Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 26: Familial Bonds

Chapter 26

Later that evening. Y/n found herself sitting aloof in her lounge; the entire day was completely surreal. The adrenaline had completely vanished when they reached home. She was now, facing the reality of the actually fright inducing situation she had gone under. Millions of scenarios played in her head, what if Otosan never called her in that moment? Would Yasunobu have been caught? What if he continued his manipulation and she really did get kidnapped to another country…? He had it all planned out, it was just a matter of slowly breaking her mentally…

Her shoulders were trembling lightly, her breaths becoming short and restless. She felt the nausea build, remembering how his erection was rubbing against her. She was extremely terrified at that moment; she had almost caved into his advances from the sheer distress of almost being raped.

Y/n gasped when her balcony door slid open and arms quickly wrapped around her body, hushing her. Her body was shaking even more, but Tendou held her tight

“It’s just me… You’re alright, I promise. You’re safe, Y/n, just breathe… Come on… breathe in” He kept inhaling and exhaling, until she began to mimic him. Taking shaky breaths until her shaking slowly settled, however her heart was madly pounding. It was almost deafening.

“Sa-Satori…” She breathed and he hummed,

“I’m here, Y/n…”

She turned to hug him back, Tendou could feel her heart pounding madly against his chest, he empathised with how afraid she was, what she just went through, was horrible.

“Baki Baki ni ore ~…” He gently sang,

“Nani wo? ~” He continued, and Y/n furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, pulling away to look at his now flushed face but he continued,

“Kokoro wo da yo〜”

As she listened to his strange song, her eyes widened as she realised this was the tune he was always humming. He was finally sharing the lyrics with her…

Tendou finished his melody softly, pushing his forehead against hers, his hand on her chest

“Your hearts stopped pounding… Do you feel better?” He asked and she nodded,

“Much better… Thank you…” She whispered and he smiled, caressing her face

“Do you want me to make you something to eat?” He asked and she shook her head

“I’m not really hungry Satori…”

He frowned looking at her shoulders droop, her eyes were still filled with sorrow. He bit his bottom lip, chewing it between his teeth before he pulled her chin to lock eyes with him. Her eyes were brimming with tears and he felt his own watering, he could feel her pain. Y/n’s voice shook, staring at him

“You’re crying…” She whispered and he swallowed, quickly wiping his dotting tears with his sleeves

“Not I’m not…” He flushed, but she stroked his face

“Tori… What’s wrong?”

Tendou found himself, chewing on his lip again

“I’m just really angry Y/n… No… I’m furious… I wasn’t fast enough… I could hear you screaming from my phone and… I just… I can’t get it out of my head… I promised your father that I’ll never let any harm come to you, but I failed… How can I face him tomorrow?”

Tendou looked away, he felt shame. After Riichi found out, of course his first instinct was to make his way to Tokyo in the morning… Riichi was already worried about Y/n and after this happened, what if he made her move back?

Y/n cocked her head to the side, grabbing his hand, softly tracing the cold skin

“Tori… what happened earlier, was not your fault. You didn’t fail at anything, it’s because of you I faced my demons, head on” She started, crawling into his lap

“Me?” He asked and she nodded,

“When Yasunobu… forced me onto his bed… I was terrified, I-I almost gave in…”

Tendou felt the anger fill inside of him, thinking of his precious girlfriend, in danger… She gripped his chin, making him look at her

“But… I remembered you were on the phone, making your way to save me… I didn’t want you to find me in… that position… with another man. I couldn’t let you see me like that and then… Yasunobu’s revelations… instead of feeling afraid, I was enraged… He ruined, what could have been the best years of my life… In that moment, I realised that I don’t need you to protect me all the time, I don’t anyone… just… knowing that I have you in my life, made me fight back”

Tendou’s heart warmed, staring into her lovely eyes

“Y/n…” He muttered but she locked her lips with his, silencing him…

Pulling away, she smiled,

“As much as I hate the fact, I went through such a trauma… I realised that if it never happened, then I’d never have met you… I’d never share all my… firsts… with you…” Her cheeks burned, as her shy demeanour made an appearance again

“I’m happy, that I have you with me Satori… I love you” She whispered, and he cupped her face, finally cracking into a smile

“I love you so much, Y/n…” He muttered and she smiled, whispering his name gently

They kissed again, huddled on the floor against her sofa, the couple kept quietly exchanging soft kisses between themselves. Panting as they pulled away, Tendou’s hands rubbed her sides, an innocent look on his face, as he cutely asked,

“Hey Y/n?”

She hummed, listening to him, as his thumbs rubbed her back

“Do you wanna start the next chapter of our lives…?” He hinted, a blush on his face. She stilled, a giggle slipping from her lips. He was too adorable, sometimes. Leaning closer, she pecked his lips

“I’m in need of some inspiration… Care to be my muse?” She asked and he pretended to think

“On one condition…” He said and she raised a brow, arms lazily wrapping around his neck

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“I get to be your muse… forever…” He confessed and she blushed,


Tendou let out a cheeky grin, making her yelp when he stood up with her in his arms, arms holding her form steady

“Where are we going?” She laughed and his grin stretched wider, brows wiggling

“C’mon baby, get ready to be dicked-down with some ’inspiration’ tonight (AN: Not me, thinking about the Spongebob ’Imagination’ meme)

Their laughter could echoed through her flat as Tendou rushed into her bedroom, closing the door behind them, he was prepared to give her a night to remember…

(AN: Sorry horny kids, I don’t feel like writing smut rn :p)

The next day, Tendou waited anxiously for Riichi to arrive. Y/n tried her best to relax him, but he was prepared for a beat down.

“Tori… you’ve going to make yourself sick… Otosan is not going to be angry, he’ll be emotional, is all…” She explained but he was still grimly looking at his coffee mug. She sighed before sudden rapping got their attention. Tendou hastily stood up from his chair, almost knocking his chair down

“Calm down!” She assured him, walking to the entrance door, Tendou awkwardly trailing behind her, squeezing his hand once before she opened the door


Y/n felt the breath leave her body as she found her face being smothered into a bosom and a woman gushing

“Oh you sweet little angel! I’m so glad you’re safe!”

Tendou wasn’t sure what to do, as he watched his girlfriend being smothered by a chubby older woman…Y/n still couldn’t breathe as the woman kept rocking her back and forth, cooing smoothing words. Pulling back, she tried catching her breath while Riichi awkwardly, rubbed the back of his neck, a blush on his face

“Hello sweetie… I see, you’ve finally met Yuuko…” He chuckled and Y/n’s eyes widened as she realised, she had finally come face to face with her father’s girlfriend. Yuuko was a sweet woman, she didn’t even give Y/n the chance to introduce herself before she grabbed the younger woman’s hand, bringing her into her own flat

“Oh Y/n-chan, I’ve heard so much about you from Riichi! I’m so sorry you had to go through that, what a horrible man! Please, please sit down, I’m going to make you something to eat dear!” Yuuko gushed and Y/n blushed, feeling shy

“Oh no! You musn’t! P-Please make yourself at home, I’ll make you tea!” She squeaked

Yuuko stepped back, grasping Y/n’s hands, stroking the backs of them softly. Y/n felt sudden warmth fill her being, this woman was very soothing. Like a ball of sunshine…

“My… Riichi was right!” She turned to Riichi, grinning,

“She’s super adorable! I just wanna her hug her so tight!”

Y/n squeaked when Yuuko smothered her into a tight hug again, Riichi laughed before Yuuko raised a brow glancing behind him

“And who is this handsome young man, hiding by the fridge…?” She asked and Tendou blushed, rubbing the back of his neck before he shyly made his way to the group. He bowed, introducing himself and Yuuko beamed again,

“Riichi has mentioned you to me! Y/n’s protective little boyfriend. Oh, come here, you!” She sang, pulling Tendou into one of her death inducing hugs, Y/n watched in amusement as Riichi’s eye twitched while Tendou was being smothered by his girlfriend…

“Oh Riichi-kun, he’s not little at all! He’s so handsome!” She gushed

“A-Alright… that’s enough Yuuko…” Riichi cleared his throat, making the older woman pout and let Tendou go

“Aww darling, are you getting jealous? Even at this age… Don’t worry, I only got eyes on you” She laughed, making Riichi flush. As everyone settled down, Riichi and Yuuko began inquiring about the incident. The shock clearly evident as Y/n explained the entire situation. Riichi realised Tendou was unusually quiet, avoiding the older man’s gaze. He was reassured, looking at Y/n, who bravely talked about the Yasunobu ordeal to Yuuko, who in turn was holding his daughter’s hand, listening intently. What shocked Riichi most was when Tendou proudly told Yuuko, how Y/n beat Yasunobu up.

He never felt prouder to be father, than in that moment.

As evening approached and the women decided to chat and get to know each other while cooking. The older man approached the entrance, making Tendou look awards him when he called out his name

“I’m going for a smoke, care to join me?” He asked, Tendou swallowed, getting up

“Ofcourse sir…” He muttered, grabbing his jacket.

Tendou and Riichi found themselves on a familiar bench by the canals as the younger man nervously watched Riichi light his cigarette. He wasn’t sure what to say, he knew how protective Riichi was over Y/n, he was still feeling guilt ridden

“Tendou…” Riichi started and Tendou sat up straight, looking up at the older man

“Yes, sir?”

Riichi raised a brow,

“What’s the matter with you tonight?” He asked and Tendou flushed

“What do you mean, sir…?”

Riichi raised a brow,

“You’re not your usual annoying self… Somethings clearly bothering you, boy. Spit it out”

Riichi took a drag of his cigarette watching Tendou clench his fist

“I couldn’t keep my promise to you…” He started and Riichi gave a confused look


Y/n hissed when she struggled to pull the hair tie out of her hair but alas it became tangled in her locks.

“Oh dear, is it stuck? Let me help… Sit down…” Yuuko sighed, pulling the kitchen stool out for Y/n, who shyly sat down, as Yuuko rummaged through her bag

“Here it is” She sang, showing her hairbrush to Y/n. Yuuko went behind her, gently working on pulling her mangled hair out of the elastic before she gently brushed the knots out of her locks. It was a quiet moment, but Y/n didn’t feel uneasy. This moment felt almost nostalgic, like a missing moment, being revealed.

“You have such lovely hair…” Yuuko said softly and Y/n flushed,

“Th-thank you…”

“It’s no problem, dear… I used to be a hairdresser, when I was younger…” Yuuko started and Y/n raised a brow,


Yuuko hummed, as she continued brushing the younger woman’s hair, talking about her younger days. They laughed over some of Yuuko’s stories regarding her high school boyfriends… After a few moments, Y/n found herself asking,

“So… how did you and Otosan meet? He never told me…”

Yuuko calmly placed the brush down, her hands now sectioning Y/n’s hair, taking time to braid it

“We met at the graveyard… He was there to pay his respect to your mother, and I was there… for my daughter…”

Y/n felt a lump in her throat,

“I-I’m sorry… I didn’t know…”

Yuuko just smiled,

“It’s alright sweety, I’ve made my peace with her death a long time ago… She was sick when she was born…My sweet angel, fought a hard battle but couldn’t pull through after she turned five, but I know that she’s in a much better place now… The day I met Riichi, it seemed like fate. It had rained heavily the night before, so I was anxious, her grave was going to be dirty, so I decided to go clean it… and somehow, when I arrived, your father was there, and he had done it for me…”

Yuuko’s eyes softened remembering the moment,

“He’s a gentleman… the kindest man, I’ve ever met”

Y/n smiled, nodding

“He really is the best… I’m really glad you both found each other Yuuko-san” She said softly and Yuuko beamed, tying the end of Y/n’s braid

“It makes me really happy to hear that”

Y/n admired her braid, complimenting the older woman

“Oh, enough about me now! Tell me more about that handsome boyfriend of yours. He’s got some pretty strong looking arms, no?” Yuuko winked and Y/n blushed, thinking about her boyfriend, who was currently in his own little scenario with her father


Tendou flushed, feeling embarrassed… maybe he took this way more seriously than he thought… Now he had to explain himself to his girlfriend’s father…

“I promised that I’d keep Y/n safe… but I failed yesterday… She was under my watch, but she still got into danger… I’m sorry” He bowed and Riichi puffed on his smoke before he threw the butt on the ground, crushing it under his shoe. Tendou cringed at the sound of the ground crunching under his foot

“Get up”

Tendou swallowed, feeling his heart race as he stood up, gazing down at Riichi, who had a stern expression. He flinched when Riichi stepped closer, but was taken back when he just patted his back

“You’ve been anxious over something stupid like that? Listen boy, my daughter beat the shit out of that pervert, because she’s strong. I know, I asked you to watch over her but she’s indeed her mother’s daughter. My wife was a super feisty girl too, believe it or not, Y/n’s mother was one of the ‘delinquents’ in school…” He chuckled and Tendou was blown away, imagining Y/n’s mother in a totally new manner. Riichi just grinned, sitting on the bench, patting the empty space next to him

“You’re not a failure Satori… I know you dropped everything to look after Y/n… The fact, you followed your gut instinct, to know she was in danger. Brining the cops, going with her to the station… You even recorded the entire thing on your phone… I think you don’t need to prove anything to me anymore… You have my trust…”

Tendou turned to look at Riichi, feeling his eyes soften and a pout on his face, Riichi scowled

“Why are you giving me such a gross look?”

Tendou laughed, hugging the older man, who tried to push him away, feeling embarrassed

“H-hey, quit it! I’ve already given you my blessings, that should be enough. So get off me, before I thump you” Riichi whined, while Tendou backed off,

“D-did you say I have your blessing…?” He asked in astonishment and Riichi felt his ears burn, fixing his crooked glasses

“N-no! Yes… I-I said you have my trust… I meant you have my trust” He stammered, and Tendou gave him a sly grin, Riichi’s eye twitched in irritation and he stood up, shoving his hands into his coat pocket

“I’m going back inside” He mumbled whereas Tendou laughed, jumping up and rushed next to him, following him towards the apartment complex. Tendou’s cheeky grin was still in place as he jokingly nudged Riichi with his elbow

“Does that mean, I can call you Otosan now?” He sang and Riichi grunted,

“Don’t push it”

Tendou sighed, pouting

“I’m sorry…” He looked at Riichi

“…Otosan~” he sang, making Riichi growl, Tendou laughed, dashing past Riichi before he could whack him

“I’ll see you inside, Otosan” He beamed, running up the stairs in glee, making the older man sigh before a tiny smile formed on his face


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