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After The Battle | athanati agapi | Harry Potter


Oak Cresswell is returning to Hogwarts for the seventh year that he never got to finish. It has been a few months since the Battle Of Hogwarts had taken place but the society and students weren't close to recovering from past wounds. Because of that not a lot of the students had returned. Follow Oak's journey to becoming a resemblance to what he once was. |takes place post-war|

Fantasy / Humor
Nike Almqvist
Age Rating:


The war was finally over and the society was starting to recover. However someone who hasn’t even started is Oak Cresswell.

He had lost so much in the war, much like everyone else, so how will it go when he returns to Hogwarts to finish his seventh year?

Will he ever recover from this? He didn’t even have anyone left.



Hello everyone and welcome to athánati agápi, a story based on the story and characters from Harry Potter.

I have always loved the Harry potter franchise and story however I do not in any way support J.K. Rowling.

Thank you and I do hope you enjoy.

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