Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 4: Budding Feelings

Chapter 4

“Hey Y/n, did you get my delivery? It said it was delivered over the weekend?” Ohno asked and Y/n blushed remembering the parcel she received on the weekend

Y/n thanked the delivery boy when he handed her parcel. Quickly locking the door, she placed the box on her kitchen table.

“Did I order something…?” she muttered, slicing open the tape. She opened the parcel and her face went red. These were the sex toys Ohno-sama had delivered to her house. A note fell out with the items.

Everyone should experience an orgasm once <3

(Ps: These are designed specifically for virgins ;)


Y/n shoved the parcel to a side counter, avoiding it completely.

Forgetting about it.

“Um… yes I did… You didn’t really have to do that…” She muttered

“Have you used them yet?” Ohno asked nonchalantly and Y/n gasped,

“Of course not!”

Ohno rolled her eyes,

“Y/n, it’s going to be a life changing experience, I promise you. You need to experience an orgas-”

“Ohno-sama! Please!” Y/n whined in embarrassment and Ohno chuckled, finally noticing her outfit.

“Well, don’t you look lovely today, what’s the occasion?” Ohno-sama grinned as Y/n blushed, sitting down in front of her. Everyone in the office had made her feel extra shy due to her change in clothing today. She was usually one who opted to wear pants and dress shirts to work, however today she was adorned in a lovely dress. Her female colleagues gushed about her, squealing at her bashfulness. The male colleagues kept their comments between themselves. They already deemed her as too modest to approach.

Y/n eyes focused on Ohno-sama’s laptop logo; she tapped her shoes against the floor jitterily.

“I’m going to see Tendou-san today…”

Ohno-sama dropped her cigarette in the ashtray, her eyes glued to Y/n as her grinned widened, she leaned forward

“Your neighbour? You’re going on a date?”

Y/n blushed and shook her head,

“N-no! He’s just going to show me how he makes chocolates at Angelina… That’s all…” Y/n tried explaining and Ohno raised a brow

“I forget you mentioned he was a chocolatier at Angelina… You’re meeting him after work?”

(AN: I couldn’t really think of any French names but then I remembered when I made a trip to Paris, I went to this patisserie called Angelina. So, I’m just gonna use this name. It’s easy for me to remember too :D)

Y/n nodded, fiddling with her thumbs. Ohno grabbed a fresh cigarette from her pack, lighting it and taking a puff

“Y/n, do you feel attracted to this man?” She asked and Y/n stopped moving her thumbs, looking at the older woman.

“I don’t know, truthfully… I don’t understand what I’m feeling. From the moment we met, I’ve been comfortable around him…” His face flashed in her mind; she could still feel his lips on hers. Her heart fluttered

“…he’s kind…”

Ohno raised a brow when she caught the warm smile Y/n crept up, it was a rare sight. She looked so pure. It made her smile,

“Tell me his name” She asked, and Y/n looked at her suspiciously

“Um… Tendou Satori” She muttered but Ohno still heard her and immediately typed it into her laptop. Y/n felt anxious as Ohno-san’s eyes were glued to the screen while she smoked,

“Well, would you look at that? He’s been in a few interviews… I must say for an almost baldie, he’s pretty damn cute. He looks a little cheeky, I like it” Ohno grinned turning her screen towards Y/n, a portrait picture of a crossed armed Tendou in his chef’s uniform, in front of her. He looked so smug and happy, gripping a whisk in one hand, her face went red and Ohno chuckled

“Woah kid, I think you really like him. Your cheeks are the same shade as my lipstick” She grinned, her pearly whites flashing from between her scarlet lips.

“I-I’m not sure…” She looked at her lap

“I mean, I don’t know how to get closer to him…”

Ohno looked at the dejected girl, feeling a bit sorry for her. Y/n was truly a good kid in her eyes, jittery, but she was still a little treasure. She stubbed her cigarette

“Y/n don’t second guess your feelings. Go with your instinct, don’t try thinking of just negative outcomes. You might rob yourself from a door to a new journey. You’ve been in high spirits today; I want to see more of it. If you want to get close to Tendou-san, try inviting him out sometime?”

Y/n thought over her words, it’s true, she always overthought situations. She wasn’t a teenager anymore; she overcame a lot of obstacles so far.

Ohno cleared her throat,

“Y/n take a second to think, does he scare or make you feel uncomfortable at all?” She asked and Y/n recalled her thoughts. His sweet face forming in her mind. Since the moment she met him, he had been respectful and downright sweet. How could she be afraid?

“He doesn’t… not one bit” She shook her head and Ohno smirked,

“You’re neighbours, right?” She said and Y/n nodded,

“This means you’ll be going home together after the café… Why don’t you invite him inside for coffee?” She suggested and Y/n’s heart thumped. She knew what a ‘cup of coffee’ meant from those smut mangas and novels she had to read.

“O-Ohno-sama! Isn’t that a little too suggestive!?”

Ohno sighed,

“Y/n, I need to be a bit serious here. Speaking from a professional perspective, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve asked you to draft a new novel and you still haven’t showed me anything promising. I’ve told you this before, but you need to experience the beauty of romance. I saw just a little bit of spark in the earlier draft you wrote after you kissed him. Don’t you want to feel that? Don’t you think you’re neglecting a golden opportunity?”

She ashed her cigarette

“Look kid, I don’t offer these types of things to just anyone, but your college essays were fantastic. You have a talent and it’s a shame you aren’t putting it to use. If you run away from every chance you get… I’m sorry Y/n but you’ll stay stagnant in life and we both know that’s not what you want.” She said sternly and Y/n’s shoulders slumped. Ohno-sama was right, she had been so distracted with her feelings toward Tendou that she had been neglecting her own goals.

Y/n gazed at her boss, determination in her eyes

“You’re right Ohno-sama… I don’t want to run away anymore… I want to feel that spark again, I want to be a writer… I also want to fall in love and be with someone...” Her voice shook as she tried not to let her tears spill

“It’s just frustrating because when his face is too close, I remember he’s a man and I just…” She said, her voice whimpering. Ohno stood up, making her way, hugging Y/n. Y/n never confided in Ohno about her trauma but the older woman had experienced her own fair share of a ruthless dog eat dog world when she was younger. She knew the girl had inner demons. It was kind of obvious with the way she behaved around men that she had gone through something traumatic.

Ohno was an experienced writer, herself. She was sharp and observant of details. She wouldn’t have encouraged Y/n to go for Tendou, if she knew it would harm her. The way this girl described this man didn’t make him sound suspicious at all. Even online, she couldn’t find much about him, except a few articles and interviews, and they were all positive.

“Y/n, you don’t have to tell me right now. Whenever you’re ready, we can talk about it.” Ohno squeezed her shoulder gently, smiling softly at the girl

“Just know, you aren’t alone, Y/n… When I was young, I went through something horrible… so horrible that, I wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy... It really broke me, I lost myself along the way… but I didn’t give up Y/n, I fought and fought those demons. They’re nothing but faint memories now. When I met my husband, he really helped me through my fears, he stuck with me through thick and thin because I was honest with my feelings around him. He made me love sex again, now I can’t get enough!” She smiled warmly, chuckling, and Y/n had stopped trembling, looking at Ohno-sama in shock

(So Ohno does have a backstory to her character but it’s depressing AF, not sure when it will arise in this story but I think it will be important for Y/n’s development (: )

“Oh-Ohno-sama, I’m so sorry… I didn’t know”

Ohno shook her head, holding Y/n’s hand

“Don’t worry Y/n, no one really knows. I’m telling you this because you’re young and I truly do see so much of my younger self in you. You are much stronger than you think. If you choose to cower, not only will people will walk all over you, you will lose out on the things you should be experiencing. Now wipe those tears and promise me that you will maybe try inviting him in for a drink”

Y/n wiped her face, a sheepish smile as she felt better

“I-I’ll try”

Ohno patted her back before standing up and going to her seat, Y/n excused herself, making her way towards the door


She turned, Ohno gazing at her,

“If he tries to kiss you tonight, do not be afraid. If you don’t want it, just tell him but if you do, do not run away. Remember that spark… Chase it!” She advised and Y/n blushed

“Thank you, Ohno-sama…”

Ohno chuckled,

“And maybe try using one of those toys before you sleep. I promise you; you’ll wake up feeling like brand new. You’re a woman, explore your body Y/n” She winked, and Y/n flushed, excusing herself and scurrying to her desk.

The rest of the day went by fast, Y/n kept thinking about her ‘date’ with Tendou after work. She was almost done for the day, she hummed as she scanned the drafts she had to edit.


Y/n checked her phone and she felt giddy. It was Tendou

Tendou-san: Hey neighbour :3 My shift is over, but I’ll be waiting for you. There’s a new chocolate I wanna make you try

Msg me when you’re on your way (:

She tried to supress her grin, not only does she get to spend time with Tendou, but she would get to try a new chocolate he made, how exciting! Putting her phone away as she continued humming and working, trying to make time fly by faster.

As soon as the clock struck 6, Y/n grabbed her things, dashing out of the office. She messaged Tendou that she was on her way, her heart was beating fast throughout her journey. It was almost 7pm when she reached. Angelina closed at 6 but the dimmed lights in the shop were still on. She shyly walked in, the bell ringing loudly. It was empty and she wasn’t sure what to do now. Should she wait outside or text him? Y/n heard the kitchen door opening and the cashier stepped out, noticing Y/n.

“Oh, hi there! You’re just in time, Tendou-san is just cleaning up. In the meantime, sit down, I’ll get you some hot chocolate!” She said, as Y/n thanked her and sat on the high stool by the counter. She quietly watched the waitress… She felt a little disappointed, she thought they were going to be alone. The woman set the hot chocolate down in front of Y/n

“You’re the cute regular around Angelina y’know. It’s nice to meet you, Call me Ryo” She shook Y/n’s hand

“I’m Y/n”

“I know, Tendou-san talks about you alot ” Ryo grinned and Y/n blushed,

“Oh.. he does?” She asked, a little more interested and a little more excited.

Ryo smirked, leaning over the counter, she ushered Y/n closer, whispering

“Tendou-san’s been really excited about today, never seen him so giddy before… but he asked me to stay behind for you in case, but I thought I’d ask you first, if that’s what you really want?”

Y/n blushed, Tendou was considerate enough to ask a female worker to stay behind for her comfort. That was incredibly thoughtful, but she did want to be alone with him. She couldn’t expect to be sheltered all the time, she needed to get out of her comfort zone. She wanted to know more about him. He was the only man who didn’t scare her, maybe he was the key to helping her find a way to conquer her own fears.

Y/n smiled softly looking at Ryo

“Thank you, Ryo-san, but it’s not fair on you to work overtime. I’ll be okay with Tendou-san”

Ryo grinned, wiping her hands on her apron

“Well that’s great, I promised my girlfriend we’d go out tonight. I appreciate it Y/n. Tendou-san may look like a weirdo but he’s actually a pretty great guy” She grinned, and Y/n’s eyes widened. Ryo was dating another woman? Y/n felt relieved, that meant she wasn’t close to Tendou (in that way). She sipped the hot chocolate, her eyes widening

“Wow Ryo-san! This is delicious!”

Ryo chuckled, wiping the counter and making idle talk with Y/n, after a few moments Tendou’s face popped out from the kitchen, he still had his uniform on. Y/n blushed when he smiled at her

“Hi there, glad you made it! I hope Ryo didn’t bother you” he teased, making Ryo swat his arm. The gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Y/n. She gripped her skirt, feeling a little envious at how casual they were with each other. She wished she could be like that with him…

Ryo glanced at Y/n,

“Hey Y/n, you done?” She asked looking at the mug and Y/n nodded,

“Oh y-yes! Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it, please let me pay…” She insisted but Tendou refused

“Hey, I’m not letting you pay! It’s my treat” he grinned, and Ryo scoffed,

“Actually… it’s my treat. Anyways Tendou-san, I’ll just finish washing this up and the shop’s all yours” She smiled at Y/n before she winked at Tendou making him blush and rub the back of his head

“Y-yeah… Thanks Ryo” He looked at Y/n who had a small smile on her face, fiddling with her thumbs. Tendou grinned at the younger woman,

“Y/n, would you like to follow me to the kitchen?”

She looked at him and nodded eagerly, standing up and Tendou’s breath hitched, she looked extra cute today. He secretly hoped that she dressed up for him… Her dress matched her cute demeanour, it was a lovely light pink, a few little ruffles here and there, she had a little make up on but it just made her look even more beautiful.

“Y-yes, of course!” She squeaked and Ryo chuckled,

“Have fun you guys! Not too much fun though”

She winked making them both blush and walk into the kitchen. Tendou let Y/n in first, glancing back at Ryo who mouthed,

“She’s cute, nice rack!” She gestured to her own chest, giving a thumbs up, making Tendou blush and glare at his cheeky co-worker who gave a dirty grin. He ignored her, shutting the door behind him. Ryo honestly was too much sometimes but he liked her. She livened up the place and customers loved her.

Y/n had never been inside a café’s kitchen before. Angelina was one of the posher bakeries/patisseries she went to, therefore it made sense when the kitchen seemed to be state of the art. Tendou began showing her around as she curiously followed, eyeing the multiple whisks, machineries, bowls, fruits and whatnot around her. Tendou ushered her to a corner where a large black marble slab lay on the counter, around were different pots of chocolates, moulds, piping bags, nuts, fruits.

“Woah…” She muttered and he grinned,

“This is my workstation; I’ve set it up for us today!” He gestured to his station countertop and she was fascinated

“This is amazing, I still can’t believe you work with chocolates! So… What are you making today?” She initiated conversation; she wasn’t feeling so nervous anymore, maybe just a little but Tendou was making sure to give her space. Tendou grinned,

“Actually I already finished the batch I was meant to make, I was actually thinking we could collaborate”

Y/n was confused, she raised a brow looking at the counter.

“Co-collaborate? I don’t know the anything about making chocolate except eating it!”

Tendou laughed and she blushed, looking at him. He had such a nice smile, it really suited his personality

“Don’t worry Y/n, I’ll be making the chocolate, but I want you to choose the flavours and how I’ll decorate them for you!”

She felt her heart thump, he was really going to do all of that just for her?

“Really?” She said under her breath making him grin

“Really. It’ll be fun as well; we can finally talk properly face to face without a partition. I want to get to know you more” He smiled gently, and she blushed, twirling her hair. He wanted to get to know her too. She felt really happy on the inside, but she began feeling doubt. Ryo was going to leave; it would just be them...

“Y/n don’t second guess your feelings. Go with your instinct, don’t try thinking of just negative outcomes. You might rob yourself from a door to a new journey...” Ohno’s words rang through her head.

Y/n clenched her fists, Ohno-sama was right, this was the doorway to a new experience, not only with just learning new things but finally, a man that she wasn’t so afraid off. She looked at Tendou

“This sounds pretty exciting! How shall we begin?”

Tendou clapped his hands,

“That’s the spirit! But, before we start, we gotta gear you up. I don’t want you to ruin that cute dress” He said, and she wanted to pass out. He noticed her dress! It made her feel delighted. Tendou reached under his station, trying to blindly find something and Y/n was curious

“There it is!” he cheered, pulling out a folded white pristine apron. He handed it to her

“Sorry Y/n but I can’t give you a uniform, that’s limited to employees but this aprons for you” He blushed, and she clutches the soft material, her thumb rubbing against the light pink embroided ‘Angelina’ logo

“Are- Are you sure I can have this?” She asked in shock, and he laughed

“Of course, neighbour-chan, you look pretty today… and making chocolate for the first time can get messy… trust me, you don’t want to get that dress ruined”

She looked at him, smiling warmly making his heart fluctuate.

“I’m honoured, thank you Tendou-san!”

She draped it over herself, hands fiddling to tie the ribbon. Tendou noticed her struggling, she looked so adorable, her cheeks puffed slightly as she blindly tried tying the belt.

He cleared his throat,

“Um… if you don’t mind… shall I tie it for you?” He asked a little unsure and she stopped, the apron hanging loose on her form. If he tied the apron for her, it would mean he would be right behind her, super close.

She decided to be honest,

“Honestly, I don’t know how I’ll react when you’re so close to me… but I’m willing to try?” She said and he smiled

“Thank you for trusting me, if you feel uncomfortable, just tell me to back off!” He insisted, walking cautiously behind her. She held her breath when she felt the apron tighten behind her. Y/n’s heart was beating, she was excited. She knew it was Tendou behind her, but it excited her. She couldn’t see his face, but she was feeling super comfortable. He tied it within a few seconds and moved away immediately

“There you go! What do you think?”

She looked down at the soft apron, hands dusting it gently. She grinned,

“I love it! Thank you, Tendou-san!”

He blushed, rubbing the back of his head. She looked like a housewife right now and it made him want to scoop her up and cuddle her hard. Tendou had an attraction towards cute things. Hell… at one point he watched The Ring, over and over again, despite it scaring him because he found the ghost Sadako, cute…(AN: So on Tendou’s wiki, this was a fun fact about him… Idk if he’s watched the movie over and over again but he did find the ghost cute lol) It was no secret that Y/n must have been maybe one of the cutest people he has ever seen. Hell, even Ryo would bring it up. Maybe it was her innocent demanour, linked with her ridiculously sexy body and what topped it off, was her added shyness in general. In his eyes, she must have been like an angel.

“Tendou-san?” She asked, realising he was staring past her, he shook his head snapping from his thoughts

“S-sorry! I thought one of the cooking pots were still on!” He lied, clearing his throat as she looked behind her to the closed stove

“A-anyways, let’s get started!” He brought her back to the counter, showing her multiple moulds

“First, I’m going to let you choose a mould. Take your pick” He ushered to them. She eyed them with great concentration. She had a rare chance to get a professional chocolatier (from her favourite patisserie) to make the chocolates of her choice. She was going to see the true beauty behind the desserts, she admired oh so much. One thing she always felt from his desserts, were the feelings. She was an empath for his chocolates. Her fingers danced around the cold steel counter, rimming the moulds. Tendou glanced at her hands, she was wearing nude nail polish… Her fingers were so dainty and feminine. He felt like he was going into a dream like state, as he secretly observed her features. Her beautiful chocolate coloured eyes were shining under her thick long eyelashes, her cheeks were stained with the loveliest hue of pink and those lips… Oh god… they looked so plump and succulent. He didn’t realise he licked his own lips.

She was driving him slightly crazy in that apron. He was letting his boyish fantasies get to him. Something about her made him feel like a teenager again.

“How about this one!?” She said eagerly, pushing a mould towards him. Tendou eyed it,

“Oh, this is a truffle mould! I like making truffles, they’re a lot of fun!” He grinned and she felt cheery

“I do love truffles! How do we begin?”

Tendou smirked, proudly ushering to the pots of chocolate on the side.

“Let’s choose a flavour for the coating, would you like dark, milk or white chocolate?”

Y/n struggled; this was a little difficult. She was a fan of all three flavours. Tendou had a cheeky idea, he opened a drawer taking three spoons out

“If you can’t decide, let’s do a taste test” He offered, dipping the first spoon into the milk chocolate, bringing it towards her lips. Y/n didn’t hesitate, opening her lips letting him bring the spoon to her mouth as she tasted. Tendou blushed when her eyes closed as she made a hum of appreciation, tasting the chocolate. He eyed the chocolate that coated her lips, picturing himself diving down kissing her and licking them off her lips. He shook his head, putting the spoon down and grabbing the next one

“Alright, let’s try the white one?”

He asked and she nodded

They repeated it with the remaining pots and she finally decided on the milk chocolate. As Tendou began preparing the moulds, Y/n realised what just happened, she let him feed her and she wasn’t scared. In fact, her excitement was raging. She began watching Tendou as he carefully tampered the chocolate on the black marble slab. He rolled his sleeves up, she took note of his muscular arms.

She began daydreaming…

Tendou’s eyes looking at her, a hint of cheekiness swirling in his scarlet eyes. He put him tempering tool down, his long finger dipping in the middle of the chocolate.

“Y/n…” He purred, extending his finger towards her

“Taste this” He cooed, and she leaned forward, opening her mouth, letting him slide his finger in, the sweet sweet sinful chocolate rubbing and melting against her tongue. Tantalising her tastebuds. Tendou’s gaze was sharp, he smirked at her, his fingers playing with her tongue

“Doesn’t this taste so good…? Do you want more Y/n…”? He purred, his face coming close to hers

“Y/n…” he breathed, lips almost touching hers…


Y/n shook her head, alarmed from that fantasy. She felt a light throbbing between her legs. She was thankful she was over the other side. Tendou might have seen her squirming. Was this the feeling of arousal that she would often read in those erotic novels? She had never ever daydreamed about anyone lewdly and here she just fantasied about her neighbour, shamelessly in front of him. She felt the tiniest wet spot forming between her legs. She was shaking, she wanted to feel that again…

Tendou eyed her curiously, she seemed quite zoned out for a second, but he chose not to ask… Her face had looked a little lewd earlier, he hadn’t seen that reaction before, but it made his heart stir. She went from her cute persona to looking like super womanly. It stirred his feelings, he realised that if she knew how seductive she could be, she would’ve been a man-eater… He was glad he had an apron on, he wasn’t sure how long he could control Mini-Tendou. Y/n was ridiculously his type, it was wild. He felt like he was being tested, everything about her was too good to be true.

She was heavenly

“S-sorry! I was so mesmerized with the way you temper chocolate! You looked so passionate while doing it, it took my breath away!”

Tendou looked at her, he felt sheepish. She seemed more open and friendlier towards him now. He was happy, courting her may take a while but he felt like it would be worth the wait. He laughed, his cheeks were pink

“Now yer making me blush. C’mon Y/n-chan, lets finish making your special truffles!”

She cheered, coming a bit closer to him to observe the moulds, he looked down smiling at her as they continued the process. After much thought and decisions, the evening went on and both of them chatted happily about life.

Tendou placed the truffle tray in the freezer, wiping his hands

“Alright! Now we gotta wait at least 30 minutes…” he glanced at the clock; it was almost 8pm. Hopefully Ryo had done what he has requested…

“Say Y/n, since we need to wait, let’s go into the café. I actually prepared dinner too. I had a feeling we might be here a little late.”

She blushed, dinner with Tendou? Maybe this really was a date… she was starting to hope it was. Y/n was secretly proud of herself for going another step further, she was genuinely having a great time. Tendou hadn’t made her feel uncomfortable once. She smiled,

“You’re really thoughtful Tendou-san!”

He grinned, rubbing the back of his head

“Why don’t you wash up over there? Then meet me in the shop” He said, and she agreed, going to the sink as he left the kitchen humming, a little grin on his face. After a few minutes, she walked into the shop and she stopped, Tendou stood by a table, a few candles lit in the middle. He smiled,

“Um, I hope this is alright?”

She shook her head, a little shy

“I-it’s really nice… Thank you” She muttered as he pulled a chair for her, letting her sit down

He grinned, lifting the covers off the dishes and she eyed the Italian food?

“Italian?” She asked confused and Tendou blushed

“Right… I may know how to bake but I suck at cooking savoury dishes… Ryo actually ordered this… Sorry it’s not homemade but we don’t have savoury ingredients here and I didn’t wanna fill you up on desserts and pastries. If you eat too much sugar, you’ll never be able to sleep tonight”

She giggled at his honesty, her cheeks were flushed, and he also felt relieved, she was comfortable with him. Tendou sat in front of her, they faced each other. The candles glowing and radiating against their faces. They both had light blushes, she shyly eyed the food

“I… really like Italian food…” she muttered, a little smile on her face making him grin

I really like you…’ Tendou thought before he grabbed the breadbasket, offering it to her. Ryo really set the table well, he might have to give her a little extra from the tip jar.

“I’m glad, it’s one of my favourites too. Though I’m not much of an eater, I prefer watching people eat my food” He grinned as she giggled, plating up. They began discussing their little collaboration, Tendou was impressed by her choice of flavours. He was pretty excited to taste them too.

Their conversation died out as the food was almost finished. Y/n glanced down; she wasn’t sure what else they could talk about. She learnt so much about him tonight. She wanted to talk to him more. This night felt romantic, but she didn’t want to misunderstand the situation. She had never done this before. Tendou gazed at her, she seemed deep in thought. He felt like he could ask her a bit more,

“Y/n-chan? Can I ask you something? If you don’t mind, you don’t have to answer it”

She felt her heart race, she looked at him

“Yes?” She mumbled, biting her lip in uncertainty

“How did you muster up the courage to move to Tokyo by yourself… after your fear arised?”

Y/n’s eyes widened, she would be delving deep into her past, one she was trying to forget… but Ohno-sama made her realise she wasn’t alone. Y/n knew she had to be honest and open her heart out. She had the opportunity to spend time with a man who didn’t make her phobia or anxiety arise. Y/n felt like she could be honest with him.

She looked out the shop window, eyes lidding as she began telling him about having to attend her college classes online for months while she went to therapy. How bad her paranoia had gotten to her... She brought up the exercises given to her, how her father supported her throughout her recovery.

“My mother died when I was around 2… After that, Otosan took care of me my entire life. He raised me the best he could and always supported me. You could say he’s my best friend…” Tendou smiled softly, making her blush, looking down, fiddling with her thumbs

“… um… I realised I didn’t want him to be alone anymore. He has his own life; he gave up his best years taking care of me. I didn’t want to burden him anymore… One day, he had no choice but to go on a two-day trip outside our town… It was very difficult for us but I couldn’t hold him back so I assured him I could manage, but the first night was awful…”

She told Tendou about her insomnia and how scared she was, that she had to leave all the lights and television on for white noise. Then she talked about her dad and how she began writing a short story about him…

“I felt that passion that had fizzled out of me, come back. I didn’t realise that it was morning by the time I finished…”

Y/n then discussed what happened with Maro, how she didn’t even realise she ran out of the house and spoke to the male doctor and receptionist. Tendou laughed when she told his Maro was just constipated but he quieted down letting her continue

“That day, I realised that if I put my mind to it, I can face my fears. Maro and Otosan have helped me through the worst times. I decided I needed a fresh start, by sheer luck Ohno-sama hired me and she’s been a wonderful mentor. In fact, she encouraged me to talk to you more…”

Y/n twirled her hair shyly and Tendou blushed. Y/n would talk about him to her boss? This meant that he definitely had a chance with her. This had to mean something.

“Y/n, you really are a remarkable woman. You’re much stronger than you think…”

Her eyes widened, Ohno-sama said the same thing

“Thank you for having to talk to me about something difficult. I really wish I could’ve turned back time for you… I know I can’t but maybe… I could pave a better path for you…?” He murmured, and she looked at him confused.

He shook his head, that was too straight forward. He needed to approach her carefully

“Y/n, be honest but did you feel scared of me at all tonight…?”

She held her breath, even Ohno-sama asked her this earlier. If he made her uncomfortable…

She folded her napkin, putting it to the side

“No… I didn’t… I’m not scared of you Tendou-san” She whispered, and he eyed her expression. She was feeling shy. He decided to be a little more honest, he was a grown man after all. This wasn’t high school or college. He needed to make his intentions clear, but he also knew with Y/n, he had to approach this very slowly. He couldn’t just rush this. It had been a long time since he felt enamoured like this. He wasn’t sure of her experience with men before the incident, in fact he guessed she was a virgin but then again, he could have also been wrong. She did attract him, physically but he wanted to delve deeper with her on an emotional level. He did not want this to be a fling.

“Y/n… if I thought of this as a date… would you be okay with that?” He asked, looking away a little smile on his face, as he blushed.

She felt her own cheeks redden. All these positive emotions swirled inside of her. She felt like she was in a classic romantic movie right now. It all seemed too perfect… She could feel a tiny spark in her heart. Y/n gazed at him, she tried to reach into herself and see if she could feel any hint of discomfort but no matter how hard she tried, there was none. Was this love? She wasn’t sure… but did she want more?

“Yes… I would be okay with that”

Oh, how she thought her face would melt, she shyly gazed at her lap. Tendou’s heart was struck by cupid’s arrow. He was one step closer to her heart. He didn’t want to make this moment go awkward. He stood up, smiling,

“I think our truffles are ready now. Let me clean up and I’m going show you some magic” He insisted, and she stood up, shyly smiling at him

“Let me wash up please! You’ve done so much for me since we met, it’s the least I could do!” She insisted and he shook his head

“I’ll wash up, our industrial sink is a little crazy… Tell you what, you can dry the dishes?” He offered and she grinned,


They laughed as Tendou goofed around putting the dishes away. He excitedly turned to the fridge, opening the steel door and pulling the tray out. Y/n’s eyes shined as she stared at the round truffles. They looked gorgeous. Tendou smirked, lifting a piping bag.

“I was thinking with your butterscotch walnut truffles, a little salted caramel piping would give an added touch to the flavour”

She let out a woah under her breath as he decorated them in a quick pace. She looked at him baffled and he chuckled

“Experience” He winked, and she blushed. Tendou placed the truffles in one of Angelina’s chocolate boxes, tying the ribbon securely. One piece was left on the tray

“Taste your creation, Y/n-chan” He grinned, and she looked at the tray,

“But there’s only one, what about you?”

He rubbed the back of his head, laughing sheepishly

“It’s alright, don’t worry about me”

Y/n frowned, eyeing the truffle. She lifted it up, biting into half of it. Her eyes widened, and Tendou grinned,

“Is it good?”

She looked at him, her heart was beating but she held the chocolate close to his face

“You have to try it, Tendou-san!”

Tendou was taken back, she was going to feed him. Damn, his heart was gonna explode. He shyly leaned forward and she swore he could hear her heart beating. His lips opened as they tried eating the other half. She clenched her thighs when his lips softly brushed against the tips of her fingers as he ate the other half. He stood up, eyeing the ceiling as he tried to taste the flavours of this collaboration. His eyes widened, he looked at her

“Y/n-chan… I think I just discovered my favourite flavour…” He whispered and she nodded

“Me too…”

He eyed the melted chocolate on her fingers, without thinking twice, he gently grabbed her hand, bringing them to his lips as he licked them clean. Her face was burning as she shook, the throbbing between her legs was intense. She didn’t know how to control it. Tendou’s eyes widened, as he pushed himself away from her

“I-I’m so so sorry! Agh!”

He groaned when his hip slammed into the metal counter and she gasped,

“Oh my gosh, are you okay?”

He closed one eye, biting his lip, trying not to hiss

“Mhmm… I’m fine” He said but she wasn’t convinced. He rubbed his side a few times, this was so uncool of him…. He was mortified by his actions. He grabbed a clean steel pan, trying to hand it to her

“Hit me!”

Her eyes widened,

“Um… what?”

He ushered the panic towards her,

“I did something so absurd! I-I wasn’t thinking! Please hit me! I deserve it” He reasoned, and she stared at him baffled. After a few seconds of silence, she burst out laughing and he looked at her, he felt awkward for a few seconds but then her joyous face became infectious, his own laughter arising as he joined her. When it died down, their faces were red but they were grinning

“I can’t believe you wanted me to hit you with a heavy pan… I could never” She giggled, and he blushed,

“I’m sorry but I was worried that would’ve freaked you out”

She shook her head,

“I… uh didn’t really mind…”

She blushed, quickly changing the topic

“Anyways… This truffle is delicious! I honestly was scared they were going to be a flop! Thank you so much for letting me have this opportunity Tendou-san. I’m really happy right now” She smiled, and he felt his heart melt

“You’ve got an exceptional palette Y/n-chan! C’mon, lets close up the shop and head home?” He asked and she nodded,

“Yes, let’s go home”

They had a great time tonight as they walked towards their doors. Y/n was still giggling about Tendou’s little accident and he was flustered but he was really happy in this moment. He definitely wanted to see her more. Y/n felt a little disappointed when they stood in front of their doors. Tendou’s hands in his pocket as he stared down at her. They didn’t know what to say,

“So… I had a really nice night with you. Thank you for coming to Angelina after work, you must be really tired…” He said, and she looked at her door and then at him

“Why don’t you invite him inside for coffee?”

She remembered Ohno-sama saying. Y/n held her breath, she remembered the first night she met Tendou… She knew if she invited him inside, it could result in something more than just coffee. She remembered how good it felt kissing him. Tendou had sparked something inside her today. She didn’t know what awaited her, but she wanted to spend a bit more time with him.

“T-Tendou-san… would you like to come inside… for some coffee?” She asked shyly, fiddling with her fingers….

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