Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 22: Right Where You Belong

Chapter 22:

“I’m proud of you Y/n, you’re only one more story away from completion. This novel has turned out just marvellous. What a journey this must have been for you!”

Ohno grinned at the young woman, placing the draft in front of Y/n, who smiled,

“It has been an incredible journey for me, I feel like a whole new person from when I first came here… I think I understand what people mean when they say they feel so alive…” She beamed, Akira and Ohno’s faces flushed at how sweet Y/n looked, her cheeks were glowing and her teeth gleaming as she laughed lightly

“How cute…” They both muttered,

“Do you think it’s alright that I’m using a pseudonym… I’m just not ready to let the public know who I am, just yet. I’m a little uncomfortable about it...”

Ohno straightened up, taking what Y/n said into consideration

“Of course, it is. There are many authors who go under pseudonyms, where they publish material under that identity and simultaneously publish material with their real identities. Since this is your first soon-to-be publication and because its centred for a mature audience. It’s understandable why you would like to remain anonymous. This is the first step into your writing journey… Who knows, maybe your future work won’t be erotica. You might want to take a step into another genre. Keep your chin up Y/n, you will see how much your writing will evolve in the future. It’s a massive difference. What you choose to write next is entirely up to you, just know that you have my support and guidance.”

Y/n stood up and bowed to her mentor

“Th-thank you so much Ohno-sama! Your words and guidance mean a lot to me. I look forward to having my future work being read by your first!”

Ohno chuckled and waved her hand,

“Sit down Y/n, you’re making me feel like a grandmother… I must say, you really have changed from when you began working here. You’ve been talking to all your co-workers now; I’ve heard you joking around as well. It really makes me happy to see you like this. You look healthy and more importantly happy. It’s all thanks to Tendou, isn’t it? He is a truly decent guy… peculiar face…”

Y/n sweat dropped,

“I don’t understand why everyone thinks Satori is peculiar. I think he’s quite charming…” She flushed, thinking of his beaming smile. Ohno laughed,

“Sorry dear, I wasn’t calling him grotesque. He has a very sweet face and a very sexy body, so I’ve heard… Akira’s seen those arms, she told me he’s built… and the way you describe your male characters, they seem to share similar traits… they all seem to be packing. If I was in your place, I think I’d be happy all the time too…” Ohno winked and Y/n blushed harder, muttering

“Well… he is my muse…. A-Anyways! What you said earlier isn’t true, it’s not all thanks to Satori, maybe partly… but truth be told, I’m where I am right now, because of you. I didn’t have the courage to face him, without your guidance. I keep pushing my boundaries by following your advice, from this novel to my relationship with Satori. I don’t think I could’ve done what I did, had you not supported me…”

Ohno felt her heart warm up, she leaned forward to place her hand on top of Y/n’s gripping it

“Y’know, I’m supposed to keep this professional… but you’re my favourite. Don’t expect any special privileges from this revelation, you’ve caught me at a weak moment…”

Y/n giggled and was about to respond when Ohno’s door opened, Akira popped her head in

“Ohno-sama, Miss Y/n, the designer for the novel is here. They’re in the meeting room, shall we head now?”

Ohno nodded,

“Ah yes, I forgot about that meeting. Come on Y/n.” She stood up, heading out of the office with Y/n trailing behind her. She was curious to meet this designer, she too had forgotten about the meeting. As soon as they entered the room, Y/n was met with the back of a head, calmly sitting at the meeting table.

“Ah, Yasunobu-san, what a pleasure it is to meet you. I’m Ohno Fuka and this is L/n Y/n.” Ohno introduced Y/n who flushed and bowed to the man. She stood up and he stared at her for a few seconds before he cleared his throat and bowed back.

“Thank you for hiring me, Ohno-sama. It is a pleasure to meet you L/n-san. I’m Yasunobu Yuma, a freelance designer.” He handed both women his business cards, Y/n glanced at him, he seemed to be friendly and roughly around her age. Yasunobu’s gaze connected with Y/n’s and she flushed looking down at her seat, as they all sat down on the table. While Ohno discussed the book and potential ideas with Yasunobu, Y/n kept observing him, he was quite comfortable to be around. He talked about her novel quite professionally and didn’t really pay much attention to her. She snapped from her dazed when he pulled a tablet out of his work bag, sliding the screen in front of the women, Ohno leaned forward to gaze at the images while he explained

“Here are some potential ideas I have for a cover design. Seeing as the theme of this novel is mature but the stories have different intensities. I have different covered themes here… From sweet…” Yasunobu glanced at Y/n for a second but she didn’t notice as she focused on the designs, he swiped to the next one


He swiped again,

“…and finally, a steamier design. Keep in mind, I’ve kept the same sensual tone in all designs. I am after all trying to make the genre of your book, more obvious and eye catching for potential readers in this market. What do you think L/n-san?” He asked her directly and she looked at him for a second before she scanned the images quietly

“Um…” She trailed off and Yasunobu just hummed,

“It’s a professional environment, I take all criticism as constructive, seeing as I’m being paid a commission, you shouldn’t be hesitant to voice your views” He said softly and she nodded, feeling a little more at ease, he was right. She had to be honest,

“Um... these designs are lovely and quite detailed… however… the female on the book… She seems to be an angel on every design and the male looks like a good looking… well, demon…”

Yasunobu looked at the designs, realising he did certainly give those traits in all the designs. He kept his composure, taking his pen out and writing notes

“Noted. From the contents of your book, the male characters seemed very dominant and the females a little purer… Hence it gave me the idea, readers are attracted to sensual erotic material. They often say, you can’t judge a book by its cover but… no one will buy a book, if the cover is rubbish… What points am I missing out on?” He asked, keeping a poker face and she swallowed, before flushing

“You seemed to miss out on how caring the male characters are in this novel. I understand some of the smut stories are more intense, but he always takes care of her, right after. Each story portrays true love in a different way, you take note of it when you read between the lines. It’s much more than just erotica… It shows the trust between two people.” She said softly, thinking of Tendou’s warm embrace, how he made her feel safe and more importantly loved…

Ohno just glanced at Y/n, who seemed lost in thought before she butted in,

“I think Y/n is correct, her novel is more than just sex. There’s no fantasy elements here, they’re ordinary characters, living out their lives in bliss. Let’s try sticking to a more romantic and sensual vibe, no angels or demons…”

Yasunobu nodded, continuing to make notes before he closed his book

“Understood, I will need a little time to make new designs. I shall read your drafts more intently again, Miss L/n. Thank you for your patience…” He muttered and she just nodded. Akira walked into the room; a cell phone ushered against her ear

“Ohno-sama, there is an important call for you from the bank. You will need to take it.”

Ohno sighed, excusing herself for a few minutes, while Y/n sat awkwardly in front of Yasunobu. He wasn’t particularly bothered with her being there, he focused on the designs he had presented. She wasn’t sure how to initiate a conversation with him

“I didn’t realise you went under a pseudonym for your novel, Y/n-chan, seeing as that was written on your drafts and not your real name. I was surprised when Ohno-sama introduced you earlier… Perhaps, it’s been a while, but you don’t recognise me, do you?”

Confused she looked at him, and he smiled warmly at her, she furrowed her brows,

“I-I’m sorry… I don’t think I know you…” She said and he just hummed,

“You used to call me Yumyum… but then again, we were really young back then…”

Her eyes widened and she focused more on his face

‘Yumyum….?’ She thought before her mouth opened, and he chuckled

“Finally recognise your childhood friend, do you?”

She flushed; how many years had it been? She felt instant nostalgia

“I remember now! You were my neighbour back then!” She remembered being around 5 years old and her neighbour’s son was 7, they often played together until he moved

He laughed, nodding,

“Just for two years… You were so cute back then, always following me around, especially when you got scared! Do you still scare easily?” He asked and she felt embarrassed,

“I am still a bit jumpy… but that’s all…”

Yasunobu felt his face heat up slightly but he calmly sipped on water, he was about to speak but Ohno-sama walked in

“Sorry Yasunobu-san, we will have to cut the meeting here today. I have urgent business to attend, both of you are relieved from today’s duties. Akira will schedule another meeting soon…”

They bid her farewell, before he turned to Y/n.

“Do you want to perhaps walk out with me? I’d like to catch up if possible… It’s been almost two decades since I last saw you…”

She stilled for a second, thinking it over. Yasunobu didn’t seem weird to her, in fact she was delighted to meet her long-lost friend. She had completely forgotten who he was as the years went by, he was just a fragment in her memory…

She hummed, nodding

“S-sure… Let me just gather my things and we can head out…”

Yasunobu waited patiently for her before they walked towards the lift. She was feeling a little uneasy, being in a closed space with just him but he kept his composure

“Your last name… it’s different…” Y/n started and Yasunobu nodded,

“Parents got divorced, I lived with my mother… that’s why I moved back…”

She nodded, feeling slightly guilty but he told her it was okay

“So… I wouldn’t have expected you to write such erotic stories…”

She blushed at how blunt he was,

“It’s the first novel I’ve ever written, it was a challenge given by Ohno-sama… which is why I’m going under a pseudonym… just in case the reviews turn out bad, then I wouldn’t have to worry about people knowing who I really am. I can make a proper debut in the future, once I write a story of my own choice” She said determined and he glanced down at the young girl

…to make you write such utter filth…” He muttered and Y/n looked at him,

“Sorry, did you say something?”

Yasunobu smiled, shaking his head,

“I don’t think you’re going to get bad reviews at all Y/n-chan! Each story was quite steamy, I’m sure your target audience is going to go wild!”

They elevator dinged and both of them walked out, towards the entrance, just chatting about her novel and potential ideas. Y/n turned to say something to Yasunobu, but someone walked into her

“Oh!” She braced herself but Yasunobu was quick to wrap his arms around her and hold her in place. He took note of how delicate and soft she felt against his chest, the scent of her sweet perfume lingering in his nostrils, making him breathe it in slowly.

“Are you alright?” He gazed at her, his face was very close… Tendou’s face flashed into her mind and she quickly pushed him off

“Thank you! I’m okay…”

He looked in the direction of the passerby, glaring

“What an asshole… He didn’t even bother apologising!” He said in irritating and she just gave an awkward smile

“It’s alright Yasunobu-san… I’m not bothered myself, thank you for saving me from a nasty fall!” She bowed and he laughed, placing a hand on her shoulder

“It’s alright Y/n, I just don’t want any harm coming your way... I heard about what happened to you from my mother… That must’ve been terrifying for you. Sorry you had to go through that…” He muttered, staring off into the direction the passerby went

She kept quiet, feeling a little awkward but he cleared his throat, a blush on his face

“Say… do you want to grab dinner with m-”

“Cutie-chan!” A cheery voice called out, turning their attention towards him. Y/n’s face beamed when she spotted Tendou calmly making his way to them

“Satori! Why are you here!?” She gushed when Tendou hugged her,

“I got done with work early, thought I’d surprise you!”

Yasunobu lifted a brow, looking between the couple.

Tendou looked at Yasunobu,

“Hey man, thanks for helping cutie out earlier. I saw what happened, what an asshole…” He muttered and Yasunobu just nodded. Y/n cleared her throat introducing Tendou to him

“Satori, this is Yasunobu Yuma, he’s designing my book cover. I also found out that we were childhood friends! What a small world! Yasunobu-san, this is Satori… my boyfriend” She said shyly, a goofy smile on her face. Tendou and Yasunobu looked at each other. Yasunobu felt a bit intimidated by the way Tendou looked at him but he was taken back when Tendou let out a familiar grin, grabbing the other man’s hand to shake it

“Whoa! What a small world indeed! Tendou Satori, I’m a chocolatier! Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to design for Y/n’s novel…”

Yasunobu smiled,

“I look forward to designing her cover as well. Anyways, it was nice meeting you Tendou-san, I shall take my leave now. See you Y/n-chan” He bowed before he turned around to leave. Tendou just shrugged grinning down at his girlfriend

“Say cutie, since we’re done early… Wanna go grab a bite? We haven’t eaten out in a while”

“Sounds good to me, you promised we could get Yakinku!”

He laughed, clutching her hand and they walked down the road.


Yasunobu began walking through the busy crowded roads, Tendou’s face constantly flashing in his mind. He began thinking over Y/n’s drafts, her male character all seemed to resemble Tendou and the female one seemed to match Y/n…

Yasunobu felt irritation begin to arise inside of him as he thought of the young beauty. The image of her sweet innocent face in his mind suddenly becoming twisted and lewd. Yasunobu grit his teeth, she was an angel… How dare she be surrounded by disgusting people.

‘Is he making her do such filthy things…?’ He thought, feeling his mood dissipate even further as he locked his apartment door. Throwing his work bag onto the floor, he grumpily made his way to his bedroom, loosening his work clothes

“*Sigh* Don’t worry Y/n-chan, I’ll save you… You’re just a little lost right now, but I’ll bring you back…”

His fingers trailed on the various photographs of Y/n scattered on his wall.

“Back where you belong…”

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