Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 18: Sensuality (NSFW)

Chapter 18:

Y/n clutched Tendou’s hand dearly when she opened the door to their hotel room, the dark room was dimly lit when she slid the key-card into its holder. Her back was facing Tendou, because she was hiding her blushing face from him, not wanting him to see. She gasped when he soundlessly, pressed himself up behind her, his palm slowly closing the door behind him, before his lips locked onto her back, making her squirm lightly as he slowly glanced his lips up to her neck. Y/n whimpered lightly when he pressed himself harder against her body, her hands braced themselves against the wall

“Satori…” She yelped lightly when his hands began caressing her sides rougher than she was used to. Tendou couldn’t control himself anymore, he was massively turned on the moment she asked him to go to their room, his jealousy from earlier had fired him up. His lips left her neck, ghosting to her ear, he ground his crotch against her ass, gripping her sides tighter

“Fuck… You look phenomenal. I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you, all night long… Turn around Y/n, let me get another good look at you”

He had a cheeky smirk glossed onto his face as he stepped back. She shyly turned around, not looking at him, but he turned her chin towards his face, his hand slowly gripping the end of her shawl, pulling it off her shoulders and dropping it to the floor. Y/n held her breath when his eyes zeroed in on her bosom, she stilled when he reached a hand, biting her lip when his cold finger lifted the pendant that rested on her chest

“It suits you so well” He said, happy at the choice he made. She shyly placed her fingers over his, stroking her pendant lightly, a warm hue on her face

“I really do love it…” She said softly, gazing at him. Tendou lifted her chin higher, lips nearing hers. They glanced at each other before looking at each other’s lips. She leaned forward, making the first move, pressing her lips against his. Tendou’s hand began their sneaky journey exploring her body again, feeling more confident in creeping behind her back to cup her ass, she gasped but he used the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth, rubbing it along hers. Tendou squeezed her ass check, making Y/n moan into his mouth. She could feel her pussy start to pulsate lightly.

Pulling away from him, she grabbed his hand again, pulling him to the bed.

“Y/n?” He began but she made him sit at the end of the bed, standing in front of him. Throughout dinner, she was very aware of what she had underneath her dress, the lingerie clung to her form as a second skin… She was feeling quite shy about Tendou undressing her, so she chose to do it herself, she wanted to prove to him, just how ready she was. She stepped back, her fingers went to the zip behind the dress, she made sure to eye Tendou as his gaze darkened when she pushed the delicate straps of her dress slowly slid down her shoulders. His eyes glazed over when more of skin began revealing, his cock beginning to stir in his trousers

Fuck… Y/n…” He purred, unbuttoning his now stuffy shirt, pulling it off. Her dress dropped around her heeled feet and Tendou scanned her body, immediately noticing her lewd lingerie. She looked ethereal, hued cheeks as she bit her lip, tilting her head, letting her curls cascade over her shoulders.

“Do you like it….?” She asked shyly, shuffling on her still heeled feet, Tendou smirked hooking a hand under her knee before pulling it to rest on the edge of the bed next to him, his hand going to rub the back of her thigh, making her shudder as he got closer to her ass. He didn’t wait a minute longer, she gasped when his hands felt up and down her body, enjoying the burgundy lace covering her.

“Like it? I fuckin’ love it…” Her eyes widened and she flushed, heat burning in her chest aiding to her pounding heart. She quivered when his fingers traced the triangle lace of her thong. His hand stopped when he realised…

Tendou stood up, looming over her.

“Agh!” She let out a tiny gasp when he pushed her on the bed, her back was facing him, and she was feeling embarrassed from her bare ass being in his view. The thong was merely a thin string from the back… Her face was burning, she tried to turn around but Tendou stopped her, climbing on top of her. She could feel his warm chest, pressing behind her back, his hot breath ghosting against the side of her face

“Don’t hide yourself tonight, Y/n… You look absolutely unreal…” She could feel his growing erection press against her ass

‘He’s getting hard…’ Y/n thought, feeling slightly aroused herself. Tendou had already seen her body nude, many times before but being in such erotic lingerie was making her slightly self-conscious. Tendou turned her to her side, his body pressed up behind her. His hand began caressing her thigh while he nipped at her ear lobe, kissing her under ear, making her mewl lightly.

His fingers gently skimmed the area above her thong,

“You’re wearing such a naughty set… Its firing me up…”

He began caressing the mesh lace on between her legs, and she whimpered. Just from his gentle touches, she could feel the goosebumps raise on her skin. His hand remained in its place, the way his fingertips gently taunted her smooth flesh, making her curl into him further.

“Satori…” She purred, feeling a sudden surge of lewdness, turning her head back to look at him. Tendou’s cheeks were dusted pink, she was turning him on so much. Her cuteness was out of this world.

“Damn, you’re too adorable…” He muttered, leaning in to kiss her. Y/n froze, she was trying to be sexy… She felt a ting of disappointment… Y/n felt a bit selfish for suddenly breaking out of the mood, but she had worked so hard to prove how mature she could be. Tendou noticed her sudden stillness, confused he peered at her face, but she avoided his gaze, turning her head back

“Y/n?” He asked, suddenly wondering if she was getting second thoughts. Hugging her from behind to relax her

“What’s wrong…?”

Y/n felt embarrassed, but she couldn’t contain her feelings

“It’s nothing…”

Tendou sat up, frowning. He gripped her hand, kissing the back of it

“Tell me the truth, it’s okay”

He pulled her up to face him and he cupped her face, stroking her cheeks softly, giving her a reassuring smile. She bit her lip once, as she shyly nuzzled into his palm

“You called me cute… again…” She began and he raised a brow

“You don’t like it when I call you cute?”

She shook her head, cheeks flaming

“N-no, I do… but you say it all the time… when we do stuff…” She looked at her hands clasped together in her lap

“but I was trying to be more risqué for you tonight… I just wanted to show you that I’m more mature and less baby-like…?” She admitted quietly, now her ears were burning. Still avoiding his gaze, Tendou’s chest warmed and he let out a little chuckle, making her look at him

“D-don’t laugh!” Y/n muttered in embarrassment covering her face with her hands. Tendou held in his chuckles, gently prying her wrists away from her face.

“Sato- mphf!”

He silenced her by gripping her jaw and crashing his lips against hers, Tendou’s hand sneakily gripped onto the cup of her bralette, squeezing her plump flesh between his fingers, making her gasp, giving him leverage to sneak his tongue back inside. Y/n began lightly moaning, when his palm grazing and circled her hardening nipple under the lace. She pulled away and inhaled when his fingers pinched her hardening bud, making her hide her face in his shoulder. Tendou grinned cheekily, his other hand snaking through her hair to grip the back of her head. She held her breath when his wet lips danced around the skin of her neck to her collar bones

“Y/n, you are super sexy… Every single thing you do or say, makes me want to pounce on you… Just because I don’t say it, doesn’t mean I don’t think it… All I can think about tonight is how exotic and seductive you’ve been…” His face travelled in front of hers, his scarlet eyes glinting with a hint of arousal.

“And this fucking lingerie has been driving me wild… You look so naughty…” He purred, kissing the skin of her chest, just above her breasts, making her whimper lightly.

“I absolutely adore cute things… That’s why I’m so drawn to you… You’re everything I want. So, I can’t control myself when I call you adorable. I swear I’m not treating you like a kid… What I’m trying to say is, that your cuteness always turns me on…”

Y/n instantly felt relief wash over her, his sweet words stirred something deep inside her. She finally felt at ease… She was so worried about trying to be sexier and mature for him that she failed to realise that he was indirectly making it clear that he thought that all this time. She felt a surge of confidence build.

Tendou was taken back when she straddled his lap, looking down at his face. Her eyes were filled with lust,

“Satori…” She whispered, her knees pressing against his hips tighter

“I wore this for you…”

Tendou eyed her breasts, her nipples visible from the mesh bra. Y/n mewled when he leaned forward to captured one mesh covered nipple between his teeth, rolling it gently. Tendou gripped her hips, pushing her crotch down low to rub against his erection

“Fuck… look how hard you’ve made me… It’s getting harder to control myself” He groaned, when she moved against him. She felt herself drip slowly, arms wrapped around his shoulders, this time she leaned close to his ear

“You don’t have to control yourself tonight…” She panted against him. Tendou finally felt that last hurdle holding him down disappear. He finally believed she would not back down tonight, and he could be himself.

“Baby… you don’t know what you’ve just done…”

She stopped in confusion, about to question him, only to yelp when he pushed her against the mattress, climbing over her. Tendou stood on his knees, above her. She blushed when his fingers slowly unbuckled his belt, pulling it off. He stared at her form, noticing how her breasts heaved against the half cups of the bralette she was wearing, she nipples were barely peeking out of them. He pushed his pants off completely, leaving him in his black briefs. Tendou’s gaze travelled down to her pussy, looking at the thong almost wedging between her lower lips. He could clearly see the dampness and slick coating them. Y/n shyly closed her thighs, but he stopped her, spreading and holding them apart

“I don’t think so… you’re going to be a dirty girl for me tonight …right? If you start getting shy now, it’ll only make me think you’re being cuter”

She stopped, thinking his words over. Damn, he knew how to convince her so smoothly. She held her legs apart, making him grin, licking his lips.

“Good girl…” He purred, making her heart skip a beat as she clenched her pussy. Tendou leaned forward, gripping the underside of her knee, lifting her leg. His lips danced against the skin of her knee towards her thigh, as his tongue teasingly licked the soft flesh. She quivered,

“Satori… please…” She began, making him look at her

“Please?” He repeated, feigning innocence. She was too turned on to feel shy. Her hand held the side of his head, eyes lidded, and she bit her lip

“Please don’t tease me…”

Tendou smirked, leaning forward to sneak his hands under her back. She arched it, letting him fumble with the clasp of her bralette, undoing it smoothly before he pulled it off her form, letting her breasts jiggle free. Y/n lifted her arms above her head, arching her chest out a little more, trying to entice him and it worked

“Oh baby, your breasts are sensational…” He purred, licking his bottom lip slowly before his hands squeezed and massaged them. She panted and moaned, feeling her nipples pebble under his palms. Tendou leaned down to wrap his lips around a nipple. Letting his fingers rub her other nipple gently before he swapped places.

“Ah!” She mewled when he leaned back but his fingers flicked her buds back and forth making her squirm under him, he just chuckled, pushing his clothed erection against her pussy. He could feel the heat burning from her through his briefs, as she began rubbing up against him.

“Look at how you’re lewdly moving your pussy against my erection. You really want my cock, right?” He ground his hips into her harder, making her gasp, fingers gripping his biceps.

“I do… I want it so badly ’Tori” She melwed, batting her lashes up at him.

Tendou groaned, as much as he wanted to fuck her there and then, her lewd faces made him want to tease her more. Feeling more comfortable to be himself, his mischievous nature was seeping through. He grabbed her wrists, holding them on either side of her and he continued grinding into her, leaning down to whisper his lewd thoughts to her

“I want to tease you so bad, tonight Y/n… First, I’m gonna kiss my way down to your raunchy little panties…” He cooed, his lips beginning under her jaw, slowly as he trailed soft kissed down the middle of her body. She inhaled when his tongue teasingly dipped into her belly button before he kissed the waistband of her thong… His eyes locked into hers, a dirty smirk gracing his features.

“My girlfriend’s so naughty, look at the mess you’ve made in your panties… I better take them off before they get ruined” He winked at Y/n who flushed, remembering the heels still adorned on her feet. She propped up on her elbows

“Wait… I need to take my shoes off…”

Tendou glanced at the heels on her feet, before he looked back at her. Y/n was almost nude except for her tiny thong and the strappy heels she was wearing. Tendou scanned her body, feeling his erection straining hard against his underwear. She was blushing, sitting up to take her shoes off but his hand quickly pushed her chest back down, making her gasp, when he stood up, leaning over her body.

“Fuck no… you’re keeping them on while I eat your sweet little pussy out” He wriggled his tongue slightly, and Y/n felt the juices slowly drip out of her, her pussy pulsating from his dirty words.

Tendou’s fingers hooked under the thin straps of her thong, pulling it down her legs. She felt herself tremble lightly, hiding her face when he managed to pull them off completely. He eyed her thong, tempted to quickly hide them in his pocket but alas, he removed his pants earlier, so cheekily without her noticing, he threw them next to his pile of clothes, to steal later. Her legs had closed again, shyly hiding her pussy form his eyes.

Tendou growled, hooking his hands under her knees again, pulling them wide apart

“No!” She squealed, embarrassed by how drenched she was but his grip was firm. Tendou grinned, she was so tiny under him. He really did have an epiphany for cute things, he loved how delicate and fragile they looked. He specially loved cute women, the way some of them came undone by him. Y/n was the cutest and he couldn’t wait to have her screaming and mewling in pleasure. He felt that adrenaline and confidence surge inside him from his younger days, when he had an upper hand on his volleyball opponents, predicting their every move. He could finally read Y/n’s body language like a book

“You don’t want to continue?” He teasing, slowly lowering her knees. Her eyes opened and she turned to look at him

“N-no… I do… Please Satori…”

Tendou licked his bottom lip, unable to contain his smirk

“Always saying please, what a polite girlfriend…” He cooed, a finger slipping between her folds, gently moving back and forth, making her bit her lips to stifle a moan. Tendou wanted to hear more of those delicious sounds, slipping from her mouth. He didn’t wait another second, before he gripped her hips and she squealed when he sat on his knees, pulling her hips up to his face. His hands gripped her knees, bringing them to her chest and he wrapped his arm around them holding them in place. She was bewildered at this position; her knees almost on either side of her head, her pussy was complete exposed to his eyes. She was mortified feeling the cool air tease her other entrance.

“Oh my god, no! This is embarrassing Satori” She whined but she stilled and gasped, feeling the blood rush to her face when his tongue dipped between her folds, lapping at the juices dripping out. Tendou made sure to look at her when he left her knees, to spread her swollen lips, exposing her throbbing hole.

“It’s not embarrassing… its sexy… You’re soaking…” His breath ghosted against her folds, and she felt herself throb again. Tendou’s erection pressing hard against her back…

“Just look at this tiny hole twitching so much, practically begging for a taste… I’ve got to loosen it up”

She moaned when he dove in, his finger began teasing her clit while his tongue pushed deep inside her. He pushed in and out of her pussy a few times, making her squeal from the sensation.

‘So fucking cute…’ He thought

Y/n tried to move her hips to match his pace, but he was holding her firmly in place. Another gasp when Tendou flicked her clit.

“Satori! Oh god…” Her pants were rising, and Tendou looked down at her from his view, the way her hair was scattered all over to the way her face was red, eyes watering and threatening to spill over from how good it felt. He continued to tease her clit at a torturous slow pace, his tongue retreating, his licked the spilt juices around his mouth, savouring her taste

“You like it when I tongue-fuck you…’ He purred and her breath hitched, he looked feral. He was saying such dirty things tonight, it was stirring her pussy up. The wet finger on her clit slowly traced her folds gently and she could feel her legs starting to get numb, she closed her eyes relishing his gentle touches until his finger began circling her asshole

“This place is so cute, it looks really tight…” He teasingly pressed against it and she squealed, trying to shake him off

“Don’t look there! It’s dirty!” She said mortified, her hands quickly covering her but Tendou just chuckled,

“No part of you is dirty… we’ll get to anal play, one day… but right now…”

He dropped her hips, pulling himself off the bed. Her heart was still racing from his earlier teasing… Tendou was into anal play… She hadn’t realised that was a thing… It was something she would research…. Later. Her thoughts were broken when he pulled her legs off the bed, making her lie flat against the mattress. Tendou kissed her slicked folds and she arched her back

“Do you like it when I play with your pussy, baby?” He asked and she nodded, shyly looking away. Tendou sat back and she looked at him, in confusion

“Use your words Y/n… I asked you a question.” His fingers idly rubbed her folds again, this time slower with less friction. Y/n flushed, turning her head in shyness. She remembered one of Sayo Nee’s lectures, men loved it when women were vocal in bed. It couldn’t hurt to try and see Tendou’s reaction. She spread her legs further, making him raise a brow, looking at her, who in turn locked eyes with him

“I love with when you play with me…” She purred and he froze, his cheeks tinted pink. Gosh, she would get mad at him, but she sounds so cute, trying to talk dirty. Tendou grabbed her wrists, holding them together in one large hand before he continued to eat her pussy out like it was his last meal. She squealed and moan, grinding her pussy against his mouth, her moans were getting louder when he’d pull her wrists closer towards him, bringing her pussy even more into his mouth. The final straw for her was when his finger replaced his tongue, it teasingly wriggled into her pulsating pussy. She hissed at the slight discomfort making him look at her.

“Sorry baby, it’ll be a little uncomfortable but just bear with it, okay?” He reassured her, kissing her inner thighs gently. She nodded, a biting her lip when his mouth wrapped around her clit, he sucked on it gently, making her moan, before she could buck her hips on to his finger, he held her hip in place. He hadn’t pushed it in so deep yet, he could feel how tight she was just by the way her walls had clenched onto his finger for dear life. She was almost there.

Tendou pulled out his finger, licking her slick and then he spread her folds again to bring to the brink of pleasure on his tongue. He wanted to taste her sweet climax.

“Cum for me, gorgeous” He cooed, pushing his tongue back into her pussy and she raised her hips, a hand going above her head to clutch the bedding as she turned her head side to side, her pussy was throbbing hard. The sensation of Tendou’s short hair tickling her thighs to the way, he was making lewd slurping sounds whilst eating her out, drove her to the edge. It was finally when his fingers began flicking and rolling her clit between them, that her eyes snapped open and she leaned forward to grab his head, pushing his face further into her pussy, muffling him.

“S-Satori, I’m… Oooohhh” She threw her head back, letting out a scream as she gushed into his mouth, Tendou grabbed her hands, holding them firmly while he greedily licked her up, enjoying the way her walls had squeezed against his tongue. Letting go of her hands, Y/n dropped back into the bed, panting hard and he licked the remaining essence off his lips.

“Woah… you came really hard…”

Tendou glanced at her dishevelled form, eyeing her heaving breasts. Y/n kept panting, but she reached out for him. He hummed, crawling on top of her before she craned her head up, understanding what she wanted, he grinned, leaning down to kiss her. He felt her lick his lips, he pulled away

“Dirty girl, if you wanted. A taste, you could’ve just asked”

He chuckled when she blushed, caressing the side of her face before he gripped her chin, making her open her mouth. He pushed his tongue inside, rubbing it against hers, letting her taste herself better. She moaned when his chest brushed against hers, nipples hardening against his skin. Tendou’s fingers went to rub them and she broke the kiss squirming and letting out a soft moan. Tendou sat up, making her whine but he hushed her, going to lift her leg slowly unstrapping her heel

“Sorry baby, your feet must be tired from wearing these for so long…” He hummed, freeing her feet, before he gently massaged them (AN: Seriously, I’ve set myself up for disappointment with the way I’ve used my Haikyuu fanfics to base my ideal guy on… Ain’t no dude, I’ll find irl that’ll be considerate or sexy like this *sighs*)

Y/n’s chest warmed at how loving and gentle he suddenly became. The tent was super evident in his briefs and she wondered how he ignored his erection all this time… She couldn’t look away, for weeks she had wanted Tendou and her to finally become one. Despite cumming earlier, her pussy began throbbing again. Tendou noticed how she rubbed her thighs together

“Satori… can we please continue…? Let’s feel good together” She muttered, sitting up to shyly palm his erection. Tendou blushed, dropping her foot. The moment he had been waiting for, had finally arisen. He gently stroked the tresses of her hair before his hand slid on her cheek, he leaned forward to kiss and suck her neck, making Y/n close her eyes and wrap her arms around him. Tendou kissed his way up to her ear

“I want to feel good with you too… Lie down Y/n, give me a second” He cooed, gently laying her down comfortably on the pillows. Her heart began racing when he stood up and made his way to his night bag that the hotel staff had kindly propped far from the bed, near the entry way… Cursing them in his head, he shuffled through the pockets before he let out a triumphant “Aha!” Pulling out the foiled packets. Tendou walked back to her, a sheepish look on his face

“Sorry for the wait, babe”

She giggled, her nervousness was washing away from how excited he looked. She stilled when he hooked his fingers into his briefs, looking at her to see if he could sense any hesitation in her eyes. Y/n bit her lip, twirling her hair. She wanted to feel him inside her now

“Come on, Satori… don’t keep me waiting…” She purred. Tendou blushed, pulling his briefs off, freeing his throbbing erection. She blushed, her sudden confidence shrivelling because he was so hard, she could see him twitching. Tendou grinned at her meek expression,

“You were so confident, a minute ago” he teased, ripped the condom packet, smoothly rolling the lubed latex onto his shaft. Y/n eyed the condom on his dick, she giggled and he looked at her, smirking

“What’s so funny?”

She tried to hold in her giggles, shaking her head

“I-it’s pink!”

Tendou hummed, looking at his cock, the bright pink latex wrapped around it. Y/n probably hadn’t seen one before so her expression was frickin adorable. She stopped giggling when he crawled over her, his hands spreading her legs. Her breath hitched when he began grinding his cock against her pussy, purposely rubbing her clit with his tip. Y/n pushed her head into the pillows

“Oh ’Tori… that feels really nice…” She softly mewled and he smiled, before his bit his lip

“Y/n baby, I can’t hold back any longer….” He panted and she opened her eyes, cupping his face, a warm smile on her face

“I’m ready, Satori”

They both bit their lips when he slowly teasing her dripping slit. Y/n gasped, grabbing his hand and clutched it for dear life when she felt his tip push past her hole, making her whimper. Tendou kept shushing her, gently whispering sweet words of encouragement into her ear. He kissed her all over her face, he hadn’t even reached the part which was going to hurt. He was at his limit but he didn’t want to hurt her

“Baby, look at me… It’s going to hurt for a few seconds and then I promise you, it’ll be the best feeling you’ve ever experienced”

She looked at him, tears threatening to spill. Sayo-Nee lied… this hurt and he wasn’t even halfway in…. His thumbs wiped her tears and he rested his forehead against hers

“C’mon, you can do this Y/n. Just breathe…” He comforted her, she nodded reassuring him that he could continue, gripping his hand tighter. Tendou felt guilty but he quickly pressed his lips against hers, at the same time, he pushed his length inside her. Y/n’s eyes snapped opened and she groaned in pain, breaking the kiss and hissing

“Satori, i-it hurts…” She whined and he swiped her clit gently, making her hiss when he stopped moving his length.

“You’re doing so well Y/n, the worst part is over. Just relax and get used to me” he kissed her forehead and she flushed, it still felt a bit uncomfortable but Tendou sat still, his fingers only rubbing and teasing her clit. Y/n moved her hips once… a bit of discomfort… she moved it twice… realising the pain was suddenly being washed over. Tendou groaned when she began experimentally moving her hips, her eyes widening and she looked at him, feeling triumphant

“Y-you’re inside me!”

Tendou looked at her face, a tiny smile gracing it and he grinned, rubbing her head gently

“You’re amazing Y/n… It feels really good inside you, you’re squeezing my cock so well…” He purred and she blushed, his words made her clench her pussy and he hissed feeling the sensations on his shaft. She shyly wrapped her arms around his neck, hiding her face in his shoulder

“Y-you can move, if you’d like…” She muttered shyly and Tendou grinned,

“Your wish is my command, pretty woman”

He leaned back, holding her hips as he slowly slid out of her, she let out a tiny mewl which turned into a moan when he pushed back it. The pain form earlier was gone, now all she could feel was the way his twitching cock rubbed against her walls. Tendou kept groaning, telling her how much he loved being inside her. Her own moans grew louder with his when he began jutting increasing the pace of his thrusts.

“O-oh Satori! Hah!” She moaned loudly when he grunted, pushing all the way in, her hands gripped the pillow surrounding her head, while Tendou eyed her bouncing breasts. He grabbed them and squeezed them, while she in turn moved her hips to try matching his rhythm

She moaned and he felt himself grow bigger, making her eyes widening. Tendou’s fingers gripped her hips harder and she mewled when his thumbs swiped her nipples, her mouth forming an ‘o’ as she furrowed her brows, letting out a silent moan.

“Fuck… you look so sexy Y/n. I want to see more lewd faces. Do you like my feeling my cock inside you?” She panted harder, when he pulled out completely, making her whine from the loss of touch. Tendou grinned, pulling her up to sit on top of him, his hands going under her thighs lifting her above his shaft. She blushed, feeling her pussy clamp around nothing, craving his dick. She wanted to feel that stretch again.

“Satori… please…” She mewled and he pecked her nose,

“Please…. What?”

She whined, feeling desperate for that release now. She tried to rub her pussy against his cock

“Please put it back inside me… I was feeling so good” Y/n mewled and his licked his lips, liking he response. She let out a surprised yelp when he pushed her hips onto him, filling herself up to the hilt. She hugged him hard, resting her head against his shoulder as he began rocking inside of her. Tendou could feel her warm pants tickling his beck and he couldn’t contain his groans. He was so close to cumming and judging by how wildly her pussy was clenching and unclenching around him, she was too.

Y/n shyly pressed her lips against his and he complied, slipping his tongue into her mouth as his pace increased, making her moan into him. He felt her breasts press up against him, his large hand caressing the small of her back. She couldn’t stop the string of moans slipping from her, she kept chanting his name. Tendou angled his hips and she let out a deep gasp, and he hummed, realising he found her special bundle of nerves. Y/n had become quite vocal now, she began chanting ‘I love you’s’, telling him to go faster and he grunted, feeling his ego being fuelled by her sudden vocalness. Tendou pushed her down to the mattress, grabbing her knees, hooking them on to her shoulders making her squeal from the way his cock stretched her pussy. Tendou thrusted into her hard and she let out wails of pleasure.

“Sh-shit… I think I’m gonna cum baby…” He groaned, feeling his cock twitch wildly inside

her, she moved her head side of side, the sparks in her stomach building intensely.

“Me too, Tori! I think, I’m already cumming”

He cursed when she squeezed down hard on him

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, cum with me baby”. He moaned and she threw her head back, letting out a loud moan, when he flicked her clit

“Oh… F-FUCK!” She screamed, feeling her orgasm finally wash over her. Tendou moaned, cumming inside the condom. There was sudden silence in the room, only both of their pants could be heard. Tendou wiped the sweat threatening to drip down his temple, he eyed his girlfriend who seemed to be a daze. She mewled when he pulled his cock out, fingers shakingly pulling the condom off, discarding it…

Y/n felt her senses come back to her when the mattress next to her dipped. Tendou carefully pulled the blanket over them, the cool bedsheet on the mattress easing their heated body temperatures. He quietly spooned her from the back, kissing her neck.

“How was it? I wasn’t too rough on you, right?” He asked and she shook her head, smiling

“It hurt at first but then it felt amazing… You took really good care of me…Thank you Tori” She turned around to snuggle into him and he grinned, hugging her hard

“Don’t thank me, this must be the best night I’ve ever had… You really did look so beautiful tonight… I could look at you, all day and night…”

She blushed, hiding her face in his chest

“I love you” She said quietly, and he hummed, rubbing circles on her back

“I love you too” He cooed, a warm feeling building in his chest.

A few seconds of silence later, he began chuckling and she looked up at him

“What’s so funny?”

He grinned, squeezing her butt making her squeak

“That was first time, I’ve ever heard you curse… you said fuck, so loudly… it was really hot...” He teased her and her face bursted red, Tendou’s chuckles ended in a hiss when she pinched his butt

“Wh-what you do that for!?” He whined and she pouted,

“That’s for teasing me!”

He burst out laughing and so did she before he quickly kissed her again,

“Sorry baby, I can’t help but tease you… I love it” He admitted and she huffed, looking away, shyly

“I like it when you tease me… but sometimes you can be mean…”

He grinned at how cute she was being again, Y/n’s eyes widening when she felt his cock press against her

‘Is he hard again!?’

Tendou licked his lips, his eyes darkening when he gripped her chin, making her look at him

“Let me show you just how mean I can get…”

Y/n flushed, if there was a God, she had to pray to him, because in this very moment, she was super thankful for having Tendou Satori in her life.

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