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All for of you (Slender brothers x Reader)


Y/N is wondering the woods after hearing the Legends of the Slender brothers, little does Y/N know, the brothers knew that she/they were coming, and were planning on keeping them as their bride/partner

Adventure / Romance
Noah Wolf
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The legends

Your POV

I was packing my bags as I heard my friend scoff in annoyance "you know those are only Legends right Y/N" He said raising his eye brow in curiously wondering if your paying attention.

"Oh ya Mhm" I responded packing my bags for a trip out into the woods, my plan was to hunt down one of the slender brothers and take a picture of them.

"ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING" My friend Simon yelled slapping me in the back of the head, I held my head in slight pain "Ow what was that for" I responded in annoyance, Simon rolled his eyes and said "The legend of the slender brothers, it was only made to scare little kids who sneaked out to hang in the woods with bad kids" I sighed and continued to pack my bags, it's a Legend so it had to be real at some point in life.

"Look Simon I know you care about me and I'm flattered but this is my choice and in not changing it" Simon sighed again as he handed me a very well detailed pocket knife "fine but take this just in case OK?" I nodded as Simon left to his room, I was a 24 yearold collage student who was born into a family of 2 moms and 2 dads, yes their polyamorous, now I'm on my way into the real world to hunt down the Legend of the Slenders, what could possibly go wrong

*Slender's POV*

"OFFENDY!" I yelled at the top of my lungs throwing open the library door and marching up to my first youngest brother "DID YOU SERIOUSLY PUT A USED FUCKING CONDOM IN MY SHOWER DRAIN" I yelled demanding for answers "Aw so that's where it went, whoops" Offender said shrugging then smirking, " I swear to Zolgo IM GONNA BEAT YOUR ASS" the moment I said that my oldest brother name splendor ran into the room pushing us apart.

"Slendy what's wrong" he asked with a panic look on his face " A ASSHOLE PUT A USED CONDOM IN MY FUCKING SHOWER" I yelled "no it was a dick that put it in the shower, well first a girl~" Offender responded " OH IM GONNA FUCK YOU UP" I lunged at my younger brother but splendor caught me.

*Splendor's POV*

I swear this would be much easier if Offender wasn't a pain in the behind, I quickly caught my little brother, slender from attacking Offender, I swear I can't leave these two in the same room for 6 seconds, their always at each others throats "I'LL KILL YOU" Slenderman yelled to Offender as he just smirked and shrugged, then we all heard Trender call our names, I placed everyone down and we all went to see what's wrong.

"Uh guys to you feel that?" Trender said looking at us, we felt an electric shock rush through our bodies and I sighed in disappointment, "Daddy is home." I tell the others as they look at me

*Offender's POV*
OH FUCK THIS, I'm already having a bad day, first my meal runs away, now this great what's next, we need to get married to some bitch.

I pull out a cigarette and light it trying to calm myself, its unusual for father to come to our place, he's either busy doing shit that only god knows what or he usually doesn't want to see us.

I see the doors bust open as our father stepped inside them "Hello my sons" he says in a raspy voice, god I hate him so fucking much he's like Slender but more scarier.

I kneel down, does so my brothers, I hear father chuckle as he starts to speak "Now children as you may heard, our kind has been decreasing rapidly due to woods being chopped down, but since there are plants that cant be chopped down these woods are safe for now, but I do need you to steal a woman and make them your bride/Partner" we all looked up and yelled "WAIT WHAT"

*Trender's POV*

"oh no no no, Father you can't do that to us, no person would want to go near us let alone MARRY US" I yelled a little pissed at what father had said "yes yes I know but we need this, our population is decreasing rapidly, now I trust you 4 can find a Wife/Partner and breed with them, if you don't I'LL HANG YOU ALL" when he yelled we all jumped and backed a little, father turn around and slammed the door behind him.

"..... if you excuse me I'm gonna go hang myself" Offender said starting to walk off but splendor picked him up with his tentacles " Oh no no no dear brother you see we're all in this together" Splendor said turning to face us, "but who are we gonna make our Bride/Partner, no one would want to date all four of us, let alone that we all cant stay in human form forever"

I nodded in agreement as slender spoke up, "I'll have one of my proxies go out tonight, let's just pray we find a girl/person who won't try to kill us" slender said as he walked away.

God well even if there is one, please help me and my older brothers

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