Sweet Like Chocolate (Tendou Satori x Reader) NSFW

Chapter 8: Burn Baby Burn (NSFW)

Chapter 8

It had only been two hours, yet Tendou was wide awake. Y/n’s warm backside had not left its place against his crotch. He had to keep mentally reminding himself that now was not the time to get aroused, not while she was innocently sleeping beside him. The scent of her hair drifted to his nose, he leaned in, inhaling it, feeling the warmth radiate within him. He stilled when she suddenly turned, snuggling into his front. Her breasts pressed against his chest; he bit his bottom lip feeling her nipples press against him through the thin material of her shirt. His cock was beginning to stir.

‘She’s gonna be the death of me…’ he inwardly groaned when her leg wrapped around his waist, pushing her lower body against his. She was still in a deep slumber, unaware of her seductive actions. Tendou could feel his temple forming light beads of sweat, his neck was starting to heat up too. Carefully and slowly, he laid his hand on her bare thigh, his fingers lightly feeling up the curve of it, fingers barely peaking under her shorts, lighting gripping her bottom.

‘I’m going to hell’ he muttered in his head, his erection was pressing against her clothed core. He felt guilty but he couldn’t stop moving his hips slowly, trying to get whatever friction he could. He carefully watched her face, being cautious to make out any signs of her stirring. Her face slowly began heating, her mouth opening lightly as she began panting. Tendou’s heart was pounding and he stilled himself, his breath hitched when she opened her eyes slowly.

“T-Tendou-san?” She muttered, rubbing her eye

Y/n was trembling slightly, her body was burning. Her eyes locked with Tendou’s scarlet ones. He looked like a deer in headlights. As she began gaining more conscious, she realised the position they were in. She was aware of her leg around his waist, how her face was tucked into his chest. She became even more aware of her pussy throbbing lightly against his erection and his fingers gripping her ass. Tendou bit his lips, slowly retracting his hand

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… Um… you’re a hugger and my body couldn’t control itself…” he admitted, and she blushed, not knowing what to say. Tendou quickly tried sliding off the bed but she thought of him going back next door… Where Elise was staying. Feeling herself panic, she quickly gripped his arm, stopping him from leaving her side.

“…It’s okay… You don’t have to leave… Please?” She whispered, and he looked at her, she was still laying on her side. Eyes locked into his, her wavy hair scattered over her shoulder… Tendou’s heartbeat picked up, he felt like her was under her spell. She was so mesmerising that he slid back into her bed, facing her. Y/n was wide awake now, she thought of his erection against her. Tendou was facing her, yet she didn’t automatically freak out with his body being so close. In fact, she relished in it. It felt so natural to her now. He felt really hard earlier and she began feeling guilty. He had only been pleasuring her and she greedily succumbed to it, not offering to ease his own frustrations. From her smut knowledge, she knew it was unfair on him. He was really controlling himself for her sake. She wasn’t feeling afraid right now. Maybe because it was dark so she couldn’t make out his features properly, she felt like she was lucid but the smell of him, kept her very aware that she was safe.

She wanted to get closer to him. She didn’t want him to think of Elise again.

Y/n felt herself scoot closer to him, he kept still as she slowly went back to the earlier position, they were in. His breath caught in his throat when he felt her grind herself into him slowly

“Y-Y/n… what are you doing?” He groaned; his dick was throbbing lightly. She gently grabbed his hand, bringing it back to her thigh. Tendou gripped it tighter, his own hips now rocking against hers.

“I want you to feel good too… so please…” She moaned lightly, and he groaned. His hand slid up her bottom, under her shirt, feeling her smooth back. She shuddered when his fingers slid down her the middle of her back slowly. His hands gripped the end of her shirt and she pushed herself up slowly, Tendou following her actions as she lifted her arms and he pulled it off her. Y/n suddenly began feeling shy, her hair now covering her breasts, teasing Tendou who could now see her from the streams of the streetlight peeking through her curtains. Tendou smiled at her, slowly pulling his shirt off. She inhaled, it was the first time, he bared himself for her. Her hands shakily began rubbing his front and he bit his lip, letting her take her time and explore him. He moaned lightly, when her fingers brushed against his nipples, making her feel shy as she pulled back, biting her lip. Tendou crept closer to her, feeling a little more confident. His fingers gripped her jaw as he brought her closer to his lips. She felt her eyes slowly close when he pressed their lips together. Tendou pulled her body against him, she moaned when her breasts rubbed against his smooth chest, both her knees braced themselves on either side of his hip. His hardened shaft, pressing against her once again.

“You alright, Y/n?” He asked gently, when they parted. He was panting lightly as she kept grinding her hips against him

“Mhmm” She moaned, nodding her head, her hair slowly moving out of the way, revealing her round breasts, his eyes were locked in. He finally got to see them, and they were even better than his dreams. He couldn’t help himself as he cupped them, weighing them in his hands making her blush

“Shit Y/n, these are absolutely amazing” He muttered, looking like a kid in a candy store.

She gasped when his head dipped and he began kissing her breasts, her hands gripped the back of his head, her shorts were soaking and she was sure, she had ruined his sweats. Her pussy was pulsating like crazy and she could feel him twitching too.

She gasped when his lips wrapped around her nipple, licking and sucking it slowly. Her hands gripped his shoulders, this was an utterly new indescribable sensation to her.

“Ah! T-Tendou-san!” She moaned, her hips jutting, when his hand pinched her other nipple/ He left her nipple, resting his temple between her breasts, his other hand stimulating her wet nipple. Tendou lifted himself, cradling the back of her head bringing her in closer to him

“Satori… Say it…” He groaned into her ear, she felt her cheeks redden, the throbbing she was feeling was intense, she was feeling elated.

“Satori… am I making you feel good?” She asked as his hands gripped her ass, controlling the movement of their hips. He kissed her softly,

“You’re making me feel incredible” he purred, her fingers shakily grasped the hem of his sweats, she avoided his gaze as she tried to pull his pants down. He grinned at her cheekily. She liked praises and he was going to make use of it. He calmly moved her hands away, his fingers taking their place as he lifted his hip and pulled his sweats down, her heartbeat picked up and she felt shy, looking anywhere but down there. Tendou groaned, feeling his erection free. He gripped her chin, making her look into his eyes

“Y/n… can I try getting on top off you?” He asked, with a hint of desperation in his tone. She flushed, it was making her slightly nervous to be under him but the thoughts of Tendou and Elise began flashing in her mind. She swallowed down her nervousness, letting herself fall back on the mattress.

“Satori…” She called to him and he wasted no time, slowly crawling over her form. He stayed stationary; his face close to hers

“Is this okay Y/n?” He asked, slightly concerned.

Tendou was thrown off by her warm smile, her hands cupping his face, fingers grazing his fuzzy head. His own hands began massaging her scalp

“You’re such a good girl, I’m gonna move now, okay?” He said and she nodded, Tendou gripped the headboard above her, his erection now rubbing against her shorts and she mewled, fisting the sheets under her. Her panting was increasing, and she whimpered his name. Tendou groaned,

“Shit… your shorts are soaked” He muttered, and she flushed, turning her head

“Please take them off, Satori…”

He stopped, looking down at her, a little shocked at her boldness

“Y/n… Are you sure?” He asked and she nodded, her hands feeling his sides.

“Please?” She begged and he bit his lip, his fingers slowly creeping to the waist band of her shorts, slowly pulling them down when she lifted her hips. The sight of her glistening pussy made him groan, he really wanted to slam into her but instead his fingers slowly caressed her lower lips making her shudder under his touch

“Sa-satori… put it inside” She whispered, looking away but he shook his head

“I-I’m sorry Y/n but I can’t… Now’s not the right moment. Please understand…” He cursed himself, as much as he wanted to push his way in, he held his ground. He was not going to take her virginity until she was clear with her feelings. He wanted to give her that special moment and this wasn’t it. She stared at him, in shock, not expecting his refusal. Before she could react, his cock rested on top of her wet entrance, he began gliding his shaft against her folds and she let out a moan.

“Let me do this instead” he cooed and she bit her lip

Tendou groaned feeling his shaft get coated in her juices, he eyed her clit, grabbing his shaft and letting the tip of it rub her nub making her squirm under him

“You’re doing so well baby… Just looking at you quiver underneath me is turning me on so much. You’re so beautiful, I could look at you forever” he groaned, increasing his pace and she kept moaning and panting, her pussy pulsating intensely as she twisted and rocked her hips against his. He bent down, locking his lips with hers. She opened her mouth, inviting his tongue inside and they panted and moaned during their heated make out. She pulled away, letting out a mewl

“Satori! Faster please” Her fingers gripping his back, making him hiss as he increased his pace. She could feel her juices leaking down on to her bedsheets below. Tendou couldn’t control his leaking tip as he kept furiously rubbing his shaft against her. Tendou groaned, gripping her hips tightly as he felt himself spurt on her stomach and chest, making her gasp, eyes widening. He rested against her headboard, before he could crush her. His eyes dropping to her soiled form

“Sh-shit, I’m so sorry Y/n… It felt so good that I couldn’t control it…” He hinted at his climax, blushing as how sexy she looked, being marked by him. His cum coating her like icing, she looked so sexy.

“It’s okay… I’m just happy that you felt good” She said shyly, still panting.

He realised she was quivering lightly, an eyebrow lifting. His hand danced to her pussy, feeling it pulsate around his fingers

“You didn’t cum, right?” He asked and she blushed, keeping quiet. Tendou grinned, crawling between her legs. His fingers gripping under her knees,

“Um… Satori?” She asked, a little confused only to squeal when he lifted her knees to rest over his shoulders. Her pussy dangerously close to his face. Her hands immediately going to cover her mound from his view.

“P-please stop! This is embarrassing” She squealed, and he grinned, shaking his head

“I don’t think so, gorgeous. It’s my turn to make you feel good. It’s not fair that I came all by myself so c’mon, move your hands. This will make amazing material for your novel” He purred, his hands gently grabbing her wrists, pulling them away. She gasped when he held her wrists in place, he licked his lips, looking into her mortified eyes

“Do you know what cunnilingus is?” He asked and she flushed, nodding and he grinned when she squirmed, he let go of her wrists, his thumbs going to her folds, gently pulling them apart, revealing herself to him. She gasped, feeling more juices spill when his warm breath wafted against her slick. He groaned at her the sight of her tightness; her pussy looked so tantalising. She felt embarrassed, but she couldn’t look away. She held her breath when she eyed his mouth opening, as his tongue slipped out. Tendou made sure to lock into her eyes,

“Don’t look away Y/n” He said before he began licking her pussy making her gasp

“O-oh my god…” she moaned, hands fisting her pillow by her head as her hips thrashed wildly against him. He gripped her hips, keeping her in place before he pushed his tongue through her hole and she moaned loud, her pants were erratic as he kept speeding his pace, feeling her walls twitch around him. He had a mischievous glint in his eyes, his thumb diving to swipe her clit and she mewled. Pulling from her pussy, he kept playing with her clit,

“Are you close babe?” He asked and she nodded frantically,

“Yes, yes, please, I want to cum. Please, I’m so close!” She whined and he began flicking her clit with her tongue, before his lips wrapping around it, sucking it hard making her shriek. Tendou’s thumb went back to its place as he dove between her slippery folds, tasting her sweet juices as he ate her out hard. Had he not been holding her hips in place, she would’ve thrashed his lips by now. She threw her head back, eyes dotted with tears as she began fisting her pillow harder and she clenched her muscles, feeling the string of self-control within her burst as she screamed in ecstasy


Tendou inwardly smirked when she gushed around his tongue, he licked up as much as he could before he dropped her shaking hips onto the mattress. She couldn’t stop panting, he quickly wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her sides back and forth to calm her trembling form, his lips kissing the back of her neck as he gently hushed her

“You did so well, how are you feeling? You okay? Tell me you’re feeling okay?” He asked her, turning her gently towards him. He gently swiped her tears, rubbing her back, letting her calm against him. As her pants slowed and her euphoria washed over, she snuggled into him, breathing in his scent, feeling herself calm even more

“I’m feeling great Satori” She muttered, and he grinned, feeling his cheekiness arise

“Did you enjoy me eating you out? You tasted delicious. You’ve got the cutest pussy I’ve ever seen” He muttered, and she blushed, hiding further into his form

“Please don’t say such perverted things…” She mumbled and he chuckled, a hand lightly smacking her bottom making her squeal

“Sa-Satori!” She whined, looking at him alarmed and he grinned, quickly diving down to peck her nose.

“Sorry but you look so cute when you’re flustered, couldn’t help myself…”

She hummed, before she realised her front was sticky, pulling away she cringed slightly and he realised, shuffling to stand up from the bed, pulling his sweats on. She looked at him confused,

“Um… Are you leaving…?” She asked, a little shocked but he shook his head, making her feel relieved

“Nah, I’m just gonna clean you up. I’ll be back” he said, heading to her bathroom as she sat up, looking at her front. His juices still lingering on her chest, biting her lip. She swiped just a little bit of his cum on her finger. He had just eaten her out, she was curious of his taste. Licking her finger, she didn’t find it unpleasant, it was different form what she expected, certainly not sweet like his desserts but still, she didn’t mind it.

Her eyes drifted to her door, where Tendou stood with a blush on his face. Her own face burst a flame and she felt like she was caught red handed

“I-I’m sorry! I just… I… Uh… Oh god” She hid her face in her hands feeling mortified. Tendou must have found her disgusting. Tendou cleared his throat, quickly walking to her, pulling her hands away. He grinned at her embarrassed face

“Don’t apologise… that was a pretty sexy surprise. Now face me, lemme clean you up” he said, smiling as he brought the damp towel on her front, gently wiping the rest of his essence off her. She watched him quietly, her heart was beating hard. He took really good care of her. He looked up at her, smiling

“All clean” he sung lightly, and she smiled, leaning forward to kiss his temple

“You’re really kind Satori… I’m glad I met you” She said, and he blushed, caressing her cheek

“I’m glad I got to meet you too… Now tell me, where do you keep your clothes. You’ll get sick if you sleep like that” He asked and she flushed, pointed to a drawer behind him. He quietly opened it, pulling out a random top and clean underwear, passing them to her to change into.

“Thank you…” She muttered before making space for him to slide in next to her, he spooned her again, feeling way more satisfied than before. His arms pulling her close,

“Sweet dreams Y/n” He muttered, feeling drowsiness fill his eyes. She hummed, her own eyes slowly drifting closed

“Goodnight Satori” She found herself mumbling before she let sleep wash over her...

As the hours passed, she found herself waking up in a haze during the early hours of the morning. As her eyes adjusted, she was met face to face with a sleeping Tendou,

last night’s events replayed in her head and she felt herself burn, quickly shuffling out of bed and rushing to the toilet. She splashed her face, before she looked in the mirror. Her skin was admittedly looking nice, a fresh glow however her eyes drifted the purple marks surround her chest and her blushed. Last night was definitely not a dream. She quietly crept back to her bedroom, where he lay in a deep slumber. He looked so innocent, compared to his hentai side last night.

Y/n quietly snuck out of the room, towards her lounge where Maro was sleeping soundly. She eyed his quills,

“Looks like you need a bath today Maro” She muttered before she went to her kitchen, boiling water on her kettle. As she waited for the water as it bubbled, she began thinking about maybe confessing to Tendou now. It would be better now than later. Elise had just arrived, she didn’t know what the days would bring her.

Sudden rapping on her front door caught her attention. A little confused, she slowly made her way to the door. Opening it and peeking outside, her eyes widened

“O-oh E-Elise-san… good morning…” She muttered, suddenly feeling guilty for no reason. Elise stood there with a frown, her suitcase in tow. She eyed Y/n’s chest, raising a brow before she glowered at the younger girl

“Is Satori with you?” She asked and Y/n froze, feeling like a deer in headlights, not knowing what to say. Elise’s finger traced Y/n’s hickeys; her frown more evident as Y/n stepped back. Elise put her hand in her pocket, before she pulled out a lanyard.

“Give Satori his keys… I’ve locked the door. Tell him, I found a hotel…”

Y/n quietly took the keys, avoiding Elise’s gaze. The blonde woman turned away but she looked at Y/n one last time

“I haven’t given up on him. A little girl like you is only in the way…” She said before walking away.

In that moment, Y/n felt her heart drop but she could also feel the anger bubbling inside her. She was not going to let another person walk all over her as a door matt. Y/n inhaled before she left her door and made her way to Elise as she walked away

“I am not a ‘little girl’. My name is L/n Y/n and I Iike Satori, so don’t think you can intimidate me.”

Elise stopped, turning around, a little bewildered at Y/n’s stern gaze. She inwardly choked, because Y/n even in an angry state looked very adorable and that made the older woman seethe. She glared and Y/n glared back, holding her stance.

“I’m not as weak as I may seem. I will not be your door mat” She said, and Elise smirked,

“You’re messing with the wrong wom-...” Elise began but Y/n cut her off,

You’re messing with the wrong woman”

She turned away, walking back to her flat, not even turning around as she shut the door.

The moment the door shut; Y/n leaned against it. Her heart was pounding. Elise had almost made her crumble but she thought of a sleeping Tendou. A gentle Tendou who spoke to her and had been helping her all this time. She was not about to let an old flame, burn her budding relationship to ashes. She had to dowse the fire, she couldn’t depend on anyone but herself. Y/n had never been rude or feisty with anyone, but this was the first time in her life that she stood up for herself. All for a man.

A man that she was in love with.

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