𝒮𝒯𝑅𝒜𝒩𝒢𝐸 𝒜𝒟𝒟𝐼𝒞𝒯𝐼O𝒩 │ ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ ᴋᴀᴛꜱᴜᴋɪ


"So, If I say Fvck. You get all red and shit?" "Yes, so refrain from cussing." "I can't cuss but you can?!" "Duh." In which, Sumire is allergic to cussing. And when it acts up, it awakens her sexual desires. --- --- " My doctors can't explain My symptoms or my pain But you are my strange addiction..." [ Bnha x Parasyte] ✤Mature readers only! ✤Almost half of the book contents are for mature audiences only. ✤Proceed with caution!

Age Rating:

Must Read! [Info: Quirk and Background]

About the book:

↠ Revised book of FOX-FIRE [Bakugou Katsuki]
↠ Contains tons of Mature content, this is your last warning.↠ Bnha x Parasyte! Though only selected characters and aliens are included.
↠ Please do take note that from chapter 1-7 the pov’s are confusing. I used the 1st and 3rd. But from Chapter 8+ I will stick to third

Personal Info:
OC Reference and HEAVILY inspired by:

↠ Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui)
↠ Ahri ( League of Legends)

↠ Name: Sumire Mizuno
[Note: (Su-mi-re) Though it’s pronounced as Su-myr. Lmao. U can pronounced it however u like.]

↠ Class Section: Class 3-B
↠Background Origin: Unknown
↠ Allergic to Cussing. Cussing basically acts as an aphrodisiac, awakening her sexual desires.
↠ Her eyes would glow red when she gets excited (in any form)
↠ Personality: Will be revealed as we read the story

↠ Name: Fox- Fire
↠Two Stages:

First Stage: A orange-like color coating forms in the user’s body, which emanates from the reminiscent of flickering flames. She calls this. ‘Nexus’ and later on calls the first stage as ‘Nexus Mode’ When she’s in this stage, her strength, agility, and speed increase.

Here’s a picture of Naruto in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode)

- Nexus is like Naruto’s Chakra-

↠ Stage two: (Nine-tailed fox form)
Her appearance would change into a fox-like. A tattoo-like whiskers would appear on her cheeks. A fuzzy ears on top of her head and 9 fluffy white tails.

↠ Quirk and name are inspired by Ahri, a female champion from League of Legends, Ahri (Nine-tailed fox)

↠ More information as we progressed in the story!

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