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in which tobio kageyama rejects hinata because he ‘isn’t gay’ TW : SELF HARM, BODY IMAGE, MENTIONS OF ALCOHOL ETC.

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coming out was not easy.

everyone in the karasuno high volleyball team knew that, they'd all had to do it, all except two of the members, kageyama and hinata

but today hinata had finally built up the courage to come out to his very supportive friends, he had been out to his family for a month now, and they were some what supportive,

so what would be so hard about the team ?

"uhh guys can i tell you something?" hinata asked as they walked home, the team was sat outside the coaches store eating meatbuns and drinking water

"sure hinata what's up" sugawara asked as he held his boyfriend, daichis, hand, hinata suddenly felt all the confidence he had built up disappear,

it wasn't this hard with his family.. thats what he thought, "i -uh" asahi, who had nishinoya on his back began to worry "hinata are you okay?"

"oi spit it out dumbass" kageyama scoffed and through a water bottle at the boys head "ow!" the orange headed exclaimed

yamaguchi felt the nervousness hinata was radiating and smiled softly, "hey if you need time take it" that's when tsukishima caught the drift, as he remembered how the green haired boy came out to him

"okay, wait i just—" he started suddenly feeling sick "yo little buddy, you okay?" tanaka asked shaking hinata "dont do that! he might vomit!"

nishinoya grabbed hinata and looked at him, nodding his head "come on shoyo! you can do this!" hinata nodded and slapped his cheeks looking at the ground

"i'm gay."

the team was silent before sugawara started smiling and hugged the little boy he treated as a child , the team was beaming, all except the one hinata wanted to beam

kageyama, even though he wouldn't show it on his face, was disgusted by hinata, recalling all the times he changed in front of the boy, and spent nights at his house

"shoyo! thats- im so proud of you!" nishinoya said smiling and hugging the nervous boy, who was hugging them back, "congrats shorty."

that was the first nice thing hinata had ever heard tsukishima tell him, he jumped up and down smiling and laughing,

the volleyball team had really become a family, they treated one another better than some did their own families

"kageyama? aren't you gonna hug hinata?" yamaguchi asked as the third years teased hinata for being nervous earlier, but understanding where he was coming from,

"uhh- yeah, when i drop him off" yamaguchi nodded and ran to the group to congratulate the red head on coming out to them, it was a big deal

kageyama slipped away and started home by himself leaving the others outside the store

'what the hell.' he thought, feeling disgusted by the feeling that his best friend was gay. it's not that kageyama hated gay people,

it's just in his household, he'd never been around people who liked the same gender, his grandmother who he respected very much always told him about the stories where guys like girls, and how guys were never supposed to like anyone else but girls.

and now that he heard hinata come out he was wondering how did hinata know he was gay? who did hinata like? why was it such a big deal for hinata to come out?

he of course, being straight himself didnt understand why coming out was such a big deal, and soon he heard someone yelling behind him,

the blue eyed boy recognized the happy sounding voice of shoyo hinata, the boy who'd just come out, calling behind him "hey yama!"

he picked up his pace, avoiding the boy for the awkward tension of talking to him

hinata thought, just like the rest of the volleyball team, that kageyama was at least bisexual, but they'd never say anything to the setter

the truth was, the boy that hinata had feelings for was kageyama, and he felt sad when he saw the boys face drop at him coming out 'he's disgusted'

the face he saw on kageyama was the same face he saw on his father and grandparents as he came out at a family gathering the month before,

but it was an accident, he didn't mean to come out, his aunts had asked if he had a girlfriend and hinata automatically responded with "i dont even like girls."

maybe that's why coming out to the team was so hard for him, even though he knew that all of the team had come out and the ones that hadn't were supportive, he was scared to see that look again

and now he had seen it on his bestfriend, the one he had feelings for, tobio kageyama.

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