Danganronpa: The switch under the floorboards


!SPOILERS! Note: I wrote this on Wattpad but republished it on here due to web toon buying Wattpad just incase anything happens to the app. This was my first fanfic I have ever done so it was trash but people read it so I’m republishing it on this app. What if Kokichi's personality switched when he fell through the floorboards? Well here is my idea about what would have happened. This is not my original idea, I saw it on tik tok so don't give credit for the idea but the story written is all mine, I don't own the image used for the front cover, I found that picture online so don't give credit to me for the image used for the cover. There will be swearing but censored like this: sh*t Also the story may seem a bit repetitive with Kokichi passing out a lot but it leads to development like Shuichi finding Kokichi's diary while waiting for him to wake up, finding out a bit more about what happened to him, Shuichi thinking of plans to end the killing game, Shuichi starting to grow stronger feelings for Kokichi, etc. I also thought I could try and create a bit of humour out of this. Just to let you know, i don't own any of these characters, I'm just a big danganronpa fan writing a fan fiction about a ship I was dared to do. Most chapters will have around 1,000 words

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Chapter 1

First I would like to say, tysm for reading this. Also this gets quite repetitive and is pretty shitty, also some swears are censored due to me writing this then republishing it on a different app, my Wattpad acc is basically the same name as my acc on here. This was not my original idea, it was an idea I saw on tik tok, I don't remember the name of the person though and I'm sure something like this has been done multiple times before, so the idea isn't original but what you are actually reading right now I have typed out, I know the description may be long but it's a good idea to read it because it gives a summary of the story, apologies for spelling errors and stuff like that, apologies for repetitive content but I promise you that the repeat does contain a bit of development like free time events, anyways it also contains more information and the narrator in this fanfic is Shuichi Saihara , enjoy.

I was investigating with Maki, looking for clues under the floorboards regarding Tenko and Angie's murders, we had only found a few bloodstains so far when *thud* I heard that, what was that, I could smell fresh blood, I couldn't smell it before, I picked it up after that sound. Wait, why can I smell blood!? it better not be what I think it is, no... NO! I rushed over to where it came from, my stomach in my throat, it was sudden, it's always sudden, when we get our hopes up...
despair catches up and... throws it away.

Looking at Kokichi's corpse was depressing, but then, I sensed a slight bit of movement, I kept still and heard a voice "o-ow" I rushed to the Kokichi's side and by some miracle.... he managed to sit up, leaning against the wall of course,but, something seems odd, like different, it was as if he was a completely different person "w-where a-am I?" He questioned. He seems so different, not being obnoxious, unhelpful or anything like that, he seems shy and scared, he also seems to be in pain...

"Kokichi, are you ok?" I asked, "
"Er-erm, y-y-y-yes, b-but, y-you seem you have changed a lot S-Saihara Chan" He replied with. I don't know how to respond, what does he mean by 'I seem to have changed a lot'.
"Well do you remember what happened to cause that sound!?" I asked
"W-what sound, I d-don't, get it."
Then someone else said "Just leave him, it's one of those brat's pranks again", it was Maki who said that, but is this really just a prank?

Still I'm quite concerned, because even if he was acting, I'm 99% sure he fell through something, I saw something fall a few stories up, it was faint because it was moving fast but I did see something. Could that have been Kokichi? If so, where did he fall from? Maybe there was a gap in the floor or the floorboards weren't secure.

His facial expression seemed to have changed as well as his personality. Then I remembered how much blood he had lost. Did this cause him to change. I'm so confused. >.<

Wait, this could actually be evidence, if I checked where he fell from, someone could have deliberately tampered with the floorboards or if it was an accident, well either way, it could be crucial to the case, probably won't be but I should check just in case.

Anyways, I don't seem to have a logical explanation for this. Great, Angie and Tenko are dead, and now Kokichi is acting weird and probably too badly injured to investigate and if he is left alone, he might die and I don't want another person dying. I should probably stay here for 10 minutes with him. I'm sure it's what Kaede would've done.

Well, I just hope this isn't a permanent thing and it stops soon, I'm not use to Kokichi being so friendly, also, he would probably chicken out when investigating in this state. What the frick am I supposed to do, I seriously don't know, throughout the time I have been in a peculiar situation, this is beyond weird, how could someone change this much?

I seriously don't know how to process what just happens, but I should probably continue investigating since our necks are on the line but at the same time, I feel I should stay here. Is there a way for me to do both?

Chapter 2

I decided to help Kokichi up. He seems
extremely out of it. Did he get amnesia or something!?

Maki still didn't look convinced. She left to go investigate some more, leaving Kokichi with me.

He suddenly fainted! It was probably from blood loss. I picked Kokichi up, he was surprisingly light, not just surprising but, concerning, I'm a weak guy who struggles a bit to carry 100lbs, yet I'm able to carry Kokichi just fine, realising this made me realise how pale he was, I know he has always been this pale but realising how light he is made me consider how pale he is, is he ok? Actually, I haven't seen him eat here yet, now I'm starting to really worry. Anyways, I decided to take him back to his dorm when I was suddenly approached by Monokuma. He asked why was I carrying a dead body around. I told him that Kokichi wasn't dead, he was just unconscious.

I asked Monokuma if he knows why Kokichi is acting strangely. Monokuma swore " HE RETUREND TO PREGAME, OH SH*T!!! oops, did I say that out loud?". Monokuma waddled away. Pregame, what the hell is that?

Well if Monokuma knew what it was and wasn't happy about it, it's definitely not a prank. I wonder if anyone else knows about this "pregame" thing? Maybe I should ask about it during the trial. Well, first I should ask Monokuma about Kokichi having to attend the trial.

I found Monokuma and asked "Kokichi is badly injured and it doesn't seem like he's going to wake up in time for the trial, Will he have to attend or will we leave him in his room?" Monokuma replied with "Well I suppose he will have to skip the trial as much as I'm against it >:("

Chapter 3

!!!Detailed death description!!!

After I had investigated for about another hour, the announcement played.

"Please head to the elevator so the class trial can begin!"

I headed towards the elevator, heart in my chest, and stepped inside. A trial filled with truths and lies, a deceitful lie, a deceitful person, a deceitful crime, a deceitful class trial.

Monokuma said "now let's start of with a simple explanation of the class trial, you must vote whodunnit, if you pick correctly, the blackened will receive their punishment, but if you make the wrong one... I will punish everyone BESIDES the blackened! And they will be free to leave."

It begun, the trial for our lives.(I pasted a script I found online of the trial because I couldn't be bothered to write down every detail about the trial)
~Nonstop Debate
Truth Bullet: Necronomicon
Weak Point: Did Work
~Nonstop Debate
Truth Bullet: Tsumugi's Account
Weak Point: Broke In
~Mass Panic Debate
Truth Bullet: Kokichi's Lockpicking
Weak Point: Only Student Council Members
~Multiple Choice
The Back Door
~Mind Mine
Gold Leaf Katana
~Psyche Taxi
Katana's Hilt
Katana Was Stabbed Into Effigy
Spinning It
~Multiple Choice
Korekiyo, Shuichi, Himiko, Kokichi
~Spot Selection
Hole In The Corner
~Nonstop Debate
Truth Bullet: Hole In The Corner
Weak Point: The Culprit Had A Light
Lie Bullet: K1-Bo's Flashlight Function
Weak Point: Use To Get Under The Floor
~Nonstop Debate
Truth Bullet: White Sheet
Weak Point: Moment The Cage Was Lifted
~Rebuttal Showdown
Truth Blade: Marker Stone
Weak Point: Sitting In There
~Select Someone
Tenko Chabashiro
~Nonstop Debate
Lie Bullet: Tenko's Last Moments / Tenko Died Instantly
Weak Point: With The Last Of Her Strength
~Nonstop Debate
Truth Bullet: Sound During Seance
Agree Point: Something Fell
~Select Truth Bullet
Loose Floorboard
~Nonstop Debate
Truth Bullet: Crosspiece Under The Floor
Agree Point: Stomped Through The Floorboard
~Hangman's Gambit
Seesaw Effect
~Multiple Choice
The Top of the Cage
~Nonstop Debate
Truth Bullet: Bloody Kokichi
Agree Point: Other Rooms May Be Trapped
Lie Bullet: The Caged Child / Caged Dog Village
Agree Point: What If Someone Steered Her
~Select Truth Bullet
Magic Circle Korekiyo Drew
~Select Someone
Korekiyo Shinguji
~Multiple Choice
~Hangman's Gambit
Magic Circle
~Spot Selection
Lines That Stretch To The Corners
~Rebuttal Showdown
Truth Blade: White Sheet
Weak Point: I Had No Opportunity
~Debate Scrum
~Select Truth Bullet
Dried Blood Under The Floor
~Multiple Choice
It Happened Before The Seance
Angie Yonaga
~Nonstop Debate
Truth Bullet: Necronomicon
Agree Point: She Wanted A Candle
~Select Truth Bullet
Forehead Injury
~Rebuttal Showdown
Truth Blade: Bloody Duct Tape
Weak Point: There Was No Evidence
~Multiple Choice
The Murder of Angie Yonaga
~Argument Armament
~Closing Argument
Cut Crosspiece Under The Floor
The Removed Floorboard
Stuck Duct Tape
Removed The Gold Leaf Katana
Stabbed Kaede's Effigy
Hit the Sliding Lock
Kokichi's Lock Picking
Himiko's Small Stone
Sickle Placed To Kill
Shuichi Extinguished The Flames
The Path Made Of Salt
Stomp On The Floorboards
Footsteps Contaminate The Crime Scene
~Voting Time
Korekiyo Shinguji

Monokuma said "WOW, RIGHT AGAIN!!!"

Game over
Korekiyo Shinguji has been found guilty
Time for punishment!!!

Korekiyo was tied up and spun by the Monokubs. He was cut loose and fell into a pot filled with water. The Monokubs started a fire underneath and he was boiled alive!

It was a slow painful death, blood started coming out of his eyes. Eventually he died, and to make it worse, Monokuma sprinkled salt on him, so he wouldn't come back as a ghost and his entire existence was erased from everything except our memories.

We were forced to watch, it was horrible. None of us could believe our eyes. We felt despair sink into our bodies.

Himiko got on the floor and began to bawl. None of us could hold back the tears, we decided to let it all out.

After a good hour of crying, Himiko passed out, she was probably tired. So Gonta carried her on his back, back to her room.

I tried to sleep but my mind had plagued, by all the tragic deaths we have witnessed throughout this "game". Everyone's lives are taken so lightly here. But, Why?

Chapter 4

I couldn't sleep all night. I have been scarred for life by this, mentally disturbed. When morning finally arrived, I got up and splashed some cold water on my face to wake me up before I left to go to the dining hall.

Just as I was about to open the dining hall door, I remembered about Kokichi. It's probably a good idea to check if he is awake yet.

I walked to Kokichi's dorm and rang the doorbell. I heard him scream very quietly, maybe the sudden sound scared him. I waited a few minutes and then he answered. He was still acting shy and... different, to the Kokichi I'm used to.

I decided I would bring him to the dining hall, because everyone was curious about why he didn't show up to the trial yesterday since that's a violation of the regulations. I signalled him to follow me, he seemed to be struggling to walk, he tripped over and landed flat on his face, it left a mark on his cheek. I reached out my hand to help him up, he grabbed it, placing his small hand on mine. I helped support him so he wouldn't fall over again.

His head was still bleeding a bit, along with a few wounds on his arms, legs and one on his chest. Man he must have hit the ground hard!

We entered the dining hall and everyone was staring at us (mainly Kokichi though), Kokichi clinged onto my sleeve and hid behind me, he didn't seem to like everyone staring at him.
"Guys, could you please try not to stare at him, I think you're scaring him." I told everyone.
"Mmmm, fine" Himiko responded with.
"Why should we give this rat any respect, and what the f**k is he doing, did you guys get closer yesterday?" Miu said, laughing.
I rolled my eyes "No, well, it's hard to explain. Long story short Kokichi fell through the floorboards during the investigation, I don't know exactly what happened but I think he might have suffered some brain damage, well he did fall a few floors after all."

Maki still didn't look convinced and asked "Is that brat still pranking us?"
"This isn't a prank, because when I asked Monokuma about it, he said he went back to something called 'pregame' and started to panic, I think this is actually real, I think he could be useful to us too, even though he is quite vulnerable to falling victim right now, it's obvious Monokuma did it want this to happen, maybe he knows something about the outside world."

Everyone started to discuss what they thought 'pregame' meant. I think it might mean 'before game' because the prefix 'pre' means before, so does that mean what he is remembering is from before the killing game? I'm going to interpret everything he says from before the killing game for now since that's the only logical explanation I have.

They decided that I should keep Kokichi by my side since I might know the most about the situation. Suddenly Kokichi asked "Where am I? Why has everyone changed so much? WHAT IS GOING ON!?" I told him to calm down. I could see that he was trying, and then he face planted on the table, I think he has passed out again...

"What just happened to him?" Tsumugi questioned.
"Well he lost quite a bit of blood when he fell and you can see he is still bleeding now, some people pass out randomly after serious injuries or losing some blood, and it's not the first time it's happened either, don't worry he seems to regain consciousness after a couple hours,"
Now if you will excuse me, it's probably best if I take Kokichi back to his room, and I'm not much of a breakfast person anyways."
"Oh, alright, would you like me to hold the door open for you?" Keebo had offered.
"If that's ok with you, thanks Keebo"

I carried him back to his room, Keebo held open the door then went back to the dining hall after closing it, I placed Kokichi on his bed again then sat down at a desk in there. I started reading a book in there and after an hour or 2, he woke up. Suddenly I realised how vulnerable he is to becoming victim when in this state. If someone shouts at him, he will be really scared and do what they say, that's really dangerous, as much as I don't like the thought of this, I'm probably going to have to stay with him 24/7, Until he recovers, guess I'm throwing away my freedom to investigate to protect someone, well, it's not that bad, I might be able to grow closer to him, and learn more about him and the killing game, because Monokuma obviously didn't want this to happen, so he might be able to give us some new information.

I told Kokichi about the idea that I'm going to have to stay by his side like 24/7, he was trembling and stuttered saying "y-yes sir". I told him that he doesn't need to call me that. He replied with "b-but that's what e-everyone told me to call them" I told him that he can call me what he wants, he seemed to cry with happiness. Interesting, so does this mean that Kokichi was never treated well by anyone?

I asked him if he remembered anything? "I remember going to school with everyone, but they all seem very different compared how they used to act, I also remember that the popular TV show back then was called Danganronpa, it was a TV show about killing with some black and white bear, you were a big fan of it. I hated it though, it was so cruel, that's all I remember" Kokichi replied with. It sounded like he was describing this, it was a TV show!?! Well, we will see what else he remembers and see if it sounds legit or just like nonsense.

Chapter 5

Me and Kokichi took a walk around the school, it was actually quite relaxing considering he isn't getting up to anything. It was just a friendly chat.

He still doesn't seem to remember much and he is still limping a bit but he doesn't need any support while walking. I just hope he doesn't pass out while we are out because that would be another head injury, it probably won't be as bad as the first, well unless he collapses in front of a staircase, now THAT would be bad.

I think I'm starting to get used to a more friendly Kokichi. I think I might actually prefer this version of Kokichi. Well yeah, to be honest I did like the old version of him but he was hard to manage. While this version is is kind and considerate, but he is also quite cowardly and if I don't stay with him, I fear he might be manipulated so someone can kill him or that he kills someone an let's them run free, and I don't want anything like that to happen.

Kokichi falling through the floorboards was a near death experience, how did he survive that without breaking any bones. Well, looking at how he walked it looks like a few bones may have been fractured but not bad enough to stop him from walking, I just noticed that there was an expression of pain on his face, well if my observations were correct and he did fracture a few bones or something like that, it would explain why.

"Would you prefer to sit down, Kokichi?" I asked, he replied with "Y-yes please, walking is quite p-painful for me right now for some reason." He responded with. We headed to the dining hall and sat down, I have no idea what to talk about, because this 'pregame' Kokichi might not be interested in the stuff 'in game' Kokichi was in to.

Wait, this doesn't make sense, how could someone change so drastically, even the vocabulary he used changed. Maybe, we were all different people before we got into this killing game, if so, how could all our personalities change like that? Well, I'm not going to ask about that, it might not be something he wants to talk about right now considering what his opinion was on 'danganronpa?' Seriously though, is that the name of this game!?

"Erm, well, what do you want to talk about?" I asked, but soon as I looked up, he was unconscious again, wait, seriously!? It's probably been a couple days, how the hell is he still bleeding!? Even though it's just a bit of blood, you shouldn't bleed for that long no matter what injury you got, well that I'm aware of, it was only his head bleeding but still, that seems like an unnatural amount of bleeding if it's been going on for days about 3 or 4 days!

I'm starting to get quite concerned, of course when I was starting to think it wasn't too bad, I notice that. Well, if he is still bleeding by tomorrow, i could ask someone about it. But would anyone here even know about medical stuff?

Chapter 6

!!!Mention of seizure!!!

Since Kokichi passed out again, I decided to pick him up and take him to his room, well first I had to dig through his pockets for the keys. I eventually found them, Gonta was nearby so I asked "Gonta, please could you help me out and hold Kokichi's room's door open?"
He said "Sure, But, Gonta wants to know what happened to Kokichi?".
"Oh he just passed out again" I told Gonta.
"But Kokichi has been passing out a lot, Gonta is worried"
"Yeah, I am too, but I'm sure everything will be fine once he gets a bit of rest"

Well that's what I was hoping, I don't think a thing like that would happen in this place of despair but, I might as well hope for the best.

I put Kokichi on his bed and sat at the desk again, maybe I could explore his room, see what 'in game' Kokichi was up to. I spent a while digging through boxes, man his room is messy and filled with random junk. Then I saw something, his diary...

Should I really read 'in game' Kokichi's diary, that is an invasion of his privacy, and he would probably be really angry when he recovers and finds out. Erm... I think I will take a quick peek, the curiosity is killing me!

I opened up his diary and started to flick through the pages when I saw...

"Dear Diary, I really don't know what to do, I, think I'm in love, but, love normally ends in heartbreak. Also, I don't think I'm good enough for the person I like either, he is absolutely amazing in every way. Words can't describe how perfect he is, but, I think he likes someone else. The one I love is...

WAIT, WHAT THE F**K!?!?! Kokichi, loved me!? I had to admit, I did feel a slight attraction to him but, I didn't imagine he would feel that way about me. I'm, speechless...

Anyways, I decided to put the diary back just in case he wakes up as his 'in game' version.

After an hour I noticed a bit of movement, Kokichi was, shaking violently. WAIT, THAT IS NOT NORMAL! I fell off of the chair and rushed over to Kokichi. Should I get someone?! What is happening!? Was he having a seizure or something!?!

I rushed out of is room and got Keebo since they were the closest person at the time. Reluctantly, they rushed in, I could see concern on Keebo's face, they didn't seem to know what was happening. Suddenly the shaking stopped, Kokichi slowly regained consciousness. Keebo thought that everything seemed to be fine now so they decided to leave.

When Kokichi woke up, he was crying, "WHAT IN GODS HAPPENED KOKICHI!?!".
"I-I... really don't know, I just felt a sudden rush of fear a-and. Pain, go th-through m-me, I-I'm scared." He replied with. He looked absolutely terrified and he was crying even more, it was like he was having a mental breakdown or something.

Kaito barged in, its seems Keebo told everyone about what happened. "I bet he's faking it, I mean, this has been going on for far too long to be real." Kaito blurted out.
"I bet it's a motive he created for us and Monokuma decided to go along with it knowing him." Said Maki, agreeing with Kaito.
"I don't think he could fake whatever just happened, the shaking was so violent, it's seems beyond human ability to fake, I don't think Kokichi would go this far with a prank, he usually doesn't." I said, arguing with Kaito and Maki's statements.
"Gonta thinks we should just leave and give Kokichi space for now, well, Shuichi should stay just in case, but the rest should leave, that seems like the most gentlemanly thing to do."

They all did what Gonta said and left. I tried to ask Kokichi about what happened but he broke down into tears again, I couldn't understand what he was saying, I kind of feel sorry for him, if this is really what his life was like before the killing game, pain, fear and suffering. It must have been awful. I spent an hour comforting Kokichi, then we both headed to the dining hall to have dinner with everyone else.

Kokichi started to cry and have a breakdown again, not as big of a breakdown as the first one was but still, he tried to apologise but couldn't help stuttering "S-s-sorry *hic* Mo-Momota" .
"Kaito look what you did, you made him cry, just please try to be a bit more considerate, because we don't know what's going on yet, and him having brain damage from that fall is perfectly possible" I replied with.
"Whatever!" Kaito said, he punched Kokichi then left the dining hall.

Kokichi was launched to the other side of the dining hall when Kaito landed his punch, and when Kokichi went crashing into the table *CRUNCH* that did NOT sound good, most people had the same shocked expression on their face. I could tell that he had put every single bit of hatred he felt towards Kokichi into that punch, it knocked him square out. I shouted "Kaito, he is already badly injured, don't go making it worse!" He ignored me and carried on walking, does he really hate Kokichi that much, he was nice to everyone else except Kokichi pretty much. Kokichi was knocked unconscious again, if he was pranking us, he would of most likely saw the punch coming and avoided it.

I decided to eat first then carry Kokichi -who was still unconscious after 45 minutes while we were eating- back to his room. Man he hasn't had a good day today, well, let's hope that this may atleast knock some sense into him and make him go back to normal so he isn't as vulnerable.

To be honest, I think he wouldn't of been passing out so much if I had actually treated any wounds and scars, but since Kirumi, who was the only one with some medical knowledge, was dead I couldn't so I just had to leave them like that.

Chapter 7

!!!May contain triggering stuff like abuse, parental disappointment, alcohol and mention of illness!!!

Night had passed, I still haven't been able to sleep since Rantaro's death. I mainly rely on splashing cold water on my face and drinking coffee to keep me awake. It's quite unhealthy I know but it's much better than the horror you get from the nightmares you have after seeing death, you may think it's something you can let go of easily but no matter how hard you try, it's always there, running around your mind. Refusing to leave.

Fortunately no murders have happened for some time, but I bet Monokuma has realised that and already prepared a motive. I got up and heard an announcement.

"Rise and Shine Ursine!"
"Can everyone please head to the dining hall, a new motive awaits you, prepared by yours truly, Papakuma!"

Called it, I left my room, first I went to grab Kokichi, he came out, he looked in even more pain than he did originally, his eye was bruised purple and he had scratches/marks all over him. Well Kaito did punch him really hard, he was already injured before so that makes sense, but how could Kaito do that, it's just mean!

I walked with Kokichi to the dining hall, I enjoyed his company, I don't want to leave his side, it takes away the feelings of loneliness and fear I had. I don't trust him to be left alone, I would never forgive myself if something happened to him while he was alone.

Shuichi pull yourself together! Remember to be prepared for the worse, because usually after a motive, a murder happens.

I opened the door to the dining hall, me and Kokichi were last to arrive, everyone else had the same look of concern on their face.

"Alrighty, now that everyone is here, here is your new motive! Puhuhuhu, it's that is a murder doesn't happen/isn't attempted this week, I will kill one member of each of your families! Monokuma passed out more KubsPads, I saw my uncle, tied up and gagged, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I felt a tear roll down my cheek, everyone was either crying, too shocked to move or in pure anger. I noticed that Kokichi and Maki didn't seem to care too much, I know Maki is an orphan so she never knew her family, but what about Kokichi, is he an orphan or something?

"Well since I said family, there are 2 orphans here so they don't really have any motivation to kill right now but you know, all plans have their flaws." Exclaimed Monokuma. 2 orphans, so Kokichi has also been an orphan this whole time, why didn't he tell us? Did he lie about his family then?

"Oh yeah, also, this is a rule I'm deciding to add to make this harder, if you are in the middle of commiting a murder and are just about to kill your victim, if someone walks in on the scene and press their witness alarm button which I will handout in a few seconds, you will already have lost and will be executed, but the button knows when you are able to press it and when you shouldn't, so if the button isn't lighting up like it isn't now, pressing it will do nothing, but if the button has lit up, that means it knows you have seen the murder attempt and will start beeping like hell! All witness buttons are hooked up to each other so they know who is committing the murder, and when the person presses their witness button, the button belonging to the culprit will act like a taser and stun them for until I un stun them which will be during the execution! the rest of them will come up with an illuminated arrow directing them to the scene, puhuhuhu, when I open this bag, your witness button will fly towards you and cling on to your wrist and it can't be taken of! But I'm sure none of you would make the mistake of having witnesses though, right? Anyways, toodle-loo!"

Everyone looked at their motive buttons, confused, so these could actually prevent and innocent person from getting murdered, but kill of someone who attempted a murder but was unsuccessful, this rule definitely makes killing harder than it was before. Everyone headed of to do their own thing after that

Me and Kokichi decided to chat in the library, I was curious about his past life, his family, and eventually the curiosity slipped a few words out of my mouth. "Kokichi, we all figured out you are the other orphan, well please could you tell us about your family life."
Kokichi seemed upset by this question, shoot I didn't mean to say that, but he explained it to me, struggling to hold back the tears while talking.

(His backstory so I used one of my head cannons since it is never said or explained in the game, if you are confused or want any reasons why I think that for any specific part don't be afraid to ask in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can :D)

"Well it started of when I w-was born, I w-was, diagnosed with a f-f-few different illnesses, which d-disappointed my p-parents,
I-I couldn't h-help it but. I still felt guilty, th-that I wasn't the p-perfect son they hoped for. I-it caused my parents to argue, saying that 'One of them had cheated to give them such a disappointment' they would shout at each other a-about it, m-my dad used to throw his b-beer bottles at me, and eventually, they th-threw me out, left me to die, s-since I brought shame to our family name, I was found by an orphanage, but e-everyone saw me as w-w-weak... they, took advantage of that, they also took advantage of it at school, th-they were so mean to me, I hated it, n-no one ever r-respected me, or treated me properly." He broke down into tears again.

I gave Kokichi the biggest hug I could, that sounds absolutely horrible, I can't believe people would do that to someone who was already suffering.

"Don't cry Kokichi, none of us are like that, you are safe here, no one is going to hurt you."
That seemed to calm him down, he was crying, but managed to crack a faint smile.
His smile was quite...

Chapter 8

The day had gone pretty quickly, it was already nighttime, I walked Kokichi to his dorm then went back to my own.

I still couldn't sleep, I don't think anyone would be able to sleep after everything we have seen, well, 'pregame' Kokichi hasn't seen any deaths yet, he got lucky. I'm a bit worried he does seem to carry a lot of trauma about violence, when he does see deaths he would probably be reminded of his past life, he would probably feel more pain than anybody else when seeing the deaths.

I lay awake, waiting for morning to arrive. A sudden random thought took over everything in my head, it was about a mastermind, now I don't really know about a mastermind, it can't be anyone who is dead, I don't think it could be Kokichi since the old him is gone, the killing game couldn't function if the version of him which was the mastermind was gone and I know for sure it's not me, but who, could it be, well, if it even is one of us, I highly doubt it is, I can't believe my friends would do this, I WONT believe it, my initial assumption was wrong, yeah, it was wrong.

That was all I could think about, all night, just
'Who is the mastermind?'

Morning finally came, I got up, splashed cold water on my face again and left my room, I normally do this every morning a new part of my routine is grabbing Kokichi before heading to the dining hall.

I rung his doorbell and he seemed to answer straight away. We headed to the dining hall together.

We opened the door and headed inside, we appeared to be the first ones to arrive. After a couple minutes everyone else arrived. Once everyone was here, Miu stood up on the table!
"Good morning bishes! I have an announcement, I have created a virtual reality world where the killing game won't happen!"
Is that possible? We all had the same confused look on out faces.
"THATS RIGHT BISHES, I ain't fricking lying, after breakfast, yall better get you asses over to the computer lab, then I will set it up, so we can escape from this sadistic game!"
We all ate our breakfast quickly (well I'm not much of a breakfast person and Kokichi doesn't seem to be either).

We headed to the computer lab when I noticed, Kokichi has seemed to grow a bit more confident, I don't think he is changing back but, he is getting used to being around people, is it because he has actually been respected here? Well whatever it is, I love it, it's such a heart warming sight to see, he had an adorable smile on his face, I couldn't help but smile, I noticed I was blushing a bit too, but I don't think anyone else did.

We arrived at the computer lab and saw a giant computer with some kind of VR head sets and enough chairs for all of us.
(I'm not writing such a long explanation from Miu, I have spent too long writing this)

We did what Miu said and hooked up the headset, and when I put it on we were taken to a completely different place. It looked basic, not much going on outside wise according to the map but there was so much detailing the buildings.

I was first to log in, followed by Kokichi and Himiko, then Kaito and Maki, then Gonta, then Keebo, after him was Tsumugi and finally Miu.

(Not typing a big explanation because I have spent too long writing this story so basically Miu explained the program to them all in detail and told them it was called the Neo World Program)

"Well our avatars are quite cute" I said.
"NYEH, you said I would look better, I was expecting atleast a bit of a bigger chest!" Himiko was angry.
"Nothing could fix you love" Miu said in a sassy tone, she laughed.
Himiko shouted, she launched herself at Miu.
"HEEEEEEEE!?!?!" Miu screamed.
"Stop it! Gonta thinks we should not fight" Gonta said, breaking them up. Kokichi looked sad watching this, then I remembered about his trauma and fear of violence, I think that's probably why.
"Hmm let me test something..." Kaito said as he punched Kokichi.
"O-ow, what did I d-do" Kokichi said, he started to cry.
"Alright! He still feels pain when I punch him!" Kaito exclaimed, grinning.
"Kaito, that's mean!" I scolded Kaito.
"Whatever, im gonna look around" He left the building.

Everyone parted and went their own separate ways. I saw Miu this whisper something in Kokichi's ear, what was that about.
"S-Shuichi, I'm going to explore with I-Iruma San, I-is that ok?" Was he asking me for permission, did I do something bad to him in pregame state, I sure hope not.
"Sure, you can do what you want, you don't need my approval!"
"Th-thanks Shuichi." Kokichi smiled then walked of with Miu.

I'm assuming he went of with Miu because of whatever she said in his ear, I'm a bit worried, wait, why should I be worried? I'm sure everything will be fine.

I decided to explore the manor. The first room I went to was the bathroom, wait, if objects are unbreakable, how will we use the toilet paper... I hope our avatars don't have to use the bathroom.

Chapter 9

!!!Description if harm/death!!!

I had just gotten out of the bathroom and I was in the hall when I heard a scream, it sounded like Kokichi. Without thinking I dashed towards where I heard the sound, it sounded like it was coming from the rooftop, I ran up and I saw it.

My witness button had started blinking, I pressed it. It started beeping, it was so loud, my ears were ringing, everyone else seemed to hear it too, I guess it was that loud so everyone could hear it.
"HEEEEEEEEEEE!?!?!" Miu has been stunned and in front of her on the ground, was Kokichi.
He was bleeding, with a knife stabbed through his arm and several stab wounds on him. I was crying at the sight, it was horrible, how could a human put another human through that much pain. Well if the witness button went of that means he isn't dead, yet...

"Miu, how could you!?"
"I-I had to get out of here! I had to help my family! I couldn't let them die!"
"My uncle is the only person I have left but I still don't try and murder someone!"
"I-i" Miu didn't know what to say.
"You set this up from the start, you created this world so you could kill someone!" Miu didn't reply. I'm absolutely disgusted with her, I knew I had a right to worry.

I looked down and could see everyone running from the roof, they were following the arrows coming from their witness button. Since everyone had the same speed and strength they all arrived at pretty much the same time and interrupted mine and Miu's 'conversation'.

Everyone saw Kokichi on the ground, there were looks of mortal terror on their faces.
"W-what is this, why is Kokichi on ground!?!" Gonta started to panic.
"NYEH!?!?!" Himiko was clearly shocked.

Monokuma suddenly arrived. "Puhuhuhu, wow, Miu really sucks at this killing thing huh,"
"W-what do you mean 'Miu' is she the one who's t-tried to kill Kokichi?" Tsumugi asked, clearly confused.
"Yeppedy Yep YEP! Miu has killer written all over her, the passion took over, she knocked him out and then she stabbed him so much that it caused him to wake up because of the pain and let's just say, he couldn't keep silent any longer, Kokichi was lucky that he manged to wake up and hang on until someone came. Anyways, such an epic fail!!!"
"Miu was the last person I was expecting, does this mean this 'Neo World' was really a set up for someone to commit a murder?" Maki questioned, HOW WAS SHE SO CALM!?!
"Yes indeed! Well Miu, you have been caught, we will deal with Kokichi's wounds before the execution so he can watch the person who put him through that pain suffer!!!" Monokuma has an evil smile on his face.
"N-no, I'm please, I DONT WANNA DIE, I HAVENT HAD THE CHANCE TO DO EVERYTHING I WANTED!!" Miu tried begging, did she really think that would work, she should have learnt by now?

We all exited the Neo world, one at a time, Miu was unstunned so she could move but sunned again straight after. "Alrighty, say your goodbyes to Miss Iruma! I just have to go wake Kokichi up so he can watch."
"Monokuma, I don't think he would want that." I said
"If it's about his fear and trauma related to violence I know, that's why I'm making him watch it! NYAHAHAHAHAHA!" Monokuma left with a desapirful cackle. Then he waddled away with, Kokichi being pushed on a dolly (the dolly part hurt to write because of Taka, REST IN PEACE THH BEST BOY 😭🥺😰) by the 2 Monokubs that are actually alive.

"W-what was that?" Tsumugi asked.
"More importantly, what the hell does he mean by trauma?.." Maki questioned.
"W-well (insert epic explanation again I have spent too long on this story and I don't want to write the whole backstory explanation out again UwU)" I explained.
"So is that why he was acting like a brat?" Maki said.
"It, must be, he didn't want people to think he, was weak, because that always ended badly for him."

We all spent hours talking, mainly either talking to Miu or about Kokichi. Monokuma finally arrived back, Kokichi following him.
I ran up to him and gave him a hug "I'm so glad you didn't die Kokichi!" It knew I was crying, but shouldn't Kokichi be the one crying in pain? Anyways, it was at this moment when I realised, that I was DEFINITELY not straight, and that I did like Kokichi, more than a friend...

"Well Kokichi, are ya ready to watch the person who put you through all that pain suffer!?!" Monokuma laughed.
"N-no, e-everyone m-m-makes, mistakes, I-I forgive her, p-please, I-I DONT WANT ANYONE TO D-d-d..." Kokichi started to cry, he couldn't get the word out, die...
"Well too bad punk! man, how did someone like him end up in a killing game" Monokuma muttered the last part himself not intending for anyone to hear it. But I head what he said, well, I mean, we are all here because we were forced into this, right?

Game over

Miu Iruma was witnessed attempting murder
Time for punishment!

Miu was put into the neo world, a screen was displayed above her, showing what she was seeing, there were Monokumas closing in on her, she was trapped in the middle of the crowd of monokumas.

They were closing in on her, she tried to punch them but it did nothing, they started to tear her limb from limb, when her first leg was teared of in the Neo world, it was teared of her actual body that was sitting in the chair, it carried on, ever part of her body being teared of. Once she had been de assembled, she was eaten by the monokumas. And like that, she was, gone...

Kokichi threw up on the ground, I don't blame him, Monokuma came back out of the Neo world "Mmmm, that was delicious, extreme!!!"

I launched myself at Monokuma.
"UAAAH, VIOLENCE AGAINST HEADMASTER MONOKUMA IS A VIOLATION OF THE RULES, you just violated a school regulation!" A gattling gun appeared out of the ceiling, walls came up to cover everyone else, but Kaito slipped through before the walls came down, he shielded me with his body, what was he doing, didn't he realise he would probably die!?!?! The gattling gun stopped firing, it thought the person getting executed was dead, when really, it had killed Kaito.

I fell to my knees, I couldn't hold back my tears, Kaito was still standing, then he collapsed, blood oozing out of every bullet hole that had been left on his body. Maki was screaming, one of the only people she actually cared about, was executed, right in front of her.
He gave up his life, for me...

"Gnngh..." Kaito grunted. Maki rushed to his side. "KAITO!".
"D-don't lose, e-end, the g-g-game, for..... me." He was breathing heavily, he couldn't move.
"K-Kaito" Keebo was shocked to see him breathing still.
"Kaito, w-why, WHY DID YOU SAVE ME, I-I WAS FOOLISH, I B-B-BROKE THE RULES!" I couldn't hold my tears back while talking.
"I-I believe, y-you would be a-able t-to..... end this..... D-don't let me down, o-ok!"
I broke into tears "I-I won't, I PROMISE I WILL END THIS, F-for you..."
"Th-that's good, I-I'm g-glad I picked. The right.... side...... kick,"
"W-well, I suppose this is, good bye-" with that, he took his final breath and closed his eyes. They never opened again.

"Uaah, consider yourself lucky Mr Saihara! If Momota didn't do that, you would be in that state, I suppose I will let you oc with a warning, BUT DONT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!" Monokuma said angrily as he waddled away.

Chapter 10

!minor suicidal thought, not too serious!

I wasn't able to sleep that night, I can't believe we lost 2 more people already. KAITO WOULDN'T HAVE DIED IF IT WASNT FOR ME, It's all my fault, it's all... my. Fault. I began to cry uncontrollably.

Well at least I was able to prevent 3 people from dying, I was trying to find the positive things in this situation of despair, but I couldn't, I couldn't stop thinking about Kaito. No, I have to get over him, I have to end the killing game, KAITO'S WISH WILL NOT GO UN GRANTED! HE DIDNT DIE FOR ME TO SULK! HIS DEATH WAS NOT IN VEIN!

I cried all night, I still could t get over what happened. There was pain in my heart, stinging me, my mind, plagued, my eyes, empty.

If I ended it, I wouldn't have to feel the pain anymore, I would be able to see most people again, it would be much happier. Should I really end it all?













Morning arrived, no one could talk after what happened yesterday, the killing game had officially broken us, but when we are broken, we make silly mistakes, like I nearly did what I was thinking, I considered it, I nearly went to grab a rope and a stool.

"E-erm, w-well, I think t-talking would, lighten u-up the mood..." Kokichi said, he wanted to try and cheer us up.
"Yeah, your right Kokichi" I said, everyone seemed to agree, but Maki wouldn't talk, she was just sitting there, probably because of Kaito.

"M-maki, are you, o-ok?" When Kokichi asked that Maki dashed across the room and grabbed him by his neck.

"Kokichi, are you ok!?" I asked, he probably wasn't considering he was thrown across the room.
"I-I.... yes b-but I don't think m-maki is, w-we should, ch-check on her." How could he be concerned by Maki, he was literally strangled then thrown by her, but he is right, we should look for her before she does anything stupid.

We all searched for Maki, we couldn't find her, we searched for hours, I hope THAT didn't happen, we didn't even have a motive.

I noticed Kaito's door was unlocked, I opened it, to see Maki was lying on his bed, crying. She didn't show that she liked Kaito this much, she had her defences up, but now he is gone, she actually shows it, she couldn't keeper feelings in any longer.

Our monopods were updated and we were all in a chat room, I will tell everybody that I have found her.

Killing Game Chat
(I changed Kokichi's text bc I thought that stuttering over text May be considered ableist, I sincerely apologise for it)

Guys I have found Maki,
Leave her be for now
She is upset still. ( ✌︎'ω')✌︎

oh, ok, I'm glad to hear
She isn't hurt. (╹◡╹)♡

Well it would have been better
If she told us where she
Was going first. Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

Nyeh, I was trying to sleep
(@ ̄ρ ̄@)

Keebo, give Maki a break
Maki is upset
Let Maki be upset
Maki seems to like Kaito.

And Himiko, you shouldn't be sleeping
we were meant to be looking for Maki
_φ( ̄ー ̄ )

Nyeh? ϵ( 'Θ' )϶

Don't disturb me or
I will kill you (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾

I don't think anyone
was planning too ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )

Good ( '△`)

*Maki is now offline*
*Shuichi, Kokichi and 2 others are offline*
*Keebo and Gonta are now offline*

Well I'm glad Maki is ok, we should just let her mourn today, I'm sure she will be feeling a bit better by tomorrow. I understand how she feels, that's how I felt when Kaede died, it was heartbreaking.

We need to be strong for those we have lost, for those who weren't able to make it as far as we did. They did not die for no reason, they died to make us stronger, we will avenge them, even the ones who killed someone, it was all because of Monokuma, and the mastermind. WE WILL STOP THIS GAME, FOR THE DECEASED!

Chapter 11

I felt a bit more confident after that little pep talk I gave myself in my head. Well, now that we have found Maki we can do whatever we want, because we know she is safe.

I found Kokichi in the dining hall, we decided to play a few card games with a pack of cards I had gotten from the MonoMono Machine. His pregame self was also good at games and ended up beating me at every game. Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

I headed back to my room, I bet MonoBish is gonna add a new motive soon. I hate him so much. -_-

I lay in my room, again, unable to sleep, still thinking about the mastermind. Who the hell would enjoy doing this to someone!? The mastermind is probably a messed up psychopath, how can they be enjoying this?

I wonder what motive will be introduced? A secret? Maybe someone will get their memories back, or talent swap, maybe gender bending or even a body swap! (Because I know they are capable of that) or it might just be as simple
as money.

Ding Dong Bing Bong

"Rise and shine ursine!"
Go to the dining hall for another motive, that was quick wasn't it!
Anyways, BEAR WELL!

I hated hearing that voice so much, the longer you are there, the more you grow to hate their voices, they are horrible bears.

I forced myself out of bed, as much as I didn't want to get up, I had to, there was a motive. I felt safe in my room, considering no one else could get in. I had kinda forgotten about Kokichi considering what happened, I haven't been around him as often.

I was the first inside the dining hall. Followed by Kokichi, then Himiko, after her was Gonta, Keebo and Tsumugi walked in together. This made us realise how many we have lost, 5 minutes later, Monokuma came dragging Maki here, quite literally...

Maki was really angry, the rest of us looked fed up. "Awe, why do yall look so gloomy.." Monokuma jumped on the air, doing a flip then landing on the table. "LIVEN UP!!" None of us looked amused. "Just get on with it" I said.
"Wow, no need to be so harsh! Anyways, I have a new motive, if you successfully commit a murder, you will be able to bring one person back from the dead, and you 2 will get to escape together!" Wait, that means I could bring back Kaede. Most looked like they were thinking about who they could bring back.
"Alright that's all, HAPPY KILLING!!" And just like that, Monokuma left.

Wait, Kaede wouldn't want me killing someone for her, she would hate me. Maki seemed like she was really considering it. I went over to her. "Maki?"
"Oh, er, yes."
"Are you thinking about... killing, someo-" Maki cut me off.
"No, Kaito wanted us to end it as his final wish, not start it, the only person I'm thinking of killing is the mastermind."
"Oh, ok, it just looked like you were plotting something with the look on your face."
"Yeah I was plotting how to kill the mastermind in the most painful way possible."
"Oh, well I'm gonna get going... yeah, good luck with that."

Me and Maki went our separate ways. Himiko has invited everyone to a magic show. Everyone turned up except Maki and Keebo, I didn't really expect Maki to come but I would have expected Keebo to show up.

Himiko showed us multiple magic tricks. I was quite confused, some of them I couldn't even figure out how she did it, they seemed impossible, yet they were done, right before our eyes.

After a couple hours Himiko stopped.
"What wrong Himiko?" Gonta asked
"I have run out of mana.. I can't do any more"
"Oh, should Gonta carry Himko back to Himiko room?"
"Yes please..." then she fell asleep, Gonta picked her up and carried her (bridal style UwU) to her room.

I decided to explore the school with keebo, considering he didn't show up to the magic show.
"So Keebo, why didn't you come to Himiko's magic show?"
"A magic show? Don't recall hearing anything about one."
"Oh, Himiko told Tsumugi to tell everyone."
"Maybe she forgot to tell me then, it sounds good, I wish I did go." Keebo said with a disappointed looking expression on their face.

We all gathered in the dining hall to eat, Keebo had been making the food ever since Kirumi, left us, Keebo is a good cook surprisingly, well I suppose they are a robot so they would be talented at most things.

"Wow Keebo, this is amazing!" I said
"Oh, uh, thanks..."
"Y-yeah, it's r-rea-really, n-nice,"
"Thanks Kokichi"

We were talking and laying card games for an hour or 2

"Gonta is going back to room, Gonta doesn't feel well"
"Oh, ok, good night Gonta."
"Gonta wishes everyone good night!"

We carried on when Gonta left for another hour

"I-it's getting late, m-maybe we should... call it, a n-night." Kokichi said
"Nyeh, I was getting tired so sure" Himiko said
"Good night everyone!" Tsumugi said. And with those words, we all went our separate ways.

Chapter 12

Time skip to morning brought to you by Hajime's orange juice addiction UwU

We all gathered at the dining hall, wait, something doesn't feel right, Gonta was, missing. Oh no....
"Guys, do you know where Gonta is?" I asked
"N-n-no" Kokichi replied
"Do you think, it happened" all of us froze when Tsumugi said that.

Oh shoot, we all ran around and searched for Gonta, I was searching the pool when I heard "NYEEEEEHHH!?!?!" Then the announcement played

Ding Dong Bong Bing

Now then, after a certain amount of time has passed, which you many use however you like,
the class trial will begin!
By the way, it's outside

I ran outside as fast as I could. I saw it, my heart sunk, Gonta was on the floor, dead.
"Here ya go punks, the Monokuma file!"

(Just to let yall know, the Monokuma files here I created by myself and they don't look the best because pics art didn't have the features I needed but oh well UwU, and congrats if u made it this far into the story)

Time skip to heading to the elevator brought to you by my (no longer existing since 2021) OmaSai addiction

Ding Dong Bing Bong
Alright I'm bored so head to the elevator!

Chapter 13

!!!Mentions of body description, detailed death description, death and slight mention of self harm!!!

I got in the elevator, I got my truth~bullets ready.

A trial filled with truths and lies, a deceitful lie, a deceitful person, a deceitful crime, a deceitful class trial.

Monokuma said "now let's start of with a simple explanation of the class trial, you must vote whodunnit, if you pick correctly, the blackened will receive their punishment, but if you make the wrong one... I will punish everyone BESIDES the blackened! And they will be free to leave."

It begun, the trial for our lives.

(This death was my completely original idea so I spent ages typing out trial info trying to include every mini game, I'm fine if u use this idea for a death but pls give me credit for it, same with the Miu and Kokichi one, it was slightly different to her original plan and the witness button was my original idea because I haven't seen anyone do these before, I don't mind them being used but pls give me some credit, thx and congrats on making it this far UwU)

Nonstop debate:
Weak spot: maybe he was attacked
Truth bullet: condition of corpse.
Nonstop debate:
Agree point: M-maybe he was poisoned.
Truth bullet: Bottle of poison in the kitchen or empty bottle of Chem-11037
Weak spot: there was nothing that could have caused him to vomit blood
Truth bullet: Bottle of poison in the kitchen or empty bottle of Chem-11037
Hangman's gambit:
Poison Kicks In After A Few Hours.
Multiple Choice:
When was the poison put in the food?
Before making it
While making it
After making it ✅
Spot selection:
Select a suspicious spot in the kitchen
Answer was empty bottoms of Chem-11037 poison.
Select someone who could have been able to put poison in the food without anyone noticing
while being able to target a specific person
Mass Panic Debate:
Keebo: Is this a joke?
Himiko: Yeah, Just because he could doesn't mean he did
Maki: But it's the most likely option.
Tsumugi: N-now hold on!
Kokichi: I-it is the m-most logical... s-sol-solution.
Keebo and weak spot: Where would I even get the poison from?
Truth bullet: Himiko's account
Mind mine:
What was the poison in?
Food ✅
On the plate
Nonstop debate:
Weak spot: Maybe Gonta was attacked first then moved to the garden.
Lie bullet: Change 'Blood in Gonta's bathroom' to 'Gonta's room was spotless'
Psyche Taxi:
Phase 1
When did the poison start to kick in?
During the meal
After the meal while he was in his room ✅
After the meal when he was outside
Phase 2
Why was there blood in Gonta's bathroom?
Because Gonta was coughing up/vomiting blood because of the poison. ✅
Gonta was attacked in his bathroom
Gonta was attacking someone in his bathroom
Gonta was harming himself in his bathroom
Phase 3
Why was there a wound on Gonta's head
Gonta was attacked
Gonta hit himself
From when Gonta collapsed due to the poison✅
Nonstop debate:
Weak spot: I never went to Shuichi's research lab to get the poison.
Truth Bullet: Himiko's account.
Select who the killer is:
Made by Keebo 'That's robophobic'
Rebuttal showdown:
Weak spot: Everyone would have been poisoned if it was in the food.
Truth blade: Gonta are different food to everyone else.
Debate scrum:
Did Keebo kill Gonta?


Himiko: K-Keebo would
Never kill someone!

Maki: Anyone could kill someone
Kaede was kind yet she killed

Tsumugi: But the poison
Came from Shuichi's lab

Shuichi: Anyone could have entered
My lab, plus Himiko saw Keebo
Enter then leave holding a bottle.

Keebo: M-maybe Himiko was lying

Kokichi: B-but she has no r-reason
to lie I-if it was impossible for
her to c-commit
Th-the crime

Crouch Bind, GO!!!
Full Counter made by 'YES WAY'

Argument Armament:
Weak spot: What does me being in the kitchen have to do with anything
Closing argument:
Keebo went into my lab, grabbed the bottle of Chem-11037 poison and left, we know this because Himiko witnessed it all.
Keebo was the one making the food, he decided to target Gonta because he was having slightly different food to everyone else due to him being vegetarian (YES I HEAD CANON GINTA AS VEGETARIAN DONT JUDGE)
Keebo prepared the meal, once it was finished he added a whole bottle of Chem-11037 to Gonta's food.
Gonta didn't feel the poison straight away due to it taking a couple of hours to start to kick in.
We had all gone back to our rooms a few hours after eating.
Gonta had left to go to his room early because he said that wasn't feeling well, that was because the poison had kicked in.
The poison caused Gonta to start coughing up and vomiting blood which explains the blood in his bathroom.
Gonta must of thought a bit of fresh air would do him good, so when everyone was back in their dorms, Gonta went outside, not wanting to be seen by anyone, assumingly.
But it didn't help because Gonta was already dying from poison.
When he was outside the poison caused him to collapse, he must have hit his head pretty hard on the bench explaining the wound there.
He wasn't dead yet, because there was a twisted expression of pain on his face when he died, if he died straight away when he collapsed, that expression wouldn't be on his face.
The poison had caused him to go limp and numb, so he couldn't move or do anything except struggle in pain, then eventually it killed him.
The culprit had gathered with the rest of us the following morning and acted surprised when we found Gonta.
But the culprit did a pretty lousy job of cleaning up and disposing of evidence considering they left the bottle of poison in the kitchen.
And the person responsible for this crime, is you! K1-B0, The Ultimate Robot!

"Alrighty! Remember to cast your vote because it's voting time!!!" Monokuma laughed.

Keebo was voted guilty, and we were right.

"YAHOOOOO, RIGHT AGAIN WAY TO GO, GO TEAM GO, GO TEAM GO!!" Monokuma sung while doing cheerleader dances on his chair, he did a flip down to the ground.

"K-keebo, W-WHY!?!?!" Kokichi seemed upset, we all were upset, I hugged Kokichi, trying to calm him down, he hated every bit of this.
"I-I wanted to see Miu again." None of us knew how to respond.

"oh, seems no one knows what to say, well oki, PUNISHMENT TIIEIEIEIEIEIEMMEEEE"
Monokuma butted in.

Game Over
K1-B0 was found guilty of murder
Time for punishment!

Keebo was put on a conveyer belt, they couldn't move, they were dropped of the end, it was about 1000 metres down, and underneath was a garbage truck, they were put into where the garbage was, and crushed.

Blue liquid (which I'm assuming was robot blood) came out of their eyes and mouth, they were pounded getting crushed up into tiny pieces until there was nothing left, he was gone forever.

Chapter 14

Omfg this chapter is so cringe can’t believe past me wrote it but I’m keeping it in bc I don’t remember it’s it’s relevant or not and yall will be able to make fun of me bc if it.

I managed to come up with an idea finally, tysm for reading this and I'm so glad people are enjoying this, I didn't expect to get 200 reads so quickly.

We all couldn't believe our eyes, ye it was a robot but they were still our friend.
"Wow, didn't know robots had blood." Monokuma said
"Why are you, d-doing this" I asked
"Oh, I'm just doing what the mastermind says, also, I'm gonna be holdin a trial tomorrow afternoon, because yall need to find the mastermind," 'the viewers are getting bored and want to ding out the mastermind already'
(That was what Monokuma was thinking so the rest of the cast don't know about viewers)
"So get investigating! And the mastermind is among you, So SaD iSnT iT" Monokuma cried fake tears.

We all started looking around at each other, we were all suspicious.

We went back to our rooms, but I met up with Kokichi after everyone else was in their rooms.
I don't know what's going to happen next, so I decided to confess my love now. Just in case something happens to one of us.
"Ye, s-Shu-ichi?" He asked nervously, I kissed him on the lips, his face went red like a tomato
"I really like you, Kokichi, will you be my. B-boyfriend?" I was nervous for his answer.
"I-it would be an honour, w-why would I say, n-n-no?" I was so happy, he gave me a hug. We parted ways after that.

Time skip to near the end of the trial to expose the mastermind

Chapter 15

Wait, Tsumugi's comment wasn't quite right, how did she know that?
"Just because a girl was the original mastermind doesn't mean I am!" She said
"NO THATS WRONG!" I shouted.
"How do you know that the mastermind was a girl? I know I was the only one to see that document."
"But it has to be Junko Enoshima, it's always her!" I was arguing but she kept repeating the phrase "Junko Enoshima is..." suddenly I heard a voice after the 5th time she had said it. "RIGHT THE F**K HERE!!" I looked over and Junko was there, standing in the same spot Tsumugi was standing a few seconds ago.

"W-what, b-but. Tsumugi was-" Himiko was cut of by Junko. "Your friend? Awe your gonna make me laugh, HOW F**KING NAIVE YOU ARE!" She said, changing personalities every moment.

We were all confused, the trial went on for hours. Until I finally found out what pregame was, me original theory was correct. Junko showed us all our pregame selves. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was horrible, most of us were horrible people. The rest gave into despair because they had nothing left. We all had signed up to kill eachother! How was this even legal.

Junko said that in order for everyone else to leave. One of us had to sacrifice ourselves and be executed. I put myself up for execution. Everyone was arguing with me, but I rebutted their statements, I say my final goodbyes to everyone, I kiss Kokichi for the last time since we got together recently.
"Monokuma.... I'm ready to begin."

Chapter 16

Finally the final chapter of this disgusting shit, like this book is fucking trash lmao

I was dragged by the neck to the execution, I stood still frozen with fear, I was stood infront if a road, I could hear something, then a blinding light shone into my eyes. A van was about to hit me. I couldn't move, I was petrified.

What I didn't notice was that someone was about to interrupt the execution. Kokichi came and pushed me out of the way of the van "I-I love you, Sh-Shuichi." After he said that, the van hit him, instead of me. I was lost for words. He just saved me....

I was sitting on the curb, Monokuma was clearly p*ssed. But he said "That was unexpected, oh well, someone was executed, the rest of yall are free."

Junko stayed at the academy. Me, Maki and Himiko were all free to leave. Just us free, we started of with 16, now there are only 3. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Who allowed this to happen? Who wanted this to happen? Who cares enough to stop it from happening?

The answer to the last question was.... no one.

"S-so, are you all ready to head back to the, outside world?" I questioned.
"Nyeh, ready as I'll ever be, I guess."
"We have to move forward, for those who didn't make it..." We all looked up at the portal in the sky, we were finally going to get out of this hellhole.

Hand in hand, we took the staircase there to get up to the portal, and impede through together. We don't know what is out there, but we just have to be ready. We can make the best of our lives, we have learned to value every second because of this, because...

Who knows what the future holds?

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