Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 24: Oh My Gush! (NSFW)

Chapter 24:

“H-hey! Be careful Maro!” Y/n muttered when she felt him climb over her foot. She almost dropped the wooden spoon, she was holding. Y/n hummed while she stirred the stew she was making. This felt like a long weekend without Tendou, she missed his cheeky demeanour as he would prance around her in the kitchen, dancing to some random song while singing. Cooking with him was always a lot of fun. In general, Tendou’s presence was always uplifting and positive. The months they spent together; she couldn’t remember the last time she felt scared.

Until yesterday….

It had been quiet all day… She was a bit nervous going out after what happened the night before. The sound of her bell buzzing and the knocks still lingered on her mind. She was perplexed about the situation, most of her part believed that it was due to paranoia that she imagined it… there’s no way she could go through that again. It was impossible…

Sudden tapping on her front door made her freeze in her spot. Y/n turned the stove off, slowly making her way to it, peeking into the peephole. Eyes widening, she pulled the door open

“You’re early!” She laughed, coming to hug a startled Tendou but she was stopped by the bouquet he was holding. She flushed, smiling at him

“Are these for me?”

Tendou bit his lip, his face flushing


She pulled him inside, taking the bouquet from him, smelling the petunias.

“Petunias…” She muttered, putting the bouquet down before she hugged him.

“Thank you, Tori”

Tendou hugged her back, smiling warmly at her

“You really missed me, didn’t you?”

She pressed her face against his chest, feeling the cold still radiate from the material of his clothes lightly, before she nodded

“I did! Two days felt like a lifetime, it was so boring without you!”

Tendou rubbed her back before he glanced at the bouquet, he cleared his throat before looking at her

“Sorry babe but that bouquet isn’t for you… They gave it to me when I finished the workshop, but I’ll have to throw them away, I don’t think the flowers suit me, they’ve been making my eyes water and nose itch throughout the train journey…” He said and she looked up at him

“Oh no, you might have an allergy! It’s sad…” She sighed,

Tendou walked to the flowers, throwing them in the trash before he walked up to her, hugging her from behind

“But..?” She began but he cut her off, hands caressing her arms

“Have you left the house today?” He asked and she shook her head,

“Nope, I’ve stayed indoors; didn’t really feel like going out…”

He hummed,

“I see…”

She gave him a puzzled look, glancing at his face, he seemed lost in thought

“What’s wrong? You seem a bit withdrawn…”

She stood on her tip toes to grab his face, making him look down at her. He licked his lips, leaning down closer, looking steadily into her eyes, she could feel her cheeks start to warm, the closer he got

“It was just a very long journey, so I’m a little tired, but…” He pressed his forehead against hers, closing his eyes and smiling

“Coming home to my sweet lil lady makes me feel energetic again. C’mere Cutie…” He muttered, kissing her gently. Y/n closed her eyes, enjoying the soft feeling of his lips, she could smell the faint scent of instant coffee lingering. It was captivating. Tendou pulled away, his hand holding her face, squeezing her cheeks softly between his thumb and pointer finger, making her open her mouth

“Good girl” He muttered, closing in on her again, pushing his tongue into her mouth. She moaned lightly, rubbing and twisting her tongue against his. Tendou’s hands went down to cup her ass and she gasped, pulling away. Putting her hands on his chest, she pushed I’m away

“What’s wrong, baby?” He asked and she shook her head, flushing

“S-Sorry but… before you start any shenanigans, I want you to eat dinner! You’ve had such a long day, and I’m sure you haven’t eaten properly… I know you’re not a big eater, that’s why I made stew… Its healthy and nutritious! So, come on!” She grabbed his hand, forcing him towards the dining table

“Eh? But I wanna eat you instead…” He whined and she blushed, rolling her eyes.

“St-stop messing around and sit down, please”

Tendou laughed, a resting his face in his hand as he watched her with a delightful smile as she dashed around to set the table. His eyes glanced at the soft pink frilly ‘Angelina’ apron he gifted her on their first date, wrapped around her frame. She looked like a housewife…

His face slipped from his hand and he almost fell off his chair, feeling his face heat up. Y/n turned to look at him, with a puzzled expression but he just shrugged, laughing awkwardly. What was up with him? It hadn’t been a year with her yet and he was already picturing the future. In total honesty, he would be lying if he said he had never daydreamed about Y/n as his wife before… He thought about her throughout the day, he dreamt about her at night, even when someone mentioned her name, his heart would skip a beat.

Y/n sit his plate in front of him before she sat across him.

“Enjoy!” She sang out, and he grinned, looking at her sweet cheeks lift when she excitedly chattered about this new recipe. Y/n quieted down, noticing his dazed look. She flushed, looking away shyly

“Satori… you’re really staring…”

He hummed, picking his chopsticks up, pretending to snap them in front of her face

“Sorry babe, but I love staring at your face… I could look at it for hours” He sighed dreamily, and she blushed harder, trying to hold in her flattered smile. Tendou bit his lip, his foot cheekily rubbed itself against her leg and she almost jumped, glaring at him but he innocently began eating his meal.

“Delicious…” He muttered, a cheeky smile on his face. She giggled, feeling her mood brighten even further. Tendou and her chatted a bit, she was glad to know that he did in fact, get her goodies from his workshop.

“I also got some chocolate icecream on my way back as well… But let’s save that for later…” He muttered and she grinned,

“I can’t wait!”

He smirked, a cheeky look glinting in his eyes

“Me neither…”

Less than an hour later, Y/n stood bewildered in front of Tendou while he happily hummed from his seat on the couch

“Satori… this is really embarrassing…” She started but he hushed her

“Maybe for you but it’s a treat for me… Now hush those luscious lips and let me get a good look at you, all dolled up in that apron… so. fucking. sexy…” He groaned, bouncing his leg lightly, feeling his dick beginning to grow. She awkwardly tugged the apron to cover her bare thighs. Tendou had somehow roped her into taking her clothes off, requesting that she wear her apron. And here she was, standing in front of him, feeling incredibly lewd. She was too embarrassed to look towards him. There was silence in the room, she could feel his eyes piercing her… A sudden chill blew throw the open balcony door, making her shiver, goosebumps forming on her skin. Tendou’s eyes glinted when he took note of her nipples beginning to poke against the apron.


He hummed gently, leaning back on the couch, before he gestured with his curled finger to come towards him. She took cautious steps, scared of the juices threatening to spill as she walked. Tendou grinned, grabbing her wrist, pulling her to sit in his lap.

“Say Y/n… I think I’m ready for dessert…”

“Satori… Can I please put my clothes back on?” She asked, the embarrassment was too real right now. He chuckled, his fingers dancing on her bareback before he reached behind her, grabbing the icecream bowl.

“Here…” He pushed it into her hands, before grinning at her, “Feed me”

She shyly spooned some chocolate icecream, bringing it to his lips while he happily ate it.

“Mmm… it tastes real fucking good… Try it” He grabbed the spare spoon in the bowl, pushing it to her lips, she shyly opened her mouth to let the cold treat in, melting on her tongue. She almost dropped the bowl, when his other hand wrapped around her, hand cupping the side of her breast, fingers dangerously close to grazing her nipple.

“Taste’s delicious, doesn’t it?”

Y/n held in her voice, she shifted on his lap, rubbing the rough material of his pants against her bare ass. The bowl was shaking in her trembling hands, feeling cold from icecream.

“Careful baby… If you drop it, I’ll have to punish you…” She gasped when the cold spoon in his hand, touched the skin under her jaw, making her shy away from his touch but Tendou kept pressing the cold metal against random parts of skin


Her toes curled when he pressed it against her nipple, his other hand now tweaking and rubbing her neglected nipple between his fingers

“T-Tori! It’s cold!” She breathed but he feigned ignorance.

“Come on Y/n, I want another bite… it’s melting…” He purred in her ear. His hand gripped her thigh, fingers shying under her apron, digging into her flesh. Her hand was trembling even more, she tried bringing it to his lips, but she gasped when the chocolate dripped from the spoon down his chin.

“S-sorry!” She squeaked and he smiled,

“It’s alright baby… Just clean it up”

She reached towards the tissue box, but he grabbed her hand

“Not like that, Y/n…”

He held the bowl and she timidly leaned forward when a flamed face, licking the sweet drip slowly up towards his lips, Tendou was quick to move his lips, capturing hers, relishing in the aftertaste of Belgian chocolate

“Sweet…” She muttered and he smirked, leaning back to pull his shirt off,

“Just in case you make a bigger mess… in fact, you need to sit properly…”

She gasped when sat up, spreading his legs before he pushed her to seat on top of his thigh, she mewled feeling her pussy press against the material of his pants.

“Tori!” She mewled but he gripped her hip, holding her down against his thigh. He bounced his leg once and she let out a cry, leaning to grip his shoulders.

“I want a few more bites… C’mon pretty baby, don’t keep me waiting…”

Y/n rubbed her pussy against his thigh, leaning to grab the bowl. She grunted, biting her lip, concentrating on being good and feeding him. Her juices were definitely staining his trousers and he knew it too, purposely moving his thigh, making her handshake more. She was relieved when she managed to feed him without spilling it, feeling a little confident she managed another few bites without spilling, however she couldn’t stop her own wetness from spilling.

Tendou grabbed the bowl from her, setting it aside, his hand caressing her cheek

“Such a good girl, you managed not to spill…” He cooed, licking his lips


He cheekily lifted her apron up, eyes diving to her pussy rubbing against his leg

“It seems like you’ve made a mess on my pants… What a dirty girl… Did you think I didn’t notice you rubbing yourself against me like that? Don’t stop now, by all means, continue…” He locked eyes with hers, his face was serious, raising his brows once ushering her to continue

“Um… I-I don’t think I can- Agh!”

Tendou didn’t wait for her to finish her sentence, both his hands gripped her waist, moving her against his thigh

“Oh baby…” he purred, “don’t be shy…”

The way his words rolled off his tongue so smoothly, voice low enough to make the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Feeling entranced, her hands gripped his shoulders, slowly moving her pussy against his thigh, Tendou’s hand lifted the apron again, looking at her creamy pussy lips gyrating on him, he eyed the shiny juices making her labia gleam. He was itching to play with her clit.

Y/n began panting feeling her pussy throb even more, she squealed his name when his fingers pinched her nipples, rolling them through the fabric of her material. It frustrated her; she felt the brink of that orgasm, but she couldn’t reach it. Her eyes dotted with tears, as she sobbed in frustration, trying to roll her hips harder

“Satori, please… I can’t…”

She hissed when he flicked her hard nipples, his lips kissing her cheek

“You can’t, what? Use your words, pretty baby… I might misunderstand…”

She panted against him, her cheeks were burning, the wet stain on his pants was growing larger. He felt her warm breath, puffing against his neck

“I c-can’t cum! Please, I need you…”

Tendou huffed, stopping her motions.


Her legs wobbled as she tried to stand up, Tendou hummed eyes not leaving the sticky strings of her arousal still connecting her pussy to his thigh. He stood up, towering over her form, before he unbuckled his pants, letting them drop to the floor. His hand grabbed hers as he pulled her towards the bedroom, laying in the middle of the bed.

“You’re being quite needy tonight, baby… but it’s turned me on so much. I’m so fucking hard…” He purred and she swallowed, arms reaching behind her to untie the apron

“I didn’t tell you to take it off…”

Y/n froze, bringing her hands back in front. She loved it when Tendou got like this during sex, it excited every fibre in her being. She climbed between his legs, eyes not leaving the tent in his briefs, leaning down towards it. Tendou hooked his fingers under the waistband, slowly pushing it down until his shaft sprang up. Biting her lip, she let her fingers glide against it and he groaned, when her fist bobbed his cock, letting her thumb circle his head making him moan her name, she leaned down to lick his cock but Tendou stopped her.

“Wait… I wanna see you too… Hold on…” He turned her body to lay on her back, her head resting on his thigh, his cock was dangerously close to her lips, but he wasn’t finished just yet

“Pull your apron up and spread your legs…” He muttered, she flushed pulling the soft pink material above her hips before she spread her sticky thighs slightly, Tendou clicked his tongue

“Wider… I want to finger you while you use those plump lips to suck my cock… I’ll help you cum… but you have to help me too” He cooed, grabbing her face, squeezing her cheeks to make her lips pucker pushing his throbbing cock to her lips.

She wanted him so desperately at this point, she could smell the scent his masculinity linger, making her pussy leak onto the sheets below her. He let her face go when she kissed his cockhead gently before she opened her mouth gliding it as much as this angle could let her, her hand grasping the rest of it to stroke. Tendou licked his lips, groaning when he sucked his tip with a little force

“Good girl…” He groaned, resisting the urge to tilt his head back. He watched her hips move before his hand sneaked its way down to play with her pussy. She mewled around his cock, pulling her lips off

“Satori! ~” She mewled when his pushing two fingers into her slick hole, he shuddered feeling her spongy walls clamp and unclamp around his fingers, he pushed them around her pussy in a circling motion and she moaned louder.

“Y/n~” He sang, “Don’t leave me hanging… Or I’ll stop what I’m doing, and you can deal with it yourself” He (fake) threatened but she believed him, quickly engulfing his cock, making him moan before he resumed his motions. Her knees bent when his thumb rubbed her clit and she whined around his penis, her hips moving against his hand. Tendou could feel his balls tighten, the urge to come was near. Seeing her in this frilly apron which somehow her tits managed to spill from under, it was nothing but a crumpled mess on her. She was nothing but a mess under him…

…just how he liked it…

He wanted to see more, her eyes widened when he leaned over her, pushing his cock further down her mouth, his hands went under her thighs, lifting them, before he pushed his fingers back in. She moaned loudly against cock, stuffing her cheeks but he furiously thrusted his fingers into her. It was so intense; she began thrashing her hips wildly. Tendou groaned, as he began spilling into her mouth, pulling out and messily spurting on her face. She was mewling under his chest, her hands gripping the bedsheets with utter strength. She couldn’t stop her panting screams; she had never been this loud before, but he had never fingered her so roughly. It was when his other hand made its way to her clit, fingers rubbing it hard, not giving her a chance to think as her scream pushed through and everything went white.

She let out a long shaking ‘O’, when her pulsating pussy finally clamped around his fingers, curling her toes, arching her head against his thigh.

“Fuck…” Tendou’s eyes widened when she gushed hard. His hands, her thighs and the sheets under her were drenched. He leaned back to rest on his elbows, a little shocked. He didn’t realise how rough he got until he eyed her red face, her arm covering her eyes and she body trembled from the intense orgasm he gave her. He was mesmerised when he realised his cum was coating her face… It was so dirty… He loved it.

Her arm moved from her face and he gripped her jaw, thumb collecting his cum near her mouth, pushing it against her tongue. Y/n was still lost in a daze, her body felt light and her head was spinning lightly. She felt his fingers massaging her matty scalp, turning to look up at him as he stared at her gently

“What happened?” She panted and he chuckled, twirling her hair before proudly stating,

“I made you squirt”

(AN: *Sitting in front of my laptop as tears slowly slide down my face bc I’ve realised this scene is just a figment of my imagination, just like the rest of my books and… human men suck)

Y/n flushed; she suddenly became aware of the wet patch she was laying on. She squirted? She had only ever read about squirting from her smut novels but she assumed that was made up to make the erotica more intense… Tendou enjoyed the flustered look on her face, he could almost read her thoughts. She was definitely registering it now

“Sorry for going rough on you there… That apron drove me wild… I hope your neck isn’t in pain” He said guiltily but she shook her head, blushing

“I’m fine… I really enjoyed… that… I didn’t know I could do that…” She whispered and he raised a brow, fiddling with the neck of the apron, gently pulling it off her head to slip the apron off her body, letting the air cool her down. He watched her breasts heaved, in fascination

“How did it feel?” He asked, genuinely interested and she thought for a second before simply looking at him


He chuckled, leaning down to kiss her, ignoring the lingering taste of his cum before he pulled away

“I’m going to make you squirt again, next time” He said giving her a thumbs up and she blushed at his goofiness, whacking his arm, shushing him

“Satori… can we take a bath please… I feel really dirty…” She muttered and he smiled,

“Come on, cutie… Up you go”

Tendou climbed off the bed, pulling her effortlessly into his arms, carrying her into the bathroom. She shyly pushed him outside, shutting the door to relieve herself and he chuckled, eyeing the ruined bed

“I think we’re gonna have to sleep at mine tonight…” He muttered, pulling his underwear off. He felt a little bad earlier for going so rough on her but unknowns to Y/n, Tendou was worried when he returned home.

He went back inside when he heard her calling him in. She had already slipped into the warm bath, pouring water over her head and he smiled at her, sitting on the stool as he washed off under the shower. Turning to Y/n, he froze, noticing her sad expression

“What’s wrong baby?” He leaned to press his hand over hers, she merely pouted

“I didn’t get to eat your desserts…” She mumbled and he burst out laughing, before leaning further to hold her jaw between his fingers

“We’ll have them tomorrow… I gave you some of my icing, already” He cooed, wiggling his brows, before he winked at her and her mouth gaped before she splashed him with the bath water, making him laugh.

That night as she slept soundly in his bed, Tendou watched over her, worrying slowly arising inside of him. He hadn’t intended on going so rough earlier, he was relieved she enjoyed it but… he lost his cool when he arrived home

Tendou hummed along to the music playing in his ears as he reached the top of the apartment stairs. He was feeling chirpy from a successful workshop, excited for Y/n to try his new creations. As he approached her door, he noticed a bouquet laying against the door. Raising a brow, he picked them up, knocking on her door before he noticed a card tucked into the flowers.

Out of curiosity, he flipped the small card open

‘This connection we have won’t go away; it’s only getting stronger... Because the more I see you, the closer I want to be.’

He heard the door unlocking and he quickly crumpled the card into his pocket, before she could notice. He was shaken, that he didn’t register her trying to hug him until she took hold of those ghastly flowers…

“Petunias…” He muttered, that was an odd choice to flowers to gift… He turned to grab his phone, searching the symbolism of the flowers

Petunia symbolizes anger and resentment. It means: “I am furious”. It also represents feelings of desire and hope.

Tendou gripped his phone, there was something not right… He glanced at Y/n, feeling dread fill in the pit of his stomach. Somehow, he guessed…

He guessed that she could be in danger.

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