Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 6: Breakfast (NSFW)

Chapter 6

The chirping of birds stirred Y/n awake, she blinked in a haze, grumbling as the streams of sunlight. She sat up slowly, her back leaning against the headboard. Strangely, her body felt really good. It was no wonder that she had woken up extremely early this morning, feeling refreshed. She turned towards her bedside table, half a glass of water in her vision.

“Strange… I usually bring my bottle to bed….” She muttered before her eyes widened and she remembered all the events from the previous night… Oh gosh, her cheeks ran a flame and she covered her face, shaking her head in shame. She orgasmed for the first time and it was indeed amazing. All because of Tendou.


His face popped into her mind and she tried not to squeal in delight as she fell back into bed, staring at the ceiling. She went way beyond what she had ever expected herself to go. She felt tears of happiness prick her eyes, who knew she would’ve come this far. She smiled to herself, she came undone by the hands of a chocolatier. A sweet, inexperienced girl like Y/n was slowly being introduced to the more mature world gently by her neighbour, the man who she secretly began desiring over the culmination of weeks. It was almost like a dream come true. Her eyes widened.

Realisation hit Y/n and she quickly sat up, a light bulb forming in her head, she threw the duvet off her and quickly scampered off the bed and into her bathroom, washing her face and changing her panties. She made her way to the lounge where her laptop and notebook were awaiting, whipping it open, she began typing away a proper draft for her novel. She felt that spark of passion inside her and she kept thinking of her feelings from last night and how the events unfolded as she began drafting out the first short story.

Minutes became hours but she continued writing, absorbed in her own world of fantasies. Normally, she would have been embarrassed to use her own sexual experience in a story however, for the first time in months she felt that drive to write. She began thinking of how considerate Tendou was towards her. Even going the extra mile to help her sleep but respecting her enough to not overstay his welcome and take advantage of her vulnerability.

She thought of his movements and the feeling of his cock against her. He knew what he was doing. But of course, he was experienced compared to her, but she appreciated that he was patient with her. As she began writing the smut part of her story, her heart raced, and she felt herself clench her thighs. She was envisioning herself and Tendou in place of her fictional characters as she replayed last night’s memories. Her pussy throbbed calmly but she felt the need to touch herself. A hand shakily making its way into her panties, embarrassed because she had never dared to do this before. Almost touching her wet core, however she accidently spotted an awake Maro looking at her and that sent her hand shooting out of her panties in embarrassment

“I-it’s not what it looks like Maro!” She said in embarrassment as the little hedgehog’s nose just twitched before he ignored her and turned, snuggling into his newspaper shavings going back to his siesta. Feeling awkward, she decided to take a break. She checked the time, it was 10am. She had been awake for around four hours now. She wondered if Tendou was awake, should she text him? Grabbing her cell phone, she opened their chat window, however before she could type, she stopped herself.

“What if he thinks that’s too forward of me…?” She muttered, all her self-doubt arising

She began second guessing last night, Tendou was a guy after all, maybe he finally got his fun out of her and now he was done playing around.… She felt her shoulders slump.

Sudden knocking on her front door, broke her train of thoughts. A little confused, she walked to the door, peering through the peephole, only to panic with her back against the door, her face flushed. Speak of the devil and he appears. She looked at her reflection in the hallway mirror, quickly fixed her bed hair in a haste, straightening her sweater dress before she opened the door.

“Go-good morning, Tendou-san!” She said, quickly bowing, making him chuckle.

“Morning Y/n-chan… Um… I thought we could have breakfast together… That is, if you don’t mind?” He said, a grin on his face as he held up a plastic bag full of groceries. Y/n smiled, a blush still gracing her face as she opened her door for him.

“S-sure, please come in!”

Tendou grinned, thanking her before he slipped his shoes off and walked to her kitchen, with her following behind him. They peered at the groceries he unpacked on her table. He had gotten a variety of things, from eggs, sausages, vegetables, pancake mix, bread, jam, butter, scones…

Y/n’s eyes widened, turning to him

“Um… T-Tendou-san, don’t you think this is maybe a bit too much?” She asked, sweat dropping and he rubbed the back of his head, suddenly feeling embarrassed, he chuckled awkwardly

“I wasn’t sure what you’d like for breakfast, so I just got everything…” He said shyly and she felt her heart throb, a sudden burst of warmness filling her up. She giggled,

“You’re too cordial. Um, let me make us breakfast since you’ve done a lot of me… so far… This will be my thank you for our date” She insisted shyly, and he grinned, patting the top of her head, making her face flush. Tendou agreed, taking a step back as she gathered the eggs and veggies, making her way to the counter. He eyed her as she leaned on her tippy toes, opening a cabinet to pull out a pan. Her creamy thighs on display, her panties were just shy of being exposed to his vision. He bit his lip… It was too early in the morning to get aroused. Her fingers just barely touched the handle of the frying pan and she cursed lightly.

“Here, let me…” Tendou said, coming behind her and her breath hitched when he pushed his front against her back, his tall frame leaning over her to grab the pan. She took note of his crotch pressing into her ass, she bit her lip, remembering last night’s events. Suddenly feeling very shy, Tendou moved back, handing her the pan, she took it, avoiding his eyes

“Th-thanks…” She muttered and he smiled,

“Don’t mention it” He chuckled, watching her as she began cooking. Tendou found his love interest as the centre of his affection. She was this cutie that he wished he could cuddle all day long. He couldn’t forget last night, not that he wanted to. However, he was still a bit hesitant towards how she was feeling today. He did barge into her flat uninvited this morning too. Clearing his throat, he faced her back, as she cut the mushrooms

“Y/n… Do you regret last night? I… don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of you” He trailed off, his words making her stop her actions. She didn’t turn around, but she thought of his words. She knew for a fact; he wasn’t taking advantage.

“You weren’t taking advantage because I asked you to stay and do… those things… with me…” Her cheeks flushed; she kept her eyes on the chopped mushrooms

“…I don’t regret it… not one bit” She muttered but he heard her, instant happiness filling his heart. Tendou walked behind her, wrapping his arms around her, making her gasp when he hugged her tightly

“Shit… that makes me really happy to hear Y/n. I was worried that you didn’t wanna see me again after you’d wake up… Breakfast was just an excuse for me to see if you were really okay, after last night”

His arms wrapped against her waist tighter and she gripped the counter, knuckles going white, her heart racing. She could feel her pussy pulsate lightly

‘Not now…’ she thought as she inwardly cursed herself for getting turned on by his simple actions. She could smell the scent of his shower gel wafting through her nose. Tendou’s eyes snapped open when he realised her ass was grinding very minutely against his crotch. Feeling a little cheeky, he grinned, blowing lightly against her ear making her quiver and bit her lip

“Y/n… don’t tell me you’re getting turned on from a simple hug?” He teased her and she hid her face in her hands. Before she could react, she felt the heat behind her disappear leaving her confused, looking behind her Tendou had moved away, to the door of her kitchen

“Sorry Y/n, I’ll let you cook in peace, so I’ll go sit in the lounge” he said, smirking at her confused face. Tendou felt a bit guilty for teasing her like that but he knew she didn’t mind. He wanted her to step out of her comfort zone and get flustered by his behaviour. She needed material for her novel, he was just simply providing it to her?

‘Lame excuse…’ He thought to himself, shaking his head as he sat on the lounge table, eyeing a sleeping Maro. In reality, he just loved being near her as much as possible. Tendou had always been slightly clingy with his girlfriends in the past. He usually enjoyed the presence of a partner and showering them with affection. Y/n was no exception, he wanted her to let loose and be herself around him. He confessed to her last night and he wanted her to realise her feelings too. Tendou could hear the rustle of pots and pans in the kitchen before he heard the sizzle of the frying pan.

Y/n’s laptop had dinged which caught his attention as he eyed the screen.

‘Hmm… is that her novel?’ He thought as he crept closer to the table, sitting on the floor. Doing a double take to see if she was still cooking before his attention went to the screen and he began reading her draft.

Y/n had finally plated up their breakfasts, she felt a little shy.

‘It’s like I’m a housewife…’ She thought giddily after she set her table. She remembered Tendou hugging her from behind and her face flushed, how she wished he continued. Another bulb flashed in her head; she was beginning to draft out more ideas for her novel. Feeling excited, she finished setting the table and went to find Tendou

“Tendou-san?” Her head popped out of the kitchen, only to gasp when she realised, he was intently reading her laptop screen. Feeling her cheeks burst red, she quickly rushed to him, snatching her laptop away

“T-Tendou-san!? Don’t read that please!” She squealed when he laughed and rubbed the back of his head.

“Sorry Y/n-chan, but I was curious to see how you wrote. I shouldn’t have snooped, but curiosity got the better of me!” He reasoned and she pouted, puffing her cheeks out in annoyance, making his heart skip, she was so cute

“Snooping isn’t very nice, Tendou-san” She muttered, and he felt bad, standing up and bowing

“I’m sorry, I won’t read your rough drafts without your permission but at least let me be the first to read your novel when it’s done. I am your muse after all” He teased, making her blush and hide her face in her hands

“C-come on! Let’s go eat” She tried changing the topic and he laughed, traipsing behind her in the kitchen. Tendou’s eyes widened, she made use of most of the groceries, a very lavish and heavy breakfast awaited them.

“Wow, this look fantastic! I usually eat some toast and get on with my day” He chuckled, pulling a chair for her, as she sat down. He sat in front of her, a grin on his face. Thanking her for the meal before they both began eating. His eyes widened when he tasted her cooking,

“How’d you learn how to cook so well? This is delicious” He muttered, another forkful of scrambled eggs in his mouth and she smiled

“Otosan’s cooking sucked…. So, I taught myself when I was a kid… I think I would have been in danger if I continued eating anymore burnt or undercooked things… Plus I enjoy it” She smiled and he smiled back, as they idly chatted. Y/n should’ve felt odd about this entire situation, Tendou was opening a lot of firsts for her. She never thought she would ever be able to eat breakfast so causally with a man, but again, she was once again proven wrong. The longer she hung out with him, the less shy she was beginning to feel.

He was a cheeky one, but she enjoyed his company. They laughed as he helped her wash her dishes and clean up the kitchen. It was almost the afternoon and they were chilling in her lounge, still chatting. She opened the balcony, letting the fresh air ventilate the apartment. Tendou lounged against her couch, eyeing her television as random adverts played. She sat down next to him, leaving a little bit of space. She still felt just a tad bit shy around him, but he didn’t mind.

Y/n felt a little guilty for scolding him off for reading her draft, he must’ve read the smut scene too… He was the reason why she could even draft out the story in the first place. She was embarrassed because she used their situation in her story, so it was pretty obvious her characters were based on them. She wanted to use more of their situations for her material. In total honesty, she just wanted to feel Tendou up close again. She liked feeling his body against hers, she felt so safe last night, and she couldn’t get over the feeling of that orgasm either. She wanted to cum again. Her panties were already sightly damp from writing earlier, clenched her thighs, fiddling with her thumbs. Her cheeks were red,

“Um… Tendo-san…?” She asked and he looked away from the television, eyeing her

“Yeah?” He asked, his breath hitching when he realised, she was showing signs of her lewd face again. She had a slightly innocent yet naughty aura wafting around her, he could feel his cock stir, watching her feet tap lightly against the floor, he noticed her thighs slightly clenching.

Was she getting… turned on?

Y/n bit her bottom lip, eyes still glancing at the television

“What did you think of the rough draft…? Um… the smut part?” She asked quietly, feeling embarrassed. Tendou cleared his throat, carefully assessing the situation and how he should respond.

“Well, it in total honest… The romance part is excellent, I really vibe with your characters but the smut… all you’ve done is describe the actions of their sex but there’s still no feelings or emotions in them…” he trailed off and she felt her shoulders slump slightly

“I see…”

She leaned forward and grabbed her notebook and pen, taking down pointers from Tendou

“So… I basically need to describe their feelings?” She asked and he nodded,

“I hope I didn’t offend you but I’m giving my honest experience! Last night was your first sexual experience…” he began, and she blushed, scribbling in her notebook harder and he continued

“I’m glad you incorporated it into the story but what was the female character feeling? Her thoughts, her actions, it’s so much more than just kissing or moaning”

Y/n stopped taking notes, thinking of his words over. He was right, she neglected her characters emotions. Tendou scooted closer to her, gently taking her notebook from her hands and placing it on the table. He cautiously grabbed her hands, making her quiver slightly.

“Y/n… look at me” He muttered, his voice was low, and she felt compelled to look into his scarlet eyes. Her own doe like eyes, shining slightly. Her heart was increasing, as Tendou’s thumbs caressed her hands

“What are you feeling right now?” He asked and she swallowed, thinking about his question.

“…excitement…?” She said, slightly unsure, her thighs clenching a little more. Tendou leaned closer,

“I’m going to touch you more and you have to describe how I’m making you feel, okay?” he asked her, waiting for her response. Her ears were burning but this was Tendou’s sneaky way of perhaps making her aware of her feelings towards him. Y/n shyly looked away, nodding. Tendou smiled, sliding to the floor. Y/n was taken back, when he smiled gently and extended his hand towards her

“Can you sit here?” He asked, patting the space between her legs. Y/n was trembling lightly, her lower regions were throbbing again, she could feel the excitement building. This felt really naughty, but she wanted it. Quietly, sliding of the couch and crawling between his legs. She turned around, hiding her face behind her hands. Tendou wrapped his arms around her waist, bringing her closer to his body. She held her breath,

“If you want me to stop, just say so” He reminded her and she nodded. Tendou took in her scent, biting his lip. She smelt so addictive, man, was he in love. His arms unwrapped themselves from her frame, one gently grabbing her hip and the other trailing light circles on her smooth thigh, making her gasp lightly as goosebumps began forming on her skin.

“What are you feeling?” He whispered, his hand caressing her side and the other now rubbing her thigh back and forth. Y/n was trying to control her breathing, he barely did anything and now her panties were feeling embarrassingly wet.

“G-good…” She muttered and he hummed,

“That’s not the emotion I want, how is your body reacting to my touch?” He asked, she was dying on the inside from his teasing. She wanted him to move his hands more. Tendou, being the Guess Monster, knew what she wanted but she was too shy to say it. So his hands went under her sweater, feeling her the soft expanse of her sides. She gasped a little louder, when his fingers danced on her stomach before his hands went towards her bra, she waited for him to grab her breasts, but his hands held her side again, fingers resting under breasts. She could feel the heat radiating from his hands,

“T-Tendou…” She whimpered, moving her hips lightly. Tendou could feel his cock straining but he resisted…

“Tell me, what’s happening to your body?” He asked again and she swallowed,

“M-my body fe-feels hot…” She muttered and he grinned

“Is that a good sign?” He asked and she nodded, his fingers danced to the end of her sweater, slowly pulling it up. Giving her time to stop him, if she didn’t want that. Y/n didn’t stop him as he lifted her sweater to rest above her breasts. Her heart was in overdrive, she was sitting in front of him with nothing but her mismatched lingerie on, in broad daylight. Tendou eyed her body from behind. Seeing her breasts in the daylight, almost made him cum himself. Her body was absolutely sinful. He kept his hands on her hips, thumbs circling the skin. Y/n felt slightly disappointed, but she knew he was teasing hero on purpose. She turned her face to look at him, her eyes were lidded with lust

“T-Tendou-san… touch me… more…” She whispered and his face flushed, he groaned burying his face into the nook of her neck, making her squeal lightly. Fuck, she was so polite, it drove him wild. His hands groped her plump breasts, making her gasp, leaning back into him. His lips began kissing her neck, before he parted, and his lips lingered by her ear

“I’m going to continue…” He said, his hands sneaking under the cups of her bra, pushing it above her chest, freeing her breasts. Y/n whimpered when his fingers began rubbing her nipples slowly, her hips moving a little more

“Fuck… You’re feeling aroused, right?” He asked, his erection pressing against her plump ass

“I-I don’t know…” She lied, Tendou pinched her nipples, shocking her and making her moan his name

“Your nipples are rock hard, it means you incredibly turned on” He purred, before his feet gently pushed her feet part, making her spread her legs. Tendou could practically smell her arousal oozing from her, his own primal instincts taking over” His fingers now flicking them, making her moan and pant more

“Is all this touching making you wet?” He asked and she bit her lip, embarrassed, avoiding his question. He smirked, leaving one nipple as his hand trailed to her drenched core. She inhaled, uttering his name, head titling back and she tried not to squirm when one long finger teasingly slid up and down her slick clothed pussy, teasingly dipping into the slit, pushing her panties in before he went back to caressing her mound. Tendou couldn’t control his dirty talk, slipping from his self-control slightly

“Your pussy is dripping; I think we should take them off? Hmm?” He suggested, his hand resting on her inner thigh, knuckles barely grazing her lips. She felt like she was under his spell. This was so erotic to her; she knew it was him behind her and his scent kept her calm. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would experience this. She needed more. She wanted more. Tendou was taken by surprise when she lifted her hips and pulled her panties off shyly scrunching them up and hiding them from his view, under her lounge table. He wanted to chuckle and how she was being reserved with the wrong things.

“Do you want me to touch you more?” He cooed and she flushed,

“Please stop teasing me…” She mumbled and he chuckled, nuzzling into her back, making her gasp

“Shit, you’re just too cute” He muttered, and she blushed, her pussy was aching. She really wanted him to touch her. Tendou grinned, nibbling her ear lobe

“Answer my question” he sang lightly in her ear and she almost closed her legs, but he hooked his hands under her knees, spreading her legs over each of his, preventing her from unhooking them. She yelped when his hands now were gripping her inner thighs, fingers dangerously close to her slick entrance. She could feel her pussy throbbing hard, she couldn’t stop her juices from dripping.

“Y-yes…” She muttered and he grinned, feeling like teasing her more

“Where?” His hand dancing above her pussy, caressing her abdomen, making her shiver

“Here?” He asked and she shook her head, he kissed her neck

“If you don’t tell me where, I might misunderstand… You need to know that with me, you can ask for anything and I’ll never judge you. I just want to give you what you want” He said, and she blushed, he was being adamant about making her less shy. She felt like she could pass out, but she wanted to climax again.

“D-down there…” She whispered, embarrassed and he decided he teased her enough. Licking his lips, his hand went to caress her nether lips and she gasped loud from the sudden feeling. Tendou groaned, his fingers were soaked, and he hadn’t even started. Two fingers, caressed her lips up and down before he spread them slightly and she mewled at the sensation

“Have you ever done this before?” He asked, hinting at masturbation and she shook her head


He felt himself burst with pride, he was going to give her the best orgasm possible. Tendou leaned forward, pushing her forward slightly as one hand spread her folds and his other fingers began rubbing her soaked core. She moaned loudly when his fingers found her clit

“Oh!” She gasped, her eyes widening and Tendou grinned,

“I found your clit, Y/n-chan. Do you know, this is little button is the place which makes you feel the most pleasure? It feels so cute and small!” He cooed and she bit her lip, when his fingers began flicking her clit. Tendou decided to test the waters further, by dipping a finger in. She was really tight, and he heard her mewl in discomfort. Pulling his fingers out, he went back to rubbing her core with the palm of his hand

“I’m not going to put them inside, it’ll hurt. For now, I’m going to make you feel so good, just from this little button, right here” He pressed her clit and she squirmed in his arms, but he kept his front, his fingers furiously rubbing, and flicking her bud. She was a mess in his arms, her moans were loud, and she could stop moving her hips

“Say my name, babe” He breathed, being lost in euphoria she clutched his arms

“S-Satori! Agh!” She moaned, hips wildly rubbing against his fingers. Tendou moaned, feeling her ass rub against his super hard cock. She was dripping all over his fingers and he could feel her hole throbbing for me. Oh, how hearing her pant his actual name made him want to shove her on the lounge table and pound her into oblivion but even in this situation, he knew this was still not the appropriate time

“Are you cumming, angel?” He purred and she nodded her head vigorously

“Y-yeah, o-oh I think I’m, cum-AH” She gasped when he pinched her clit, her hips shaking as she threw her head back, letting out a loud moan, her pussy clasping hard before she gushed on his fingers. Tendou secretly cheered himself, this was so fucking sexy. Y/n may have not realised this, but she was fan of sex. Her bedroom nature was less shy than her outside nature and he was the only one who witnessed this. His dick was throbbing, and he cursed himself because he was going to blue ball himself. He pulled her bra and sweater down before he hugged her panting form gently, rocking her, kissing the top of her head

“You did great Y/n-chan. How do you feel? Tell me, before you lose the momentum” He asked as she panted, looking up at his face, in a haze

“Euphoric… I feel euphoric” She said in a daze and he grinned, caressing her shoulder and rubbing her leg.

“I hope you’re not mad at how forward I just was…” He said, feeling realisation of the situation hit him, but she shook her head, still panting

“I-m not mad… I’m feeling really happy” She said, a small smile grazing her face and Tendou bit her lip, quickly flipping her around and hugged her hard. She was taken a back, she hadn’t faced him before but his red fuzzy head coming into her view and his prominent scent of bodywash made her reciprocate as she hugged him back

“You make me feel safe…” She whispered and he pulled away, looking at her flushed post orgasmic face. His heart was racing, she was absolutely perfect. Both of them stared into each other’s eyes, Tendou knew there was no need to ask for her permission because she leaned forward, pushing her lips against his. He held her close, kissing her back softly. They slowly parted and she shyly looked away,

“S-sorry, I… just wanted to…” She said and he shook his head

“Don’t ever apologise for kissing me… I love it” he grinned and she flushed, hiding her face into his chest and he let out a hearty laugh.

“Come on, Y/n-chan. How about we go get ready and maybe go on another date? It’s the weekend afterall” He suggested (also because he really needed to jerk off because his erection was begging for sweet sweet release) and she pulled away from him, feeling very shy but she couldn’t contain her bright smile

“I’d really like that” She said and he grinned standing her up with him, straightened her sweater dress

“Text me, when you’re ready” He said before she walked him to the door, he looked at her and she shyly waved at him before he smiled going into his apartment. She walked to the lounge, collapsing on the couch, hands on her face as she squealed lightly. Sitting up, with a smile on her face, she eyed Maro who was looking at her unamused

“M-maro! You were awake? Oh my gosh, I-I’m so sorry!” She stood up, running to her bathroom ashamed

“Forgive me!” She squealed, shutting the door

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