Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 28: Forever (NSFW)

Chapter 28:

The newly engaged couple walked up the stairs towards his front door, as Tendou fished for his keys, he looked at her

“Finally… I’m gonna have you all to myself” He purred and she blushed,

“Can I check on Maro, first?” She asked shyly, making Tendou lean back with a pout. He couldn’t say no to her… She looked too cute right now, it was almost killing him.

Giving her a gentle smile, leaned down to peck her cheek

“Ofcourse, I’ll go shower while you do that. See you in a bit, okay?”

She nodded, entering her flat, closing the door behind her. Her heart was still pounding, it was almost unreal what had taken place earlier. She eyed the ring on her finger, a smile breaking out before she laughed.

Y/n rushed towards Maro’s cage, quickly unlatching it and lifting him up

“Maro~” She sang happily, looking into his beady eyes. Maro’s nose twitched, looking at his owner, who smiled warmly at him.

“Be nice to Satori from now on, okay?” She asked him before settling him back into his cage. Maro just shuffled into his heap of newspaper shavings, ignoring Y/n and she smiled. However, she sighed when she felt her feet ache from the high-heels she was wearing. Pulling her sore feet out, she grimaced at their state…

Letting out a sigh of content when the hot water showered over her body, she continued dreaming about their future in the shower.

‘The rest of my life with Satori…?’ She thought

Y/n began imagining a cheesy scenario of married Tendou and her, skipping in a park with Maro in her arms… All three of them looked so happy.

Afterall, Maro was her baby…


Her cheesy scenario was short-lived when Maro was suddenly replaced with a baby in her arms. Y/n flushed, hands to her cheeks before she shook her head

“It’s too early for that… I’m just being silly” She muttered, waving those thoughts away but that thought did make her heart skip a beat. He’d definitely be such a loving father. She rushed out of the shower, preventing anymore thoughts from coming. Wrapping a towel on her body, she rushed to her bedroom, hearing her phone ring

“Sayo-Nee?” She read, realising her cousin was video calling her. She swiped a little started when Sayo began cheering

“Congratulations Y/n!!! Okasan told me the news!”

Y/n flushed, almost dropping her phone in embarrassment when Sayo’s husband’s face popped into the frame, as he congratulated her, awkwardly realising she was in a towel. She tilted her screen towards the ceiling, only her eyes could be seen

“T-Thank you! Um… Sayo-Nee, can I call you back? I just stepped out of the shower” She hinted but her cousin ignored her,

“No way, I need details!” Sayo turned to her husband, who was now off camera

“Issei, go to the living room. I wanna talk to Y/n-chan…” She said bluntly and Y/n sweatdropped, hearing Sayo’s husband grumble before he left the room. Y/n sat at the end of her bed, looking at the camera. Sayo gave her a cheeky look

“l lied… I got all the details from Okasan! I just wanted Sei’ to go change Souma’s diaper… Anyways! That was the sweetest proposal ever! He named a chocolate after you!?” Sayo let out a dramatic gasp, hand to her chest making Y/n blush

“I haven’t met him yet and I can tell he totally adores you!”

Hearing those words made Y/n giggle and Sayo grinned,

“He really did make me feel special tonight… I almost feel like I don’t deserve it…”

Sayo’s grin turned into a frown,

“Are you stupid? You literally based an entire novel about him! How can you say that?”

Y/n bit her lip, sighing,

“Sayo-Nee… It’s just… Satori has done so much more for me… Than I have, for him… He helped me with my fears, he protected me from Yasunobu, worked hard to make Otosan like him… He’s never once let me down…”

She shoulders slumped slightly

“…It’s scary to know how much someone loves you but you can’t help but feel like you’re not doing enough in return…”

Sayo’s blank face flashed on the screen, making Y/n feel awkward

“Wh-What…?” She asked and Sayo just smirked,

“Oh, sweet little cousin… What was the whole point of studying all that erotica?”

The younger woman’s face twisted in confusion

“What do you mean?”

Sayo grinned,

“By now you should realise that men are simple creatures… Issei always does stuff for me, I almost feel bad, but I always make it up to him”

“How?” Y/n asked and Sayo let out a huff,


Y/n blushed again, but her interest was piqued as she continued listening to her cousin

“Say, have you worn those gifts I sent you?”

Y/n shook her head, before she gave up and shrugged, feeling shame

“I… wore the red one… But I was drunk!” She justified and Sayo laughed,

“Damn Y/n, you’re wilder than I thought! Why don’t you wear the other one, tonight?”

Y/n was astonished, quickly shaking her head

“No way! That one is too lewd… I don’t know how Satori would react…”

“That’s exactly the point! You gotta give him a preview of what he’s in for the rest of his life! I cannot imagine this situation ending badly.”


Y/n was interrupted when sounds of crying broke through Sayo’s end of the line, breaking her train of thought listening to her husband

“Huh? Souma’s getting a fever? Oh no!”

Sayo took the infant in her arms, cooing before she looked back into the screen

“Sorry Y/n, I gotta go… But I’m telling you, you won’t regret it”

“Alright… Get well soon Souma-kun…” She muttered before ending the call. Y/n shuffled her feet for a few moments, her towel now hanging loosely around her body. She had a few moments to decide to the matter. Tendou could walk in at any moment…

Glancing at the ring on her table, his kind face flashed in her mind. She realised Sayo-Nee wasn’t wrong… There was no way this situation could end badly. It would probably make him happy…

very happy

She glided to the closet, pulling open the bottom drawer, pulling the black lace out.

Tendou was in seventh heaven all evening long. Locking his apartment door, he hummed, excited to cuddle with his cutie tonight. He never thought of himself as one to get so serious in a relationship but his love for her, exceeded all limits.

“Sorry Cutie! I was getting a few calls, word travels fast!” He laughed, walking into her apartment. Tendou stopped, he was a little startled at how dark her apartment was… She wasn’t so fond of the dark, so it was unusual for him. He felt a sense of worry fill him, quickly shoving his slippers off, grabbing a folded umbrella from her rack. He braced himself with his choice of weapon, cautiously walking ahead.

“Y/n?” He called out, when he walked into her lounge. He was startled when he heard a rattle, heart pouncing before, he aimed his umbrella towards the source of noise. Tendou calmed down when he realised it was just Maro moving about in his cage.

“I-In here” He heard her call out and he sighed in relief. Feeling like an idiot, he dropped the umbrella, making his way to her bedroom. The dim lighting slipped through the crack of her door. He happily pulled open the door,

“Man, I got worried for second! Why’s it so dark in…” Tendou’s words trailed off when his eyes hit her form


Tendou froze, his jaw going slack.

She was sitting on her knees, hands folded in her lap, her arms covering her breasts. Tendou eyed her flushed skin before he trailed down to look at her. He swallowed the lump in his throat, feeling his pants getting tighter. Y/n bit her lip, shyly lifting her chin up to lock her eyes into his

“Surprise…” She mumbled, her ears turning pink

Tendou quietly shut the door behind him, leaning against it. His eyes bore holes into her body. She was taken back by his quietness; he didn’t say a word. The way he looked at her, she couldn’t tell what he was thinking. He pushed himself form the door, making his way to her before he towered over her form.

“Did you put this on, just for me?”

Her cheeks flushed and she nodded, shyly avoiding his gaze but Tendou gripped her chin, forcing her to look back at him

“Tell me…” He muttered, rubbing her bottom lip with his thumb. She slowly nodded,

“I wore this just for you…”

His thumb pressed its way into her mouth, rubbing against her tongue before he pulled her up. She crossed her legs and covered her chest, confusing him as he pulled his hand away

“Don’t be shy” He cooed, leaning in to kiss her neck “Give me a show”

She turned around, shyly looking back at him as he greedily eyed her ass. His hands slowly went to pull his shirt off, letting it drop to the floor before he pushed his hair back, biting his lip

“You’re so sexy, Y/n… and you’re mine, forever” He muttered, watching her cheeks get pink as a small smile formed on her face. His sweet words made her want to please him more, she turned slightly before placing a hand on her ass, her eyes swirling pools of lust.

“I’m all yours Satori” She purred

Tendou eyed the side of her breast, peeking in his view and his eyes almost deceived him. He swallowed, feeling his cock twitch.


He perched himself at the end of her bed, spreading his long legs apart, before his eyes darkened, watching her

“Turn around, now…”

Her breath hitched at the tone of his voice; it wasn’t his usual chirpy self. She hesitated just for a second, but she sucked it up and turned around to face him, her hands by her side.

“Fuck” Tendou breathed,

His eyes widened, looking at her nipples poking out of the lacy fabric, but the moment his eyes darted to her exposed pussy…

Fuuuuck.” He groaned “What are you doing to me, you naughty minx?”

His hand went to his forehead, gliding back into his hair as he shamelessly drunk in her lewd figure. She wasn’t sure what to do for a moment, but she was no longer a novice when it came to sex. She found herself more confident, now that she knew her future was set with him. The thought of them being together forever, made her heart speed and stomach flutter. It meant that she had no reason to be shy around him anymore. And she certainly wasn’t going to be shy now

Dropping to her knees, she leaned forward, making her way towards him. Tendou watched her when she placed herself between his legs, looking up at him like a lost puppy. His eyes softened when he cupped the side of her face. She turned to kiss his fingers, nipping one before she looked up at him

“I love you, Tori” She mewled, still pecking at his fingers. He smiled warmly at her, leaning down in front of her face

“I love you too, Cutie”

He kissed her hard and she moaned, letting the sounds of their lips smacking fill the room. She sat there on the floor between his legs, letting his tongue roll into her mouth, rubbing and twisting against hers. Her hands squeezed his knees, moaning into his mouth while his hands rubbed up and down her bare arms, warming her raised skin. They pulled away, thin strings of saliva connecting their tongues before he bit her bottom lip, pulling it teasingly. Y/n eyed the obvious tent that was mere inches from his face, her cheeks glowed red, but she giggled, tucking her fingers into the waistband of his sweats

“You gave me the best evening of my life… so let me take care of you tonight…” She whispered. Tendou cursed, fisting the back of her head

“Oh… my dirty little girl, make use of those luscious lips and take good care of me” He purred, and she giggled again, feeling a little shy but happy that he was being himself too. Tendou lifted his hips lightly, letting her tug his sweats down his legs. She palmed his bulge, making him grunt, scrunching his toes from how gentle she was

“You’re not fully hard… yet it’s so big already…” She slipped her hand inside his briefs, pulling his thick shaft out. Her lips were barely grazing his length, inhaling his musky scent. It was almost intoxicating, as she wrapped her hand around his length making him groan

“…sometimes I’m amazed that I can fit this inside of me…”

Tendou’s eyes snapped opened, he felt that flame ignite inside of him, his hand went back to grip her head making her grunt lightly, she sighed dreamily when he shamelessly rubbed his length against her face

“You already look so desperately slutty for my cock… but when you say cute shit like that… It really makes it hard for me to control myself Y/n…” He growled and she squeezed her thighs together. She pushed him back lightly, taking him back slightly but before he could say anything, Tendou groaned feeling her rest her chest against his shaft.

“Y/n…” He started but she flushed, pushing his shaft between her breasts. He moaned at the pillowy softness squeezing his cock as she rested her upper body on his thighs. His breath hitched when she encompassed the tip of his cockhead when her mouth, sucking lightly. His fingers made their way to her exposed nipples, pinching them, making her mewl. Her eyes widened feeling his cock grow bigger between her breasts, but he held her head down with one hand while his mouth kept tugging and rolling her nipple when his fingers. Her body twitched but she used her hands to push her breasts against his cock.

“Fuck, Y/n… You look so fucking naughty right now… I can’t believe you wore something so slutty, just for me…”

She sucked his tip harder, feeling him throb against her tongue. Being with him for so long, she picked up on all the things he enjoyed, even small things, like when she’d slide her tongue just under his tip, it would cause him to shudder, his pre-cum beginning to spill from his tip.

Tendou tilted his head back, a low moan leaving his lips,

“Shit… This is so sexy… I don’t think I’m gonna last… You’re such a tease…” He panted, and she leaned back releasing his dick from between her breasts. Pushing his thighs further apart, Tendou groaned watching her lean down. A chill ran down his spine, almost shaking him when she kissed under the base of his shaft, his hands shakingly sneaked into her hair, gripping her head firmly.

“O-Oh fuck, Y/n” He panted, another guttural moan leaving his lips, his cheeks flushed when she cupped his balls, licking her way up his length

“Does this feel good?” She asked, massaging his balls before she opened her mouth, engulfing him in her wet mouth. She hollowed her cheeks slightly, sucking hard while she bobbed her head and he felt the strength leave his upper arms, falling back into the mattress.

“Don’t stop, babe… Ungh!”

She felt a thrill in her system, Tendou was never this putty in bed. She’d never admit it to Tendou, but she had secretly started watching those DVDs Ohno-sama had shipped to her with those sexy toys. She picked up on a trick or two…

Tendou’s hand went to the back of her head, pushing her down his cock even further. She felt her slit dripping, making a slippery mess between her thighs. She pushed her ass back, a hand going between her thighs to rub her clit, moaning around his throbbing cock.

“Oh god keeping going, baby… Use your tongue, just like that… F-Fuck” He groaned, his dick throbbing in her hot mouth. She mewled, pulling her hand away, focusing on him. He was so close to cumming, she knew it the moment he covered his eyes with an arm. Her hands wrapped around his length, lips focusing solely on his tip, tongue rubbing his slit. He gasped before moaning and she felt herself gush lightly when his hot cum spurted in her mouth.

She slipped her lips of his cock, her hands still pumping his shaft, letting his last few spurts onto her chest. Tendou was panting hard, trying to recollect himself.

Swallowing his load, she crawled on the bed, crawling over him. He was still panting but he still managed to find her ass, rubbing it softly.

“How was that?” She asked

Y/n gave him a shy smile, swiping a finger on her messy breast before she licked his essence clean. He felt his softening cock twitch again, a grunt leaving his lips

“You almost sucked the soul outta me…” He laughed when she blushed before he twirled her long lock between his fingers

“It’s not my fault… I love your cock” She admitted, and he froze, almost doing a double take

“Who are you and what have you done to my fiancé?” He asked seriously, before he chuckled, eyes darkening. She gasped, when he gripped her hips still, scooting under her. Her eyes widened, looking at his head which was between her legs, her pussy hovering above his face. She tried to scramble off him

“S-Satori! This is embarrassing!” She squealed but his hand went and smacked her ass. She gasped at the sting, holding still

“I haven’t even touched you here yet… you’re so messy down here… Want me to clean it up for you?” He licked his lips, and she trembled, feeling her face burn when he leaned his lips forward, breath tickling her skin

“Please Tori…” She mewled and he lay back down on the mattress, grinning

“Sit on my face”

She froze, panicking and covering her face

“I-I can’t!”

“Didn’t you promise that you were going to be a dirty girl for me, tonight?” He purred, eyes locking onto her slick folds. She peeked at him from between her fingers, her thighs trembled when his large hands rubbing them. His gaze was intense as he locked into her eyes. He didn’t want to force her but sometimes she needed a little push out of her comfort zone. He had to use this tactic, not because it scared her but he realised she would get severely turned on.

His little masochist <3

“If you want me to eat your pussy, then you better not keep me waiting.”

She swallowed slightly, realising he wasn’t in the mood to play nice… Even her cuteness wouldn’t work at this point. She leaned forward, grabbing onto her headboard, hovering her pussy just above his face. Tendou’s eyes swirled pools of lust, he felt his cock getting hard again. She looked down at him and he smirked, deciding to torture her a little more

“Spread it for me, show me how bad you want my tongue…”

Biting her lip, her hands went between her lips, she spread her folds, averting her gaze when she heard him groan. Tendou gripped on of her hands, angling it against her clit.

“Touch yourself like you did earlier… Don’t think I didn’t notice… I could hear you moaning like a slut when you sucked my cock… Rub your clitty again for me” He cooed, leaning up to peck her clit making her gasp, legs going weak, but his hands held her ass up. She swirled her finger slowly against her clit and a low growl emitted from chest

“Keep rubbing yourself, just like that Cutie… Let me tell you all about the nasty things I’m gonna do to you…”

He leaned back staring shamelessly at her tiny hole twitch, licking his lips. His cock was beginning to rise, watching the scene above him

“First, you’re gonna sit on my face and I’m going to shove my tongue inside this sweet little hole…” He purred, pressing a finger against her throbbing hole, making a mewl escape her lips. He pulled his wet finger back, popping it into his mouth. She squeezed her clit between two fingers, eyes dotting with tears

“Tori” She panted but he kept his stance, watching her intensely

“Then, you’re going to grind your pretty pussy all over my mouth, give me a good taste…” He licked his top lip and she felt her juices drip down her thighs, imaging the scenario he was unfolding, Tendou’s fingers massaged her ass cheeks while he hummed

“And while I tongue-fuck you, you’re going to tease your nipples until you squirt on my face. Got it?”

Amongst her pants, she halted her actions, bewildered


Tendou didn’t give her a second, gripping her hips, pushing her mouth over his mouth. She moaned, both from startlement and the sudden intrusion of his tongue, that was audaciously wriggling against her walls. Her hands went into his hair, gripping them harder, making him grunt but he didn’t care. Slapping her ass, her yelped her knees sliding further down the mattress, making her sink deeper onto his mouth.

“Sa-Satori! Ngh! You’ll suffocate like this!” She whined, moaning again when his tongue rolled inside her harder. He pulled away for a moment, breathing before he squeezed her ass, chuckling

“You’re so cute for thinking like that but trust me, I’m having the time of my life down here…So get back to it” He ordered, pulling her closer again, but he stopped, looking up at her

“Don’t forget to give these some attention… I want them nice and hard for when suck on them later” He hinted towards her nipples, making her ears burn but he pulled her back onto his mouth, resuming his actions. She rolled her hips, moaning when he sucked and licked her clit, feeling her arousal build faster. She shuddered when his hands slid up her lacy figure, fingers suddenly flicking her nipples, making a jolt run down her spine, realising that he was serious about his earlier request.

Y/n ground her hips harder against his mouth, while he groaned feeling her slick drip down his chin. He brought his hands back down to hold her knees while she replaced them with her own. Moaning louder when she began teasing herself. The stimulation was overwhelming and so was the position she was in. Moments ago she was almost mortified from his request but she got over the shyness when she realised that this made him happy.

“Satori! O-Oh Tori… Hah! I think I gonna… Ngh!”

Her breath hitched when his fingers rolled her clit, his tongue licking up and down her slit before it sneakily made its way to her ass. Licking against her tight hole once.

“D-Don’t!” She panted in embarrassment, feeling herself gush lightly when he rimmed her again.

Her eyes snapped open, when he brought his mouth back to her pussy, gripping the headboard as she ground it harder against his mouth. She felt herself close to cumming when he did that… She shuddered feeling his finger rub itself between her folds, coating it with her slick. Her pussy clamped around his tongue, moaning again, feeling her tears roll down her cheeks.

An airy moan slipped from her lips when his slick finger pressed against her back entrance, he didn’t give her time to prepare, pushing it slowly inside. She gasped, her hips shaking when he pushed it in knuckle deep

“Satori!” She squealed, her knees giving in when her pussy finally released that coil, gushing all over his mouth. Tendou groaned, lapping up the mess she made, pulling his hands away as she leaned over him, panting hard. He was grinning like he had just won a prize, finally catching his own breath. His arms wrapped around her waist bringing her against him, nuzzling his face into her bosom

“Awe man, you did so well, angel… Sorry for the surprise back there… but I couldn’t help it… Did it feel bad?” He hinted at her ass and she felt shy again, shaking her head

“I-It was a little weird… Different, I guess… but it wasn’t bad…”

He perked up a little, looking up at her

“Does that mean we can try anal-” He started,


Tendou pouted at her blunt answer, giving her puppy dog eyes but she didn’t budge

“I’m not ready for… that… I’m still a bit scared about it…” She admitted and his eyes softened, rubbing the back of her head

“That’s perfectly fine cutie, I won’t bring it up until you’re comfortable” He said, nuzzling into her chest and she felt a slight pang of guilt

“You’re not upset, right?”

Tendou quickly shook his head, sitting up

“Are you kidding? The fact that I get to be with you is more than enough… I can’t get enough of your pussy”

She yelped when he cupped her pussy, grinning while massaging her folds, making her bite her lip. She felt his erection pressing against her thigh, a hand going to caress it. Tendou sighed, feeling her fingers wrap around him, pumping him softly. He couldn’t wait anymore, he needed to be inside her now.

Y/n gasped when he pushed her on her back, holding her knees wide apart. She covered her mouth, when he placed his heavy cock on top of her dripping pussy, rubbing it until the undershaft was slick with her juices. She whimpered, gripping his arms, nails digging in slightly, as she moved her hips against him

“That’s it cutie… Tell me you want it” He purred and she mewled, when he pressed his cock against her hole, barely pushing it in.

“Satori… Please fuck me, already”

Tendou grinned, a chuckle escaping his lips, before he licked them

“Good girl~” He cooed, pushing himself in, all the way to the hilt. She arched her back, mewling his name while he grunt, feeling her velvety walls squeeze him. He let out a grunt, pushing his cock in and out of her slowly, letting her feel every inch of it.

“How does that feel? I know I feel fucking amazing, you’re practically swallowing me… I can’t wait to fill you up, every single day” Tendou muttered, his hand pressing down on her abdomen, making her eyes widen as she cupped her cheeks

“O-Oh Tori, I can feel it even harder, like this. I love this feeling”

Tendou gripped her knees, pushing them to her chest and she mewled louder when he increased his pace. She was already sensitive from her earlier orgasm, but she nearly lost her composure when he leaned down to suckle on her exposed nipple, making sure to nibble on the bud, making her squirm.

Hah!” A breathy moan left her, when he pounded her faster. She saw sparks under her eyelids, shaking lightly while he continued his ministrations on her breasts. The lewd sounds of their hips slapping and her pussy squelching drove him over the edge. He pulled out just for a second, only to push his entire cock back in, slowly. He kept repeating this motion, driving her wild.

“You’re gonna love this…” He grunted, smirking before angling his hips just perfectly, pushing all the way in, hitting her bundle of nerves just right. She screamed, when he focused on hitting his cock tip against her g-spot, feeling her tighten against his cock, making him let out a guttural moan

“Oh Y/n, I’m so close… I’m gonna let it all out inside you”

He lifted her legs, hooking them over his shoulders, thrusting harder again. His words fell on deaf ears, she grabbed the sheets above her head, feeling her body rub against the bed, crumpling it under her. He leaned down, looking at his cock thrusting inside her before he grabbed her head, making her look too

“Fuck, look at that baby. We’re connected here… I wanna stay like this forever” He sighed happily and she wrapped her arms around his neck

“M-Me too! I’m so close Tori” She panted and he held the headboard tightly

“Brace yourself, baby. We’re gonna cum together”

She had a mere second before he thrusted hard, shaking her bed and she let out loud moans, feeling her pussy pulsate madly around him. Her hands dug into his back, making him hiss. He ground his hips wildly, feeling their juices coat his skin. Their thighs were a wet mess, she mewled, feeling the sensations build inside her. She locked her ankles, groaning

“Tori~ I think I’m-”

He leaned down to kiss her,

“Me too…” He grunted, his thumb swiping and rubbing her clit, she threw her head back, moaning louder than before and he groaned, when she gushed all over him. His thrusts became sloppier before he announced his own climax. Pushing into her as deep as he could, filling her with his cum. She gasped feeling the sudden warmth penetrate her, while he groaned still riding out his orgasm inside her. He released ropes of cum inside her and she trembled, feeling it drip out of her, around his cock.

Tendou panted, pulling out of her, watching his seed drip from her raw pink pussy, before his eyes went to her sweaty form. Looking at her flushed face, skin dotted with beads of sweat. Cupping her face, he leaned down to give her a chaste kiss, calming her breathing, he cupped his face, kissing him back before pulling away

“That was really good…” She panted and he nuzzled against her neck, sucking her slightly salty skin

“It was fucking amazing…”

She blushed, when his fingers danced on the lace against her body, helping her pull it off her body, letting the air cool her down.

“You were a little mean…” She pouted and he chuckled, squeezing her ass

“And you were really into it” He called her out, nipping her ear making her squeak before he cuddled her again

“I wish we could get married now! Like right now, this very moment!” He announced and she laughed,

“I’d love that but… I’d like to be in a cleaner condition…” She hinted at their messy bodies and he grinned, kissing her neck again

“I can wait a little longer but once we walk down that aisle, you’re going to be mine forever”

She smiled, intertwining her fingers with his, looking back at him with her sweet doe eyes

“I can’t imagine a more perfect life…” She whispered, turning around and hugging him tighter, listening to Tendou ramble about their future together. She imagined the future, feeling happiness fill her form as her eyes slowly closed, feeling nothing but love radiate from him. Tendou quieted down when he realised, she was sleeping soundly against him. A smile stretched on his face, pulling the blanket up to cover them before he kissed her temple

“My cutie <3” He cooed, snuggling into her

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