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"Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero, what it needs is a monster." || Hana Fumetsu isn't your typical Mary Sue. In fact, she isn't even human. A combination of cruel insanity, dark humor, and provocative thinking mixed with a dash of masochism and mischief; Follow our little She-devil as she causes mayhem and searches and experiences something she's never felt before. A Hiraeth. #1 bokunohero

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Quirk Test [10]

As Jiro explained her quirk my interest disappeared causing me to drop her ear lope. "How peculiar." Which was code for, weak.

"W-whats that supposed to mean?" Jiro snapped a little offended as she squinted her eyes at the girl. "If anyone's peculiar it's you." The teen retorted with a snarky tone as she took in the pink haired girls odd features. And here I thought we'd be good friends. The girl mentally huffed.

"If you're just here to make friends then you can pack up your stuff now." Aizawas voice caught all of our attentions. How slow was he walking, we were literally down the hall? As usual he was in his yellow sleeping bag.

"Welcome to U.A's hero course." He says unenthusiastically stepping out of his bag and i guess that was cue for everyone to dart to a seat. Instantly I snagged the seat behind my darling making him jutt his lip in obvious annoyance.

"It took you 8 seconds for you to all shut up and that's not gonna work."
Stepping inside the classroom I settle my chin on my pal with a lazy grin, eying my guardian whom seemed to avoid all eye contact with me.

"You are to keep my relationship as your guardian a secret from the other students. I don't want anyone thinking just because I take care of you that I'm giving you special treatment."

Standing at the front of the room, he dug into his sleeping bag and held out blue and white tracksuit.

"I am your home room teacher, Aizawa Shouta. Right now I need you to put these on and meet me outside."

"Quirk apprehension test!"

I purse my lips in disappointment as my quirk wouldn't really be much help in whatever Aizawa had in store. When the hell are we gonna get to fighting each other. I mentally whine as it had been quite a while since I've had legal authorization to use my quirk.

"But orientation? We're gonna miss it?" The girl I had met with Izuku spoke up. Ochaco Ururaka wasn't it?

"If you really wanna make the big leagues you can't waste time on pointless ceremonies. Here at U.A we're not tethered to traditions." He turned to look at us with indifferent eyes. "That means I get to run my class however I see fit."

"Softball pitch, standing long jump, 50- meter dash, endurance running, grip strength test, sustained sideways jumping, upper body exercises, and seated toe touch. These are all physical test where you were prohibited from using your quirk in middle school. The countries still trying to pretend that we're all created equal by not letting those with the most power excel. It's not rational, one day the ministry of education will learn." He then turns to Bakugou glancing at me briefly.

"Bakugou you managed to score the highest in the entrance exam. What was your farthest distance throw with a softball in middle school?"

"67 meters."

"Right, try doing it with your quirk."

Throwing Bakugou a soft ball, he orders him to pitch it the farthest he can without stepping outside of a circle imprinted on the ground.
Reeling his arm back, a devilish expression takes over the ash blondes face making me externally gush.


How I'd love to be that ball... I thought with a dreamy sigh causing Izuku whom stood beside me to sweat drop at my expression. Still to this day, the boy had no idea what the girl saw in the aggressive hot tempered male.


" Before anything else, one must know what they're capable of. This is a rational rubric that will form the basis of your hero training." He said showing us a small device that said '705.2m'.

"Go Darling!" I yipped as the boy's eyes turned to saucers his hands threateningly facing me.

"Woah 705 meters are you kidding me!" A Kaminari gawked. A small grin graced my face as several people boosted Bakugous rather large ego but you couldn't blame them. That's my darling for you.

"Awesome, we get to use our quirks as much as we want!"

My classmates with the exception of me and Izuku were excited to show off their quirks but none of them could sense the ominous aura coming from Aizawa-sensei. Unlike the others I wasn't exactly eager to show off my quirk because I couldn't show off it. "So you think you're here to have fun huh? You have 3 years here to become a hero. Do you think it's gonna be just games and play time? Today you'll participate in 8 physical tests to see your potential. Who ever comes in last with the lowest points will be judged 'hopeless' and will be instantly expelled." My eyes widened as Aizawas steel cold eyes clashed with mine and I could read the look. "That goes for you too Fumetsu."

How dare he think me weak enough to come in last out of these humans? I huff crossing my arms. The air became tense as some people looked panicked and others determined. I on the other hand wasn't surprised by Aizawas actions. The man had once expelled an entire class once for not meeting his expectations. If there was anything I knew about the male was that behind his exhausted appearance was a wolf in sheep's clothing.


Unfortunately, I could only use my physical abilities for the rest of the exercise and I was sure I had earned at least fourth place considering my strength was highly above average. Midoriya's name was called for pitch causing me to perk up slightly at the mention of his name as I still had yet to see his new flashy quirk.

At first, Aizawa deactivated his quirk and called the shy boy out saying how he wasn't capable of being a hero with his quirk. Aizawa's harsh words annoyed me alittle as I believed you didn't even need a quirk to be a hero but I understood somewhat of what he was saying. From what I heard, Izuku had gotten badly injured in the entrance exams using his quirk. If he really did become out of commission from one punch then Aizawa was right. He couldn't save anyone if he couldn't even protect himself and that was the harsh truth. No matter how strong One for All was, the quirk was useless if he couldn't control it.

Finally, Midoriya threw the ball and I expected his arm to be broken but it was perfectly fine causing my jaw to drop lightly.
He even scored .1 more then Darling... I thought in shock as I observed the boy until my eyes stopped on his broken finger. A small grin made its way back to my face at the sickly shade of purple.

I've underestimated you Otaku.

So the whole day we finished up the rest of our tests and Aizawa showed us our scores. I got fourth place as I expected. However, I got the top score in the grip test and push up test being as my physical endurance was high so it took a lot for me to actually break a sweat.

My eyes slowly drifted down to who the poor soul was that got last place and I pouted in disappointment.

Midoriya ended up dead last.

"Oh yeah, the whole expulsion thing was a lie."

I blinked in slight shock but I grinned toothily ruffling Izukus head roughly whilst the boy teared up. "Looks like today's your lucky day huh Otaku?" I teased already used to Aizawas tricks.

"WHATTT!?" Ochako, Iida, And a bunch of other students screamed. I watched in amusement as Izuku collapsed with his soul hovering above his body. A black haired girl named Momo then went on some lecture about the whole thing being a ruse to draw out out fullest potential but I didn't care to listen as I poked Izuku's corpse with my nail.

"Nene looks like me, you, and darling won't get separated after all!"


Are you eager for fumetsu to use her quirk?;)

Can you give me some ideas of how she could use it against the others without killing them.
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