Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 27: Je t'aime

Chapter 27

Two months later~

“Congratulations Y/n!” Her coworkers cheered when she walked into her department. Her cheeks flushed and she was started by the party streamers her coworkers popped in front of her, as they cheered. She let out a shy smile, rubbing the back of her neck, sheepishly. Akira stepped out of Ohno’s office holding a cake in her hands, with Ohno following behind her

“Congratulations on your first publication Y/n! You’re official a published author, welcome to the club!” Ohno came and hugged the younger woman, who hugged her in return

“Thank you Ohno-sama! I couldn’t have done it without you” She bowed and Ohno grinned, making her stand straight

“Enough of the flattery, today is all about you!” Ohno laughed, pushing Y/n towards the centre of the table where a coworker handed her a knife, ushering her to cut the cake as they all cheered once again. Y/n was feeling shy, being given so much attention, but the support and love she felt from her friends made her happy.

After Yasunobu’s arrest, life for her changed.

She wasn’t afraid anymore.

Her relationship with her co-workers had changed, she started to spend more time with them. She learnt that the men in her department but were actually quite kind, they didn’t intimidate her anymore. She also found companionship with the girls in the office too, they ate lunch together and often discussed their relationships. Y/n enjoyed the banter, when they’d tease her about her shy personality compared to her steamy novel.

“Let’s go out drinking tonight!” Her friend laughed, and the others agreed. However, Ohno interjected

“Sorry guys but Y/n’s got plans tonight… besides…” She crossed her arms, raising a brow

“…some of you haven’t met your deadlines…” Ohno turned to walk into her office.

They quieted down, as Y/n giggled,

“S-sorry but Satori is revealing his new chocolate collection this evening, I promised him I’d be there!”

Everyone let out an ‘Ooo’ and she flushed,

“No wonder you look extra adorable today! Bring us some goodies next week!” Someone said, and she laughed before she walked into Ohno’s office with Akira

The women sat down in front of her as she pushed a book in front of Y/n. Y/n stared at the familiar cover, feeling the shock radiate. It was weird to look at the final product of her work. Ohno smiled,

“Sign it.”

Y/n’s eyes widened, and she looked at Ohno, Akira hummed, opening her bag and sliding her own copy in front of Y/n

“Mine too”

She felt her eyes water, when she signed their copies. Akira let out an awe, dabbing Y/n’s eyes with a tissue

“You did well Y/n, we’re proud of you”

Those words poured deep into her soul, she glanced at the cover of her novel. Fingers rubbing the print of her title, fingers feeling the ridges of the golden letters (AN: Someone give me a title for her novel! I was thinking ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ but then I thought it’d be cheesy af…)

“I love the new book design too, just a simple sleek red cover. The shade of red, is quite alluring as well. Makes me glad, we didn’t go for that detailed cover before… It was too overwhelming…” Akira said,

Ohno hummed, her eyes furrowing as she remembered that stupid freelancer they hired. When she learnt the news of Yasunobu’s arrest, she was honestly shocked. She knew he was infatuated with Y/n, but she didn’t realise just how obsessed he was. Ohno found herself sleepless some nights, feeling sick about what could have happened to the young girl that she had taken under her wing.

“It’s almost the same shade as Tendou-san’s hair… I must say, he looks good with his hair grown out now…”

Y/n blushed, Tendou’s hair was longer now, he styled it in a way similar to his younger days and she had to admit, it did excite her. She often found herself, glancing at him way more than usual, her fingers itched to weave through his scarlet locks, gripping them between her fists.

“He’s become more attractive, hasn’t he?” Y/n blurted, making the two older women glanced at her, as she turned redder than her book, making them laugh

“How sweet!” Akira gushed and Ohno chuckled,

“Anyways Y/n, we’ll see you at the party tonight. I’ll try to get to Angelina by 8! Have to wait for my husband. I’m quite excited to be able to test out some artisanal chocolates tonight.” Ohno said and Akira nodded,

“Me too, it was very kind of Tendou-san to invite us. I’m really looking forward to it”

Y/n smiled at her seniors, tapping her feet against the floor

“He’s worked really hard on this new collection, just as long as I’ve been working on my novel. I’m so happy for him!”

Ohno grinned,

“Why doesn’t he open his own shop? He’s definitely capable of success, if he branches out. I’ve got connections!” Ohno flipped her phone open, scrolling through and Y/n sweat dropped

“Ohno-sama, thank you but… Satori already has a plan…”

“Really? And what is that?”

Y/n stopped tapping her feet, biting her lip

“I’m not so sure, really… He hasn’t discussed much of it with me, but I do know he wants to start his own brand, one day… I really hope he’ll achieve his dreams”

Ohno felt her heart warm as this fluffy couple, sometimes she truly wondered if they actually had the kinky sex, she wrote about in her novel. Y/n and him seemed so pure to each other. She always felt at ease, knowing Y/n had a wonderful man beside her.

“You both will achieve your dreams because your hard workers. Always keep that passion between you two, alive. Passion gives you the motivation to be inspired, so continue loving each other with all you’ve got!”

(AN: Ngl this is what I boss says to me… she’s like, you need to have a PaSsIoNaTe relationship, bc good dick will apparently, make me, make good art… idk how I feel about that)

Y/n looked at Ohno, feeling admiration build inside of her, her eyes shimmering.


Both women smiled, Ohno leaned back into her seat, crossing her arms

“I’ll see you tonight, looking forward to it”

Y/n huffed as she walked as quick as she could to Angelina, she was glad Ohno-sama let her off early, going home to feed Maro and changing her outfit. She had prepared in the morning already but as the day went by, she realised how worn down her appearance had become, and it made her a bit anxious. Tonight, was a little fancier than usual. Tendou was debuting a new collection and for that, he invited quite a few close friends and his mother as well. Y/n wasn’t nervous about meeting her, they met a few times before and she was a kind woman.

She was in awe of her scarlet hair, much like her son’s. Though their features differed but Y/n assumed he must have taken after his father. She didn’t know much about him, except for the fact, his parents were divorced. Tendou never discussed his father and she chose not to bring it up either. If it was something that brought up bad memories, then she didn’t want to know.

She straightened her dress as she neared Angelina, she could see people on the other side of the glass windows, since it was after hours. The shop was closed so the crowd gathered inside was intimate. The bell on top of the door, rang, as she walked in. For some reason, she felt her cheeks burn a little pink, noticing the stares of some people around her.

“Cutie-chan!” Ryo called, rushing towards Y/n to give her a hug. Y/n smiled, hugging her back

“Wow Ryo-san, you look so nice! I’ve never seen you in a skirt before, you always wear pants!”

Ryo frowned, tugging at her girly outfit, feeling unpleased

“Ugh… I had no choice for tonight… since this is a ‘fancy’ shin-dig… My girlfriend did my makeup too…”

Y/n giggled,

“Is she here?”

Ryo rubbed the back of her neck,

“Uh… I don’t think so…

Y/n gave her a confused look,

“Oh… I looked forward to meeting her!”

Ryo just laughed, before Y/n could say something, someone muttered her name. Turning around, she blushed to see Ushijima towering above her. Cheeks flushing, she quickly bowed

“H-hello Ushijima-san!”

He bowed back, before they engaged in a casual chit chat. Y/n noticed a slightly angry looking man standing behind Ushijima. He was wearing strange attire, a little quirky but he seemed familiar. Ushijima’s eyes followed hers, before he hummed

“Semi, this is Y/n-chan, Tendou’s girlfriend.”

Semi glanced at the younger girl, he froze, feeling his cheeks heat up. He had seen her photos on their group chat but damn, seeing her in real was another experience. Semi introduced himself to the shy girl, as they engaged in chit chat but he glanced behind Y/n and that’s when his eyes locked onto the woman behind her.

There was something so grunge about her, he wanted her.

Excusing himself from his friends, Semi felt that confidence inside him build, he was going to use his stage charms on this woman, causally picking up two flutes of champagne from a nearby waiter as he strode towards Ryo

“Hey, I noticed your hands are empty, care for a drink?” He offered a flute and Ryo glanced at him, shamelessly head to toe, raising a brow before she giggled,

“Well don’t you have a good eye… Sure thing, rockstar”

Semi grinned, coming closer, handing her a glass. He raised his glass towards her,

“Rockstar is right, I think you’re the one with a good eye… I’m Semi Eita…”

Ryo smirked, raising her glass towards him

“and I’m a lesbian”


Semi stood still, feeling embarrassed before Ryo downed her glass, handing it back to him

“Thanks for the drink… but I’m more of a beer person… Toodles!” She patted his back, leaving him there before she walked off. Semi felt embarrassed when he heard the snickers of his former teammates behind him

“Sh-Shut up!”

Y/n giggled, feeling a bit sorry for Semi but she was far more impressed by how smooth Ryo was

“She’s so cool….” Y/n muttered and Ushijima hummed,

“Have you seen Satori anywhere?” She asked him and he nodded,

“He’s over there”

Ushijima pointed behind her and she followed his direction to see Tendou happily chatting with his mother, Riichi and Yuuko-san. Feeling happy that her father and his mother could make it, she made her way towards them

“Hello!” She beamed and everyone gushed to greet her, smothering her in hugs and kisses. Tendou smiled warmly, pulling her in for a hug, making her blush when a chorus of ‘awes’ came from the group

“Cutie, you’re finally here! Did you feed Maro?” he asked, and she nodded

“Yeah, sorry I’m late, I hope I didn’t miss anything!”

He shook his head, quickly stepping back to look at her dress

“You look beautiful”

She blushed, feeling shy

“Thank you…”

Tendou grinned before he held her hand,

“Come on, I’ll show you the displays! You haven’t tried some of these yet!”

She followed behind him, as they met a few more of his friends before he offered her various chocolates from different platters, she was in awe

“Satori, these are fantastic, no wonder everyone’s going crazy over them! You did so well!” She beamed and he flushed,

“To be honest, this entire collection is inspired by you…”

She looked up at face, her brows raising


He nodded, tucking her hair behind her ear

“Yeah… When we met, I realised I began concurring so many new recipes, all because I wanted you to try them first. Because… my chocolates make you happy…” He blushed, feeling a bit cheesy but she smiled, holding his hand tighter

“Tori… they don’t make me happy… You make me happy! Getting to eat your chocolates, just adds to that happiness”

Tendou bit his lip, he really wanted to sweep down and kiss her hard, but he was aware of the crowd around them, he just kissed her cheek softly

“You’re the key to my happiness, Y/n”

She was about to say something, but she squeaked when someone called out her name

“My, my…. Aren’t you both a couple of lovebirds? That was super adorable!” Ohno beamed, making them quickly part, as if they were deer caught in a headlight. Tendou quickly bowed to Ohno, her husband and Akira

“Thank you for coming Ohno-sama, I hope you guys enjoy the tasters tonight, I’ve kept a few gifts for you guys, so please don’t forget to take them before you leave!” He said and Ohno laughed, patting his back

“Oh, you’re such a sweetheart! Right Akira?”

Both women giggled, while Ohno’s husband just rubbed the back of his neck, thanking Tendou for his invitation. Y/n took the ladies to the displays, letting them try out the chocolates before Y/n bumped into Yuuko, who hugged her tightly again

“Ooo, you sweet girl!” Yuuko gushed and Y/n felt shy, before she introduced her to the other women. As they chattered, Y/n’s eyes trailed outside of the shop, she noticed her father smoking by the glass window, quietly excusing herself, she walked outside.

The bell jingled and Riichi turned to look, seeing his daughter, he quickly threw his cigarette to the floor, crushing it under his shoe. She walked to him, hugging the side of his arm

“I haven’t seen much of you lately…” She said, when he wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they leaned against the wall, looking at the road ahead of them. He nodded, shuffling his feet

“I know… I’ve been trying to give you some space, no one wants their old man to badger them constantly” He laughed, and she shook her head

“That’s not true, I look forward to your phone calls… but, I also know that you’re not alone now, so I’m more at ease. I really do like Yuuko-san” She said and Riichi smiled, a fond look in his eyes

“She’s a very kind person, I didn’t think it would be possible to love again… after your mother… but Yuuko… She takes good care of me and… It’s nice to have some life back at home. Ever since you left, I was nothing but a nervous wreck… I wanted to bring you back home, immediately… but… you proved me wrong…”

He squeezed her shoulder softly, and she looked at him

“I did?”

He nodded,

“Mhmm, you don’t know how shocked I was, when I found out about your novel… To be honest, I will never read this one… No offense… Yuuko loves it… but… I can’t…” He blushed, clearing his throat

“But! I’m very proud of you, my daughter is an author now” He laughed, and she smiled

“Thank you Otosan… This means a lot to me… If I’m being honest, please don’t ever read that novel… The next one I’m planning, is a different genre… Maybe more on the thriller aspect. You like thriller!” She said and he nodded,

“Now I look forward to that”

His laughter died out and he glanced at her again, Y/n looked so much like his wife today. Although her demeanour was the total opposite, they both shared the same smile that Riichi loved. Every time she was happy, he felt like she was there with them too. His gaze softened and he slipped a cigarette out of his case, lighting it

“You know, when I first met Tendou… I honestly didn’t trust him… I thought he was a buffoon… but when I saw how happy he made you, I realised I was being too overprotective. You’ve been such an angel to raise, never caused me any trouble… I just wanted to make sure you were always safe. Tendou has shown me, just how much he cares about you. I see it… I just want you to know that I accept your relationship and… he’s okay, I guess”

Riichi flushed, he still didn’t want to admit he liked Tendou out loud, there was still that tiny smidge of pride he had against the boy, he found annoying, but he could tolerate it. Tendou really did entertain him and it amused him to see how lovesick the young man was about his daughter. Truth be told, he had been keeping an eye on Tendou, seeing how he interacted with other women whenever they were in public, but he realised that Tendou only had eyes for Y/n, and Y/n only…

If a man could love someone that much and that openly, he knew she was in good hands.

Y/n leaned against Riichi, she felt instant relief to hear her father admit he liked her boyfriend. It was very surreal, but she found herself saying

“I really do love him, Otosan. If I never met him, I don’t think I’d be where I am, right now”

Riichi shook his head,

“No Y/n don’t credit your entire success to one person. You were the one who faced your fears, head on. Tendou was a great support system for you, I’ll admit that. But the person you are today, is all because of you and your hard work. I don’t know what the future holds for you guys, but I just want you to remember, you are the reason behind your success. No one else.”

She was taken back by his words, but his words resonated with her. She was about to say something, but the door opened again and Ohno-sama popped her head out

“Could I bother you for a light? Oh Y/n, Tendou was looking for you, better go find him. He looks like a kid lost in a grocery store...” She laughed and Y/n nodded, looking at her dad again. Riichi just grinned, ushering her to go inside but for some reason, she found herself emotional, hugging him harder, making him freeze for a second before he laughed and hugged her again.

“Go find Tendou, darling” He whispered, and she nodded, going inside. Ohno took Y/n’s place, using his lighter to light her cigarette

“So… I didn’t realise you still smoked Riichi-san… Didn’t you say it’s a bad habit, back in the day?” She cocked her head and him and he rolled his eyes

“You’re still as annoying as ever Fuka-san”

Ohno chuckled, taking a drag

“You know, I was really surprised when Y/n’s application came through and I saw your name in her official documents. I heard you had a child, but I never thought, I’d ever get to see her”

Riichi nodded, taking a puff of his cigarette

“I did my fair share of research on your agency… Truth be told, I was never going to let her come to Tokyo, until I found out this agency belongs to you. I knew Id be leaving Y/n in good hands… but to think, you’d make my daughter publish an erotic novel…” His eye twitched and she laughed

“I’m sorry Riichi but you were practically raising her like a nun! The girl needed to let loose and learn to enjoy life! You were always so prim and proper back in highschool, its why we never got along back then… Goody two shoes…”

He laughed,

“Whatever… Did you tell Y/n that we know each other…?”

Ohno shook her head,

“Nah, if I did… She’d use you as an excuse to get out of writing that novel. Besides, itll be fun for us, when she learns about it. He rreaction will be so funny”

They laughed before Riichi turned to glance inside the shop, where he watched Y/n being fed a piece of chocolate by Tendou, both of them were laughing happily. He could see their eyes sparkling as they chattered

“He’s a good guy…” He slipped and Ohno hummed,

“You know, I’ve kept a watchful eye on that boy… He really does have the best intentions for Y/n. I know I trust him”

Riichi nodded, noticing Tendou turning to glance at the window, making eye contact with him. Tendou grinned, waving obnoxiously at Riichi, who just closed his eyes, turning around and sighing

“He’s an idiot…. But I trust him too…”

The rest of the evening went by smoothly, all of the guests had thoroughly enjoyed Tendou’s new collection, he had gotten a plethora of orders which meant, he was going to get some good pocket in the next month. Ohno’s husband had even scheduled an interview with Tendou at his advertising firm! This was a great booster in Tendou’s career.

As they greeted the last few guests who left, Tendou and Ryo sighed, stretching

“Come on Y/n, I’ll need some help packing up in the kitchen if you don’t mind” he asked, and she shook her head

“Ofcourse not!”

He pushed her into the kitchen with him, as soon as the door closed. He quickly pushed her against the door, kissing her hard. She moaned, wrapping her arms around him before pulling away

“Satori! Ryo’s on the other side!” She whispered and he chuckled, squeezing her ass, making her squeak

“I know but… you looked so sexy all night; I just couldn’t help myself”

He leaned closer and she braced herself for another kiss, but he chuckled,

“Come on, lets pack up” he said, and she loosened her posture, following behind him, embarrassed. As the stacked up the cooking utensils and trays, they chattered about tonight’s events. Tendou was beaming while he listened to her, talking. She looked like a treat, boxing up the left-over chocolates. She quickly munched on one

“Mmmm! This flavour is definitely a hit to me! I’m not surprised that they almost sold out. I’m impressed with how you developed the menu so well! It’s a delicious collection!” She laughed and he chuckled, finishing up his last bit of work. He eyed his phone, a notification from Ryo, before he cleared his throat

“Actually, there’s one chocolate, I didn’t reveal tonight” He admitted and she looked at him in confusion


He nodded, thinking for a second

“It’s part of this collection but… I wanted to reveal it to you before anyone else. It’s actually going to be part of the permanent menu here, from tomorrow”

She was curious now, he seemed really shy all of a sudden, rubbing the back of his neck before he pushed his hair back, a blush on his face

“Come on, I want you to give them a taste”

He extended his hand to her and she grabbed it, following out to the shop. She was a little confused, it was dim in the shop. Everything was cleaned up except for a table in the middle. There was a fancy three-tiered platter filled with chocolates in the middle. Tendou smiled at her, bringing her towards it. Y/n eyed the truffles laid out, before she looked at Tendou. He smiled,

“Try one, they’re the most important chocolates of this collection” He muttered

“O-Okay…” She flushed, reaching out to pluck one truffle up, glancing at him before she popped it into her mouth, chewing slowly. Her eyes, widened

“…butterscotch walnut truffles…” She whispered, looking at him, in realisation

“These are the chocolates… we made together on our first date…”

Tendou cupped her face gently, gazing into her eyes

“I’m not going to lie; this is my favourite flavour ever since I first tried them with you…”

She gaze softened and she felt her heart beat fast, nuzzling against his palm

“Oh Satori… You’re so sweet”

Tendou smiled,

“Do you know what I’ve named this truffle?” He asked and she nodded, he nodded towards the table behind them

“Read the card”

She turned, looking at the platter before she realised there was a small white card, on the top tier. She turned to flip it open, her eyes widening, and she blushed

“Cutie’s Kiss?”

(^AN: I know this is very cringey…. But I couldn’t think of a name… IM SO BAD AT NAMING THINGS. All my pets are named after spicy chips… Lmao there’s Taki… Dorrito… and Pringles...”

She turned to face him,

“Sato-” Her words were cut short and she froze, feeling her heart speed up. Tendou was down on one knee, holding open a small red velvet box. Her cupped her mouth, feeling immediate tears prick and he blushed

“I named it that… because the moment you bit into that truffle; I fell in love with you... When we kissed that night, my life changed. I knew you were the one for me. Every day I’ve spent with you, has been nothing but joy for me. And those rare days without you, I always feel lost. I know we’ve only been together almost a year now, but I know I could never love any other woman... Not when I have you in my life. You opened yourself to me, you trusted me more than anyone else. You are the bravest, smartest, cutest and sexiest women I’ve ever met, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you…” He cleared his throat, straightening his back

“So, Y/n…”

He flipped the box open, gazing at her steadily, his smile widening

“Will you marry me?”

Y/n almost felt her knees go weak, she was so overwhelmed and overjoyed. She was sure her mascara was smudged but she laughed, wiping her tears

“Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!”

(AN: Me, who’s scared of commitment irl but I make marriage a theme in most of my books… Cliché? Yes. But it’s my favourite cliche)

He grinned, slipping the ring onto her finger but before Tendou could stand, she dropped to her knees, quickly pulling him in for a kiss, he almost dropped the box, but he composed himself, quickly enveloping her to deepen the kiss

“SHE SAID YESSSSS!” A voice screeched in joy, startling both of them as they looked at the counter in shock where Ryo froze, Tendou’s eye twitched, he grit his teeth

“R-Ryo! I thought I told you to leave after setting up!”

“R-Ryo-san!” Y/n squeaked

Ryo let out a sheepish laugh, blushing

“I-I’m sorry but I couldn’t miss out on this moment… Besides… I’m not the only one who’s creeping here…” Ryo blurted, and another gasp was heard under the counter. Y/n and Tendou flushed, quickly getting up

“Um… who else is here…?” Tendou called out and there were a few moments of silence before Riichi, Yuuko, Ohno, Tendou’s mother, Semi and Ushijima stood up from under the counter, all with embarrassed expressions

“…snitch…” Semi muttered, giving Ryo a look and the younger girl huffed crossing her arms

“O-Otosan! O-Ohno-sama!” Y/n stammered sternly, hand on her hip and they looked down ashamed

“Okasan!?” Tendou blurted and his mother laughed sheepishly

“Sorry… but we overheard your conversation with Ryo… We wanted to be part of it too…” Ohno admitted. Tendou and Y/n weren’t sure what to say, there was a brief moment of silence before Ushijima casually uttered


A few more seconds of silence, before Y/n smiled, hugging Tendou. Everyone around them cheered in delight, coming to the couple to extend their well wishes. Tendou was ecstatic, he was actually pleased that Riichi attended. There was something about knowing he had his approval which put him at ease. Riichi found himself hugging and congratulating the young man, making Tendou freeze for a second. He didn’t want to admit it, but he started seeing the older man as a father figure since that night they spoke.

“Take good care of my daughter, Satori” Riichi said and Tendou smiled,

“You have my word, Otosan” He said, Riichi glanced at him, grimacing before he laughed,

“Good to know… son.”

Finally, everyone decided to let the couple leave, promising to lock up Angelina for Tendou. They both held their hands tightly, walking towards their home. Y/n glanced up at her fiancé, her heart filled with warmth. She felt like she was walking on a cloud, she didn’t want to let go of his hand

“Satori…” She said and he hummed, gripping her hand tighter, turning to look at her

“Cutie…” He said and she smiled,

“I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you”

He stopped walking, making her stop too. She turned to look at him, but he tugged her against him, holding her in place. His eyes locked in with hers, he licked his bottom lip, squeezing her flesh, firmly

“Je t’aime” He muttered, making butterflies flutter in her belly, before he closed in on her lips, sealing them with a deep kiss.

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