Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 1: Unexpected Company

Chapter 1

Y/n was trying not to get flustered as she read different smut novels recommended by Ohno-sama. It was a Saturday evening, and she was still feeling low about the lecture she received from Ohno-sama yesterday. Maro was scuttling around his cage, energetic as the sun began setting. He was a nocturnal animal after all. He usually was most active in the evenings. She glanced at him before she gave up on the smut novels, leaving them on her desk. She stood up and opened the balcony, letting in the lovely cool breeze

“Much better” She smiled to herself, she took a deep breath of air only to feel her mouth salivating, the air smelled so sweet? Was it coming from Tendou-san’s flat? She could hear light panging of metal clinking. She remembered their brief encounter yesterday, the more she thought about his face, the less scary he seemed. In fact, she found herself a little curious about him. He was quite polite to her and he didn’t overstep any boundaries but then again, they spoke for like maybe 5 minutes top…. She sighed, turning towards Maro’s cage, he was eagerly waiting by the door

“Alright alright, I’m coming” She muttered, opening the door as he crawled into her palms. She kissed his little nose quickly before he could nip her and then she set him on the floor

“Be good now!” She said, watching him scurry around. Her phone buzzed and she quickly checked it. A message from Ohno-sama?

Ohno-sama: It’s a Saturday night, you better be out exploring! Let me know if you want me to set you up for a mixer?”

Y/n frowned, it was another weekend, she chose to stay indoors. Was she really making herself miss out on having fun? All because she couldn’t face her fears properly. She didn’t have a stalker anymore; she didn’t have anything to worry about. But… there was still a possibility… She felt herself shudder slightly; before tiny squeaks caught her attention. She turned towards the balcony and gasped as she saw Maro’s little butt go under the partition of the balcony

“Maro, no!” She gasped, running to the balcony, getting on her hands and knees, peering underneath only to panic when she saw him scuttle through Tendou’s balcony.

“Oh no…” She muttered, feeling dread that she would have to disturb her neighbour… again. Y/n quickly pulled her sweater on top, rushing out of her apartment. She frantically knocked on his door and after a few moments, a confused Tendou opened the door. She felt herself blush lightly, he was wearing a loose black tank top, his muscular arms on display to her

“Y/n-chan? How may I help you?” He asked, raising his brow as he smiled at her. Her face went red,

“Um… I…” She trailed

Tendou, was starting to feel a little awkward. She seemed uneasy, was it because of his face?

She didn’t know what to say, she was feeling too nervous.

She thought of Maro, and exhaled

“I’m so sorry but Maro snuck into your flat! Would you mind if I come get him?” She asked and he was confused… Her boyfriend was hiding in his flat…?

Or was she maybe just insane?

“I’m sorry but there’s no one in my flat…” he said sceptically but she shook her head

“He is in there! I promise, I’ll run in and out. Please!” She asked him a little desperate

Tendou felt a little shy, he had no idea what the hell she was going on about, but she was starting to get upset so he opened his door further and stood on the side to let her in

“Thank you so much! I’m sorry for barging in like this!” She said, as she hastily slipped her shoes off. Rushing towards his balcony, he watched her amusement as she looked around

“Uh… do you need help finding… Maro?” He asked

She looked at him for a second before getting on her hands and knees. Tendou’s face went red, maybe she didn’t realise she was wearing tight shorts because she ass was perfectly displayed towards him as she peeked under his desk.

“Um… he likes to hide in dark places…” she muttered, her face was red. Tendou still didn’t know who or what she was looking for, but he also got on his hands and knees and searched under various places in his flat. What a bizarre turn of events…

They both froze when they heard tiny sniffs.

“What on earth…” Tendou muttered as they both crawled towards his sofa, looking under it. Tendou almost freaked out but Y/n let out a

“Maro!” In glee as she reached her arm under the sofa to grab Maro, pulling him out. The tiny hedgehog rolled into a ball in her palm, his nose sniffing her fingers. She smiled warmly

“Thank god, you’re okay! It’s not nice to sneak into other people’s homes” She scolded the animal gently. Tendou sat there, staring at the little spike ball.

“He’s Maro?” He asked, dumbfounded. Y/n looked at him, cocking her head to the side.

“Um… yes, this is Maro. I’m sorry but he snuck under the partition before I could catch him. I promise not to let it happen again.” She bowed, Tendou eyed the neck of her loose sweater as it clung down, he gulped when she flashed him her bra cladded bust.

‘Damn…. Pink lace…’ Fluttered in his head.

Of course, someone as sweet and innocent as this chick would have lingerie to match her persona. He was curious if she was wearing matching panties. Before he could pop a boner in front of his innocent neighbour, Tendou shook his head

“P-please don’t bow… thats Maro? ...he’s pretty cute… Didn’t know you could keep pets…? Can I hold him?” He asked and she became flustered,

“You can try but he might bit you… he’s not a fan of men…”

She reluctantly passed Maro to him, Tendou was a little unsure but he extended his large hands, long fingers extended as they brushed her hands when she passed the little spike ball to him. She bit her lip when she felt him caress her lightly, only for a split second. So, she wasn’t so sure if she imagined it

“Whoa… I didn’t expect this” Tendou said as he lifted Maro to his eye level. His beady eyes staring into Tendou’s scarlet ones. Y/n was intrigued by her neighbour.

’Maro likes him?’ She thought surprised, he was not a fan of anyone but her…

She suddenly froze, realising she was alone with a man… in his apartment… Her heart was beating a little faster, she wasn’t sure how to excuse herself without seeming rude.

Tendou eyed Y/n, she looked very… uncomfortable. Maybe it was because she looks so delicate and he was intimidating her…

He always creeped people out…

He quietly set Maro down, watching the hedgehog make his way to his owner. He stood up and walked to her, she cowered a little when he towered over her. She refused to look him in the eye… Tendou was unsure but he extended his hand out

“Hey Y/n-chan, c’mon it’s late…” He said softly, she looked at his hand. She was nervous but this was a chance to slowly confront one fear and a time. She shakily grasped his hand and he smiled helping her up.

“Thank you…” She mumbled, feeling embarrassed by her behaviour. Tendou grinned, bending and scooping Maro up, before he passed him to her. Tendou walked her to his door, being cautious to give her some space. Just as she was about to step outside,

“Wait...” He said and she froze, turning to him. He left his door for a second, shuffling inside before he came back with a box in his hands.

“This is for you… It’s kind of my ‘I’m sorry for dropping your cake’ cake?”

He smiled, pushing the box in her hand. She looked at him bewildered, her heart was racing, and she blushed

“Oh my gosh, t-thank you so much!” She uttered and he felt himself blush. He felt like he was a virgin schoolboy trying to court a cheerleader again…


“It’s nothing… Have a nice night… Um y’know, Maro’s… welcome to sneak in here… anytime” He said, rubbing the back of his head.

She blushed, why was he being so nice to her? Was he flirting with her?

She felt a little excited before she felt confused.

Why was she not scared of him?

Y/n startled Tendou when she burst out laughing

“You’re a funny one, Tendou-san! Thank you once again. I hope you have a nice night” She smiled to him before turning to unlock her door.

“You too…” Tendou muttered, closing his door. He rested his forehead against it

“Seriously… my heart can’t take this shit…”

Y/n hummed as she put Maro in his cage. She was baffled with her emotions. Right now, she felt really happy. Was it because he got her a gift or was it because he was the first man after Otosan that didn’t scare her?

‘I shouldn’t let my guard down…’ She thought to herself, clenching her firsts.

Y/n walked back to her kitchen, the homemade box laying in front of her. She was curious, did he make something for her? She lifted the lid and gasped,

“No way…”

The limited-edition cake that she bought yesterday was presented to her in top condition. Its chocolate was gleaming under her lights. She noticed a tiny heart chocolate on the side of the cake…

(That wasn’t on the cake yesterday… )

“How could he get this cake today when it was sold out yesterday… I dropped the last piece” she muttered.

“I’ve… had these before so you keep ’em.”

She remembered him saying. But there was still no way he could have gotten this cake; something didn’t add up to her.

Y/n didn’t know what took over her, but she grabbed the box and rushed out of her flat.

Knocking on his door.

Tendou was alarmed, when he opened the door and she was clutching the cake box.

“How did you know this was the cake I bought?” She asked,

Tendou was a little taken back, he didn’t know how to respond

“I know the menu so…” he muttered, and she shook her head

“This cake was sold out yesterday, I bought the last piece… How did you...” Her eyes widened when she remembered smelling the sweet scent coming from his apartment early this evening. She looked at Tendou, bewildered

“Did you… make this?” She asked,

Tendou sighed, scratching his temple

“Busted…” He muttered, his cheeks were red

“Yeah… I made it, it’s my creation” He grinned, and she felt her jaw drop

“You work at the patisserie…?” She asked and he nodded,

“Yep… I’m the Head Baker and Chocolatier there… I felt bad because you looked so upset when you dropped my cake. I just wanted to do something nice… so you wouldn’t think I was like… a monster or something…” he trailed off, blushing.

Y/n’s own heart was racing, she realised how rude she had been earlier. She was still in too much shock over his revelation.

“I-I’m so sorry to keep intruding on you like this! I promise you I won’t bother you again!”

She turned to open her door.

Oh god.

It wouldn’t budge, she left her keys inside!

Y/n felt like she could die there and then and Tendou hummed in amusement

“Locked out…?” He asked behind her and she sweat dropped


Tendou thought for a second before he opened his door

“Do you want to come back inside? You can call the landlord from my phone” He said, but she was reluctant. She didn’t have Maro with her. He was nestled safely in his cage. Thank god, she refilled his food.

Y/n had no choice in the matter, she had to use his phone.

“Thank you, Tendou-san,” She said quietly, avoiding his eyes as she walked into his flat, standing in his living room. Tendou came shortly after, handing her some water and his cell phone. She thanked him again before she dialled the landlord’s number. After a few rings, she finally picked up and Y/n explained her situation

“I’m sorry Miss Y/n, there are no trains running at this time. I can come to you in the morning with the spare key! Goodnight”

Landlord disconnected the call and Y/n was at a loss for words.

Tendou eyed his television. Not really knowing what to say

“…she can’t come till tomorrow morning…”

Tendou froze, he was really being tested tonight. He felt like he was in one of those hentai dating sim games he used to play as a teen…

The sexy, innocent girl next door is locked out and has nowhere to sleep….

What does he do:

Offer her to sleep on the couch so that she could spend the night at his place?

Offer to sleep on the balcony tonight so she sleeps comfortably at his place?

Offer to go to a hotel while she sleeps at him place?

Regardless, all the (useless) options lead to her sleeping at his place. He looked at her

“You can stay here if you’d like? I can’t just kick you out like that… It’s not very neighbourly” He said, and she froze,

“I can’t impose myself on you like that! I’ll just go to a hotel!” She suggested and he raised a brow, looking at her for signs of a purse but obviously, there was none.

“Do you have money on you?”

Her breath hitched; her wallet was in her flat. She rubbed her arm

“I’ll just sleep outside!” She insisted and he stood up

“That’s dangerous… You can sleep in my room; my door has a lock if that makes you feel better? I have a bathroom in my room too” He tried to convince her. She was still uncertain but what choice did she have. He was being very polite to her and she knew she had to take up his offer.

“If it’s alright with you…” She muttered and he felt a little awkward now.

Tendou eyed the box of cake he made, then he remembered the wine in his kitchen. He stood up, clearing his throat

“Here, sit down. Do you want to try the cake? It tastes pretty splendid with red wine. Unless you don’t drink? I’ve got juice?” He asked and she shook her head, coming to sit down on the sofa.

“Wine sounds nice… It’s been a long day” She said, looking at her hands nervously. Tendou held in a sigh, he didn’t know how relieve this tension, he was hoping that maybe dessert and wine would help break the ice. He stalked to his kitchen, quickly grabbing two glasses and some plates, before he set them on the table.

“Um, can I help you?” She asked him, walking into his kitchen, Tendou turned from the counter, the cake now displayed nicely on a stand. His wide eyes staring at her, he grinned

“Nah, it’s alright. I’m done now!”

He hummed happily, walking to the living room. She was about to follow him, but she spotted his sink. It was full of baking utensils, covered in chocolate…

‘Did he go through all of that to make me a cake?’ She thought to herself before she heard the television playing. She walked towards the lounge and stopped, Tendou was smiling at her, patting the sofa next to him

“Sorry but I usually don’t have much company over, you can sit here. I’ll sit on the floor” he said, sliding off and sitting on his carpet. Y/n blushed,

“No, no! Please, I’ll sit on the floor!” She insisted but he chuckled, waving his hand

“Don’t sweat it, I usually lounge on the floor. Prefer the carpet” He said

“Then I’ll sit on the floor as well, I prefer it… too” She said, a pink hue on her cheeks as she sat on the floor, a bit away from him. Tendou had sort of relaxed by now, he figured she was in general a nervous and shy woman. He could read her expressions like a book.

“Y/n-chan, look at this” He said, his eyes glinting, she was curious as she got a bit closer, peering at the cake.

He calmly, grabbed the knife, cutting through the centre of the cook gently separating the sponge

“Whoa” She said under her breath, the liquid chocolate glided beautifully out of the cake. She couldn’t help but feel her mouth salivate. Tendou grinned, putting half the cake on a plate and passing it to her

“Taste it”

She held the plate, looking the decadent dessert, she felt a bit shy that she was watching her so intensely, but she couldn’t resist the cake she had been dreaming about last night. She thought about the unwashed dishes in his sink, he did all of that for her. She shouldn’t insult his hard work like that.

Y/n raised the spoon to her lips, tasting a bite out of his dessert. Her eyes widened, she looked at him, spoon still in her mouth. Tendou watched her amused, when she pulled it out of her mouth

“T-Tendou-san, this is incredible” She uttered, and he felt himself blush, rubbing the back of his head

“I’m glad you like it”

She swallowed, shaking her head

“Like it? I love it! This chocolate is incredible, the way you’ve incorporated the dark chocolate into the sponge, and I didn’t except the chocolate in the centre to have a salted caramel taste! This cake it’s so… so…” She tried figuring out the word for it, her hands waving back and forth. Tendou was amused by her antics, her thinking face was adorable

“…so overwhelming…” She ended, looking at him astonished

Tendou was confused


She shook her head,

“No, the cake itself is perfect… It’s the emotions coming from it. You baked this with a lot of love…” She smiled at him and he felt his heart stop, he swore his face would burn off. He was speechless, no one had ever commented on such a passionate level. He eyed his glass of wine, lifting it up, sipping it

“This is a special wine; it’s actually supposed to compliment the cake. Care for some?” He asked raising the bottle and she pushed her glass towards him


She realised that she let loose earlier, she was alone with a man. She still had to be on guard.

She would only have one glass and then call it a night.

1.5 Hours (and One Bottle of Wine) Later

Y/n and Tendou laughed, their faces flushed from the wine.

“No way!?” She laughed after Tendou told her the story of when he joined the chocolate industry. He apparently used to have long thick hair but alas, it had accidently gotten ruined when his toque caught on fire. He had to shave it all off and eventually he enjoyed his current look, it felt fresh for him. (AN: I have made this up, not part of the official manga, but I was curious about his new look, used my imagination)

Tendou grinned, scratching his head

“I look pretty nerdy now, don’t I?” He said sheepishly and she giggled, before she sighed, circling the rim of her glass. Tendou eyed her,

“It’s nice you’re following your passions… I wish I was like that with my writing, I used to be so passionate about it…”

Tendou swirled the last remnants of wine in his glass, before he turned to her

“Used to? But aren’t you working with that publisher now?” He asked and she stared at her feet, shuffling her toes.

“I guess… I lost that passion along the way. Ohno-sama’s given me a new project, my first project in fact but… its way out of my league. I can’t find inspiration to write this novel….”

Tendou shook his head,

“Nah… I think you’re being too hard on yourself. Writing isn’t easy but the way you talked about my chocolates tonight, you definitely have a way with your words…” He watched her face, he wasn’t sure if she was red from the alcohol or if she was blushing, she was smiling lightly, playing with her fingers. He placed his glass down, turning himself to face her. When did they sit so close? He knew he couldn’t push his luck, but he really wanted to stroke her locks. Her skin, it looked so soft… but her lips?

Now those looked sweet enough to kiss...

He snapped from his perverse thoughts, when she cleared her throat. She was a little breezy after so much wine, she was being more open than she ever intended

“It’s an erotic novel… I don’t know how to write smut; how can one even conjure up inspiration for it!?” She slurred in despair, Tendou felt a bit awkward now. He didn’t know how to go about her problem. She was drunk and this was probably a topic for her closer friends…

“Um… why don’t you think about some of your past dating experiences? Maybe they’ll help with your writer’s block”

She frowned, what past experiences? She was a loser… She eyed Tendou, he probably had lots of experience. He lived in Paris before this. Did he ever fool around with French women? She found herself feeling a little unsettled about his love life but who was she to pry? Tendou was like the others, he probably experienced everything from first loves, kisses….


Her eyes widened,

She just met the guy and here she was, drunk in his lounge, thinking about his sex life. She never thought of things like that…

Ohno-sama would probably jump with joy if she found out.

She didn’t know what possessed her, but she turned to him, eyeing his face carefully. He was a little awkward, she was staring so intensely at him and then she laughed

“You’ve got a very kind face” She stated, hiccupping a little.

Tendou blushed, she thought he had a kind face? He was famous for looking like a creep… ever since he was young. He always thought of himself as a monster on the inside, sometimes those childhood bullies’ words would still linger in his mind, he’d even remember some of the trash talk rival volleyball teams would spit at him during tournaments… This breath-taking woman was telling him, he looked kind? All the previous lovers, would call him all sorts of lusty names but he never got such a sweet compliment like this

“T-thanks…?” He said and she laughed, stretching her arms and he couldn’t help but eye her jiggling bust again. He really needed to stop doing that before he got caught and actually labelled as a pervert. He looked at her face, she was smiling happily, her eyes lidded in a drunken haze as she eyed the now mute television. Tendou couldn’t control himself,

“Um… I hope your boyfriend doesn’t mind you staying over….”

She looked at him

‘Shit. Real smooth Tendou…’ He thought to himself before she shook her head

“I don’t have a boyfriend… you’ve mentioned this yesterday too…” she brought up and he sweat dropped.

Damn, he was not as slick as he hoped…

“It’s only been Maro and me! I think you must have confused a delivery boy or someone as my boyfriend, but I’ve never had a guy over!” She said so causally and Tendou mentally began cheering and dancing.

“Ah… to be honest, sometimes I could hear you talk to someone when I’m on the balcony, so I just assumed….” He said, again trying not to slap himself because now he made her aware that he could hear her on his side of the partition. But she was clueless as ever, humming before exclaiming

“You must have heard me talking to Maro! Sorry, I can be loud sometimes!” She apologised and he told her not to worry, just relieved that his suspicions were cofirmed

“Actually… I can hear you too, from my balcony. I have a question… What tune are you always humming?”

She began humming the same tune he did, it was that song he used to sing to irritate his opponents during their volleyball matches. He felt a bit shy that she caught on to it.

But he was a little excited, it meant that she too, was aware of his presence.

“Oh… it’s a song I made up in high school. Nothing special… Were you in any clubs?” He asked, trying to avoid the topic of his song. She nodded,

“I did crochet!”

He let out a chuckle, of course she did… somehow that suited her personality

“D-don’t laugh… it’s not lame…” She mumbled, embarrassed and he stopped

“Aye... I didn’t say it was lame, I just think it suits you, it’s cute” He grinned, and she blushed, he found her cute? She felt her heart beating again, she realised how much she liked his company. She had never been close to a man like this before. She felt comfortable, she felt safe. Y/n turned to him,

“It’s weird… I’m not scared of you…” She revealed and he raised his brow. Was she supposed to be scared?

“What do you mean?” He asked her. She set her own glass down, clearing her throat

“Men make me… uncomfortable… I don’t have to dive into details because we just met but I had a bad experience, that’s all….” She trailed off and Tendou sat up straight, he was thinking of a million and one scenarios and they all made him feel angry on the inside, because these scenarios all ended up with her being hurt

“…I’m sorry… whatever happened, you didn’t deserve it. I’m sure…” he said, and she hummed

“You’re the first man, that hasn’t terrified me in a long time… I’m confused.... I’ve only just met you, but I feel like I can trust you… I just don’t know if I can…” She stood up, making him look up at her. She looked away,

“I think I’ve drunk a bit too much… Can I go to sleep? It’s quite late” She asked, avoiding his face and he stood up.

Thinking her words over,

She said she could trust him… He felt pretty happy but at the same time, her moods changed a lot. Sometimes she was open and friendly but it seemed like she realised she was letting loose so she would throw her guard up. Then again, men scare her and here, she has no choice was to spend the night at a man’s place. A man she just met…

“Here, follow me…” He said quietly as she trailed behind him, Tendou opened a door and made space for her to walk into the room. She turned around; he didn’t walk into the room. He smiled,

“The bed’s all yours, bathrooms over there…” he pointed to the left as she nodded, still cautiously eyeing him.

“Okay, good night Y/n-chan”


He smiled at her,

“You can lock this door”

He turned around, walking away, leaving her in his room. Feeling a little too nervous to jump into a stranger’s bed right away. She wandered around his neat room. Her eyes sparked when she spotted 3 little anime figurines, recognising one of the characters. She found it sweet that a grown man like him kept stuff like this.

It suited his personality.

His desk had different books scattered, a few mangas, some dessert books and baking magazines.

“Still can’t believe he works there…” She muttered, stroking the glossy magazine covers as she thought of his chocolates. Does that mean he made those bonbons she ate last night…? She remembered how happy they made her in that moment.

Y/n looked up, spotting some photos on a pinboard above his desk. She curiously eyed various photos, sure enough, there were photos of him at different events from high school to what she guessed were his days in Paris. He had such bright scarlet hair; it complimented his eyes… Tendou looked a little mischievous but he seemed kind... He looked really happy in all of his photos, his tall friend though… He was pretty serious in most of them.

He was pretty cute as a teenager

She blushed at her thoughts, shaking her head before she spotted another photo

“Hmm?” She leaned closer before a knock startled her, Tendou curiously eyeing her and she got embarrassed

“I-I’m sorry, I wasn’t snooping around, I swear. I was just looking at your photos!” She blabbered and he just grinned, extending a glass of water

“It’s chill, I’ve got some weird photos… Anyways, sorry for disturbing you but I forgot to get you some water, in case you got thirsty at night…”

She looked back at his photo, pointing at it

“Is that… you?” She asked and he hesitantly walked into his room, towards the desk. She didn’t seem to freak out by their closeness because she was busy staring at his childhood photo… When he had that dreaded bowl cut, that made me look like the boy from the Omen…

“Uh… yeah, it is” he said awkwardly, placing the glass down, staring at his young self. Her giggling broke his dark thoughts before they could start. He looked at her, pouting slightly

“You were a really cute kid. Kawaii, you look so sweet!” She said, grinning and he looked at her

“Really? Kids used to tell me I looked like a creep… a monster…” He muttered softly, staring at his cherubic face. She looked up at him, he looked a bit lost in thought, staring at his photo, he looked a little sad…

“…I just wanted to do something nice… so you wouldn’t think I was like… a monster or something…”

Echoed in her head

She didn’t think twice before she spoke,

“I don’t think you’re a monster…” She muttered, her eyes widening and so did his.

She revealed to herself in that moment that Tendou in fact, really was nothing like a monster. She knew what a monster was, and this man wasn’t it. Tendou looked down at her, his heart was racing…

“W-what did you say…?” He said, not breaking eye contact. She couldn’t stop staring back into his eyes, the room was silent. She swore she could hear her heart beating

“Y-you’re not a monster…” She whispered

Both of them didn’t realise how close their faces were getting, Tendou’s hand went to steady himself against the desk but alas,

“Shit!” He yelled and she got startled when he accidently knocked the glass of water on her, splashing her front. Tendou stared at her wet sweater, wanting to smack himself

“Fuck, I’m so sorry!” He rushed to his closet, rummaging through it before he found one of his old sweatshirts, he sniffed it quickly. Thank god, it smelt good. He walked to her, handing her the jumper

“Here, you can wear this! I’ll throw these in the dryer for you!” He ushered to her wet clothes and she nodded, a bit in shock at how close she got to him.

Were they about to kiss?

She felt a little disappointed…

She walked to his bathroom, quickly stripping her wet clothes as she pulled his sweatshirt on.

“It’s a bit big”

She extended her arms, looking at how loosely it hung on her frame, at least it almost reached her knees. She looked at her reflection, her face was still pink

’I wanted to kiss him…” She thought to herself, before she quickly splashed her face.

Tendou was busy wiping the water, drying his magazines. They had gotten a little wrinkly and he sighed,

‘Shit… I nearly lost control there…’ He thought, this chick was going to be the death of him.

“I’m sorry about your desk…” She said and he turned around, his breath hitching. She looked really really adorable in his sweatshirt… He turned around, before she realised, he was staring too much.

“Nah, it’s my fault! Thank god it was water and not the wine” He joked

She stepped closer, a blush on her face,

“Um…” She started but he turned around and asked for her clothes

“I’ll put em in the dryer, they’ll be done in the morning” He said, and she stopped,

Oh, maybe she misunderstood?

“Thank you, Tendou-san…” She muttered and he smiled, bidding her goodnight as he left his room, shutting his door behind him, walking to his laundry room.

Y/n sighed as she finally lay down in his bed, staring at his ceiling. She thought about him again, he wasn’t leaving her mind. She turned,

‘He was going to kiss me, I know it…’ She thought, turning again, bringing his duvet closer to her face, his bed smelt really nice, masculine, comforting… She sat up, her back against his headboard, she hugged her knees… Ohno-sama’s words drifting into her head

“You need to stop being so shy. Honestly, when I read your essays from college, they were bright and full of passion. I saw my young self in you, I still do… But you need bring that creative passion into this erotica. I know you can do it. You’ve just moved to Tokyo, have you explored? Get out of your comfort zone, Y/n!”

‘She’s right, I need to get out of my comfort zone… I need to find inspiration for my work!’ Y/n thought, she began thinking about how he abruptly left his room to dry her clothes. He was trustworthy right? She eyed his door and then she realised,

“I didn’t lock the door…” She muttered; she must have been laying in his bed for an hour. Previously, all evening she was stressed about spending the night at his and now, she didn’t even think twice about remembering to lock the door… It was a big deal for her.

That settled it…

Y/n stood up and opened the door, walking towards his lounge, peering at the couch. He wasn’t there. She heard rustling from his kitchen and her heart was pounding as she walked in. His back was facing her as he put away the dishes.

Tendou nearly jumped from his skin when he spotted her, almost dropping his glass.

“Oh god! uh Y/n-chan, is everything okay?” He asked her as she fiddled with her fingers. She looked at him with a blush,

“Why didn’t you kiss me?” She asked and he froze.

Did he hear her correctly?

She felt embarrassed all of a sudden,

“Um... forget what I said!”

She cursed at herself before she quickly turned and rushed back to his room.

“Wait” Tendou called behind her, entering his room. He grabbed her wrist and she turned to him, her face was scarlet

“I didn’t kiss you because you said men scare you…” He revealed, quickly letting go of her wrist and she felt relieved but silly

“…you don’t scare me” She said looking at him, Tendou swallowed

“Do you want me to kiss you?” He asked, uncertain as she thought for a few moments

“I… I do” She said, and he looked away,

“Y/n… I don’t know, I don’t think I’d be able to control myself if I do…”

Y/n knew what she was getting herself into, but she wasn’t afraid of him. She stepped closer, clutching an arm of his

“Then don’t Tendou-san…” She whispered and he felt the last thread of self-control snapped, he gripped her chin, making her look up at him, he slowly creeped towards her face, giving her the chance to break away as his lips lingered near hers. She bit her lip for a second before Tendou finally pressed his lips against hers.

Y/n felt like an electric shock buzzed through her body, she wasn’t sure if she was kissing him right, but it certainly felt so right. It was as if she couldn’t control her body anymore, her arms wrapping around his neck. Tendou licked her bottom lip and she didn’t know what to do… He parted from her, watching her flushed face pant slightly

“Y/n, open your mouth…” He muttered and she was confused when he kissed her again, but she followed his instructions before she gasped when he slipped his tongue in, Tendou’s hands gripped her hips gently as he rubbed her tongue slowly, tasting her sweet flavour. Y/n tried to move but her foot slipped causing them both to tumble on his bed, Tendou was feeling hot, she looked so lewd under him, arms above her head, his sweatshirt had rolled up on one side, exposing her hip and part of sweet pink panties.

He groaned to himself,

‘She’s totally gonna be the death of me…’

He didn’t know what possessed him, but he held her wrists above her head with one hand, gently, not being rough before he twirled a lock of her hair with his other hand

“Do you need some inspiration?” He asked her, twirling a lock of her hair, gazing into her flushed face.

She felt her lip quiver,

“Yes...” She whispered.

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