Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 21: Surprises (NSFW)

Chapter 21:

Warnings: Somnophilia

The room around her was hazy, her body was feeling super warm. In obscurity, she was lost but she could feel warm lips lingering around her perspiring neck. Hands stroking the mesh covering her body. She was almost lulled back to sleep, eyes closing again. The wine really had taken its toll over her, she was sure this was a dream.

“Did you wear this just for me…? You knew I was coming, hmm?” He purred gently in her ear.

“So dirty”

She let out a tiny moan, feeling large hands cupped her chest, rough palms grazing her mesh covered nipples, he let out a dark grin, feeling them harden under his palm. His fingers digging into the soft flesh, burying his face into the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent.

“You smell so good Y/n…”

He kept massaging her breasts, letting his erection grind against her ass.

“Y/n…” he uttered in a lost breath, his fingers creeping under the lace triangle cup, playing with her pebbled nipple between his fingers before he slipped her breasts out of them.

“Your nipples look so naughty… Are you feeling good? Your legs are shaking…” He groaned

She quivered against him, body curling lightly, soft mewls slipping from between her lips. He gently slipped her on to her back, his hands gliding all over her lingerie, slowly rubbing down her thighs, fingers clutching the soft inner flesh, spreading them lightly.

‘Am I dreaming…?’ Lingered in her mind, she was too aloof to open her eyes, she wasn’t sure if she was feeling dizzy or heated.

What a sight she was, for his feasting eyes. His eyes lingered at the mesh shining in her juices, two fingers rubbing her covered slit softly. She trembled, moaning lightly. He licked his lips, feeling a small gush slipping through the mesh. Leaning down, his fingers hooked under the wet material, pushing it to the side. Her brows furrowed when his fingers slowly caressed her lips, warm breath fanning over her. His tongue slipped out, slowly licking around her slit before his fingers spread her folds apart.

“Oh fuck…”

His eyes were glued to the juices leaking down her throbbing hole, looking up at her face. Eyes still closed, but her cheeks were burning, chest heaving a little faster. Licking his lips, he held her knees apart, burying his face between her legs. He relinquished in her sweet taste, his tongue burrowing itself as deep as it could. Y/n’s legs shook under him, her panting increasing, a hand clutching her pillow.

“Ugh!” Her back arched

‘It feels so good… What a naughty dream…’ She thought, her thighs pressing against the face between them, grinding her hips against his mouth harder. The tongue wriggling deep inside her, kept its pace, the more she concentrated on the sensations, the more her senses were coming back to her. A sudden flick on her clit, made her eyes shoot open, quickly clutching the head between her legs, moaning when she felt that orgasm approach

“Wh-what!? Ngh!” She gasped when his fingers rubbed her clit, and she was super aware of how hard her pussy was throbbing. Her hips pushed against his mouth further, and she looked into his scarlet eyes. He stared at her mischievously, tongue flicking her clit, while he pushed two of his fingers inside her. She moaned, her fingers gripping his head harder

“Sa-Satori! Ah! Ah! A-aaah!” She mewled, her head throw back into her pillow, back arching and mid-moan her breath hitched, and body froze, she felt that coil twisting in the pit of her stomach suddenly snap, her pussy gushing all over his mouth. Tendou licked up as much of it, as he could. Dropping her knees and sitting up, her eyes were brimming with passionate tears, she was panting hard, looking up at Tendou in a haze, his lower mouth and chin, shining with her slick.

“Now wasn’t that a nice wakeup call? Must have been because you’re trembling all over from that orgasm…”

She was still breathing, her face flushed. Her body was still burning, she swallowed lightly, finally realising this wasn’t a dream. She sat up on her elbows, gazing at him. He got lost in her adorable flushed face, her soft lips plumped into a pout. She gazed up at him through her batted lashes

“Satori…” She said softly and he cupped her face gently, stroking her soft cheek

“Angel…” He cooed

“You pervert.”

He froze, letting out a sheepish chuckle

“I’m sorry baby but coming home to my girlfriend all spread out on the bed in a sexy set get up this… How could I resist temptation…? You surprised me with your eroticness, I decided to surprise you with an orgasm…”

Tendo leaned closer to her face, licking his lips slowly, her eyes locking on to him. She felt the breeze on her chest, suddenly feeling embarrassed because she realised her breasts were out of their cups, presenting themselves to the world… She crossed her arms feeling more embarrassed…

“I-I got a little tipsy earlier, okay… I was supposed to change before you got back but I fell asleep…”

Tendou chuckled, pushing her back onto the back, wrapping his arms around her, head nestled between her breasts

“I figured… When I came back to the flat, the tv was still on and Maro was out of his cage… I kinda realised when I spotted the nearly empty wine bottle… Seems to me, you had a little party of your own…”

She let him lay there,

“Oh gosh… I didn’t put Maro in his cage? Remind me, never to drink unsupervised again…”

Tendou chuckled before he grinned, eyeing her cheekily. He grabbed her wrists pinning them to her side,


He kissed her hard, pushing his tongue in her mouth, slowly wrestling with her appendage. Their lips made sloppy noises, she could feel his weight pressing over her, the heat radiating between their bodies. Tendou’s lips caressed and pecked her neck, before going to nibble on her collarbone.

“I’ll give you a party, baby”

He flipped them over, laying against the pillows, grinning up at her form. Her hair cascaded and she flushed, feeling the heat of his hardened shaft pressing against her damp core.

“You’re wearing such slutty lingerie… I didn’t know you owned something like this… You’re so naughty” He muttered, and she flushed,

“I-I’m not… My cousin sent it… that’s what was in the parcel… You weren’t supposed to see.” She hid her face in her heads and Tendou laughed, pulling her wrists from her face, looking at her from head to toe.

“No way, I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to see you in stuff like this! It’s my right!” He gushed and she raised a brow, flushing

“Your right!? Don’t say such silly things Satori!”

Her breath hitched when his hands cupped her breasts again, grinding his hips into her hard

“Sorry Y/n, I can’t take your seriously when your tits right are in front of my face… You make it so hard to resist you”

She mewled when he squeezed the flesh between his fingers, grinning when she brought a hand to her mouth, he began toying with her nipples, pulling them simultaneously, enjoying her reactions. She could feel her insides throbbing, Tendou’s cock pressed right against her, gripping his arms, she began moving her hips slowly against him for more friction. Tendou hummed cheekily, his smirk forming into a grin

“C’mon rub your pussy against my cock harder, you can do it, baby girl…” (AN: me in my head saying, ‘Baby gorlllll’ lol, I killed the moment… Fyi I tend to avoid terms like BB Girl and Daddy in my fanfics... not my kink… tho im up for being called a slut, lmao. Each to their own I guess… Anyways back to the story!)

He gripped her hands, palms pressing against hers. She tightened her grip rubbing her crotch against his briefs, she pursed her lips, eyes lidding feeling herself get wetter.

“Do you wanna be a dirty girl for me tonight?”

She bit her lip, nodding

“I-I do…” She mewled, he let out a lazy grin, one hand cupping her face, his thumb rubbing her bottom lip gently. She let out a yelp when his palm collided with the soft flesh of her ass, her pussy squeezing.

“Say it properly. Naughty girls aren’t afraid of being vocal…”

Y/n stilled her hips, clenching the muscles in her legs, feeling her clit throb against his erection. The sharp sting on her ass made her alert. He had never done that before… It excited her…

But right now, she really wanted to feel him inside, she needed it. It was a craving growing inside her.

“I want to be a dirty girl, just for you… Please Tori…”

Her palm rubbed his erection and he groaned, closing his eyes while she rubbed him gently.

“I can feel it twitching…” She muttered

‘It’s so hard and he’s getting bigger…’ She thought, her hand softly gripping his clothed cock, making Tendou grunt.

His fingers sneaked their way into her mouth, rubbing them against her tongue, her eyes were lidded in pleasure, one hand gripping his wrist while his fingers kept playing with her tongue. His eyes were glue to her expression, humming happily to himself

“Y’know, I really wish you could see the face you’re making right now… how lewd… You were so shy when we first met… Now look at you, you’ve practically soaked through my boxers, dry humping me while sucking on my fingers… How slutty...

It makes me want to hold you down and pound your tight little pussy till its raw… make you cum over and over again”. He pulled her down to bring her breasts to his face, lips encasing one to suckle on it and she quivered, her hand shakingly hooked itself into the waistband of his boxers, trying to tug them down.

“It’s because I don’t feel shy when I’m with you… I like doing naughty things with you” She admitted, and he froze,

‘So fucking cute…’ He thought to himself,

Tendou’s lips left her breast, grinning at her before he stood up. He turned to her where she rested on her knees, facing him. He pushed his boxers off, his cock springing free, enjoying the look on her face, eyes locked onto his throbbing shaft. She blushed when his palm cupped the side of her head, fingers slipping into her soft hair, scratching her scalp lightly.

“Are you feeling generous tonight…?” He asked calmly and she flushed, leaning forward to grip his cock

“Yeah… Let me make you feel good now…” She whispered, opening her mouth making Tendou grin, gripping her head more, guiding her closer to his dick

“By all means, baby… Show me how good you’ve gotten at this”

His head tilted back feeling her lips glide over his cock, he let out a guttural moan, slipping her name, when her lips circled his tip, sucking harder, feeling the precum drip onto her tongue.

“You’re so fucking hot… doing so good babe…”

His hand guided her mouth, bobbing her head over his length while she concentrated on her breathing. Each time, she slid her mouth onto his cock, he’d push his cock a little deeper, pulling back and letting her breath

“Can you keep going?” He asked and she nodded, licking his length, feeling it throb over her tongue

“C-can you go a little rough with me? I can handle it” She breathed against his cock and his other hand gripped her head.

“Remember the signal, if it gets too much” He reminded her and she nodded before he pushed her mouth back onto his cock, she controlled her gagging focusing on making him moan. He kept groaning and grunting above her, pulling out of her mouth to let her breath before he pushed his length even further down her throat, he felt her gag lightly against him, but he held her still. She closed her eyes, trying to stop her tears from the burning in her throat before she tapped his thigh.

“I’m almost there…” He pulled her off and she panted, he let go of her hair, scratching her scalp

“Go at your own pace, angel... You did really well”

She let out a shy smile, before bobbing her lips back and forth his length, her hand stroking the remainder of his cock. Tendou hissed when he felt his orgasm approach, she wrapped her lips around his cockhead, letting her hands jerk him off before he groaned,

“Y-Y/n…” Spilling onto her tongue. He caught his breath, watching her throat when she swallowed, her pink tongue licking the remaining essence of her lips. His thumb collected some that dribbling from the corner of her lips, pushing it into her mouth.

“Damn Y/n, that’s probably the best blowjob you’ve given so far! Fuck, I’m still so turned on! It’ll forever be embedded in my mind!” He gushed and she felt shy,

“St-stop it… Please?” She said and he grinned, pinching her nipples making her gasp and squirm in shock

“You know I like teasing you… I’m down for one final round… What about you?” He asked, rubbing her inner thigh gently, she felt goosebumps form and she nodded, looking away from him

“I want to…”

Tendou grinned, sitting up to grab a condom he stashed in her bedside drawer, but Y/n stopped him when he pulled open her drawer

“We don’t need one!”

Tendou turned to raise a brow at her,


She blushed, shyly fiddling with her fingers…

“…I’m on birth control… Um… It’s also a safe day for me…” She whispered and he almost missed it. Tendou stared at her, she was busy playing with her fingers, she hid the tiny shy smile on her face by biting her lip, but the corner of her lips still curled up.

Tendou grit his teeth, he slammed the drawer closed in a split second and Y/n squealed when he gripped her thighs, pulling her lower body on top of his own. He readjusted the crotch of her lingerie to the side, pressing his warm cock right against her slit

“Are you teasing me right now?” He asked and she shook her head,


“You sure, you’re really okay with this?” He asked sceptically and she just smiled, shyly stroking his shaft with her fingers making him hiss

The pinky from her other hand, wrapping around his pinky. He smiled, stroking her face

“I really am... Promise…”

“Even at times like these… You really are the cutest…”

Tendou leaned down to kiss her, his hands gripping her hips, thumbs rubbing her sides softly. She hummed gently; her arms wrapped around his neck. The soft sounds of their kisses drifted in the room. Y/n parted from him to breath, sighing in content. He sat back, arching his back lightly, stretching his muscles. His fingers hooked into the thin straps of her bodysuit, pulling the material down gently, revealing her bare flesh under his gaze. She lifted her hips, letting him pull it off completely. Tendou’s fingers danced along the imprints the lingerie left on her body.

“You’re gorgeous…”

Y/n turned her side to the side, a red hue dusted on her cheeks

“Tori…” She whispered

Tendou leaned down to pepper her front in kisses, she exhaled, letting herself get lost in his touches. He gripped his cock, leaning back to push his tip against her throbbing hole.


She closed her eyes, feeling his tip gently prod her hole. A little whimper leaving her lips

“Oh god, it’s so warm… I can’t hold back anymore” He groaned, pushing his cock through her pussy, making her toes curl, feeling the pulsating heat from his length. She could feel every vein rub against her velvety walls, that squeezed his cock. Her body twitched from the pleasure, closing her eyes as she began moving her hips, coaxing him to slip in further

“It feels really good…” She muttered, his fingers dug into her hips, he grunted feeling her walls clamp around him

“Damn Y/n… this feels amazing… You’re still a tight fit… but…” his fingers caressed her abdomen and she quivered feel her nipples harden more.

“… it’ll take some time before I mould your pussy to the shape of my cock… I don’t think I could wear a condom again… this feels incredible…” He purred and she blushed,

“Tori… please move…” She muttered but he grinned, pulling out completely and she whined, but it stopped when he flipped her onto her stomach

“I’ll make you feel amazing in just a second, bring your ass up for me…”

Y/n felt embarrassed but Tendou grabbed her hips, pushing her ass in the air while she buried her face in the pillow, feeling shy. Tendou’s palm grazed her smooth cheek, looking at her greedy little pussy throbbing. He smirked, licking his lips

“We’ve never done it like this before… I’m not going to hold back…” He cooed and she gripped the pillow, turning her head back to look at him

“B-by all means… Please don’t”

He stifled a chuckle, gripping his cock and pushed it against her pussy. She gasped, arching her back, pushing her hips against his. Tendou moaned, as he began thrusting into her. She couldn’t stop her own moans slipping from her mouth, from the way her breasts pressed and rubbed against the mattress to the way he kept slowly thrusting inside her, letting her feel every inch of his cock. Lost in her haze of pleasure, her hand went to her clit, rubbing it softly to increase the burning inside of her. This action didn’t go unnoticed by Tendou, he completely pulled out before slamming into her hard and she let out a scream, her pussy gushing lightly

“It’s so deep…” Her voice slipped, stretching out the last syllables of her sentence when he pistoned his cock harder. Tendou had never gone this deep before and the heat she felt from their lower bodies was intoxicating. She tried to match his rhythm, but she ended up resting her face on her folded arms, Tendou’s hands went under her, sliding up to grip a breast while the other took her place to play with her clit.

“I can’t wait to paint these pretty pink insides white…” He grunted, pushing his hips further against hers, making her squeal feeling his cock throb inside, she clenched her fists, biting her lip to contain her moans but Tendou pinched her nipple and she gasped, giving him leverage to sneak his fingers back into her mouth. She trembled when he pulled her against him, her sweaty back pressed against his chest, holding her knees apart.

“Satori! Agh!” She cried, leaning her head back onto his shoulder, her body losing its strength while he kept his pace, bouncing her on top of him. He held her hips down, bottoming out completely, grinding hard and she gasped,

“You like that?” He muttered, kissing her neck before he repeated his actions making her moan even more. Because he restricted her movement, she could solely concentrate on the feeling of his hard cock, thrusting in and out of her. Her body shuddered when he circled her clit expertly, he could feel how tight she squeezed onto him, grunting from how close he was

“Shit… I’m gonna cum Y/n, I’m going to shoot every single drop deep inside of you…”

She was panting hard against him, hands cupping the back of his neck, she arched her back when he pinched her clit, uttering his name, breathlessly before gasping when he pushed her onto the bed, his chest still pressed against her back, Tendou was moaning, focusing on reaching his climax. She was absolutely soaked, making it easier for him to go deeper. Feeling his peak reach, he quickly fisted her hair. Pulling her head back, making her hiss, her pussy clenched hard and he cursed,

“Cum” Was all he muttered and was all she needed to hear, she gasped loudly, feeling herself gush around him. Tendou closed his eyes in concentration before he spurted inside her. She was still panting, shuddering at the sudden sticky warm filling her up, the more her pussy throbbed, the more it milked his cock. His grip of her hair slipped, Tendou’s upper body collapsed on top of her, pushing her into the mattress, still cumming. She fisted the sheets, mewling, her hips were shaking. Tendou was panting hard, using his last ounce of strength to roll off her.

“Oh man… That was amazing…” He breathed, turning his head to gaze at her, who was still panting, just nodding.

“Y-you literally took my breath away…” She said and he grinned,

“Really…? Now that’s an ego boost…”

She turned to look at him

“No… I meant, you actually almost smothered me when you fell on top off me earlier…”

He sweat dropped apologising, but she giggled, snuggling into him

“I’m just joking… It really was amazing. Another idea for a story… You’ve been giving me amazing material! I think I can finish my book over this weekend” She laughed, wrapping her arms around him, he beamed hugging her back. Tucking her head under his chin, happily

“Told you, you didn’t those manga or books when you got me…”

She giggled again, closing her eyes and relished in his warm. However, she still when she felt his cum slowly drip out, her cheeks flushed and he opened his eyes, peeking down at her

“So… how does it feel then?”

Her blush was painted on her face, she didn’t dare to look up at him. Closing her legs, only to regret it when she felt them get slick.

“It’s a little weird… I-I didn’t expect it to be this messy…” She admitted and he let out an awkward smile

“To be honest… I was really turned on the moment I walked into your room… I came a lot more than I thought I would but…” She gasped when he scooted back to grab her leg and lift it in the air, eyes glued on her pussy. She shrieked feeling mortified,

“Wh-what are you doing!?”

He hushed her,

“I’m just seeing the fruits of my labour… Damn… That’s sexy…” He muttered, eyes glued to her messy pussy, but she shook her leg from his grip, quickly closing her legs

“Don’t do that… how embarrassing…”

He laughed, pulling her back in his arms, kissing the top of her head

“It’s not embarrassing at all, it makes me feel good because I’m the only man who gets to do this with you… Promise me, you’ll never let another guy see this naughty side of yours”

She blushed and pouted,

“What are you saying!? Ofcourse I’d never show this side to anyone except you… You’re the only man, I want to be with… so…” She muttered shyly and he smiled, leaning down to kiss her softly. He pulled away from her and her gaze softened looking into his eyes

“I love you…” She slipped and he raised a brow, feeling his cheeks heat up before his hand cupped her face

“I love you too”

During moments like these, life seemed too good to be true for the young couple. Tendou couldn’t get enough of her, all he wanted to do was make her happy. Y/n was the same, he was on her mind constantly. He always made her smile, from his jokes to his kind empathetic side. For them both, there was no one else they wanted in the world but each other.

Everything was just perfect for them...

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