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Okay To Cry


Chloe has been bullied and Rascal needs to help her.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chloe Winters was once a popular girl. She had many admirers. However, five new girls transferred from a different school and ruined her life.

“Did you hear Chloe Winters dates older men for money?”

“Did you hear Chloe Winters is bisexual?”

“Did you hear Chloe Winters is planning to get a nose job?”

“Did you hear Chloe Winters’ boobs are actually fake?”

“Did you hear Chloe Winters was expelled from her old school for beating a load of people up?”

Before long, Chloe was the most hated girl in school. Everywhere she went, people would say: “What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you acting so weird?”

Her reputation was run into the ground and she was bullied by everyone. Everyone except her four only friends. Soon, she couldn’t be bothered to try and stop the bullying, which concerned her friends very much.

Oh yeah, Chloe and her friends were also magical girls saving the world from drowning in despair. The Glitter Force. Soon the rest of the Glitter Force had to try to convince her to fight with them because she was not motivated enough on her own.

They tried to get her into therapy but even the therapist was scared of Chloe. Everyone refused to help her. Chloe was slowly falling into despair more and more. The bullying got bad. Real bad.

All through the week, Chloe got ready to be beaten up by the bullies. They would write horrible things on her desk, clap erasers over her head, force her to say embarassing things and then post them on the internet and, most hurtful, they would beat her up in a range of different ways.

From throwing her against the wall and punching her to cornering her and kicking her to a point where she can’t breathe. Chloe began to hate school. She would dread going to school because of all the looks she would get there and back. By the time Summer Break came, the whole town hated her.

The first day of Summer Break, Chloe was relieved because she thought she was safe. She wasn’t. The bullies found out where she lived and began to torture her there too. April, being Chloe’s childhood friend, tried to help by staying with Chloe and fighting off the bullies but it was no use. The bullies found their way to Chloe one way or another.

Chloe escaped the bullies finally and ran to the woods where she sat and cried by her parents’ graves.

“Mother, father... What would you do? I’m so scared.” Chloe cried as she looked up at the willow tree. Chloe had been to the graves and wept so many times that her tears had watered the ground so that a beautiful willow tree grew over the graves.

“Sometimes, your greatest enemies can be your best friends in a time of need, my love.” She heard a voice whisper. It was her mother.

Her greatest enemies were definitely the Bad End Generals. More specifically, Ulric and Rascal. She knew Emily had a crush on Ulric and she didn’t judge her. Chloe herself felt a little bit of love for the giddy jester, Rascal.

She began to weep again, over her parents’ graves. She had lost her parents in a terrible fire when she was only a toddler. She escaped from a cruel orphanage when she was five and met April, who found her a place to live and she’s lived there ever since.

Chloe decided to take a walk in the woods so she could calm down.


She fell down and saw a spidery hand with long, black fingernails reach out. She took the hand and came face to face with Rascal and Ulric.

“Hello, Ice Princess~”

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