Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 25: Creeps and Freaks

Chapter 25:

“Move in? Satori… I-I’m not sure what to say…” She began but he clasped her hands, holding them with dear life.

“Y/n, I’m not saying we move out tomorrow… Our leases are going to end soon and… I don’t feel like it’s safe here… That guy knows where you live!” Tendou said, his brows furrowing in anguish and Y/n bit her lip, looking at her feet

“Yasunobu-san is not a bad person, he’s my friend…” She said and Tendou stilled, pulling away from her.

“Y/n… You haven’t seen him in years, isn’t it weird that he’s shown up out of the blue and now, weird things are happening to you!”

Y/n thought about it for a second, how could Yasunobu do something horrible to her? He used to protect her when they were kids, he was like the older brother she never had. She shook her head slowly,

“I know it’s a coincidence but… the guy who was following me, wasn’t Yasunobu-san. I saw his face… Even if I can’t remember it properly, I definitely know that wasn’t Yasunobu-san…”

Tendou was alerted, even more worry filling him.

“You saw his face?”

She nodded,

“Yeah, it was bright in the supermarket, he scared me that I fell on the floor and… I was scared if I looked away… He’d get closer…” She was starting to tremble, and it caught Tendou’s notice. He quickly pulled her into his arms, rubbing her back

“Hey… it’s going to be alright… You’re not alone, I’ve got you. If you want to cry, it’s okay…” He said gently and she felt like a switch was flipped and her eyes filled with tears before she hid her face in his chest, letting them flow. She hadn’t been this afraid in a long time and it was a detestable feeling but somehow being in Tendou’s arms made her feel safer than she ever did before

“Everything’s gonna be alright… I promise, angel. I’ll never let anything bad happen to you, you mean the world to me” Tendou gently murmured kissing the top of her head. She swallowed, pulling back to wipe her red eyes

“Hey now, you’re rubbing them too hard… Be gentle…” Tendou muttered, pushing her hands away to softly brush her stray tears away but it only made her eyes well up again. Her voice shook,

“I’m scared Tori… I thought I’d have a new life here but… it’s happening again. What did I do to deserve this?” She sobbed and he hushed her gently

“Y/n… my love, you didn’t do anything to deserve this. I’m sorry you’re going through this again, but I will not let anything happen to you. You deserve to be happy and I intend of keeping on that way… I’m sorry for suddenly forcing you to move in with me… I just want to protect you. For the time being, at least let’s stay in my apartment?” He suggested but she shook her head

“Satori… I want to move in with you… When our leases end, let’s find a new place together…”

His faces glimmered and a smile erupting on his face, he kissed her forehead before he held her hand tightly

“Y/n, this makes me so happy…” He started but she shook her head

“Satori, I want to end this stalker trouble first. I’m not afraid anymore, if anything I’m getting angry. I’m not going to let this asshole take pleasure in scaring me anymore”

Tendou raised a brow, he’d never heard her swear at anyone before, but then again, this freakshow deserved more than just being called an asshole. He cupped her face,

“You’re so brave Y/n… I’m right here by your side, I won’t let anyone lay a finger on you, I promise” He muttered, and she leaned forward, pecking his lips

“I know…” She whispered

Days went by and the couple remained on edge. Tendou was doing his best to make sure Y/n was being guarded when walking to and from work, he didn’t even let her take the trash out at home either. Even though the tried their best to remain distracted by looking at potential apartments online, both of them had dread lingering in their guts. He’d catch Y/n cautiously peering outside the windows to the street below, anxiously expecting the hoodie clad man to be waiting outside. Tendou found himself checking their front door, making sure no ‘gifts’ lay waiting for her…

Y/n sighed, stretching in her booth as she began editing other manuscripts for Ohno-Sama, since the stalker incident, she had complete writer’s block with her last story. Neither her nor Tendou seemed to be in the mood these days… Y/n was surprised at how patient Ohno-sama was, she didn’t want to explain what was really happening as Ohno-sama’s actions were always unpredictable… She was quite luck to have Tendou with her, he was really amazing when it came to supporting her, unlike the last time, she wasn’t alone, he made sure of it.

“Oh dear! Yasunobu-san left his drawing tablet in the office!” Akira-san sighed, holding onto his tablet. Y/n hummed turning to her,

“Isn’t he working today?” She asked and Akira frowned, shaking her head

“He’s going to be working from home now, says it’s easier for him to concentrate… But I’ve got deliveries to make and his home is out of my way…” She sighed again, Y/n glanced at the clock, it was still a little early before she could take leave… Maybe she could deliver it to him… They were friends after all… but then she felt reluctant, that would mean she would have to venture outside without Tendou… Feeling pensive, she argued with herself for a few moments, but she reasoned,

‘It’s still light outside and there’s a lot of people outside… I’ll be back before Satori gets here…’

She turned to Akira,

“Akira-san, I can deliver it to Yasunobu-san, if you’d like? I’ve finished editing the manuscripts for today!”

Akira let out a happy noise,

“You’re a star Y/n! You don’t need to come back to the office after! Here’s his address” She beamed, giving it to the young woman who nodded

“See you on Monday, Y/n, have a lovely weekend!”

Y/n packed her things before she made her way downstairs, checking his address, she realised he wasn’t too far from the office, probably 20 minutes or so. She could be back within an hour, just in time for Satori to reach. Fixing her bag, she took a deep breath

“Let’s go…”

After Y/n got off the bus stop, she looked around

“Seems like a nice neighbourhood! Maybe Tori and I could look around here for a place” She hummed to herself making her way to Yasunobu’s house. She walked through the neighbourhood eying the houses.

“Going somewhere?” A voice cut behind her… Freezing, Y/n turned around and almost dropped her bag. There he stood, an uncaring expression on his face, his hoodie perched just enough to cover his eyes. Y/n gasped taking a few steps back before she quickly turned to run. However, her wrist was tugged harshly, and she was slammed against a wall.

“I don’t think so, sweetheart. Do you know how long it’s taken me to get this close to you? I’ve been so patient…” His fingers gripped her chin, and she felt her tears roll down her cheeks

“P-please leave me alone!” She tried pushing him off, but it made him frown even more, his death grip on her wrists increasing.

“Don’t cry Y/n… I don’t want you to be scared of me…” He muttered, leaning closer. She closed her eyes, feeling the nausea build in her stomach.

“Don’t fucking touch her!”

A grunt and the heaviness against her body was pushed off, the hoodie clad man fell to the floor and an infuriated Yasunobu stood in front of Y/n. She was shell shocked but Yasunobu gripped the stalker from his collar,

“Who the fuck are you!? Are you the perv that’s been following her? I called the police, you sleaze” He spat pure venom and her attacker, who growled before he harshly shoved Yasunobu against the wall, making him groan when his head collided hard

“Yasunobu!” Y/n gasped, rushing to him but the stalker quickly turned and made a dash out of the alley… Yasunobu groaned, clutching the back of his head and she went to rub it

“Are you okay!?” She called and he looked at her,

“I’m fine… He got away…” He quickly stood up, hands on her shoulders,

“Are you alright?” He asked and she shook her head,

“I-I’m not sure… I feel a little sick… He assaulted me…”

Yasunobu’s frown was more evident, he grabbed her hand

“Come on, let’s go to my place… It’s not safe out here, I don’t know if he was carrying a weapon…”

She was in a daze about what happened, following behind Yasunobu

“H-how did you know where I was?” She asked and he hummed,

“Akira-san called me and informed me that you were delivering my tablet, I checked the bus timings and thought I’d wait for you… I’m glad I did… Who knows what would’ve happened if I hadn’t got here on time…”? He mumbled and she feel nauseous again, feeling a little comfort at the fact that she was with Yasunobu, but guilt treaded in her,

‘I have to call Satori and tell him…’ She told herself

Yasunobu led her inside his apartment, letting her sit on the sofa while he made her some tea. Y/n felt like crying but she held it together, she would not cry. She wanted Tendou to be by her side more than ever, right now.

Yasunobu sighed, handing her a cup of tea before he sat down next to her.

“Y/n look at me. Are you hurt anywhere?” He asked and she shyly looked towards him. Yasunobu hummed, a gentle hand under her chin, lifting to the stare at her intensely. She felt her cheeks heat up, a little embarrassed at their closeness so she cleared her throat and moved out of his grip.

“I’m fine… Thank you for earlier Yasunobu-san, you helped me again…”

He smiled, scooting closer, grabbing her hands, making her feel a little more uneasy

“Y/n-chan, I promised you, I’d keep you safe. I care about you deeply…” He began and she didn’t know what to say. A sudden buzz from her phone caught her attention, feel relieved and she excused herself pulling her hands back, making him frown

“Sorry Yasunobu-san, its Otosan, I need to take his call…” She pointed to his balcony

“Do you mind?”

He shook his head,

“Go right ahead, I’ll be back…” He muttered, standing up. She answered her phone, walking out onto the balcony

“Hello Otosan, how are you!?” She asked and felt comfort from hearing his jolly laugh

“I’m fantastic, I just came back from another date. It’s going pretty well between us!”

She smiled,

“That’s great! I can’t wait to meet her!”

Riichi smiled on the other end,

“How are you sweetie? What are you upto?” He asked

“I’m just doing a work errand. Hey Otosan, do you remember Yasunobu Yuma? He was the little boy I used to play with when I was 5, but then his parents got divorced and they moved?” She asked, Riichi hummed, thinking for a few moments before he let out an ‘Aha!’

“Yes, I do!!! I feel bad for that boy, I heard the parents had a pretty nasty divorce and he moved away with his mother… but poor kid, she passed away shortly after! He moved back to our town with his father, but I never kept in touch with him. We never really got along even when we were neighbours… Why’d you ask?”

Y/n froze, thinking for a second

“Wait… When did his mother pass away?” She said quietly and Riichi thought,

“I think just 2 or 3 years later… Heart disease or something…”

“I heard about what happened to you from my mother… That must’ve been terrifying for you. Sorry you had to go through that…” He muttered

Tendou had just arrived outside Y/n’s office, perching himself on a bench in front of the entrance while he patiently waited, eying the surrounding cautiously around him. He checked his phone, just a few more minutes and she’d come outside.

“Oh Tendou-san?” A voice called and Tendou stood up quickly, bowing to Akira

“Hello Akira-san? How was work today? Busy?” He asked and she nodded looking at him confused

“Why are you here…? Are you waiting for Y/n?” She asked and he nodded,

“Yeah, I’m a little earlier than usual! How my cutie been today? I bet she’s working hard!” He gushed and Akira smiled

“She is indeed, however, I sent her on an errand to Yasunobu-san’s apartment. He left his tablet, and she was kind enough to deliver it for me since I was busy. So, she won’t be coming back here, I assume…”

Tendou froze, feeling dread fill in body

“Akira-san, where does he live!? Tell me now!” His voice was alarmed, and she was taken back, quickly going through her phone to find his address

“Here…” She muttered and he quickly jolted it down, not giving her second glance before he ran. Rushing to call her,


“Fuck!” He growled, picking his pace up as he tried calling her again

“Um… Otosan, I will call you back…” Y/n said, cutting the call. Yasunobu moved back to her town after his mother died… The first stalker incident happened just around 2-3 years ago

(AN: I’ve forgotten the timeline but I think its been almost 3 years since Y/n’s first stalker) According to her father, his mother passed away a long time before that… How did he know about the first stalker then?

It was as if pure luck, her phone rang again and this time Tendou’s name flashed. Quickly answering her phone


“Y/n! I just met Akira-san, she told me you’re at his house!? I’m coming to get you!”

She could sense the tension in his tone but now she felt equally tense

“Please hurry, I think there’s something wrong…” She whispered and Tendou was beginning to feel anxiety

“Y/n, whatever you do, do not cut this call. Just stay calm and tell him you need to leave…” He said and she shook her head,


Slipping her phone in her pocket, she walked back inside. Yasunobu was nowhere in sight, quickly rushing to her bag, she pulled his tablet out leaving it on the table. She quickly placed her bag on her shoulder, about to walk out when she heard Yasunobu’s voice raise. Was he talking to someone?

Quietly she crept down the hallway, her hands against his door as she eavesdropped, he was on the phone

“…You idiot, I never gave you permission to fucking touch her… You were only supposed to scare her! You keep going overboard, you even dropped flowers to her fucking house… This wasn’t part of my plan!”

Yasunobu listened to the person on the other line for a moment before he groaned

“My head’s alright but you fucking slammed me into the wall too hard, asshole. I should dock your pay for that” He threatened, and she gasped, stepping back. Yasunobu stilled

“I’m going to call you back… Something’s come up…”

He quickly turned around, but Y/n was already by his front door, pulling her shoes on hastily but Yasunobu was quickly to grip her hand

“Going somewhere Y/n-chan?” He asked politely and she shook, trying to compose herself

“U-um, its getting late so I think its best if I should go… Satori is waiting for me…” She started, turning to the front door, opening it. Yasunobu was quick to push the door shut, gripping the strap of her bag.

“Satori this… Satori that… Just shut up about that guy for a second. He wasn’t even here to save you again… Says a lot about him…”

“H-hey, let go!” She grabbed her bag as it was tugged between them, until the strap broke and her purse flew open, its contents pouring out. She quickly bent down to hastily scoop all of her stuff but Yasunobu’s eyes peered down, he slowly bent down picking up the box next to his foot and Y/n froze, shakingly looking up at him where he had a face full of pure disgust, looking at her birth control

“Give that back to me!” She growled but he was quick to silence her, pushing her harshly against his front door

“I don’t believe this… You’re a fucking whore…” He groaned; his hand gripped the back of her scalp harshly making her cry out from the sharp pain…

“It’s already been so difficult for me to act so normal with that asshole around you… You’re letting him fucking cum inside you as well… This is wrong… this was not supposed to happen! I need to show you just exactly who you belong to…”

He dragged her towards his bedroom where she let out a shrill cry

“NO! LET ME GOOO!” She wailed but he ignored her, kicking his door open harshly throwing her onto his bed, the moment her back hit his mattress, she immediately tried to jump up the bed and make a run for it, but he sat on top of her, immobilising her lower body, gripping her wrists when she tried to hit him

“Stop! You’re hurting me!” She screamed and he sighed,

“I’m sorry Y/n but you don’t seem to understand, I’m doing this for your sake… *Sigh* This was not how it was supposed to turn out…” He clicked his teeth, holding her wrists tight in one hand, his other hand going over her mouth, keep it closed as she tried to scream again. Yasunobu had an anguished look on his face

“I was supposed to be your saviour… You were supposed to fall in love with me! Not that creep… You know you broke my heart when I moved back and you didn’t recognise me… but I have your Otosan to thank for being so strict with you, keeping you away from all those filthy boys. It was irritating at first, because all I wanted to do was protect you like I used to… but then I realised thanks to your Otosan, you were being kept pure, just for me…” He mumbled and she felt tears prick her eyes when he felt his erection pressing against her, she tried to struggle against him again but Yasunobu pressed his body into her further.

“I had it all planned out, you know… I hired that idiot in your college to stalk you… But that imbecile happened to get caught by that waiter, moments before I was meant to ‘save’ you in that alley… Imagine my luck, when I found out you moved to Tokyo alone, finding where you work and getting hired to design your book. It’s pure destiny… We’re meant to be together… The new guy, I hired to scare you again, was doing his job so well but that idiot was never supposed to touch you… I’m so sorry my love, let me make you forget that scary incident. I’m here now, you’re back where you belong. I’ll keep you safe, I promise…” He whispered, Y/n had stilled now, shocked form his revelation.

“I’m glad Akira fell for my plan, when I ‘accidently’ left my tablet… My bags are already packed, we’re going to leave Tokyo and start a fresh new life… but for that, I need you to stop struggling. Accept me and we can live happily together, I don’t want to take you by force. All I want, is to love you…” He cooed.

Yasunobu smiled, feeling her resistance stop. He cautiously moved his hands away, but she didn’t make an attempt to move.

“It never stops hurting, does it?” he sighed, and she bit her lip, whispering


Yasunobu stroked her face, making her look away shyly

“Giving someone the best of you and watching them give it to someone else… Someone who clearly doesn’t deserve it…” he muttered

Sitting up, she clutched his shoulders, leaning closer to him, hugging him. Yasunobu was taken back, his heart paced fast sand he felt immense happiness

“I didn’t realise you cared about me so much, Yumyum…” She whispered and Yasunobu felt his heart race, she looked so angelic and beautiful right now

His hands cupped her face,

“I really do Y/n… I forgive you for getting lost along the way… What matters is that we’re together now and not that creep… Kiss me…” He whispered leaning closer, closing his eyes.

“Oh Yuma…” She whispered, against his lips,

“..my boyfriend isn’t a creep, you’re the fucking creep” She spat

Before he could open his eyes, Y/n took the chance to harshly shove him off the bed, scampering to grabbing the lamp on his bedside, bashing it against his back making him groan in pain.

Instead of fear, she felt all that pent up anger within her release, kicking him in his side

“You know what? I’m sick-” she kicked him between his legs making him groan again, “-and tired of being afraid of spineless men like you!” She couldn’t stop beating him up, oh she was furious at this moment.

“You almost fucking ruined my entire life Yasunobu! This isn’t what you call ‘love’. You don’t put the person you love in danger! What you are, is a coward! A sick coward!” She yelled, hitting him again and he hissed, unable to move.

“Y/n!” Tendou burst through the door with a police officer right behind him

“I’m here with the po-!”

Tendou and the cop froze just in time to see Y/n angrily gripping Yasunobu’s collar, punching him square in the face.

“Holy shit…” He muttered, Yasunobu looked like shit, Y/n was about to strike him again but Tendou was quick to quickly wrap his arms around her, pulling her away

“LET ME HIT THIS ASSHOLE SOME MORE!” She yelled but he hushed her,

“It’s okay, you were amazing Y/n, you protected yourself!” He gushed excitedly while Yasunobu groaned, the officer was quick to put his hands behind his back, cuffing him. Tendou hugged Y/n tightly and she hugged him back

“I should’ve listened to you Satori, you were right about him all long… He was behind my first stalker attack too… back in college…” She stated in shock and Tendou stroked her hair,

“I know, I heard it all on the phone. I’m so glad I recorded the conversation… There was a police officer paroling by the bus stop when I got off, I literally grabbed him and made him follow me. Thank fuck…”

Tendou and her made their way out of the room but they froze when they saw Yasunobu’s wall

“Whoa… what the fuck… there are so many pictures…”

Y/n frowned, looking at her scattered images,

“What a freak…” She muttered, leaving the room… Tendou felt a little shocked… To know someone was obsessing about his girlfriend this much… He shuddered, knowing what could have happened to her if he was too late…

He hummed, eyeing one particular photo…

“She looks really cute there…” He muttered, glancing around the room, whistling innocently before he pocketed it. He stood for a minute, before he sighed putting it back

“That’ll make me a freak too… The cops are probably gonna need this for evidence… Shouldn’t tamper with it…”

Tendou made his way out of the door, before he stopped, going back

“…this should be okay…” He said, quickly snapping a photo of that particular on his phone before he dashed out to Y/n. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders as they walked out of Yasunobu’s apartment, where another police officer had arrived. Yasunobu was already seated in the back seat of the car, keeping his gaze down

“Miss L/n, we have a few questions… Will you come down and give a statement?” He asked her and Y/n nodded,


Tendou gripped her hand, making her look up at him

“Y/n, you’re amazing…”

She smiled at him,

“I know!”

He froze for a second before he burst out laughing and so did, she. He quickly pulled her in for a kiss, making sure to glance at Yasunobu who looked infuriated. Tendou lifted his middle finger towards Yasunobu, continuing his kiss with Y/n, while the car drove away. Parting from her, he caressed her face, making her smile

“Come on superwoman, we have one last thing to deal with before we can go home. You ready?” He asked as the police officer ushered them to another car

“I’m ready to close this chapter of my life” She started, and he looked at her, kissing her hand

“and I’m ready to start the next chapter with you” He ended.

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