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All for of you (Slender brothers x Reader)


Your POV

god it's been hours since I've been wondering around, let alone it's also getting dark so that means night predators will come out.

I continue walking as I noticed up ahead that theres a lake, it wouldn't hurt to set camp there for the night, right?

I place my gear down and began to set up camp, while I blasted Hamilton in the background (it's a really great musical I advice you to watch it), when I look up to see a man with a white mask and black lips up ahead, I looked around trying to find another campsite but I didn't see one, "Hello are you lost?" I called out to him, but he stepped through the bushes and I noticed blood dripping off his metal pole.

I took a step back in fear he'll charge at me, I accidentally knock my speaker over and it started to blast helpless, what a perfect timing, then I heard a laugh, I look over to see the man on the floor laughing, then I see a man in a yellow hoodie with a red frown on his mask cussing at the man on the floor.

I look confused and look down to see the metal pole at my feet I picked it up and something clicked, my First mother always told me to find a weapon and defend yourself, so I pick the pole up and charged towards the two men, they both quickly sprinted away and I chucked the pole into the woods, cause do not want to keep it.

*4 hours later*

I heard something rustling in the woods so I stood up holding my pocket knife close to me then a tall faceless man came out of the trees, he was wearing a black suit at first I was happy that the slenders were real but then it hit me this is slender man he kills everyone he sees, I felt light headed as static filled my ears and then I fainted.

Slender's POV

I FOUND ONE, finally now I don't have to sneak into the city and steal a girl/Person, I calmly pick the girl's/person's body up, grabbed their bag and headed back to the mansion, as I examine the person's face I realized the person's face is attractive, their skin looked so soft, the way their hair flowed in the wind this all may not be so bad since this person is very attractive.

Splendor's POV

"SLENDY WHERE DID YOU GO?!" I practically screamed as I looked for my young brother, he always disappears with out a a trace, suddenly the front door open and the smell of Cherry blossoms fills the air, I was confused cause none of us wears perfume that smelled like that then I turn to see slender holding a beautiful Girl/Person.

I feel my cheeks heat up as I walk over to them and brush the hair out of the girl's/their face, "w-who is that" I asked my brother, "dont know, my proxies found them camping and so I decided to bring them here to make them our bride/lover" I didn't look away from the person and chuckled "well I'm not complaining" I said smiling and taking her/them out of slender's arms and holding her/them close to me.

"What's that smell?" Trender said walking into the main room and blushing "whoa" Offender said looking at the little person in my arms, then he smirked and said "who's the hottie~" I looked disgusted at his comment he made about the girl/person sure their attractive but in a cute way.

"DON'T CALL THEM THAT!" I yelled causing everyone to step back because I never yelled.

Offender's POV

I growled in anger as my older brother had yelled at me, I wrapped a tentacle around the person's leg and rubbed their thigh softly but splendor turned away, pulling them away from me, Trender gasped and said "their clothes are a mess!" We all turn and realized he was right, their shirt had holes in it, their pants all ripped up. Trender practically stole the person out of Splendor's arms and walked to his room, "I'll wash her/them up, give her/them new clothes and let her/them rest, come back in 3 hours" then he slams the door.

*Tender's POV*

"I swear this person has no sense of fashion", I whisper to myself as I stripped her/them naked and carried them to my bathroom "I should probably take measure ments before I place them in the shower" I take out my measuring tape and quickly do that, after words I place them in the bath and wash them.

A few minutes later

I carry the unconscious woman/person out of the shower and wrap them in a towel, their really cute for someone who knows no fashion sense , I place them on my bed and started to make their new clothes.

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