iridescent; black clover


Artemis, who has no recollection of her memories because of an accident, aims for a position higher than the Wizard King's; replacing her narcissistic uncle, Augustus Kira Clover XIII as the next Queen of Clover Kingdom.

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she was but a single complex glitch in this world that turned stones into diamonds. proving that her own birth was not an error, but a blessing, gracing the lives of each person she’s come across with. now, she must face the truth buried and forgotten 10 years ago, and come out with a verdict; choosing between the past and the present.

HELLO! if you’re from wattpad, then I welcome you here at inkitt. I update more often there as it is the platform I mainly use, but due to the issues circulating in the said app, I, along with several mutuals, will be transferring our works here if all goes to hell. LMAO.

d i s c l a i m e r :

i am, by no means, a professional writer. surely, you will find many errors in this book, and i can only apologize on your end for the inconvenience while reading. i am still trying to learn how to write and expand my abilities in writing so bear with me as i do~! :)) [ currently editing most chapters. i’ll probably place a note on the bottom if it is edited or not ]

IRIDESCENT Β© Tokimi_Hyachi

i do not own Black Clover. this book will contain manga spoilers, but i will place a warning before the chapter if it does. if you are not a fan of slow burns, then i’m sorry to disappoint you because i’ll fill this book with them hahaha.

e n t r e β€² a c t e g u i d e ;

the little sparrow = william vangeance

the fussy eagle = nozel silva

the curious cat = julius novachrono

the wild bull = yami sukehiro

the tamed lion = fuegoleon vermillion

[ definitions: locked ]

arc one: unlocked.

golden hiraeth

[ /ˈhirˌīTH/ ] deep longing for home you can’t return to.]

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