely gorgeous”

Y/n heard him, but she didn’t flush, her lips curled into a smile as she continued looking outside the window. Tendou hadn’t called her cute tonight, his behaviour today was what she had hoped for. Her efforts did not go to waste and she didn’t want to let her shyness get to her. She felt quite daring tonight, maybe it was because of the thin satin dressed wrapped around her body or was it because she was wearing a scantily lingerie set, hidden under her dress? It must have been something, from the way he had been admiring her since she arrived. But she was feeling that surge of confidence.

They were interrupted when a waiter had walked up to them, pouring their wine, before requesting to take their orders. Tendou was about to talk for Y/n, to spare her feeling uncomfortable but he was stunned when she calmly turned to look at the waiter, as she calmly requested dishes from the menu. When he left, she turned to Tendou, giving him a triumphant smile.

Y/n told herself earlier that she would not let herself be intimidated by other men tonight. She was nervous on the inside, but she knew she was safe with Tendou by her side. Besides, she wanted him to realise that she was confident, so that he wouldn’t hold out on her later…

“Y/n… you spoke to him, perfectly!” He beamed and she giggled,

“I wasn’t nervous or anxious either….” She leaned forward, sliding her hand into his, gripping it gently. Tendou swallowed lightly, her chest was being pushed up perfectly. She made sure to look at him, eyes lidding slightly

“It’s because you’re with me, ’Tori… I don’t feel afraid anymore” (AN: Fun fact, ‘Tori’ in my language is what we call Gourds. They’re delicious AF in spicy curry… :3)

Tendou squeezed her hand back,

“I’m glad to hear that Y/n but you don’t need me to chase your fears away. You’re doing this, all by yourself. I’m proud of you. You’re the bravest and strongest person I know” He was genuine with his response. Y/n bit her lip, looking at his scarlet eyes

“I’m really happy that I crashed into you, that day. You changed my life in such a short amount of time. I don’t understand how you wanted to be with someone like me, I was such a wreck. It must have been jarring for you too…” She trailed off, remembering how jittery and paranoid she was before Tendou. Ever since they met, her perspective in life changed. She loved going outdoors, looking at shops, getting groomed at salons and going on dates with him. She finally felt like a normal person. Tendou shook his head, before he sipped in wine

“It wasn’t jarring for me at all… I think I fell in love with you when you knocked on my door for the first time. I was immediately drawn to you… Y/n, I wanted to be with you constantly… I still do. I admit, I’m a clingy boyfriend but… I can’t help it. Everything about you draws me in. You always do the unexpected, it throws me off, but it makes me fall for you, harder…”

Y/n froze, Tendou fell in love with her at first sight… His revelation made her heart pound, she was suddenly feeling too shy to look at his face

“You know… I think I fell in love with you when we kissed… I just didn’t understand my emotions until Elise came and that night, we… you know…” She flushed, clearing her throat

“…It was the first time; I had ever argued with someone…” She admitted and Tendou raised a brow


Y/n nodded, feeling sheepish

“That morning, you were still sleeping but we kind of butted heads when she came to return your keys… She wanted to take you back, but I kind of… told her to back off…” She revealed, feeling embarrassed but Tendou burst out laughing, making her laugh too

“That’s amazing! I wish I was awake to see it! See, you always do the unexpected, you never cease to amaze me”

She giggled,

“Stop it… you flatter me too much”

He grinned,

“Not at all, I’m just being honest” He purred and she blushed

Tendou cleared his throat, catching her attention

“I got you something” He muttered, and she tilted her head

“You did?”

He flushed lightly, pulling the small fancy giftbag from under his chair. Handing it to her. Y/n’s hands shuffled through the crinkled tissue, pulling out a velvet box, she looked at him.

“Satori?” She asked, confused

Tendou was feeling shy now but he cleared his throat

“Open it…”

She opened the box and gaped at the necklace shining in it. It was simple, nothing extravagant but it was still beautiful, nonetheless. It was exactly her style

“I-I don’t know what to say… You didn’t have to do this… I didn’t get you anything…” She felt bad but he just chuckled, standing up and walked behind her chair.

“Y/n, you’re the one who’s taking me out tonight. I don’t think you need to get me anything… Lift your hair” Tendou muttered as Y/n quietly lifting her curls, exposing the smooth nape of her neck, his fingers gently slid up her back, making her hold in a shudder before he reached to pull the necklace from its place, to fastening it behind her neck.

“It’s almost going to be six months for us… I didn’t want to give you chocolates again. I can give you any chocolate you like but for this occasion, I wanted to give you something, that’s more long lasting…”

Y/n touched the pendant, a glow on her face as she smiled.

“Satori, I love it… This truly means a lot to me. I’ll cherish it, always” She spouted, Tendou leaned down to peck her cheek before he went back to sit down. The rest of their dinner went smoothly, ignited by their sweet moment earlier. Tendou was ecstatic throughout the meal whenever he would catch her, subconsciously stroking the pendant with a smile on her face. What he would do to make her smile constantly.

Y/n found herself laughing at one of his jokes before they made their way out of the restaurant

“Man, the food was great. We should definitely come go there again!” he said, and she hummed

“Sounds good! Although, I still prefer your desserts.” She admitted and he looked at her grinning, before he held her hand.

“You’re too kind” He cooed, and she blushed a little, gripping his hand tighter

“Not at all, I’m just being honest” She winked at him and his heart skipped a beat. What a tease, she was being tonight.

Tendou noticed a pair of guys staring at them, mainly Y/n. Getting a bit annoyed at their perverse looks, he could tell they were talking about her between themselves. Feeling a little possessive, he quickly stopped grabbing her sides, pulling her close

“S-Satori?” She squeaked but he gripped her chin, locking his lips with hers. She closed her eyes, but he opened his. Blatantly making eye contact with those men, making them straighten up and turn away. He pulled away, swiping her lip with his thumb. Y/n was red faced, mainly because this was unexpected

“Sorry babe, you look so enthralling tonight, I just couldn’t help myself…” He mumbled and she shifted on her feet, looking down. Y/n’s heart almost leapt from her chest. She felt something spark within her from this kiss. She wanted more and she wasn’t going to be shy about it. She was ready.

Tendou almost panicked during her few seconds of silence, believing he offended her by his sudden actions, thus ruining their night. He was about to apologise but she gripped his shirt, shyly gazing up at him, through her lashes

“Satori… shall we go to our room…?” She whispered.

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