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In which Kim Taehyung is an idol and Jeon Jeongguk is his possesive boyfriend.

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Taehyung plopped down on the couch in the dressing room, he was panting hard and sweating. He looked like he was about to pass out, afterall doing a concert isn't easy. He just finished his concert and now he was too tired.

He was used to this, he has been a idol for years now and he knew this was going to happen. But it was all worth it when he see his fans cheering for him. He loved them dearly, it was because of them he was this famous and well known.

He is one of the idols to get a lot of hate because he is gay, his company accepted him. They didn't mind but many people did. Fans who loved him started hating him just because he was gay, it hurted him very much but what can he do? This was who he is and he will never change it.His fans always defended him from the haters and he was more than thankful for that.

He slowly sat up from his lying position, staffs wiped his sweat and gave him water and energy drinks. His manager sat down next to him with a small smile.

"You rocked it today, V" 'V', that's his stage name.

"Thank you, hyung"

"Also you get a free week, make sure to take good rest" his manager Park Sejin said with a small smile, he was more like a brother to Taehyung than a manager.

"Ok, hyung and Thank you" with that he bowed and stood up, he needs to get home or else his boyfriend will get worried.

Him having a boyfriend wasn't a secret, everyone knew that he was in a relationship but it didn't stop his fans from giving him proposals. He knew it was for fun, a idol and fan interaction. Nothing more but his boyfriend absoulutely hated it.

He didn't like Taehyung getting too close with the staffs, other idols in the company or even his fans. He was very possesive when it came to Taehyung.

Taehyung sometimes found it too much, it was natural for his fans to flirt with him but his boyfriend never understood that. Due to this they have had numerous fights but it all ended up with anyone of them apologizing. They both loved each other too much to let go.

Taehyung changed his clothes with a small smile as he walked out if the building and got in his car, his boyfriend didn't want him to drive alone so he hired a driver especially for Taehyung, cause why not? He had the money, afterall he is a CEO.

After nearly an hour they arrived at Taehyung's and his boyfriend's house. They both decided on living together two years ago and from then they share a house.

The red haired boy walked inside their home with a small smile eventhough he was exhausted,

"Jungkook, I'm home" he shouted as he took of his shoes.

"Baby, you're finally back! What took you so long?" Jungkook appeared from the kitchen as he hugged Taehyung.

"I got a little tired and layed down for a little" he said and pulled away.

"Go and take a shower, baby. You should eat before going to sleep" the ravennette stated as he softly caressed Taehyung's cheek with his thumb.

"Ok Kookie, I'll be right back" Taehyung walked upstairs to their room, be had a soft smile on his face. He loved being home, being with Jungkook.

He really wanted to just sleep but Jungkook wouldn't allow that, he hated it when Taehyung skipped meals or went on a diet. He even fought with Taehyung's company for making him go on a diet, it took days for Taehyung to convince him saying it was part of being an idol.

Taehyung liked Jungkook's possesive and caring side but sometimes it wasn't necessary, once Jungkook got mad cause a bodyguard held Taehyung's hand. The airport was too crowded and the guy did it so Taehyung won't get hurt but Jungkook didn't believe him. He didn't stop till they fired the bodygaurd.

This was Taehyung's live, a idol with an overly possesive boyfriend.
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