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The Mafia Queen

Chapter 1

Today is my first day at Saint Laurent University. I never thought I would be able to go here but seems like I got in. It's 5:00 am right now, I usually get up at this time and exercise till 6:00. After this, I do my breakfast and take a shower. So, I get free till 7:15. My class starts at 8:00. So, I practice gun shooting from 7:15 -7:45. Then I get ready and head to university.

Third Person’s Pov

At Saint Laurent University, there was a girl named Mina who always bully commoners or students who are below her in terms of wealth and power. She self-declared herself as the school belle.

As Rosè entered the university everyone was mesmerized by her beauty. Well, who couldn’t be amazed, she had the perfect body, her skin was as pale as snow, her long hair that was shining, it truly was a pleasant sight.

Mina’s Pov

Mina talked with her minions(Sana and Jihyo), “looks like we have a new student”. While she was thinking about ways to bully Rosè the bell rang and class started......

Rosè Pov

Well, the bell rang and I went to class. The teacher asked me to introduce myself so I simply said, “If you don’t wanna lose your life, don’t mess with me”. Everyone laughed and thought I was joking. But in a few days, they’ll know how this will be true.......

Well, this was all for Chapter 1. Thank you

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