Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 7: Für Elise

Ohno-sama glanced at the draft and then up at Y/n, before she glanced back down. Y/n was feeling very nervous, she had whipped out three stories for her novel so far. Each chapter was based on an experience with Tendou.

“I’ll… uh… let you read that in private, if you’ll excuse me…” She said, turning to leave

“Y/n…. Sit down” Ohno’s voice halted her actions as she swallowed and sat down in the chair opposite Ohno-sama. Y/n fiddled with her thumbs, Ohno’s mouth was slightly agape as she looked at Y/n again, raising a brow before she went back to reading. Y/n blushed, she was starting to feel a little hot in Ohno’s office, despite the air conditioner rolling out cool air. Ohno put the draft down, cracking her fingers before she quietly slipped a cigarette out and light it, taking a deep inhale before she blew it out

“What the fuck happened this weekend!? You little sex demon!” She gushed and Y/n felt her cheeks explode.

“O-Ohno-sa-sama! I just did research that’s all!” She lied and Ohno puffed her cigarette, grinning,

“Bullshit, your characters are based on your neighbour and you. A shy girl and a baker? That literally screams Y/n and Tendou, the ‘chocolatier’. Your characters have very steamy foreplay, I read your drafts before this one… They sucked but these drafts… they have my heart racing; there’s no penetration and it is keeping me on the edge for more stories! You still have to work on the smut scenes, they’ve got potential but they will need redrafting, I’ll pass these to one of the editors, they can intensify the scenes for you” Ohno grinned and Y/n let out a sigh of relief, feeling accomplished. She really had to thank Tendou. Ohno cleared her throat, leaning forward,

“So… you’re dating this guy now?” Ohno asked and Y/n’s face flushed as she shook her head,

“Oh… n-no! He-He’s just helping me with inspiration for the novel!” Y/n blurted and Ohno dropped her unlit cigarette…

“You mean… you and him are doing lewd stuff but you’re not dating? Who are you and what have you done to Y/n?” She asked and Y/n kept her gaze down, biting her lip

“He told me he likes me…” Ohno raised a brow

“Do you like him too?” She asked and Y/n stopped fidgeting, her face was bursting a pink hue. She played with the ends of her shirt; she hadn’t admitted it out loud. However, Tendou was in her mind 99% of them time. They had gone out twice so far, their second date consisted of Tendou and her visiting some markets, he stuck by her side, making her feel safe as they enjoyed their time and yes, the date ended in a kiss but they retreated to their own apartments.

Y/n nodded her head,

“Y-yes… I do like him” She said, a tiny smile gracing her face and Ohno felt her own heart soften

“Why don’t you ask him to be your boyfriend then? He’s told you his feelings, so what’s stopping you now!?” Ohno said and Y/n thought her words over… A boyfriend would change a lot for her, it was a huge step but then again, she was already romping with said man, she couldn’t imagine letting any other man touch her. Ohno dismissed Y/n, who still thought her words over. Why couldn’t she be the one to ask him out? She knew he would agree to it immediately but then again, how would Otosan react? She hadn’t mentioned anything of Tendou to him during their recent phone conversations and she felt guilty that she had been doing erotic things with her neighbour… But, she needed to progress in her own life. She would tell him how she felt tonight.

“Thank you Ohno-sama, you’re right! I will tell him I like him too!” She said determined and Ohno grinned,

“That’s my girl!”

The rest of the day went by in a breeze and the darker it was getting; she was starting to feel nervous. In the mangas, they made confessions look so simple, the heroine didn’t even think twice before she would blurt out her feelings… so why was this so difficult for her? Tendou had already seen the most private sides of her and she felt less nervous then, however her legs were already shaking as she made her way home. She was feeling like jelly.

As her apartment complex drew near, Y/n stopped. She felt really uneasy at this moment, the streets around her were empty but she felt that familiar sensation of being watched. Feeling her breath quicken, she quickly turned, looking at the empty street behind her. Her eyes darted to the side of a building, the dark alleyway daunting her and its aura making her want to get away as fast as she could. A sudden clatter of a glass bottle, sent chills up her spine and she quickly turned, dashing towards her complex as fast as her legs carried her.

‘It’s in my head, it’s my head, it’s in my head…’ She kept repeating in her head, her legs dashing up the stairs as she rushed to get her keys. Right as she passed Tendou’s door, it opened and she collied into him, sending them both on the floor.

“Whoa! Y/n!? Are you okay?” He asked alarmed at her pale face, as she began panting on top of him. She fisted his shirt,

“S-sorry! I thought someone was following me and I got scared” She rambled, and he frowned, looking behind her at the empty hall. He began patting her back, helping her calm down before he got her to stand up

“C’mon, do you want some tea?” He asked and she shook her head,

“Weren’t you just leaving? I-it’s okay!” She said, but he eyed her trembling hands
“I was just going to throw my trash out, but I can do it in the morning. Come inside” He said, opening his door for her and she blushed, feeling thankful that he wasn’t leaving

“O-okay, thank you…” She muttered, entering his flat as she slipped her shoes off. Tendou left his garbage by the door before he went to pour the already brewing tea in his pot for her. He smiled and handed her a warm cup and she thanked him again, sipping on the beverage as it began calming her.

“Y/n, next time you gotta call me if this happens. I gave you my number for a reason” he said, sitting down by her and she looked into her cup, still feeling shaken.

“Sorry Tendou-san… I was too panicked at that moment and I forgot…”

He hummed, thinking for a second before he turned to her,

“You walk past Angelina, don’t you? From now on, come straight there when you’re done with work. We can walk home together!” He suggested and she blushed,

“Oh no, I couldn’t bother you like that. Besides, I, sometimes work late… It’ll be a hindrance” she reasoned, and he shook his head,

“Then… If I get done before you, I’ll just come pick you up from work!” He argued back and she gave up at his persistence, feeling happy on the inside

“Then… I’ll take you up on that offer…” She mumbled and he grinned,

“Good girl”

Y/n blushed, sipping her tea and he chuckled, standing up and going to his kitchen. He came back with a small box, opening it to show her golden flaked chocolates…

“Wow, you can eat the gold stuff?” She asked and he nodded,

“Mhmm, they’re edible. Try em, it’s going to be part of the ‘Regal’ collection, I’m coming up with” He picked up a chocolate, holding it in front of her lips

“Try…” He muttered and she shyly opened her mouth as he feed her a piece, the creamy centre melting in her mouth, she couldn’t taste the gold, but the exquisite taste made up for it. She looked at Tendou, eyes wide as she swallowed, licking her lips


He chuckled, resting the side of his face in his hand

“I’m glad. You feeling better now?” He asked and she nodded, realising that Tendou made her forget about her earlier ordeal.

“Much better, thank you Tendou-san!” She smiled and he felt his cheeks get red. Y/n eyed the clock and she stood up,

“Um… I gotta feed Maro now, thank you for calming me down Tendou-san. You really make me feel safe” She said, and he rubbed the back of his head, walking her to his door. He grabbed his trash, stepping outside with her. Before Y/n opened her own door, she turned to him. Her heart was beating fast, but she wanted to tell him, how he made her feel

“Um… Tendou-san?” She started and he turned to her,

“Yeah Y/n-chan?” He asked and she blushed,

“I showed Ohno-sama, my drafts today and she really liked them… Thank you” She said, both of them now turning scarlet and he sheepishly laughed,

“No need to thank me… I like being your muse…” He muttered and she swallowed,

“Listen, I lik-”

“Satori?” A feminine voice cut through, making Tendou and Y/n’s attention divert as they looked to the side. Tendou’s eyes widened,

“E-Elise?” He said in disbelief

Y/n’s breath hitched; a tall foreign woman stood a few feet away from them. Her golden hair, shining under the hallway lights and Y/n couldn’t stare away from her sapphire eyes. This woman was gorgeous. Y/n bit her lip as she watched ‘Elise’ dash towards Tendou, quickly wrapping her arms around him

“I missed you!” She wailed in Japanese and Y/n was taken back… Tendou had a girlfriend? Y/n felt her heart break in two as Tendou stood there confused, looking between both women. Y/n didn’t look pleased and he began panicking, pushing the blonde away

“What are you doing here!? It’s been two years…” He muttered and the French woman pouted,

“I wanted to see you… So here I am” She said, clutching her suitcase which Y/n, now realised she was lugging along…

‘Is she staying?’ Y/n thought, and Elise began eyeing her, up and down, making Y/n hold her breath

“Who’s she? She’s super cute!” Elise gushed, making Y/n blush as Tendou sighed,

“She’s my neighbour.”

Y/n felt her heart pang… That’s all she was to him. Tendou felt guilty when he realised Y/n’s bottom lip was trembling. Y/n quickly bowed to Elise,

“It’s nice to meet you, now if you would excuse me!” She quickly stammered, opening her door, and quickly shutting it behind her. Elise and Tendou stared at the door, Tendou wanted to barge in after Y/n and tell her this was all a misunderstanding. He was annoyed as he turned to Elise

“You can’t just show up here uninvited… We aren’t together anymore Elise. It’s been two years…” he hissed, and Elise huffed, crossing her arms

“I came here to see you because I missed you Satori, I know you miss me too…” She muttered and he shook his head, opening his door and she followed in behind him

“You’re not staying here. Find a hotel in the morning… I’m sleeping on the couch” he muttered in irritation and she rolled her eyes

“You can sleep with me, let me show you how much I missed you” She purred, wrapping her arms around his neck but he frowned and separated himself from her.

“I like someone else Elise… and now she’s misunderstood… thanks to you” He said, sighing and Elise frowned,

“You like that girl? Seriously…” She said in disbelief and Tendou rolled his eyes,

“Why are you here? Really?” He asked her, crossing his arms. Elise sat on his couch, twirling her hair

“I want you to come back to Paris, I’m here to offer you a place in my patisserie”

Tendou’s eyes widened, a chance to move back to Paris… A place which he loved…


Y/n’s sweet face popped into his mind, and he shook his head

“I like my current job, so no thank you”

Elise frowned, standing up

“I will find a hotel tomorrow but mark my words, you will be coming back with me. I’ll change your mind by the end of my trip. I’m not letting a little girl stand in the way of your success” She huffed, and he felt uneasy, watching her traipse around his flat. His eyes lingered to the wall connecting his apartment to Y/n’s. He sighed, wondering how she must have been feeling right now…

“Fuck my life…” He muttered.
Y/n quietly fed Maro, Elise’s face kept flashing in her mind. She was the epitome of gorgeous. Y/n had never seen a foreigner before, and she kept imaging Elise and Tendou together… They looked so perfect together. She hugged her knees… Tendou and Elise must have had a lot of sex… Tendou and her didn’t even go all the way because he was being considerate towards Y/n… All men have their limits!

“Fuck my life…” She groaned, falling onto the couch as Maro began crawling on her front. She let her tears slide down her cheeks as she sniffled, she really liked Tendou… Now he was probably over the moon because his hot girlfriend has come to stay… She wanted to tell him off for using her but at the same time, how could she scold him when she was the one who gave him the invitation to ‘inspire’ her.

“I’m so stupid…” She muttered, sniffing. She thought he was so sweet and considerate; they had such nice dates as well… He was doing this all behind Elise’s back? She felt so hurt and she felt dirty now… She let herself easily get played with. There was sudden knocking on the door and Y/n was startled… She knew it was him.. She wanted to ignore the knocks but she was feeling angry at the unfolded events. Squeezing her fists, she marched to the door, putting her best angry face on as she whipped the door open. Tendou stood there startled as Y/n glared at him, her cheeks puffing out as she tried to control her pouting.

“What?” Y/n asked, crossing her arms and tapping her foot. Tendou rubbed the back of his head, he was not used to this (cute) angry side of hers. She looked like a little angry chick. He tried to contain his grin

“Listen… it’s not what you think. She’s my ex but I broke up with her two years ago! I swear I don’t like her in that way! You gotta believe me!” He said and she looked away, feeling slightly happy but she didn’t want to give into him, just yet.

“Is she staying with you….?” Y/n asked quietly and Tendou bit his lip

“Only for tonight…. But….! But I told her she has to go to a hotel tomorrow… I’m sleeping on my couch so don’t worry…” He began and she eyed him… His ex-girlfriend was bound to try something on him tonight… Y/n wasn’t stupid, she could tell the other woman’s intentions just by her earlier actions. Feeling a little bold and possessive, Y/n pouted as her face flushed,

“You… you can stay with me tonight… if you want…” She said and Tendou’s mouth opened. Y/n wanted him to sleep at hers… He tried to contain his grin

‘She’s jealous… Kawaii…’ He thought to himself before he nodded, he knew 100% that if he woke up on his couch tomorrow, Elise would definitely be on top of him. He didn’t want to destroy his budding relationship with Y/n. Tendou welcomed himself inside as Y/n made space for him. Her own face was flushed as she realised just how bold she had been. But she was less shy than before, she was used to being around him now. She wanted to tell him, her feelings but the moment felt destroyed thanks to his guest…

Tendou made himself comfortable on her couch as she sat on the floor, her back against the sofa, Tendou idly began playing with the top of her head, watching the tips of her ears turn red. Y/n pouted, hugging her knees

“So… were you guys serious?” She asked and he stopped, thinking of her question. At his silence, she bit her lip

“S-sorry… that was intrusive of me…” She said and he shook his head

“It’s okay, it’s not fair to leave you out in the blue. Elise and I met at cooking school in Paris when I was an apprentice chocolatier… I was taught by her father… To be fair, we only dated for less than a year before I decided to move back to Japan. She got the position I was hoping for at her father’s restaurant… figures… Anyways, we broke up and I came back. I don’t have feelings for her anymore… I promise. It was a long time ago…” He said softly, a hand on her shoulder and she kept quiet.

Tendou sighed as he slid down from the couch, next to her. He cautiously put an arm around her, pulling her into his side.

“Please believe me… I meant it when I said I like you” he said softly and she fisted his shirt, hiding her blushing face in his chest. She could feel his heart thumping in his chest, and she felt her tension melt away. She lost the momentum to tell him, her feelings. It didn’t feel right at this point. She would feel more at ease when Elise was gone.

“I believe you Tendou-san...” She said softly and Tendou gazed at her face, a warm smile lingering. She blushed at the closeness of their bodies, but she was used to him being near her now. Tendou leaned forward slowly and cautiously, when she made no attempt to flinch away. He quickly kissed her, and she tightened her grip on his shirt, kissing him back. Tendou pulled away, resting his forehead against hers

“Thank you…” He whispered and she nodded

“How long will she be staying?” Y/n asked and Tendou shrugged,

“I’m not sure… She’s only in my apartment tonight but tomorrow she will be gone. I don’t know what’s she’s going to do in Tokyo but that’s her problem now. I’ll wait for you at Angelina tomorrow, then we can go home together. Alright?” He asked and she nodded, a small smile on her face

“Sure, I’d like that” She said before getting up for bed, Tendou lay back down on the couch

“Hey Y/n-chan, could I get a blanket?” He asked and she looked at him for a second, her cheeks dusting pink as she awkwardly shuffled on her feet

“Um doesn’t the couch seem a bit small for you…?” She hinted at his legs which dangled off one side before she eyed him

“I was thinking you could share the bed with me?” She suggested and was suddenly taken back when Tendou jumped up and stood alert

“A-are you serious?” He asked, before his attention went to Maro who was busy scuttling around his feet. Y/n nodded,

“Y-yeah… It’s big enough for us both…” She said, watching him as he leaned down to pick up Maro, his fingers rubbing Maro’s snout before he quickly pulled away, avoiding being nipped. Y/n smiled; her heart was thumping but she held Maro in her hands. Fingers brushing against Tendou’s as he stared at her, while she put Mari back in his cage

“I’m going to get ready for bed, you can make yourself at home” She said quietly before she made her way to the bathroom. Tendou fell back on the couch, his heart was thumping erratically. How was he going to control himself if he was sleeping right next to her? He couldn’t handle another night of being blue balled, but he was receiving a once in a lifetime opportunity to sleep next to Y/n. The object of his desire. He could use this as an excuse to finally cuddle her all night long. He silently thanked his cursed ex for dropping by unannounced. It made Y/n jealous and he secretly loved it.

He heard her leave the bathroom before she made her way into the bedroom, Tendou’s heart was racing but he slowly walked to her bedroom, where the lights were dim. Y/n had already shuffled into bed and he awkwardly cleared his throat

“Y/n… is it okay if I come in?” He asked and she nodded,


He cautiously walked towards the bed, as she pulled the covers away for him to slide in. She quickly faced her back towards him, as she faced the wall. Her heart was speeding, and she swore that he could hear it. She felt the heat radiating from his body as Tendou scooted closer to her. She held her breath when an arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her in closer to his body. Her hands gripped his arm as she felt the heat between their bodies. Tendou could faintly smell the minty toothpaste lingering from her. His head rested on top of her head and she stilled, thinking for a second. It was dark now and maybe it would be less embarrassing to face him now.

Tendou loosened his grip, feeling her squirm and she finally turned around, facing him. He smiled at her and she felt shy, quickly snuggling into his chest as she hugged him. He welcomed her in his embrace as he began rubbing circles on her back

“I got you, pretty girl. You can rest easy tonight” He said softly, and she hummed,

“Thank you, Tendou-san, I hope you dream well too” She said softly, and he grinned, kissing her temple making her close her eyes. Tendou held her close but he couldn’t sleep. He felt uneasy with Elise being next door, in his apartment. She was a stubborn one and he knew that she wasn’t going to back down without a fight. He eyed an almost asleep Y/n, her chocolate curls were slightly messy, but he couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful face. Y/n was just perfect, he didn’t want anything else but her. He would have to put his foot down firmly with Elise and tell her that he was not going back to Paris. He was content in his life. Y/n shuffled again, her back pressing against his chest. He stilled for a second before he grinned, wrapping an arm back around her waist

“Hey Y/n…?” He asked but got no response, sighing he leaned forward, smelling her hair

“I think I’m falling for you” He muttered before he closed his eyes.

Y/n’s eyes widened as she bit her lip…

‘Shit… he’s falling in love with me?’ She asked herself, feeling her heart pound. She didn’t know how to respond, she wanted to leap in joy, but she knew that she could not be clear with her feelings until Elise was gone. Y/n was prepared for a lot of bumps in the road ahead, Elise didn’t seem like an easy person and Y/n had to prepare herself for the worst.

She had a gut feeling that in the end, she was going to be left heart broken.

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