Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 20: I Gotta Feeling, Somebody's Watching Me

Chapter 20

Y/n hummed as she walked under the night sky, through the lit streets of Tokyo. It was a late day at the office, Ohno-sama and her had thoroughly gone through the drafts of her almost complete novel, taking time to find even the minutest of mistakes. They didn’t realise how much time flew by and it was almost dinner time. She sighed, walking quietly in the direction of her nearing apartment. She had begun taking birth control a few weeks ago after her conversation with Ohno and Akira, she was sceptic at first but after an informative session with a doctor and online research, she started taking the pills. Tendou didn’t know as yet, she wasn’t really sure how to bring up the topic. Mainly because she was a bit anxious about doing it raw with him… There was always a possibility of getting pregnant even with contraception… What if it happened to them? Would the dynamics of their relationship change for better or worse…?

Neither of them seemed to have experience with children…

However, another part of her was itching to feel him without the thin latex inbetween. He always felt so warm and hot in her mouth or hands… What would it feel like inside her…? If Tendou found out about the birth control, she was sure he would be more than excited to have sex without a condom. The times when they had no protection, she sensed his frustration when he came outside. Maybe because it was a primal instinct for men to ejaculate inside their partners… Tendou after all, was beginning to show his feral side in bed. She definitely enjoyed the fact that he no longer had the fear of ‘breaking’ her like she was a fragile piece of glass. He loved forcing sweet lewd moans and equally lewd faces from her.

He was such a tease. [ AN: ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) ]

Y/n focused on how quiet the streets were tonight, the air was slightly chilly, and she kept her gaze down to avoid making eye contact with any strangers. She sensed a familiar feeling rising, she felt like she was being watching again. The hairs on the back of her neck rose, when she heard shuffles behind her, turning her head, there was no one but it didn’t stop her heart from racing

‘I don’t feel safe… I should’ve let Akira-san drop me home…’

She was crossing a pathway when she bumped into a man who happened to walk out at the same time. Letting out an ‘oomph’ when she collied into his thick body, she took a few steps back.

“G-gomen!” She stuttered, breath hitching when the tall man stared down at her. She recoiled at his intimidating look while he simply just nodded.


“Um… goodbye…” She muttered, quickly walking past him and rushing to her apartment where Tendou waited. While walking, she began feeling anxious, she looked behind her and the same man was walking behind her, he noticed her looking and began to open his mouth to say something, but she quickly turned. Feeling her heart race, she increased her speed, clutching the strap of her bag

‘Is he following me…?’

Y/n swallowed, seeing the familiar stairs to her apartment, hearing the footsteps behind her. She sped up them and made a beeline to Tendou’s door, hands shakingly rummaging through her bang, trying to find the spare key. She froze when a dark shadow cast over her, turning in terror, the same man loomed over her. She pressed herself against Tendou’s front door, cowering slightly. She lost her voice, she was frozen in the spot, unable to move her body. The man outstretched his hand towards her, and she closed her eyes, feeling tears begin to form.

‘Satori…’ She silently prayed that he would magically save her. Feeling the hand approaching her

“Are you okay?” His hand went passed her head and pressed the intercom buzzer

*Bzzz *


In confusion, she opened her eyes where the same man looked at her in equal confusion, both unable to say a word. The door behind her swung open and she found herself falling backwards,

“Whoa! Cutie, you alright!?” Tendou asked, quickly stabilising Y/n while she still gazed up at the stranger in shock. Tendou finally noticed him, his eyes widening

“Wakatoshi!!!” He beamed, excitedly “You came earlier than expected!”

“Gomen, I should’ve messaged. I finished training earlier than I thought…”

Y/n recognised the name and now she finally recognised the face of Tendou’s best friend. She had heard heaps about him, and she was embarrassed she didn’t recognise him despite the plethora of pictures and videos Tendou had shown her. Her face flushed and she quickly bowed,

“I’m so sorry for my rudeness Ushijima-san!” She blurted and Tendou looked at them confused, Ushijima just raised a brow

“It’s okay L/n-san…”

Y/n stood straight, a little taken back

“You know me?”

Ushijima simply nodded,

“Satori’s social media is filled with your photos. He also sends pictures to our group chat from time to time…”

She turned to Tendou, embarrassed


Tendou flushed, rubbing the back of his neck as he laughed,

“Sorry cutie but I can’t help it! I like showing off my adorable girlfriend!” He gushed, making space for them to enter his apartment. Ushijima tucked his shoes in a corner, bowing to Y/n again

“It’s nice to meet you L/n-san.”

She blushed bowing back

“Likewise, Ushijima-san. I apologise for before, again. I get nervous in public”

They stood up and he nodded,

“It’s understandable, a woman walking home alone at night can be daunting. I was trying to introduce myself earlier, but I scared you instead. I’m sorry too”

Tendou grinned, wrapping an arm around Ushijima’s shoulder,

“My, my, you guys are so cute and formal! C’mon Waka, let’s have a beer. There’s a pack in the living room” He turned to Y/n, giving her a hug while Ushijima made his way to the lounge

“How was your day angel? Sorry, I couldn’t pick you up today, I hope you’re alright”

She shook her head, hugging him back, her cheeks burning

“It was fun at work today, we’re almost finished with my book… Don’t worry about it, I know you have to go out tonight. It would’ve been time consuming for you, you should be relaxed when you go!” She gushed and he grinned, leaning down to nip her nose

“You sure you don’t wanna come? Semisemi is a great performer, he does some wicked concerts. You should see him when he grinds against the mic, it’ll get your heart racing”

Tendou gushed, hands to his cheeks and Y/n sweatdropped, shaking her head at him. He straightened up, pushing her hips against his. Looking down at her cheekily before he bent down to whisper in her ear

“Maybe if you’re awake later, I can show you the way I like grinding against you… now, that’ll make your heart race…” He nipped her ear and she squeaked, flushing before she pushed him off gently

“Tori! Ushijima-san is in the lounge! Don’t be cheeky right now!” She whispered, face flushing and he tightened the grip on her hips, pulling her back against him

“It might be a thrill, Y/n… my bestfriend is just a few feet away... I wonder how far we can get before he comes looking for us… hmm? What position would you be in…?” Tendou purred, beginning to move his hips and she bit her lip, trying to ignore her burning face, feeling her heart race.

Tendou stopped and she let out a breath, while he chuckled,

“Don’t worry cutie, I wouldn’t go that far… unless you want?” He asked and she quickly shook her head

“N-no thank you!”

He laughed, ruffling the top of her head,

“Y’know, that could make an exciting short story for your book…”

She thought for a second, raising a brow

“That’s actually not a bad idea! Thanks Tori!” She beamed and he grinned, walking to the lounge with her, where Ushijima sat, reading one of Tendou’s Shonen Jumps. They all sat together and chatted for a while. Y/n felt at ease around Ushijima, he was respectful and the only thing he seemed to enjoy talking about was food. Despite his mannerisms, he seemed a little dense at times… But it only made her more at ease, especially watching how playful and chatty Tendou was. He was prancing in the lounge, showing her the way he used to mid-block and how he enjoyed intimidating his opponents. She laughed, wishing she could’ve seen him play in real, but he shook his head,

“I’m too old and unfit for that now… Maybe if I trained the way Miracle Boy does, I’d probably be down to have a match but I’m out of touch with that part of me now… Plus, I love making chocolate, that’s my passion!” He grinned, finishing the last swigs of his beer while Ushijima hummed in agreement

“He was a fantastic teammate; he may have intimidated other people, but he was one of our greatest morale boosters.”

Tendou put a hand on his chest before he hugged Ushijima

“Awe Waka, you’re the best!”

She smiled, when they finally got up and decided to head to Semi’s gig before it got too late. They invited her again to come along with them, but she politely declined. She still wasn’t comfortable to be in a crowd of people in a dark space. Tendou understood, simply stroking her head before he fixed his shoes.

“Oh Y/n, I forgot. A parcel came for you today, I put it in your apartment! I’ll let myself in when I’m back, so if you’re sleepy, you can head to bed first” He beamed, leaning down to kiss her cheek and she blushed lightly, unlocking her front door

“Alright… I hope you two have a lovely night. It was a pleasure meeting you Ushijima-san” She bowed politely, and he followed suit. Tendou blew her a kiss before they walked away. She smiled softly, entering her flat, heading straight to Maro.

“I’m home, Maro!”

Tendou was still gushing about Y/n to Ushijima, who just listened as they walked away from the complex. Tendou didn’t realise that he was being super animated with his enthusiastic gestures until a man bumped into Tendou’s shoulder, stopping his speech

“Woah, sorry dude!” He called out but the man didn’t turn back, his just raised it hand and nonchalantly waved it while walking away, making Tendou raise a brow,

“Okay then…. Anyways Y/n and I…” He continued his conversation with Ushijima walking down the street, while the stranger stopped, looking towards Tendou’s receding figure before he looked at the apartment complex in front of him

“Y/n…” He muttered.

Y/n hummed, letting Maro wander around the lounge before she turned to play some music from her laptop. Finishing her laundry, she turned to the parcel that sat on her table. Humming, she sliced open the packaging opening the lid. Her eyes almost popped out and she lifted out the lingerie inside it.

“Wh-what!?” She squeaked, closing the lid to checking the sender’s address


Ofcourse, her sex-loving cousin was going to send the young woman this… But these pieces were quite scandalous, they were 100x skimpier/erotic than what she wore at the hotel. She lifted a mesh lacey red lingerie bodysuit.

“Th-this is completely see-through! And this one… oh my gosh… is it ripped…?”

She lifted another black lingerie bodysuit, there was a slit in the crotch and on the lace cups of it… Her fingers poking through the holes…

“It is the design… do women actually wear these…!? Sayo-Nee you are way too kinky…” She muttered, folding the pieces and bringing them to her bedroom and chucking them on her bed…

“There’s no way I could wear this in front of Satori! So, embarrassing!” She hid her face in her hands, fuming for a few seconds before she peeked at the lingerie again.

‘But… he’s not here right now…’ She thought before blushing

“No no… I can’t do this!”

She threw the lingerie in her closet and left her bedroom, going to the lounge to turn the television on where Mari scuttled towards her. She lifted him up,

“Let’s get you some food” She muttered, still embarrassed from earlier, going to the kitchen to get his food. She eyed the bottle of wine that lay next to a box of Tendou’s chocolates… She looked at Maro,

“It’s been a while since we’ve had a movie night together and I’ve had a drink. Wanna watch a rom-com Maro?”

Soon Y/n found herself giggling at the movie, cheeks slightly flushed as she was highly amused with the comedic scene. Maro was peacefully tucked into the corner of the sofa, nose twitching as he watched the movie in peace. She sipped her glass of wine, before she munched on another chocolate. She was enjoying herself thoroughly.

Suddenly she heard knocking on her door… Muting the television for a few moments, she wondered if she imagined that… Feeling a little anxious, she made her way slowly to the door, opening it cautiously.


She stepped outside to look around, but it was empty… Confused, she went back inside…

“It’s probably the wine… I’m a little tipsy… Maybe I imagined that… how silly…” She laughed at herself, shaking her head. Plopping herself back onto the couch, where she finished another glass of wine. This time the scene on the movie was pretty seedy, she found herself sitting up in attentiveness, realising the French actress had donned on sexy lingerie too. She scoffed at how the woman was presenting herself to the actor, sauntering around the room scandalously. Y/n squinted at the screen, her cheeks were flushed

“She’s French too!!!! She makes it look soooo easy Maro!” She whined remembering Elise, pouring and sipping on yet another glass of wine, pouting and crossing her arms

“…I wish I had that confidence… Why did Satori have to go and date a foreigner…” She mumbled under her breath. Watching how confidently the French actress seduced her partner. A drunk Y/n concentrated on the screen, feeling a little envious. She cleared her throat, looking at Maro

“Y’know what Maro? I’m just as sexy…. No! In fact, I’m sexier…” She pointed to the French actress on the screen, who slipped the strap of her bra slowly off her shoulder, winking at the actor.

“I’ll show you! I’ll surprise Tori tonight… I’ll make him *hiccup* grind against my mic tonight…” She muttered, standing up

Moments later, Y/n found herself in front of her bedroom mirror, she tried on the red bodysuit, fixing the thin straps on her shoulder. Looking at her body, she gave herself am impressed look.

“Actually… this is quite sexy… I don’t look bad…” She turned to look at her butt, bottom lip jutting out as she raised her brows and nodded

“Not bad at all… but it leaves nothing to the imagination… How naughty” She talked to herself. Y/n began wondering how Satori would react, walking into the room and seeing her like this. Knowing him, he would definitely be ready to pounce. She turned to look at her front, hands cupping her breasts and bouncing them slightly. The wine must’ve have given her a confidence boost because she began thinking of ways to seduce Tendou when he returned back home. Looking at herself,

“What if I lie on the sofa when he walks in?” She hummed,

“Nah… maybe I could hide and surprise him!?” She said excitedly. She was enthusiastically conjuring ideas in her head on how to surprise him… However, the moment she sat on the bed, letting her brain rattle on how to seduce him, she embraced the heaviness hitting her lids, the comfier she adjusted herself on the bed… the more, her eyes drooped, and she yawned…

“I’ll just close my eyes for a second…” She muttered

Eventually, she slipped into a slumber, letting sleep overcome her. Time passed and she was still heavily asleep, she didn’t hear her door slowly creek open and a voice muttering


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