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2.𝕋𝕙𝕒π•₯ 𝕕𝕒π•ͺ𝕀 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕀 𝕨𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕒𝕝𝕝

2.𝕋𝕙𝕒π•₯ 𝕕𝕒π•ͺ'𝕀 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕀 𝕨𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕒𝕝𝕝 π•π•šπ•–π•€*

ɴᴏᴑ α΄˜ΚŸα΄€ΚΙͺΙ΄Ι’: PART 1: Chapter 2


◄◄⠀▐▐ β €β–Ίβ–Ίβ €β € β € 1:17 / 3:48 β € ───○ πŸ”Šβ € α΄΄α΄° βš™ ❐ ⊏⊐


Y/N pov

When I got back home, I was greeted by my mom looking very worried.
"It is 5pm,she should be back... Sugar you are back!" The lady wrapped her arms around me, tightening the hug.
"M-mom you are gonna suffocate m-me!" I squeezed out those words as she finally let go.
"Oh sorry dear. I bought some food from the restaurant that we had left. Want to eat them while we watch a movie?"
"Nah it is ok I have already had some- oh definitely!" I quickly changed sentences as I saw the meal that she brought home.


As she looked for a film to watch, I cleaned up the scrambled eggs that I had left. I placed the egg shells in a silicone bowl and poured it into the bin.
"Cmon Y/N, we are watching Soul!" Mom hurried me into the living room.
We sat on the fluffy couch as the movie started rolling.

"Wow that was such a good movie! I'm gonna go upstairs and study for na upcoming test," I rushed up the stairs to the enclosed door of my bedroom.

I turned the doorknob and smelt the cotton candy air freshener that was absorbing all other smells. Quickly, I got dressed into pajamas and decided to research about some Creepy pasta characters. Yes I did tell mom that I would study, and I wasn't lying. Besides, author-chan decided to make me research about the characters and not maths or science.

"Hmm, maybe I should listen to Pop Goes The Weasel, wait what time is it?" I spiralled around my chair to see that the time was 11:30. "Well, I will stay up to 3:00am because it is the weekend."


Looking over to my left, the bright light of my phone echoed in the dark abyss of my room. I peered over and saw taht someone texted me; It was none other than Bakugou.


What do you want.
It is 11:00

Well, I was wondering
If you like chocolate

Two things
First, who does not like chocolate?
Second, I am gonna block you soon.
Only if you don't stop texting
Me at stupid times.

Ok ok fine.

Thank you, bye.


The next day cause I am lazy af

Opening my eye lids, I stumble out of bed. It was about 12:00pm, so I had about 9 hours of sleep if you round it. Cleaning up my bed, i headed downstairs after for breakfast. Luckily, I didn't have to make breakfast since mom had put some microwaves in the fridge with a sticky note.

Hello dear,
I heard about the event today and that you made a friend!!! So proud!
Anyways, be back by 11:00pm latest and DON'T do drugs, cigars or boys.
P.s you can eat the Pancakes :)

Rolling my eyes, I took the sticky note off of the plate and warmed up the fluffy breakfast.

Finally, I took out the pancakes, drizzled some syrup on top and placed some butter in the middle. I made sure my phone was on silent so no one would text me while I was eating (*cough* Bakugou *cough*).


I took a knife and fork and cut the pancakes. Then, I placed the bit I cut in my mouth, savouring every last bit of sweet flavour.
"Mmm!" I hummed.
Soon after, I had eaten all of them and devoured my coffee that I had made. So, I dashed up the stairs for something to wear.

And I didn't have to pick again, mom had already chosen.

Hi sweetie!
I chose this kimono for you so in the event, so you will look good!

Since today was I guess a 'big event', I had a shower even though I had one yesterday.

I took the K/C kimono and placed it on, along with some sandles and socks. Then, I tied my hair up (if you have short hair, then don't mind this) and placed a mask on, tilting it to the side.


Pick un

I looked at the time.


So I had 3 hours left. I decided to clean the house out of boredom by sweeping up the dust from the attic, cleaning the windows in my bedroom and scrubbing the sink. Of course, I made sure it didn't get on me.
Diiinng doonnggg!!

I wonder who that might be. Checking the time on the clock, I had only been at it for an hour. Bakugou couldn't have been coming this early.
"Coming!" I called as I dashed down the stairs.
I turned the doorknob to see an annoying pomeranian.
"Why are you here so early?" I grumbled.
I closed the door, but he wedged his foot in between the door and door frame.
"Ey! I fucking haven't said anything yet!" Bakugou snarled.
"Fine tell me."
"Well, I came early because the fucking festival starts at 17:00, so I texted you that I would come now. But you didn't see it I'm guessing."

Oh yeah, my phone was on silent.
"Fine. Are we going now then?" I asked.
"Probably not, there is 2 hours left until it happens. Have you got the invitation?" He asked and I nodded. "Good then can I come in?"
Rolling my eyes, I opened the door and welcomed him in.

"Geeze, this place...isn't that bad." Bakugou thought.

"I guess I like what you are wearing." I mumbled.
He was wearing a red button up shirt and he wore a black vest on top. His shoes were shiny but an ebony black, whilst his jeans were a lighter tone, but still black.
"I like what you're wearing too..." Bakugou muttered.
We stood in the deafening silence.
"Do you just wanna go now?" I asked him.
"Probably yeah." Bakugou replied, walking to the front door.
I followed him out and then we realised it was raining.
"Let me go get an umbrella," I hurried back in the house and grabbed the ebony one. "Here."

The umbrella sprang up and we both huddled underneath, still keeping some distance. On any day, it had to rain on the day of the festival.
"I got an idea. If you want, I could use my quirk to transport us there in about 5 minutes. Downside is that you might not be used to it." I stated.
"I mean, I don't wanna take a fuckin' train so I guess." Bakugou looked at me and looked away.
"Alright, hold on to the umbrella."
"Is this gonna be some Mary Poppins type shit?" Bakugou huffed as I looked at him with full stupidity.
"And here we... Go."
"Wait what? SHIT!!" Bakugou yelled.

A hole erupted from the ground and engulfed us. We spiralled through the rabbit hole.
"Jesus what the hell!? Where are the walls of this thing!?" Bakugou yelled over the gushing wind.
"There isn't any, but just stay within 5 metres by me." I called.
He nodded and moved a bit closer. After a nauseating 5 minutes, we erupted back up to the outskirts of the festival.
"So, did you like it?" I asked him.
"Bloody hell not." He grumbled, looking like he needed to vomit.
"I thought so, you are falling at about 170mph." I said.
"Let's just go into random shops or something while we wait," Bakugou said and I nodded.

Time of the festival

"Wow, that girl wasn't lying when she said over 100 schools where coming." I said, surprised.
"Well come on, we haven't got all day!" Bakugou grabbed my wrist and dragged me in.


My eyes were drawn on the Teddy bears that were hanging on one of the stalls.
"I'm guessing you want to play that game?" Bakugou murmured as I nodded.
Listen, I always have room for Teddy bears. I don't care what anyone says.

"Step up to get a Teddy bear!" A man yelled.
"What do I have to do?" I asked him.
"You have to get this plastic ball in the bucket without it falling out." The man replied.
So, I gave the man 150 yen and he gave me in return 3 plastic balls. So, I threw the ball with hopefully some technique. Sadly, the ball bounced off the bucket. Angered, I tried it again, but to no avail. 3rd times the charm. I threw it again, but it bounced back out.
"You have to try again next time!" the man said. "Bye now-"

"Here." Bakugou handed the man 150 yen. "Watch L/N."
He threw the ball in the bucket and it... STAYED PUT!?
"Well done for this lucky winner! Which one?" The man exclaimed.
Bakugou pointed to a blue dinosaur. So, the man gave him it.


"Here you extra." Bakugou gave the dinosaur to me as my eyes lit up. "Pfft. I conned the con artist."
He showed me the actual plastic ball that was used for throwing.
"Wow. You do have some brains," I said. "And thanks. Thanks for this."
"No problem I guess. But you have to buy me ramen."
I sighed and nodded.
"Well then, let's go and eat." Bakugou said and we both walked together to the inside restaurant.

"Hello! I'm guessing you want a table of two, so follow me." A waitress led us to a table in the far back. "Extra romantic."
She winked and left.
"She thinks we are a couple, that's stupid." I muttered.
"Pfft yeah. I wouldn't be in a relationship with a dork like you,"
"Ey! I'm sorry mister 'Oh I'm The Best' but the real dork around here is you!" I exclaimed with an angry face. "And anyway, I only came here for the food and getting stuff, so I'm going to look at the menu."

I took the menu and saw many delicious items. But, I was really looking for their special 'F/F' and found it on the list. The annoying waitress came over, questioning us for what we want.
"I'm having F/F, what about you?" I asked the ash-blonde boy.
"The spicy ramen." He murmured.
We watched the lady scribble down the orders and rush away.

I took out my phone and played some music because I'm cool like that.
"What're you listening to?" Bakugou asked.
"'Parents' by Yungblud."
"Oh." He looked away.

After ten minutes, our meals came.
"Here you go! Spicy Ramen for the man and F/F for the lady." I took my plate as Bakugou took his own.
The plate was covered in little fake flowers and the silverware was fancy. This restaurant was way out of place. So, I took my fork and began eating.
"I guess this isn't so bad." I said, catching his attention.
"I guess not. Well, nothing is bad with me!" Bakugou triumphed.
I hummed and took another bite.

After le restaurant

"I dunno. Anyways, what do you wanna do now. I barely have any money left." I changed moods, earning a confused look.
"Let's just... Sit down for a bit." Bakugou signalled the bench.
"Ok," I said.

'We were literally just sitting down.' I thought.

We sat down on the bench as I hummed a tune. Then, I took a book out to read.
"Where did you put that book?" Bakugou asked, startled.
"Kimonos are very good for hiding things." I smirk.
As I flip the page of Twilight, I could feel Bakugou's presence lingering over me.
"Yes?" I ask him.
"I uh, got you something," He murmurs and hand me a wrapped gift. "Don't think of it as anything to do with sloppy shit."
I nod and open the present, which shows a small box of... Ferrero Rochers!!!
"Thanks! These are my favourite... How did you know that?" I question.
"I dunno, just thought that you would like it." He murmured.

Eyeing him suspiciously, I think of what to get him. An idea popped into my head.
"One second!" I shout and run to one of the local stores.
'Hmmm Pomeranian... Pomeranian... Aha!'
I thought and grabbed a Pomeranian Teddy.
Then, I purchased the item and ran back to the bored Bakugou. He was swiping up on his phone numerous times;Probably on Tiktok or Instagram.
"I'm back," I mutter as he looks up at me.

Then, I give him the Teddy and he shows a slight smile before returning to a straight face.
"Thanks," he says and the corners of my lips lift up to a short smile.
"Glad you like it I guess..."
"Yeah." I watch as he starts yapping at me and I softly laugh.

ღ(Β―`◕‿◕´¯) β™« β™ͺ β™« - β™« β™ͺ β™« (Β―`◕‿◕´¯)ღ

"I had a good time with you," I say and he nods, meaning 'me too'. "I gotta get going, bye."
Waving goodbye, I head South to go to the Metro Station. The streets were deserted as it was night. The moon blossomed in the night sky, clouds attempting to cover the large price of rock. No matter what I tried to distract me with though, I felt a lingering presence.
Turning around, I ask,"Who's there?"

No answer.

I shrug, thinking I was being paranoid and keep walking.
Someone's footsteps drenched the silence as I pick up my pace. I was a bit experienced in these experiences since my dad used to teach me what to do, so I looked for an open shop. One was open, so I walked inside.
"Is there anything you need?" A woman asks me.
"No thank you, it's just... There is someone following me so I'll get my mom to pick me up." She nods and stands by the door.
"I'll keep search. The name's Susuke, Itsuki Susuke. I am the owner," She says with a warm smile.


(Not my drawing)

Her short hair blew from the air conditioning.
"My name is L/N Y/N, nice to meet you. And thank you." I reply.
Dialling the number of my mother's, I watch as the shadows of cars pass.
"Hello! It is the L/N residence, I cannot come to the phone right now so-"

I dial her number again for 2 more times before giving up.
'Hmm who now?'
I check my list of contacts. I could call my uncle, but he lives in Hong Kong sadly. So, I decided to call a taxi instead.

ღ(Β―`◕‿◕´¯) β™« β™ͺ β™« - β™« β™ͺ β™« (Β―`◕‿◕´¯)ღ

I watch as the neon yellow car parks infornt of the shop.
"Here miss Susuke," I hand her some money. "Thank you for letting me stay here."
"It is my pleasure, go home now. Your parents might be worried." She replies.
I wave and walk to the Taxi.
"Is this for L/N Y/N?" I ask the man in the car.
"Yes, get in. Are you going to XXX XXX?" He asks.

I get inside and buckle up my seat belt. Then, I look behind the window to see if anybody was actually following me. I could see a shadow still on a corner and it shapes out a person. The car starts moving the opposite direction and I get comfy.

This is from my drafts in wattpad where I included stuff like images
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