Her Starry Eyes (Uraraka x Female Black OC)


Mari thought her life couldn't get any better but after some traumatizing moments in her past, she thought she would never smile again, But one day she met her, Ochaco Uraraka, and then everything changed.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1: Catalyst's Origins

Mari Shina is the daughter of Miyuki and Daku Shino. Daku’s quirk is called Puppet, which gives him the power to use his singing voice to seduce people and control them like puppets. While Miyuki’s quirk is Ice (pretty self-explanatory I mean) and she was the famous American pro hero, Snowflake. She was top 5 in the American’s Hero Ranking number 3 to be exact. And to think, with a name like Snowflake many people underestimated her. But their daughter Mari was a very special child because of a holder of one of the legendary Kitsunes, Sanda the Thunder Kitsune.

There are 13 kitsunes and Mari holds the 10th one which gives Mari the power of lightning, super strength, speed, self-healing, and a special move called foxfire. Mari adored her parents, especially her mom, with her moving to Japan and making it to the top ten there. But…. that one fateful night changed Mari’s whole view towards heroes. March 2, two days before Miyuki’s birthday over the night Mari assumed she was having a nightmare because of the weird sounds heard but just ignored them but when morning roses, Mari saw something that will change her life forever.

Mari woke up that morning excited and kinda frightened about the nightmare she had last night. “Sanda?” Mari asks the demon being inside of her. “Young shina, you’re going to speak about the nightmare you had weren’t you?” Sanda was actually very calm when speaking to Mari, to be frank, with her being a nine-tailed fox demon. “Well yeah, I mean it was pretty scary!” Sanda chuckles, “Young shina, you have a literal demon inside of you and you’re gonna let a nightmare scare you?” Mari sighs, “Yeah you’re right, but it’s weird that mother didn’t come to wake me up. Father said that he had to attend a trip for work so he won’t be back till next week. Damn! He’s gonna miss mom’s birthday.” “Shina, language!” “Ok ok, I’m sorry.” Mari was a very smart girl for being 8 years old, but anyways Mari goes to the bathroom and does her daily hygiene, Mari was already 5’1 taller than her school friends especially TNT, Mini Might, and her best friend Pikachu (That’s their nicknames for the story).

“Mom? Mom where are you?” Mari then heads downstairs. “Mom, mom come on we’re gonna be ….. l-late. “Gasp, M-mom?” Mari was completely in shock, her mother on the living floor still in hero suit….. with her katana in her stomach. Mari quickly rushed over to her Mom’s body, with tears rolling down her dark cheeks. Mari screams, “MOM! MOM! Oh god, please no. MOM PLEASE! YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME!” Mari says, overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Miyuki slightly chuckles, “Now Mari, stop screaming.” “M-Mom, Mom stay with me I’ll get help and-.” “No Mari, Miyuki’s coughs, I’d use my ice to hold me out till morning so I can tell you goodby-.” “N-no don’t say that please mom you can’t, what about me, dad, your family? Mom please, you’re the reason I want to become a hero, so please don’t leave me.” Even more tears roll down Mari’s cheeks. “Mari, listen to me, you will be a great hero one day, don’t let my death block you from that goal. Mari, Mari promise me you’ll reach that goal…. Mari please - promise me.”

Miyuki’s breath begins to become slower, Mari wipes her tears, “I promise mom, I will become a hero and find the person that did this to you. I promise.” Miyuki breaths out, “Good and Sanda, take care of Mari for me alright.” Of course Miyuki.” I love you both ok?” Mari starts to tears up again knowing what’s about to happen, “Ok.” Miyuki then pulls the katana out of her and starts to slowly pass away. “Mari, clean this sword and use it with honor ok?” Mari sniffles, “O-ok. Mom, I love you. I love y-you.” Mari starts to break down. “I...love....you… t-too.” Miyuki passed away, Mari fully breaks down. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mari holds her mother’s hand, “Mari, you must control your emotions. You know what happens when you lost c-control.” Mari doesn’t listen and loses control.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” All three of Mari’s blue and whitetails come out, Mari struggles to gain control ultimately gaining control again but her hair is now a blue and white color and another tail appears. “I-I got another tail.” Sanda catches her breath, “It appears you gain it by…. d-dealing with a loss.” Mari now looks at her mother’s cold body. Mari then goes upstairs and goes to the bathroom. She turns on the shower and washed her mother’s blood off her body then drys off and looks in the mirror at her new appearance: brown eyes now turned cyan, hair now blue and black, and black lines on her cheeks. “You remind me of that anime character you like, what’s his name?” “Naruto. Yep, guess I know how he felt now.” Mari then goes to her room one last time and puts on a simple outfit: a plain shirt, a black hoodie, some pants, and her special shoes that help her with her speed. Mari sighs, “I’m really gonna miss this room.” Mari then leaves the room and carries out a bookbag full of some clothes. She goes back downstairs carrying her bag and katana, she then puts her mother’s body in a peaceful position. “You’re gonna call the police, Mari?” “Yeah.” Sanda knows that this is going to be hard for Mari and wonders if Mari will ever smile again. “There. They should be on their way.” Mari looks one more time at her home, everything she’s leaving, her mom. “Well young shina, are you ready once we go through this door…. we’re on our own?” Mari sighs, “Yeah.”

And after that day Mari never showed any emotion, kept them bottled up that was until she met her, the girl with the starry eyes.

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