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Hey Stranger, Will You Marry Me? (MattsunxReader)


*Spoilers from Haiykuu timeskip in the manga* Recently single Y/N, is a nursery school teacher who lives in Miyagi to pursue her dreams and avoid being in an arranged marriage that her mother keeps insisting on. She meets Matsukawa Issei, one night in her favourite pub. After being challenged to a drinking match, Y/N reveals her relationship failed due to her high sex drive, Matsukawa has his own reasons for his breakup. After a one-night stand, Y/N wakes up feeling refreshed from an amazing night, to an already dressed Matsukawa, who tells her that was the best sex he has ever had. He then hands her a.... marriage registration form!? "Will you marry me?" What has Y/N gotten herself into? --------- Tis a more mature book targetted for adult audiences. I would reccomend 21 and above but cant stop you now, can I? This book is mainly fluffy and happy there is a little angst and real life issues but nothing too triggering for my readers hopefully 😊

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Prologue: Your Place or Mine?


"Goodbye Miss Y/N! See you on Monday!"

Her nursery students happily waved her goodbye as a cheery Y/N began cleaning up her classroom. The young woman moved alone to Miyagi a few years ago, at the tender age of 20 to pursue her dream to be a teacher. She loved her students; they were adorable and always enthusiastic to learn.

Her parents were not fond of the idea but couldn't stop her. Her mother in particular was more traditional. Now that Y/N was 24, she would frequently send photos of men in hopes to arrange a meeting. Y/N didn't want to move out of Miyagi and be some rich businessman's arm candy/trophy wife. She had a dream and she would reach it.

She sighed as she remembered her recent breakup a few weeks ago. It had been going so well... Yet another relationship had failed because he couldn't keep up with her high sex drive. Her ex-boyfriends both broke up with her because she had incredible stamina and one nearly threw his back out one time.

'I'm so done with men...' She thought to herself.

Locking her classroom, she left the nursery. It was a Friday night which meant she could visit her favourite pub. Making her way to, 'Ichigo's Island'. It was the first pub she found herself going into when she first moved to Miyagi. She had a shitty day, couldn't find a job nor had she made friends until she stepped into that bar.

Ichigo's Island was run by a down to earth roly-poly gentleman, Ichigo-san. Ichigo-san was an old man, nearly 70. His wife had found Y/N on the verge of tears as she became lost. Aiko-san had coaxed Y/N inside where the couple treated her so well. They even roped her into watching their famous couple duets. Ichigo-san would play an instrument along with singing while Aiko-san had her own mike. The moment Y/N watched this old couple serenade each other, she was filled with hope. After that night, she became a regular, friends with other regulars and even performed with the couple on nights when she felt particularly happy.

However, sometimes the unexpected happens. Aiko-san unfortunately fell ill 2 years ago, and she didn't survive. It was very tough on Ichigo-san, he barely performs on the stage now.

Y/N stepped into the pub and greeted the bartender who nodded at her. There was a quite a lot of hustle and bustle today. Y/N looked around and saw Ichigo-san sitting by himself in a corner, beer in his hand as he stared and fiddled with his wedding ring. He looked so sorrowful. Y/n quietly walked up to him and gave him a hug, startling him before he joyfully chuckled and welcomed the girl.

They made small talk before Y/n excused herself to the bar. Recognising another regular, Y/n made her way to the bar to talk to the woman and they began casually bantering with each other.

"Excuse me ladies" A man interrupted them.

They looked at this tall man as he introduced himself,

"Name's Hanamaki Takahiro, I'm here visiting my friend. I was wondering if you'd like to join us?" Y/n peered behind Hanamaki as he began chatting to the woman next to her. Her eyes landed on the mysterious brooding stranger behind him. He had an intimidating aura around himself, dressed in dark tones, holding a pint of beer, as he uninterestedly glanced around.

His eyes made contact with hers before he dropped a wink causing her to gasp and look down at her drink. Hanamaki disappeared with Y/n's companion and Y/n felt the empty seat next to her, fill up again. Turning her head to look, she quickly snapped it away as dark eyes stared into hers. The stranger glanced at her with an amused expression, chin resting in his hand.

"Looks like both our friends ditched us, hm?" He asked.

Shit. His voice was low and deep.

Y/N bit her lip before quietly mumbling,

"She's not my friend, I just see her here from time to time. She usually comes here for hook ups."

Y/N took a swig of her drink as Matsukawa raised a brow, gently swirling his beer before taking a sip.

"So, you're here alone on a Friday night?"

Y/n's eye twitched as she sipped her drink.

"I wanted to let loose after work, so I came here."

"Where do you work Miss...?"

"I'm a teacher in a nursery school, nearby."

Matsukawa chuckled lightly at her cold attitude as she refused to give her name.

Y/N rolled her eyes, she wasn't in the mood to talk right now. Her recent break-up had left her a bit salty, as handsome as this stranger was, he would never be able to keep up with her. Her eyes fell on Ichigo-san again, his shoulders were slumped. Y/n ignored her new companion and looked at the bartender.

"What's wrong with Ichigo-san today? Is it Aiko-san again?"

Matsukawa looked at her curiously as he listened to the bartender, who's shoulders slumped.

"It's her death anniversary today, he's been depressed for the last few days. Poor guy...." the bartender shook his head as he wiped down glasses. Y/n quietly sat for a moment before an idea popped into her head. She turned the man next to her,

"Excuse me for a moment? I will talk to you after I do something..."

Confused, Mastukawa just said sure and watched her walk away to the stage to talk to the DJ. The owner hadn't noticed the girl as she made her way to the stage. Hesitant at first, Y/N chugged her drink, dependant on the alcohol in her system to give her courage. She waited for the happy go lucky tune to start playing. Matsukawa was amused,

"What is she doing?" He asked the bartender.

He kept quiet as she started singing, he didn't expect her to have such a lovely voice. Matsukawa observed the scene, he watched Ichigo-san's shoulders perk up as the old man looked at the stage. Tears graced his eyes as he recognised the song.

"Miss Y/n, is singing the song Aiko-san loved singing in this bar... Y/N. usually is too shy to sing alone, what a sweet gesture."

As the chorus drew near, Y/n extended her hand out to the shocked old man. Who was hesitant for a second before succumbing to her joyful face. As soon as the chorus hit, he joined in and his mood gradually picked up as they both got into sync with each other. Eventually, much of the audience got in tune with the fun song as they swung their drinks in the air, chanting the chorus with the now dancing singers.

Matsukawa was enamoured. This girl was something else, he watched as she happily hooked her arm into the jolly old man's arm as they skipped in a slightly drunk circle singing. Everyone's mood in the bar had lifted and the atmosphere became chatty as she came off the stage. People kept asking her to join them on their tables for drinks but she polity declined. She hugged Ichigo-san who patted her head before walking away.

She walked back to the bar and ordered another drink. Matsukawa was still there and this time his attention was directed to her. Before y/n could pay for her drinks, Matsukawa slipped out some notes and paid for them, making her look at him unamused.

"Excuse me, but I am capable of paying for my own drinks, thank you very much!" She grumbled before chugging her drink.

Matsukawa grinned at Y/n,

"Whoa, slow down there. A little woman like you should pace herself. Otherwise who's gonna take you home?"

She scoffed and looked at him with a stern look. Sure, this man was sexy, but he was underestimating her.

"I can handle my drinks pretty well."

"Really Miss Y/N? Do you think you can outdrink me?"

Y/N smirked before beckoning the bartender towards them. She ordered another round of drinks as the man next to her remained amused.

"Before we begin, I'm Matsukawa Issei." He stuck his hand out toward her.

"L/N F/N" she shook it, she was about to take the first swig of her new drinks, Matsukawa stopped her, lifting his glass towards her.

"Let's make this a fun game. We ask each other questions and then take a sip, that way, I get to find out more about you and you get to drink. So, how about you start?"

Raising her brows, she lifted her glass and clinked it against his.

"How old are you?" She asked.

"27, you?"



They both raised their glasses and drank. Matsukawa looked at her.

"Are you a singer on the side?"

"Nope, I used to sing with the owner and his wife for fun, that's all. What's your job? Drink."

Another sip.

"I work at a funeral home..." He took a sip and she widened her eyes.

"I didn't expect that... is it fun?" She asked.

Matsukawa shot her a questionable looked and she blushed as she realised how silly that question was.

"It's a funeral home...."

"Yes, I just realised how dumb that was to ask. Blame it on the beer!"

Matsukawa chuckled, looking at the flushed girl, she was starting to loosen up a bit. He then decided to ask another question.

"So, no boyfriend.... Girlfriend, maybe?"

Y/N just laughed as she lifted her drink. Matsukawa expected her to tap another sip, but he didn't except her to down the glass. In a haze, she beckoned the bartender for another round of drinks. Matsukawa looked at his half unfinished, drink and back at her.

She's a lightweight...

"I don't have a boyfriend. We broke up a few weeks ago, but whatever. What about you?"

She turned to Matsukawa, waiting for his answer, he grinned and chugged his glass to match her pace.

"I'm single too. My ex-girlfriend and I broke up a few months ago. Why'd you breakup?" He took a sip

A now buzzed Y/N laughed again, took a sip of her drink, before she began rambling,

"My shitty ex left me because apparently my sex drive is too high. Well excuse me, it wasn't my fault that he was a 2-minute wonder! You'd think by my mid-twenties, I'd find someone compatible... Anyways, why'd you breakup with your girlfriend?"

She was about to take another sip and almost choked by his unexpected answer.

"My dick was too big."

(AN: idc what anyone says... I AM CONVINCED that he has one of the biggest 🍆 in the Haikyuu-verse and no one can tell me otherwise)

Y/N stared at him in astonishment as he smirked and finished his drink. His cheeks were flushed too, he was a bit tipsy. Staring at her cheekily, he asked.

"Do you have any plans in the morning?"

Y/N focused on his lips for a few seconds, they looked really tempting right now. She shook her head at him.

"No... why?"

Matsukawa's grin remained on his face as he leaned in closer, hand on her knee.

"Since you apparently have a high sex drive and I have a big dick, wanna see our compatibility tonight?"

Y/N clenched her legs, looking up at the older man. He didn't look as intimidating as she first thought. His face had a serious expression, but he seemed to be a joker. Thinking for a moment, she realised she had nothing to lose. As a matter of fact, it would be him that would lose his strength before she even felt satisfied. He was probably lying about the size of his cock, but she hadn't had sex since her breakup, she was full of sexual energy. Feeling confident that she could give him a run for his money. She turned to him,


Your place or mine?"

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