Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 23: Mind Games

Chapter 23

“Here… What do you think of this flavour?” Tendou asked, popping a chocolate into Y/n’s mouth, she hummed, chewing slowly, taking in the flavours, lifting a brow

“Oh, there’s a biscuit in here! The biscuit is salty, but it goes well with the dark chocolate. It’s delicious!” She said enthusiastically, leaning over Tendou to grab another one to munch on.

“You guessed correctly, cutie! I was thinking of making chocolate coated biscuits for the workshop tomorrow!”

He smiled happily, leaning back on the couch and Y/n snuggled against him. Maro was nestled comfortably on her lap. This was bliss for him, just him and her cramped in a small cosy apartment, watching anime on the sofa. His hand idly stroked the back of her soft wavy hair, burrowing in the thickness to massage her scalp. She leaned against him more, eyes glued on the fight scene.

“I’ll miss you…” She said softly and he hummed, looking at her

“I’ll miss you too but it’s only for two days, I’ll be back before you know it, unless you wanna come with me?” He suggested but she shook her head, looking at him

“I can’t… I have to try finishing my novel, I can’t neglect my work…” She pouted and he nodded,

“That’s true… but you know what? How about we go out of town when you complete your novel? Y’know, as a celebration! We could go to the hot springs, the beach or, abroad…” Tendou trailed off, exciting about travelling. She thought for a second, she had never been abroad before… What would it be like? Sure, she had always dreamt of it but, it felt like a huge step for her, despite loving him to such an extent, she was hesitant… even if it was a vacation

“Let’s decide when the book is complete! It’s too early right now but a trip sounds nice!” She gushed, Tendou kissed her cheek and she blushed, leaning into him before she hissed

“What happened?” He asked, confused. She gave out a little laugh

“I forgot Maro was on my lap… His quills poked my stomach…” She pouted and Tendou laughed, scooping Maro from her lap

“Sorry bud, but off you go” He plopped Maro on to the floor before he leaned against Y/n, scooping her in his arms, nuzzling his face into her hair. Maro shuffled under the sofa, while Y/n giggled when he pulled the neck of her sweater to press kisses on her neck

“That tickles, Tori!”

He grinned against her neck,

“Does it now?”

She shrieked when he attacked her sides, tickling her making her squirm and laugh


He pulled away and she panted, poking his side


His lips curled before he leaned forward to nip her nose, she decided to pay him back by to pretending to nip his nose in return, quickly leaning forward and snapping her teeth


“Oh my gosh! I didn’t mean to bite!”

Y/n quickly got off him, grabbing the water bottle on the coffee table, pressing it against his face. Tendou squinted his watery eyes,

“I’m so so sorry! I was just trying to scare you but I actually bit you!” She gushed in panic and Tendou looked at her, laughing

“It’s okay cutie pie, you didn’t bite my nose off. It’s just a little red, it’ll be fine in a few minutes…” He put the bottle down and she pouted, he gripped her chin

“I feel really bad…” She admitted and he hummed, pretending to think

“You know, they say kisses relieve pain… maybe you can make it up to me?” He wiggled his brows and she flushed, he was about to lean back and chuckle at her antics, but she softly cupped his face, leaning in to kiss him. He leaned forward, pressing his lips harder before she pulled away…

Tendou pulled her chin closer,

“They also say French kissing is even more effective with healing…”

She blushed, turning her gaze from him

“I’ve never heard that saying before…” She muttered but Tendou stroked her face, his lips coming even closer

“That’s because I just made it up”

He kissed her harder, holding the back of her head. She gasped lightly when he pinched her nipple through her bra, before gliding his tongue in her mouth. Y/n’s eyes closed, wrapping her arms around his neck before she moved her tongue against his. Tendou enjoyed the sensation of her nails scrapping the back of his neck lightly, sending chills down his spine. Both is hands cupped the sides of her breasts, thumbs circling her nipples through her shirt.

Tendou was feeling in the mood, his hands went to grip her back as she wrapped her legs around his waist, he went to push his feet off the couch

“Let’s take this to the bedro-FUCK!”

She squealed when he dropped her, grabbing his foot and hissing


She quickly sat up, placing her hands on his thighs

“What happened!?”

“I think I stepped on Maro! Shit, is he okay?” Tendou asked, his eyes scanning from the spikeball. Y/n turned to get on her hands and knees, where she witnessed Maro scuttling to the rug in front of them

“He’s alright! I think he went under the couch earlier so we must have startled him. Is your foot okay?” She asked and he hummed,

“Yeah… It didn’t break my skin, the poke just stung and scared me… Are you okay? I dropped you… Shit, now I’m sorry…” He muttered, rubbing her shoulders and she burst out laughing

“Oh, you poor thing, first your nose and now your foot…”

Tendou flushed, and she smiled

“You can make it up to me… if we continue?” She said and he focused on her hued cheeks,

“Come here then”

He grabbed her and pulled her on to his lap, before he stood up. She wrapped her arms around his neck, while he held her steady in his arms.

“Wait… Let me put Maro in his cage…” They turned to find Maro and spotted him on Tendou’s woollen scarf which was lay in a heap on the floor. Maro’s nose twitched before he stilled, his hind legs stretching to raise him

“Oh no… Maro! NO!” Y/n squeaked while Tendou and her watched in horror

* Plop! *


“Did he… just take a shit on my scarf…?” Tendou asked and Y/n nodded


Tendou set Y/n down, before they scrambled to clean up the mess… She felt very embarrassed, this must’ve been an awful night for Tendou… but he burst out laughing, clutching his stomach

“What the fuck is up with this night!? Don’t worry about the scarf, cutie… I didn’t really like it anyways… Maro’s clearly marked it as his territory… I just didn’t expect that…”

She giggled, putting Maro in his cage while he washed his scarf

“I’m sorry Satori… let me make it up to you instead?”

Y/n bit her lip, looking at him, her hands innocently behind her back and she shuffled her feet. He smiled, throwing his scarf in a plastic bag by her bin and then washing his hands.

Before he grabbed her hand and pulled her close,

“You know what? You can snuggle up to me in bed and keep me warm… I’m a little vary that tonight’s a night of bad luck for me… what if my dick breaks off…?” He shuddered and she giggled, pulling him behind her into her room

“Alright, I’ll add in a few sympathy kisses for you instead” She beamed, and he let out a pleased groan

“You’re so fucking CUTE” He gushed, making her squeal when he tackled her onto the bed, pulling her under the duvet, making her legs intertwine with his as they hugged

“You gotta stay in my arms all night so that my battery’s fully charged during the workshop” He muttered and she snuggled into him further

“Fine but you have to bring me the goodies you make during the workshop… Promise?” She mumbled against his chest, feeling it vibrate when he chuckled lightly, closing his eyes


They went back to happily cuddling but after a few moments of silence, Y/n opened her eyes,

“Um… can we begin the deal after I use the toilet…?”

Tendou opened his eyes, looking at their embarrassed face before he burst out laughing, pulling the duvet off her

“Hurry up, it’ll get cold in the bed without you”

The Next Day

Y/n sighed, packing up her workstation in her cubicle. She wasn’t looking forward to eating alone without Tendou, it was very rare for him to leave the city for a workshop, once in a while he always received extra opportunities which he enthusiastically took. She was proud of him and loved to support his dreams as he did hers, plus he always brought back sweet treats for her. 8 months had passed by in a breeze, it almost was unbelievable to her, how quickly time passed.

She stretched, before she quietly picked her bag up, glancing at her clock.

“Oh no… it’s getting quite late… I lost track off time again…” She muttered

Y/n briskly made her way out of the building, huddling her chin into her scarf when the chilly air bit her nose. She checked her phone, feeling herself perk up seeing an image notification from Tendou.

“Cute!” She giggled to herself when he sent a selfie on himself holding a heart shaped chocolate, winking at the camera. She felt warm in the winter air, smiling against her scarf.

Shuffling to put her phone into her bag, she gasped when someone bumped into her shoulder.

“Oh no, I’m sorry!” She turned to apologise to him, but she froze. The man stood there, calmly, just staring at her. She felt uneasy from the way his eyes gazed at her. He took a step forward and she gasped, dashing down the street.

Feeling her heart race, there was something off about that man… She knew it…

She turned around the corner, looking back cautiously, only to let out a startled cry when she bumped into someone again and he gripped her shoulders

“Y/n-chan!?” A startled Yasunobu said, while she froze registering his face and feeling instantly relief, she clutched his arm

“Yasunobu-san! I… I.. um, I think I’m being followed!” She blurted, hiding behind him and he gave a frown, looking in the direction which she came

“There’s no one here Y/n-chan…”

She shivered, peeking from behind him, to the empty road…

“N-no! I swear, he was there…” Her words trailed off and now she was feeling anxiety… Yasunobu looked down at her, his frown even more evident, he softly put a hand on her shoulder

“Come on, let’s go… I’ll walk you home”

She thanked him and they quietly walked to her apartment complex. She was feeling queasy, like eyes were burrowing into her back.

‘Don’t look back… don’t look back…’

The chilly air pressed against her back, and she rubbed her arms. Yasunobu side eyed her, before he draped his thick scarf on her shoulders

“Here… it’ll keep you warm…”

“Thank you…” She muttered, they walked in awkward silence for a few moments

“So… where’s your boyfriend? You shouldn’t be walking home so late…” He mumbled and she kept her gaze down

“Satori is doing a chocolate workshop outside the city right now… He’ll be back tomorrow night…”

Yasunobu kept quiet for a moment before he tried to engage in conversation

“Are you feeling alright? I hope you’re not uneasy about earlier…”

She looked at him, his kind eyes glancing at her and she felt better, to have someone familiar with her

“I do feel better, thanks to you. Had you not been here, I definitely would’ve been a wreck! I think you scared that man away. Thank you” She said, and he blushed, rubbing the back of his neck, he felt really pleased…

“I didn’t really do anything but I’m glad I helped ease your tension…”

Yasunobu muttered and she smiled,

“I’m glad we got to meet again, how’s life been for you?” She asked and he stopped walking,

“Life… it’s confusing at the moment… but I think it all will come into place soon…”

She gave him a puzzled look,

“I see…” She muttered and he smiled,

“I moved to Tokyo a few months ago, I wanted a fresh start to life. Plus, I’ve been getting a lot of commissions here in the city than the countryside. Tokyo’s pretty nice, didn’t think I’d ever live here but something drew me in… practically gave me a reason to move…” He said, glancing at her and Y/n cocked her head

“That’s wonderful Yasunobu-san! I hope everything goes well for you; you really are talented. I can’t wait to see the book cover!”

Yasunobu was about to say something but she stopped, pointing to the building in front of her

“Oh! We’ve reached already!” She turned to bow to him

“Thank you for walking me home! I can make it form here. I’ll treat you to a coffee at the office next!”

Yasunobu glanced at the apartment complex, before he looked at her smiling

“It was no problem. I’m always here for my childhood friend” he said softly, and she blushed, a tiny smile

“You’re very kind”

She turned to leave but he grabbed her wrist

“Sorry Y/n…” He muttered and her eyes widened, feeling her heart race’

“But take my number… you know, just in case you feel unsafe… Your boyfriends not here, so I feel uneasy for you, especially after earlier… At least, text me when you make it through your door. If you don’t mind?” He asked, gently letting her wrist go. She calmed down again, understanding his reasoning

“Sure Yasunobu-san, how kind of you” She handed him her phone and he glanced at her wallpaper with Satori, feeling disgust build inside of him, he quickly added his number before handing her phone back

“Alright, see you soon Y/n-chan… I hope you have a nice evening, be sure to drink something warm. It’s cold…” He muttered and she nodded, thanking him one last time before she parted ways. Yasunobu watched her walk up the steps, feeling his heart race.

“Oh god… she’s so beautiful…”

He remembered her wallpaper, face scrunching into a frown before he walked away.


He groaned, when someone rudely bumped into him

“Hey… watch it.” He muttered and the other man just turned to look at him, making him lift a brow before the stranger turned back around, walking away. Yasunobu hummed, walking away.

He didn’t look back to see the hoodie clad man, standing by the apartment complex, looking up at the balconies…

Y/n definitely had an awful night, at one point during the late hours she was asleep. She was awoken by her intercom buzzing, or at least she thought… but when she peeked through the peephole, there was nothing there. She doubled checked her locks, making during the chain was on and the lock was double turned. Before she just shrugged it off as a lucid moment, groggily getting back into bed. Closing her eyes, she tried to go back to sleep but then she definitely heard knocking.

Sitting up, she felt her heart race, it was past 2am… It was suddenly silent again and she felt uneasy trying to listen to the sounds again. There was no knocking… She hugged her legs before she shakingly stood up and walked to her lounge, scooping Maro out of his cage and rushing to her bed.

“Sorry Maro, I think I’m just being paranoid after what happened earlier… I should tell Tori… but he will get worried and I don’t want that… but you’re with me right now and I feel better” She placed him on the bed next to her before she picked her headphones up, putting them on to usher gentle music in her ears to block out the silence and unwanted noises.

‘I’ll tell him when he comes back… My minds just playing tricks on me, right now…’ She thought before she closed her eyes and letting sleep overtake her.

(AN: And I said, “Hey, what’s going on?“)

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