Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 5: Cup of Coffee (Mild NSFW)

Chapter 5:

Y/n’s hands trembled as she began stirring the coffee

‘Oh my god… he’s actually inside my house. Shit, shit, shit.’ Kept repeating in her head. She hadn’t expected herself to be so forward but after such a lovely night, she wanted to be with him longer. She couldn’t help herself. She was an adult; she knew what she was in for.

Tendou was super kind, he entered and went straight to play with Maro in his cage, as Y/n made the coffee, but he felt a little awkward. He was inside her apartment, finally after being curious for weeks. He had the opportunity to get to know her better. He could hear the clinking of cutlerly coming from the kitchen, he decided to be a good guest. Getting up he made his way to the kitchen, eyeing her form from behind. Even in this dress, her ass looked so tantilzing.

He shook the nasty thoughts from his head… Now was not the time to get a boner….

“Hey, need some help?” He asked her

Y/n gasped, dropping the mug of coffee in her startlement. She hissed when the hot beverage poured down the front of her dress. Tendou cursed, quickly grabbing a kitchen towel, trying to dab her clean.

“Shit, I did it again! I’m so sorry for scaring you”

She shook her head, a blush on her face

“No, no! I-it’s okay…” She said, her face was burning, Tendou kept dabbing her body, not realising he was dabbing her wet chest

“Um… Tendou-san….” She said awkwardly and he stopped realising what he was doing. He dropped the towel, backing away. A blush on his face,

“S-sorry! I just didn’t want your dress to stain. Are you okay? I hope you; it didn’t burn you” He asked worried and she gave a tiny smile

“No, the dress saved me, but I’ll have to make the coffee again… Sorry about that” She said, and he shook his head,

“Why don’t you shower and change? If you’d like privacy… We can do this again, some other time” He smiled sweetly, offering to leave but without thinking twice, she grabbed his sleeve

“Oh, N-no! Um… please stay?” She asked lowly, a little bewildered by her sudden outburst and so was Tendou, he felt his heart pump. Oh man, how he wanted to pull her into a suffocating hug. He tried to push his luck, slowly putting a hand on her head, ruffling the top of it making her blush, he grinned because she didn’t draw back,

“Alright, I’ll stay but you gotta change otherwise you’ll get sick. I’ll make us fresh cups of coffee, alright?” He winked, and she looked like a cherry tomato, making him laugh as she hurried to the bathroom in embarrassment about the whole ordeal.

He hummed as he began washing the spilt cups of coffee and wiped her counter. Laying the fresh clean cups back on the counter, he reached for the kettle. Waiting for the water to re-boil. In her small apartment, he could hear the shower running and his thoughts got the best of him. He realised that he was alone, in her apartment for the first time… When he first met Y/n, she couldn’t even look at his face and now, here he was standing in her kitchen making them coffee like it was a normal circumstance between them.

He had a smile on his face

‘She trusts me enough to be inside her house…’

As the kettle boiled, his thoughts went further, his tapped his fingers against the counter, observing her kitchen. Everything was pretty feminine and cute, just like her. Even her mugs, their light pink and white polka dots coming into his view making him smirk as he observed a mug,

“Kawaii…” He whispered

Tendou began thinking her actions tonight. She invited him inside… Does that mean she was giving him permission to get closer? When those cups of coffee were finished, did that mean the night was finished too? He wasn’t sure… All evening, all he could think about was kissing. The first time they kissed, it nearly sent him into overdrive. He was addicted to her lips, he craved feeling the plumpness of them against him. Tendou hummed as he poured the boiled water into their cups, watching the clear water turn black, the smell of coffee wafting through his nose, into his lungs, instantly calming him.

“Where does she keep the sugar?” he muttered, opening various cabinets. Finally, he eyed the last cabinet in the corner, opening it and cheering when he found the sugar packets. He picked up and few and cursed when two dropped into the slightly open parcel underneath the cabinet on the side counter. Without thinking much of it, he opened the lid of the parcel to take the packets out, eyes widened and his face bursting red, when he realised the parcel was full of sex toys, different vibrantly coloured wands, vibrators and rotors… He saw the note on top of the items…

Everyone should experience an orgasm once <3

(Ps: These are designed specifically for virgins ;)


He grabbed the sugar packets, slamming the lid of the parcel close as he shoved the box back into its place. His heart was racing…

His suspicions were confirmed… She was a virgin. But… who sent her this box? Maybe it was a prank…

Tendou hands were shaky as he poured the sugar in, his hands trembling slightly while stirring the drinks.

‘Everyone should experience an orgasm once’

Rang in his head… Y/n had no sexual experience at all, and he had her caged under him weeks ago…

‘She’s never orgasmed…’ He realised, face still red. For some (obvious) reason, Tendou was feeling a little excited. If they had gone all the way that night, he would’ve granted Y/n, her first climax. He was the first to kiss her, her first date and now the first man in her apartment.

She was going to let him go all the way had she not been triggered that night… He began feeling a little bit pressured, he did not want to take away her first time. Someone like Y/n, deserved the best first time. After what she had been through, he couldn’t take advantage of her feelings like that. She trusted him more than any other man at the moment, it was evident to him. If she wasn’t, she would have never made such an effort with him. He knew there was something building between them. There was sexual tension between them, but the purer aspect of their ‘budding’ relationship drew him in more.

“Tendou-san?” Y/n’s voice startled him, he turned to look at her with a pink face. He awkwardly laughed, scratching the back of his head.

“S-sorry, I got lost in the smell of the coffee. Here” He grabbed the mug turning towards her, freezing when he eyed her in her oversized sweater, it hung loosely around her form, the hem of it reaching just above her knees. His face was pink as she looked at him confused before thanking him for the coffee. A smile on her face,

“Thank you so much! I’m sorry I took so long, let’s go into the lounge” She blushed, leading him out. He stared at the short woman walking in front of him, her dress riding up giving him a view of her creamy thighs. Tendou inwardly groaned, he was really being tested by the Gods… He tried looking at Maro, who was nestled in his cage to distract him. Y/n began feeling shy when they sat down next to each other. Her heart was racing, she could feel his body heat. They awkwardly sipped their coffee…

“So…?” Both of them started, only to stop and blush, chuckling. Y/n didn’t want to revert into her shell. She felt a spark earlier, she began thinking about a draft for a short story in the shower. Y/n needed Tendou to be her muse. He was the only man, she trusted to this level. It was strange, to others he seemed intimidating but to her, he was more than a breath of fresh air. When she was with him, she didn’t feel triggered. It just felt right. She cleared her throat, standing up, catching his attention as she slid the balcony door open. She shyly looked at him,

“D-do you want to sit outside?” She asked and he smiled, standing up walking to the balcony.


They stepped onto the small balcony; Y/n sheepishly laughed

“S-sorry, it’s a bit cramped. Here’s a spare cushion” She offered, and he thanked her placing it on the floor, sitting opposite her, their legs almost entangled. He eyed her balcony, the railings decorated with plants and glowing fairy lights. He fingered the tiny bulbs gently and she flushed, gazing at his calm warm-hearted face.

“Your apartment… it really reflects your personality” He muttered, and she looked at him confused

“My personality?”

Tendou grinned at her sipping his coffee. He felt comfortable enough to flirt with her. If she felt uncomfortable, he would stop immediately but judging from today’s events, he was sure it would be fine.

“Yeah… Everything about it, is super adorable!” He chuckled and she went bright red, huddling her knees to her chest and Tendou’s eyes almost popped out when she flashed him, her panties without realising. He cleared his throat, looking at his coffee

“T-Tendou-san… you’re exaggerating… I’m just a little shy that’s all…” She dropped her knees and he was thankful but now, he began thinking of those sex toys. He began imaging her, using them… His dick was beginning to stir

‘Shit, I gotta drink this coffee and get out of here before I ruin this’ He thought, shaking his head. Y/n glanced at his flustered face, what was he thinking? He seemed lost in thought…

“Um… Tendou-san?” She said quietly and he looked at her

“Yeah?” He asked, shaking the dirty thoughts from his mind. She looked at him, a tiny smile on her face

“I really enjoyed myself today… Actually… it was my first date…” She mumbled shyly looking away from him, into her almost empty coffee mug. She wanted to make him understand discreetly that she wanted to see him more.

Was she falling in love with him?

Tendou put his mug down, he smiled warmly at her. He already knew this was her first date, but she was still kind enough to hint it to him. She hinted that she trusted him… a lot… Y/n was refreshing compared to the flirtatious women he dabbled with in Paris and his school/college days. He gently pulled the mug from her hands, putting it down next to his. He cautiously grasped her delicate hands, his fingers intertwining with hers. Y/n blushed, her heart was pumping incredibly, she could feel that spark rising inside her. She gripped them harder,

“Y/n-chan?” He whispered, she shyly avoided his gaze

“Y-yes?” She asked, he swallowed, a hand leaving hers as he gently gripped her chin, making her look at him but she avoided eye contact

“Can I kiss you?” He asked, his tone was gentle but serious. She thought she was going to faint, she wasn’t going to admit it, but she had been craving his lips… This was her chance, to bring herself further from the past and onto a new walk of life. She no longer wanted to stop herself from second guessing or overthinking. Her face was glowing under the fairy lights as Tendou waited patiently, his thumb gently stroking her face.

“Y-yeah… please…” She said under her breath making him chuckle at her politeness. His own heart was racing, this was like a dream come true. He never expected to get this far. Her face was addictive

“Are you sure?” He asked and she shyly nodded, biting her lip, indirectly turning him on more…

“Y/n… look at me” He said, as she tried stilling her heart, her demure eyes made contact with his cardinal ones. Tendou leaned forward, bringing his lips closer to hers. She felt her eyes closing and her breath slip away when he kissed her softly. Unlike the other night, she was completely sober. She remembered each sensation a hundred times better than before. The immediate spark she felt channelling through her lips, rushing down her body, making her shiver in delight. Tendou softly parted from her, they were breathing lightly. Y/n fisted his shirt, looking at him, her face was burning but her eyes sang another tune

“A-again…” She whispered and he didn’t hesitate, swooping down to kiss her a little bit harder as she kept her eyes closed, moaning slightly when he licked her bottom lip. She wasn’t sure what to do and Tendou parted from her again, his forehead resting against hers.

“Y/n… open your mouth” he asked, and she blushed when he kissed her again, swiping her bottom lip with his tongue. She hesitantly parted her lips and her eyes widened when he pushed his tongue inside her mouth, the taste of his coffee still lingering. Tendou still held her jaw in his gentle grip, not allowing her to move (unless she really wanted to). Y/n could feel the same throbbing she felt earlier between her legs. She was feeling her arousal build, she clenched her thighs, her hands wrapping around his neck as she tried to rub her tongue against his. He groaned when he felt her plump breasts press against his chest.

Shit, this was escalating way too fast. She was a virgin; he couldn’t do this to her right now. He wanted her to truly enjoy the experience, but he wanted her to fall in love with him first. He wanted to hear those three words slip from her mouth. Y/n was startled when she felt something hard press against her stomach, pulling away from him. Her face cherry red when she realised, he had an erection.

Oh gosh… Reality hit her. She had really gotten into it. Tendou flushed, covering himself with the floor cushion, apologising. He wanted to die in shame. She was totally going to label him as a pervert now

“Sh-shit! Sorry Y/n! I got really into that kiss that my body reacted! I-I’ll leave” He quickly got up, rushing into her lounge, leaving her there a little confused. She stood up, quickly catching his flushed form as he tried putting his shoes on. She grabbed the back of his sweatshirt

“T-Tendou-san! It’s okay… I was just surprised that’s all…. You don’t have to leave...” She muttered, blushing but she kept her firm gaze on him. Her cherubic face was an open book, she clearly wasn’t uncomfortable like he expected. His hand brushed over his fuzzy head, as he groaned

“Y/n… I think its best I leave… I won’t be able to control myself. I-I don’t want to repeat the other night. I don’t want you to think of me as a monster…” He said, looking at her front door. Feeling hesitant to leave but he knew it was the right thing. He apologised, turning to the door, stopping when Y/n hugged him from behind. His face burning, feeling her body heat and those sinful breasts he fantasied about pressing against him. Y/n herself was stunned by her behaviour but she wasn’t a high school girl anymore. She was an adult; she knew what she wanted, and it was him

“T-Tendou-san, I’ve told you before… and I’ll tell you again but you’re not a monster… I-I can’t explain what I’m feeling but you are the only man I want to be near… You’re the key to my novel... You’re my muse, so please… don’t go… I can’t lose that spark” She trailed off shyly, letting go off him, staring at her feet as they shuffled into the carpet. He glanced at the door once more, opening it, feeling guilty.

Wasn’t she writing an erotic novel?

She wanted him to be her muse…

“You don’t scare me… I promise. I got scared that night because I remembered my stalker’s face… that’s all but I know you’ll never hurt me... I trust you so… you don’t need to treat me like glass” She whispered, feeling her heart drop. Tendou took a deep breath, he closed the door, turning towards her. His eyes were serious, her breath hitched as he walked up to her. He came closer, hands on her shoulder, he looked into her eyes. She wanted to look away but if she did, then he wouldn’t continue, she had to battle her shyness. She bit her lip as his eyes went a little darker with passion, his thumb rubbing her bottom lip gently, making her legs tremble slightly

“Y/n… would you like some inspiration for your novel?” He asked gently and she nodded, feeling herself going into a trance, his scarlet gaze capturing her attention. He smiled at her,

“Shall we move somewhere a little more private…?” He asked and she flushed, her heart was in her throat, her pussy was throbbing. She couldn’t control this new feeling of arousal. She felt a little bit feral. Y/n hadn’t even done anything sexual with the guy yet but here she was, leading him to her cosy bedroom. Tendou immediately took in the scent of her, the moment he stepped into her bedroom. He held her hand, stopping her

“Y/n… it’s not too late. I can still leave; I won’t be offended.” He reasoned but she held his hand, turning around, smiling at him warmly, taking him aback. She began recalling moments from her the smut novella she had read before. She was a little embarrassed, but she was going to try it. Y/n pulled him closer to her bed, falling on top of it. Her dress sliding up, exposing her thighs but covering her crotch, her cheeks were bursting cherry red. Tendou’s heart stirred, she was so sexy, it was unreal. Her wavy brown locks scattered across the bed. He leaned over her, his hand gently rubbing her side of her face

“Shit Y/n… you’re beautiful. Y’know that? I feel like I’m dreaming. Is this really okay?” He muttered and she blushed, her heart had not stopped racing all night. Ohno-sama would have been rejoicing by now. She nodded, grabbing his other hand, letting it rest on her thigh.

“You can touch me… if you’d like?” She said quietly and he was absolutely sure, his dick was screaming to be released from their confines. His hands slowly began caressing the sides of her thighs, making her gasp lightly, clenching her thighs from the ticklish sensation. Tendou was enamoured, her skin was smoother than he remembered. His hands cautiously dancing up her hips, lifting her dress above her hips, exposing her panties. He bit his lip,

‘Fuck… she’s soaked them…’ He thought eyeing the almost translucent panties, slick with her arousal. Shit, he felt proud for turning her on this much. He crawled over her, his dark form crouching over hers.

Y/n suddenly began trembling… Again, she felt the feelings of doubt arise. She began realising she had a man on top of her... She kept reminding herself it was Tendou and not the stalker… Tendou’s hands stopped, feeling her trembling, he realised she was beginning to get uneasy. He backed away, ignoring his throbbing cock.

“Y/n, I’m stopping… It’s okay” he said gently but she shook her head, biting her lip, her eyes glossing over

“Tendou-san… I’m so sorry, i-its really not you. I really want to keep going… but when your face is above mine… I suddenly get triggered… I’ll understand if you want to leave. This is going to annoy you sooner or later” She bit her lip, hiding her tearing up face behind her hands as she turned her body away, in guilt. Tendou felt his heart drop. How could he leave her? She clearly was into him but whenever he was too close or above her in bed. She would get scared… How could he resolve this…? He eyed her from behind, inhaling

He decided to take the plunge, he hugged her from behind, startling her and making her heart race.

“I won’t get annoyed… I promise… Maybe it’s too early to say this but I think it’s pretty obvious that I really like you. I know we can work on this together, I want to be here for you…”

Y/n’s eyes widened, he just confessed to her. Tendou could feel her heart racing under his arms, his own racing against her back. She was ecstatic, she felt that spark rise inside her even brighter.

“T-Tendou-san…” She whispered and he tightened his hug,

“Y/n, are you feeling triggered right now? Be honest?” He asked and she shook her head,

“N-no… I’m not?” She realised; her anxiety had melted away. Tendou smiled, before he hummed in thought

“I… realised that you didn’t flinch away from me when I tied your apron for you. Perhaps, if you don’t see my face, you won’t get triggered?” He reasoned and her mouth opened. She hadn’t thought of that, but it was true, he wasn’t triggering her at all in this position. She bit her lip, realising his erection was pressing against her ass. He felt endowed but how would she know… What could she compare it to? She was secretly glad that she couldn’t see his penis, she wasn’t sure she was ready for that yet. Even in smut mangas, the censored penises would make her embarrassed, how would she react to seeing a real dick…? However, feeling his hard-on against her panties made her feel a little curious and bold, she softly rubbed her ass against his hips, flushing immediately when he groaned,

“F-fuck… Y-n-chan… don’t tease me” He groaned, hand covering his face. She bit her lips, looking at the bed sheets below her

“T-Tendou-san, I think you’re right… I’m not feeling scared at all… in fact… I want to keep going” She muttered shyly, and he groaned, feeling that little bit of self-control snap. She yelped when he pushed her on her hands and knees on the mattress, his clothed erection pressing against her slick panties

“I’m only going to touch you tonight; I’m not going to go any further… I want to take things slow with you… If at any point, you don’t like something, tell me. I will stop. Okay?” He asked, and she quivered under him, feeling the heat from their lower bodies, radiate between them.

“Y-yes…” She said, biting her lip as Tendou, lifted her dress above her ass, she felt her arms go weak, her face falling into the pillow she clutched onto it dearly as her ass was pushed higher up. Tendou grunted, watching her loose sweater dress slip up her body, exposing her silky back and the back of her lacy bra. He couldn’t see her breasts; it was a tease for him. As much as he wanted to flip her around and see her face, if there were any traces of lewdness like he had witnessed in his kitchen earlier. He knew he had to be patient for her sake. His hands danced along the skin of her back; he was tempted to unclasp her bra, but he kept reminding himself to go slow. Tendou unbuttoned his pants, leaving his briefs on. His hands going back to caressing her body, making her shudder from the ticklish sensation as she tried not to flinch. His fingers were such a tease.

“Y/n, can I touch them?” He asked softly, a little shy when she stilled. She refused to look behind her, scared of losing the momentum. He was so polite, she loved it. She clutched the pillow under her, snuggling her face into it as she nodded shyly, she shuddered when his hands slid under her to cup her chest. She mewled lightly, gasping at the sound she made. Her face flushing, Tendou experimentally began squeezing her breasts lightly, and she began squirming.

“Shit Y/n… I can feel your nipples through your bra… They’re hard” He teased, and she squealed when he began pinching them through the material. Her pussy would not stop clamping as she bit her lip, trying to contain her moans. She was super embarrassed but Tendou decided he needed to help her let loose. He couldn’t walk on eggshells every time they did lewd stuff. He needed her to realise just how great sex could be. He wanted her to unleash her sexual side but only with him. He began grinding his clothed erection against her panties again, feeling the dampness seep through, coating his briefs.

“T-Tendou-san… Don’t say such embarrassing things…” She whined, lightly panting into her pillow. Tendou bit his lip. His hands sliding under her bra to grab her soft flesh. He groaned, feeling her warm skin, her hard nipples pressing against his hot palms. Y/n felt the throbbing inside her stomach intensify. What was this feeling? She needed to stop him.

“Ah!” She gasped, her eyes widening when his dick rubbed against her hard clit. She had never felt that sensation before, but she needed more. She was too shy to ask…Tendou grinned, his fingers now tweaked her nipples, making her squeal again. He was sure that if he slid her panties off, her juices would’ve been pooling down her legs. He wasn’t so used to vanilla… not to this extent but he was enjoying it. His own dick was throbbing and twitching against her. His hands left her tits, instead pulling her back against his chest as he sat on the edge of the bed. Thrusting his hips harder against her clothed pussy, keeping her in place.

“Fuck Y/n… you make the cutest sounds ever. Let me here you more… Are you close?” He purred and she threw her head back, his lips attaching themselves to her neck. This was too much stimulation for her. She felt something bubbling in the pit of her stomach, their heavy pants filled the room

“T-Tendou-san… I-I feel weird! I think somethings coming out… Stop!” She gasped, unsure of how to control her pulsating pussy. He held her knees still, lifting them up and she kept moaning, unable to control herself, her hands going behind to grab the back of his head. Tendou was on edge, his own precum leaking through his briefs, over the fabric of her panties.

“Don’t hide from it, embrace this feeling Y/n… It’s means you’re gonna cum…” He purred into her ear, licking it gently making her bite her lip as his cock kept rubbing against her… hard.

She found herself, grinding back on him, trying to chase whatever that feeling was. Listening to her instinct. Her pants were short and coming in bursts, Tendou cursed, stilling his hips. Rubbing against her hard one more time, she clutched his head a little harder, her neck bending backwards, and she let out a long (very loud moan), her pussy gushing for the first time and

Tendou groaned, feeling his dick spurt in his briefs. He fell backwards, her lying on top of him, breathing heavily. Tendou’s hands rubbed her sides, calming the trembling woman as she tried coming to terms with what just happened. Gently, laying her on her side next to him, he began caressing the top of her head

“Are you alright?” He asked her, turning his face to the side, eyeing her flushed form. Y/n was still looking at the ceiling, trying to control herself but her body was slipping into a post-orgasmic haze. She had never felt something so intense like that before. She understood what Ohno-sama meant now. Orgasms were the best. She lowkey wanted to try this again but right now, she just wanted to rest.

“Y/n?” He asked

Tendou’s gentle caresses snapped her out of her thoughts, she began blushing very hard. Suddenly, embarrassed about what just happened…

“I-I’m okay…. J-just a bit over-whelmed” She muttered, almost steadying her breathing. Tendou sat up, looking down at her. He cringed a little, feeling the mess in his briefs, but he couldn’t just leave her there… Not that he wanted to. He lived right next door anyways so he could change whenever.

He smiled at her gently,

“How was it?” He asked and she flushed, titling her head away

“It felt really good…” She said and he grinned, sitting up to turn her lamp on. Now that he got a proper look at her features. From her glistening glowing skin, puffy pink cheeks and slightly teary eyes. She looked gorgeous to him, Tendou gently leaned over her, she blushed at his closeness but the shining light on his face made her feel calm. Her heart was racing, he leaned in closer

“Y/n… I’m going to kiss you again, okay?” He said and she bit her lip, looking away, nodding

“I-I’d like that…”

He smiled, pulling her up. Wrapping her arms around his neck as one handheld her side. Tendou used his free hand to gently hold her chin, pushing his lips against hers. Y/n inhaled feeling that tingling travel from her lips. He tasted really sweet. Tendou pulled away, patting the top of her head before he cleared his throat, standing up

“Y/n… I’m gonna get you some water, then I’m going to tuck you in and go back to my place…” He really needed a shower. As much as he wanted to climb into bed with her and cuddle her until they slept. He knew that it would be too much for the girl. He may have told her the likes her, but she hadn’t said it back to him. He didn’t want to dictate her feelings for her. He knew that she did like him back but obviously he was painfully aware that these feelings were all too new for her. He walked to her kitchen, quickly filling a glass, checking on Maro, who was asleep now before he walked back into her room. She looked tired; her eyes were straining to keep open. He smiled, figuring that her first ever orgasm had probably knocked her out and she was trying to keep awake for his sake. Tendou sat her up, holding the glass to her lips as she sipped slowly

“Good girl…” He muttered, feeling his heart flutter before he set the glass down, letting her fall back into bed. He pulled the duvet on top of her, smoothing out the top of her head, before he leaned forward to kiss her temple. Y/n’s eyes closed and the last thing she remembered hearing was,

“Sleep well…”

That night, she dreamt. She couldn’t really remember what she dreamt about but they seemed to be happy dreams.

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