Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 19: Perfect (NSFW)

Chapter 19:

“Ah! Ah! Sa-Satori! Please! I-I can’t…” Y/n huffed, her body being pushed up and down the mattress. Tendou was standing at the end of the bed, sporting a cheeky grin on his face, as he looked down at his trembling girlfriend. His hands kept a firm grip on her hips, holding them up as he thrusted his hips into her harder. His scarlet eyes gleamed in delight; she looked a sexy mess under him. He ground his hips vigorously and she moaned, tightening her legs wrapped around his waist, hiding her flushed face under her arm.

After their first round, Y/n was about to slip into a slumber but Tendou had become playful due to her earlier comment. She wasn’t sure how many times he made her cum so far but after each one, he always stopped to caress her skin in kisses, whispering sweet nothings into her ear making her feel loved before he pounced again.

“Sorry babe, but I’m feeling a little mean right now…” He smirked, licking his bottom lip slowly, tasting a tinge of her lipstick, before biting it between his lips. He grunted softly, head titling back, feeling his cock being clenched by her messy, slippery walls. Y/n panted moving her arm away from her eyes, struggling to concentrate on Tendou… She couldn’t even think straight, the only thing on her mind was to cum with him again.

He took note of how her mascara was smudged slightly; the lipstick she wore earlier had been wiped off from their kisses. He cupped her cheek and wiped a tear threatening to spill. He slowed his thrusts, leaning over her

“Am I going too rough…?” He asked and she shook her head, lamenting the loss of his thrusts, he groaned, feeling her pulsate madly around him. Still lost in her own haze of euphoria, she found herself clutching his arms, looking up at him.

“D-Don’t stop Satori… please…” Her voice was trembling slightly. She rolled her hips against him and he hissed lightly, gripping the sheets beside her head. It took self-control but he completely stilled his hips and she whined

“Damn Y/n… I think we’ve discovered just how much you really like it when I’m rough…” His hand danced along her soft thigh, feeling the light sweat on her skin. He ignored her whines and soft pleads, listening to her pants, before he nipped her ear. Tendou suddenly ground his hips harder into her once and stopped when she moaned,

“How badly do you want it? Tell me, angel…”

Y/n bit her lip, trying to move her hips but he held them in place, making it painfully agonising to chase her high.

“I want it so badly, please ’Tori... I… want it, I really want it” She sobbed lightly, and he grinned, kissing her temple before he tweaked her nipples and she gasped, arching her back. Tendou didn’t want to stop teasing her, he enjoyed her vocalness, hearing the sounds of her sweet voice, edged him on further. He ignored his own cock throbbing, leaning to suck and nip at her neck, dotting her in purple hickies. He kept pulling her nipples gently, making her mewl, as her the juices dripped down her pussy. His lips ghosted to her ear, his warm breath tickling her lightly

“You like it when I’m rough? Your pussy’s really squeezing my cock… You’re close, every time I move my hips, like this…” He thrusted into her hard and she let out a loud gasp, he continued groaning in her ear

“You make the sexiest sounds; it makes me want to go rougher…”

He hummed happily, pulling out of her and standing up. She squeezed her thighs, crying at the loss.

“Tori… w-why…?” She whimpered softly and he hushed her,

“Come here…”

Tendo sat at the end of the bed, pulling her over his lap. His hands were holding her ass up, just barely hovering her pussy over his cock. He could feel the heat radiating from their bodies, her sweaty front was slumped against his front, her chest pushing into his with each pant.

“Talk dirty to me, baby… Tell me you want my cock…” He gripped the back of her head, gently but firmly holding her head up before the tip of his tongue slipped out, and he slowly licked the middle skin on her neck up to her jaw, before they made their way to her ear,

“Say it…” He purred,

Y/n’s cheeks flushed harder, she almost felt like she was sporting a fever from how hot her body was feeling. Grinding against him harder, he clicked his tongue. Holding her hips again,

“C’mon, pretty baby… I’m not going to give you what you want unless you say it…”

She mewled when his thumb swiped her clit, making her hips jolt and a bit of her slick drip out, feeling that tiny ounce of shyness within, he gripped her chin, bringing her lewd face mere inches from his, cheekily biting her bottom lip. She felt his thumb slowly rub her clit, his cock pressed against her, (im)patiently waiting for her command. Shaking slightly, she swallowed lightly

“I-I want your… cock…” She mumbled very quietly and Tendou held in the urge to chuckle and how shy she became,

‘So fucking cute…’ He sang in his head, she squealed when he rubbed her clit harder, her knees almost going weak,

“Louder Y/n… You’re so close to cumming… Come on…” He cooed, lightly rotating his hips and she felt her eyes brimming with tears, she really wanted to come.

“I-I want your cock!... Please!”

Tendou almost broke his dom-like exterior from how adorably she squeaked out a please. She blushed form embarrassment, wanting to crawl under the duvet and die. Tendou realised that she was getting frustrated from his teasing. He decided to end her misery. Quickly kissing her lips, he parted with a cheeky grin

“Well done, angel… I’m going show you that you’ll never need those erotic novels or smut mangas again… Not when you’ve got me…”

Y/n gasped when he stood up and lifted her in the air like it was nothing

“Sa-Satori!” She squealed, clinging to him in fear of being dropped, and he grinned, winking at her

“You better wrap your legs around me now, if you want to cum. It’s alright sweetheart, I’m just taking advantage of our height difference… kind of wanna show off too… Your boyfriend’s pretty strong, I’m not going to drop you. Do you trust me?” He grinned and she flushed, wrapped her arms around his neck tighter before she crossed her ankles against his lower back. Hiding her blushing face against his shoulder

“I trust you…”

He held her hips, smiling before he kissed the top of her head

“Good girl… that makes me really happy”

She let out a silly smile against his shoulder, but Y/n could finally no longer avoid the throbbing in her pussy. She felt his erection against her, trying to copy his actions from earlier, she nipped his ear

“Tori… I can’t wait anymore… Please give it to me…” She purred quietly and Tendou’s eyelids slid, he pressed his shaft against her soaked folds, swirling his hips, his latex tip rubbing against her clit, she moaned. He didn’t say anything, he grunted when he grabbed her ass and pushed her down, his cock sliding into her pussy and she threw her head back, moaning.


Tendo dipped his head to suck her throat, pistoning his hips into her harder, as he kept lifting and dropping her ass over his cock. This position made him slide into her core deeper and he hissed,

“You’re squeezing my dick, so hard. Oh god, Y/n… what are you doing to me? I wanna do this with you all the time” He purred, holding her ass down, bottoming out into her completely, making her eyes widened as she let out a breathy moan. Tendou began walking and she tightened her grip, trying to ignore the way his cock ever so slightly slid inside her clenching folds. She huffed, when her back was pressed against the cool wall, he grinned when he felt her nipples harden against his chest. Her legs tightened harder against his lower back,

“I’m done playing around… Brace yourself, angel…”

Before she could prepare, he pistoned his cock in her and she felt her voice leave her throat, unable to let out any sounds except hard pants

“Sa- *pant* To- *pant* Riiiiii” The last syllables of his name stretching, when he circled his hips, pinning her own hips into the wall, making her feel every inch of his length. He could feel her slick sliding down his balls, the way her pussy convulsed around him made it impossible hold back his upcoming climax.

Y/n’s hands gripped the skin of his back, nails digging in, making him bite his lip, enjoying the light stings. She could feel his hot throbbing cock, twitch madly inside her, she definitely wasn’t thinking straight anymore. She was ecstatic that she was almost reaching her climax, being sandwiched between Tendou’s tall body and the cool wall. It was impossible to avoid the intensity of his thrusts. She finally understood what her friends and mentor meant when they would gush about sex.

‘It’s amazing… Sex is amazing…’ She thought (aloud) to herself, Tendou’s eyes widened, overhearing her. He felt that ego burst aflame within him, he his body against hers, pushing her further into the wall, his mouth roughly melding against hers. Tendou pushed his tongue into her mouth, letting it swirl and rub against her own. Their moans slipped out, as she thrusted her hips into him, Tendou tilted his hips, and she gasped, her pussy squeezing so hard making him hiss

“Ohmygosh! Th-there! D-do that again!” She mewled and his grunted, making sure to rub against her bundle of nerves, making her moan louder.

“Baby… I’m close, do you want to cum with me…?” He cooed, roughly rutting against her g-spot, making her toes curl, her walls squeezing down hard

“Yes, yes, please, cum with me! Please, i-I’m almost- Agh!” She wailed when bit her neck, a hand pinching her nipple. She felt her legs go weak, one sliding down his thigh but he held her knee up, pushing his cock in and out of her into her.

“Me too, baby… Cum with me” He grunted slamming his hips into her…


His other hand quickly going behind her head to protect it from the wall, the moment she threw her head back to scream, her pussy walls squeezing his cock so hard that he cursed,

“F-fuck, Y/n!”

They both moaned when they felt their orgasms collide, she was out of breath, her legs definitely feel like jelly. If Tendou wasn’t holding her hips, she was sure she would have melted into a puddle right now. She couldn’t even remember being lifted and dropped gently on top of the bed.

Tendou haphazardly slipped the filled condom off, tying it and dropping it to the floor before he collapsed onto the bed next to her. He definitely was finished for the night, as was she. Y/n felt her eyes droop but he sat up, shaking her lightly

“Wait Y/n… you can’t sleep right now…”

She pouted, an arm on her face,

“Why?” She whined softly, still out of breath. Tendou eyed her pussy, looking at how red and raw it looked. He felt a bit guilty for losing control and edging her so badly early. Being the ever-loving boyfriend, he scooped his arms under her legs and back, lifting her up gently

“Sorry baby, but you gotta drink some water and use the toilet before you sleep… Just stay awake for a few more minutes, I’ll take care of you…”

She was too tired to argue, just nodding while he walked them to the bathroom. She looked up at him, feeling like a princess from the way he carried her… just like in those books she would read.

“Thank you, Tori…” She whispered,

Tendou looked at her, smiling softly

“Anything for you, N/n…”

1 Week Later:

“My… my sweet little Y/n, your skin’s glowing today. You’re really blooming…” Ohno gushed, shuffling through the stack of drafts in her hands. Y/n flushed when Ohno’s assistant smirked, nodding in agreement.

Ohno leaned forward, grinning a Cheshire smile,

“You guys must be going at it like rabbits!”

Y/n gasped, her mouth dropping open,

“Ohno-sama! Please, for the hundredth time…. Stop…” She hid her blushing face behind her hands and Ohno just smirked, before she cleared her throat. Y/n peeked at her face, before straightening her posture.

“How was it then? What’s he like?”

Y/n closed her eyes and sighed, there was no escaping this conversation. She knew it was bound to happen sooner or later… She felt shy but she trusted her mentor, looking at the desk

“He’s very… gentle…” She said shyly, looking at her lap and Ohno let out a tiny awe, turning to Akira,

“They’re always so gentle in the beginning…”

Akira nodded,


Y/n furrowed her brows, looking at the older women,

“What do you mean…?”

Ohno crossed her arms, grinning

“Tendou’s going slow and gentle for your sake right now because this is new territory for you. Give it some more time and you’ll see his true colours… When I was your age, damn, the stamina… it was beastlike… Get comfortable with this unexplored territory, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty!” She laughed and Y/n flushed, she felt bad, but she didn’t want to admit that he was definitely a wolf when it came to sex. It had only been a week, but he was slowly becoming more and more comfortable getting ‘down and dirty’ with her … What scared Y/n was that it seemed so natural for her. She loved him taking the lead. It surprised her how much she had evolved… She used to be so terrified being under him, to now, always day dreaming about Tendou towering over her in bed, making sweet love to her.

“Ohno-sama… It’s only been a week…”

“And have you done it since the hotel…?” She asked and Y/n looked at her lap, nodding

“A… few… times…” She said reluctantly… She didn’t want to admit that it had been a week straight and Tendou couldn’t keep his hands off her… not that she minded…

Ohno raised a brow, she could read Y/n like a book. She tapped her desk, becoming a little stern.

“On a more serious note… Please tell me Tendou is wearing protection whenever you guys do it…”

Y/n stiffened, after their over-night date, they had definitely romped almost every other night since then. Tendou was always gentle with her, making her feel secure, warm and loved. There had been times when they ran out of condoms, hence he would finish outside of her… She fiddled with her skirt, nodding

“He does… most of the time… b-but he’s never… inside…” She muttered under her breath, suddenly feeling a little ashamed. Ohno just nodded, she had forgotten to bring this topic up with Y/n beforehand, until Y/n revealed how much she admired Ohno. It made the older woman feel more protective about her and hence she had to discuss this with her.

She turned to her assistant,

“Akira, did you get what I requested?”

Akira nodded, ushering towards the brown packet on Ohno’s desk, Ohno hummed, pulling the box out, sliding it to Y/n. Confused, the girl picked up the box, reading the contents…

“Um… Birth control…” She said, looking at Ohno and Akira, they women nodded

“Now that you’ve understood just how fun and addictive sex can get. You should always be two steps ahead. Speaking from experience, there’s gonna be times when you run out of condoms and he says he’ll ‘pull out’ but…” Ohno made an X with her hands,

“That’s a no-no!”

She startled Y/n with her sudden outburst, making her heart race a little. Akira fixed her glasses,

“Mhmmm… big no-no…” Akira mumbled, wagging her finger

“Now, I recommend you start taking some form of contraception Y/n, just to be on the safe side. Your career is about to begin, and I don’t think you have any plans for Tendou juniors right now…”

Y/n flushed, quickly shaking her head

Ohno nodded,

“Exactly… At least with birth control, there will be times where you can do it without a condom. Not every time… but on days which are considered ‘safe’… Do some online research and also download a menstruation app on your phone, it’ll track your ovulation dates for you... It’s very important knowledge. I recommend you visit a docotor and have a discussion on what’s best for you and gain more information. Promise me, you’ll do that?” Ohno asked and Y/n realised she was right, she hadn’t thought about these things, it completely skipped her mind

(AN: Me being a loser old woman by adding this scene into my book bc I realised that I have underage readers. I don’t want to glorify unprotected sex for various reasons, [STDs mainly], but since the characters in my fanfics are in their mid-twenties and…. not real, I’m more comfortable writing about it because… I control their lives 3:) Hence, if yo boyfriend says he gon’ ‘pull out’, don’t listen to him sis… if you both under 18... planning on/or are sexually active with your partner, research on some safe ways you can have sex. Love ya guys <3 PS: Please take sex ed seriously.)

“You’re right Ohno-sama! I’ll think about it” She slipped the box into her bag, before standing up to relieve herself from the office. Ohno compiled the draft back into a neat stack, handing it to Y/n

“I must say, after the edits and the fact that you’ve rewritten all the earlier stories, this novel is quite steamy Y/n! I’m so excited that you’re gonna complete it soon. We can start designing a book cover for it soon! I’m hiring a freelance designer, so Akira will set up and meeting and inform you soon.”

Y/n’s face beamed, and she grinned,

“That’s so exciting! I look forward to it! I have only four more stories to write! Thank you so much!” She bowed, before Ohno grinned, waving her hand

“Alright, alright… time to go home, kiddo. Lover boy awaits!” She winked at Y/n who blushed and giggled, waving the older women goodbye.

Y/n cheerily walked down the streets, she was humming Tendou’s tune, she knew the rhythm well, but he always refused to recite the lyrics of the song. He’d blush whenever he would catch her humming it while working on her story. But she couldn’t help it, it was quite catchy. Making her way to Angelina, with Tendou on her mind.

Tendou was humming and swaying in the kitchen to the music playing through his headphones. As he held the metal bowl, stirring the melted chocolate. He was so lost in his own daydreams, thinking about his girlfriend that the stares of his co-workers went unnoticed. She was not so shy around him anymore, after their ‘date’, it seemed to change her mood drastically, especially when they were alone. His added happiness came from the fact that he was the only man, who knew about her lewd side.

She was still too shy to initiate sex first, aside from their hotel date, after that, he hated to admit it, but he was releasing all that pent up sexual frustration he withheld for months… He definitely was getting clingy to her, but it wasn’t his fault, he was so infatuated and mesmerised by her. From her sweet demeanour… to her lewd side…

“OUCH!” He hissed, feeling a sharp sting on his ass, turning in irritation, he groaned looking at Ryo who had a smirk on her face. He hissed when she yanked his earphones out

“Hello? Details? You ignored all my texts this week, not cool dude…”

He flicked her forehead and she scowled, swatting his arm

“You don’t need to know any details, brat…” He muttered and she pouted,

“C’mon boss! I have to know, how was it? It must have been very good because you’ve been cheery all week” She said in amusement and his face flushed red, he turned, pouring the chocolate onto the marble slab, tempering it as he thought about Y/n again, a grin on his face

“It was amazing… Shit, I’m head over heels for her…”

Ryo rested her face in her palm,

“What a sap…”

He turned to give her a glare and she wriggled her eyebrows before she leaned closer to whisper,

“So… what’s she like then? I get sub vibes from her… That must be perfect for you, since you like being in charge when it comes to sex…”

The tempering tool slipped from Tendou’s hands, his face burning in embarrassment and he turned to pull her collar to him, hissing and whispering

“Shut up Ryo, there’s people around!” He cautiously looked at his unbothered co-workers while Ryo pinched his side, making him hiss and let go. She rolled her eyes at his whining,

“Hit the nail on the head, did I?” She asked, picking up a strawberry from the counter, biting into it, winking at Tendou. He bit his lip, feeling embarrassed but also giddy. Y/n was the missing piece to his life, he was smitten completely.

“She’s perfect… just perfect…” He muttered softly to himself, feeling his chest warm up. Ryo just smiled, stretching her arms before she whacked Tendou’s butt, making him jump and turn to whack her but she dodged, sticking her tongue out at him

“Loser” She sang out, walking to the café, he grunted in an annoyance but before the door slid close her heard Ryo, call out

“Well hello Cutie-chan! Fancy a cup of tea?”

He felt his heart squeeze, looking at the clock, he had 15 minutes left till the end of his shift, but he had so much work left to do.

“Tendou-san, I can finish the rest of. You shouldn’t keep your girlfriend waiting, it’s okay!” A co-worker of his offered, and Tendou smiled, usually he would refuse but today, he wanted nothing more than to spend some time with her. He thanked his coworker, rushing to clean himself up.

Y/n finished her cup of tea, as she happily chatted with Ryo, who was reading part of her draft

“Damn Y/n-chan, this story is really sexy… I’d definitely buy your book when it comes out!”

Y/n giggled shyly, she was getting more comfortable showing some more people her drafts, so far, she received positive feedback, it made her more confident

“You don’t have to buy it Ryo-san, I’ll give you a copy for free… since you’re my friend” She muttered shyly and Ryo felt her cheeks blush at how Y/n cutely avoided eye contact, staring her teacup, a little smile on her face. She wanted to squeal and was just about to hug the living day lights out of Y/n but she felt a tug on the back of her collar, pulling her back

“Mine.” Tendou said, giving Ryo a scary look before he pouted and hugged Y/n, who just sat there confused before she giggled when he kissed her cheek

“Hey you…” He grinned at her and she blushed,


Tendou bent down to pick her bag up, sliding it onto his shoulder before he extended his hand out to her

“Shall we go home, beautiful?” He asked and she beamed, nodding happily, clasping her hand in his

“Let’s go, Tori!”

Y/n bowed to Ryo before the couple walked out of the shop. Ryo stared in awe at how happy they looked; she placed a hand on her chest when Y/n shyly hugged Tendou while he laughed

“So cute!” She gushed and the co-worker popped his head out, catching the scene too

“They really are the perfect couple…” he said in awe and Ryo nodded, smiling

“They are”

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