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Hey Stranger, Will You Marry Me? (MattsunxReader)

Chapter 1: Compatibility (NSFW)

Chapter 1

The drunk couple stumbled into Matsukawa's flat. He pushed Y/N against the wall by his front door as he leaned down and nibbled on her neck making her squeal. She moaned when his nibbles turned into sucking.

Matsukawa's hands slipped up her thighs and they carressed her panty covered hips.

"Your skin is so soft, fuck..." he groaned as she let out a gasp when his hands lifted her thighs making her wrap her legs around his waist. She moaned when his covered erection grinded against her panty covered pussy.

"Matsukawa-san" she moaned, she could feel her underwear getting damp. Matsukawa brought his lips to ear.

"Issei..." He purred before his lips connected to hers. He ground his hips harder, making her moan. This allowed his tongue access to sneak into her mouth. He coaxed her tongue out to join his as they rubbed against each other. His hands grabbed her ass and he lifted her from the wall and carried her into his dark bedroom.

He dropped her onto his bed as he quickly stripped himself down to his briefs. Y/n tried to get to strip but he stopped her.

"Let me" he offered before he got on top of her. He unwrapped her dress as it revealed her curvscious body. Matsukawa shuddered, she was a vision.

"Issei..." She whispered, hands reaching out to touch him. He grabbed a hand and brought it to his crotch.

"Shit, look at what you've done to me? You've got such a naughty body. Im so hard."

She flushed as she felt his hard dick through his briefs. He was so hard that she could make out the outline of his cock and her eyes widened. He may have been right to toot his own horn.

Matsukawa smirked at her expression. Licking his lips, he grabbed her knees and pulled them over his shoulder. She shrieked from the sudden movement. She was embarrassed, she had never been in this position before. Shuddering when he began stroking her clothed pussy. Matsukawa grinned when he spotted her clit. Bringing his pointer finger to circle it gently, she moaned as the material added friction.

"Fuck babe, you're so wet. I can almost see your pussy through these panties. I need a taste..."

Y/n's eyes snapped open as he slid them to the side and spread her lips. Y/n almost came there and then when he made eye contact with her and stuck his tongue out, wiggling it slowly, teasing her.

"I want you to watch me. Moan as loud as you want when I eat you out."

Y/n bit her lip. She didnt expect him to be amazimg with foreplay. She was usually the one who had to lead in her past relationships. She kept her eyes glued on his and he spread her folds and slid his tongue in. He looked up at her and began to move his tongue, lapping her insides.

"Ah!" She moaned as Matsukawa grabbed her hand and brought it to her clit. He wanted her to touch herself and she knew it. Her trembling fingers made their way to her clit as she circled it gently. Matsukawa could feel her tightening against his tongue as he picked up his pace. She began panting and moaning out his name as her hips ground against his mouth faster. Her breathing was erratic and Matsukawa pulled his tongue out and slid two fingers inside, fingerfucking her at a fast pace. She hips began shaking and he held her down as her eyes slid closed, back arch and she let out a shriek. She felt herself gush over his chin and chest.

Matsukawa sat back shocked for a few seconds as Y/n's body fell back on the bed, shuddering and in a haze from the intense orgasm. She squirted. Fuck. No of his girlfriends ever did that before.

"Shit, you dirty girl. You squirted all over me. Did I make you feel that good? Hmm?" He cooed as he slid next to her on the bed. He turned to his side, his erection pressing against her hip.

"Nooo" she whined, still panting. Matsukawa bit her earlobe gently before teasingly whispering,

"Yesss" in her ear.

"We're not done yet, babe. The night is still young" he said when her pants slowed down. Propping herself on her elbows, her lusty gaze on par with his.

"Issei, make me do that again" she moaned. He sat up and slid her panties down, dropping them on the floor below.

"Baby, you dont have to ask me twice." He huskily said. He pulled his briefs down and she bit her lips at the sight of his thick throbbing cock. He was bigger than any other she had ever had or seen. Her pussy began pulsating as he brought an XL sized condom packet front of his lips. Ripping the corner of the condom with his teeth.

She grabbed the packet and slipped the lubed latex out.

"I want to do it" she whispered with a blush.

"Be my guest" he smirked.

He grunted when she slid her hand up and down his shaft before rolling the condom on. He pushed her back onto the bed.

"Before I fuck you, I want to play with your breasts."

He unhooked her bra and pulled it off. He felt his dick painfully twitch as her breasts jiggled from their confines. Flicking both her nipples with his fingers. She clenched her legs and moaned his name.

"Issei, no..."

Both his thumbs began circulating her hard buds and his dick teased her entrance. He rubbed his shaft against her lips as his tip teased her clit. In bliss, she tried telling him to stop. He slowed his actions and leaned back. Confused her eyes snapped open and she looked at him. Resting on his knees, his cock hard against his musclar stomach.

"You told me to stop."

She shot him an annoyed look as he cheekily smirked at her.

"Please stop teasing me Issei..." she whined.

"Oh? But you told me to stop, so I did. If you want me to badly, you have to convince me." He licked his lips and she blushed. She was so horny, her pussy throbbed with every word he uttered. She never had to beg before but right now, she was desperate.

"Issei fuck me, please?" She asked sweetly, her lusty eyes coaxing him in. Issei crawled on top of her, kissing her hard before pulling away.

"Since you asked so sweetly, how can I resist, you minx" he groaned.

Before she could respond, her pushed her knees to her chest as he plunged himself inside. She gasped so loudly and almost came. His dick stretched her so well, she was secretly thankful that his foreplay had made her so drenched. He slipped into her balls deep and she moaned.

Matsukawa shuddered and groaned,

"Damn, your pussy is the perfect fit. I can feel you tighten against my cock." He began thrusting his hips as she cried out loud

"F-fuck! You're so big, I feel so full"

Hearing that made him snap as he slammed into her at full speed. She couldnt stop her yelps and moans. His pace was brutal, intense... it was perfect. He was an animal and she was his prey. Grabbing her knees, he spread them wide causing Y/n to gush a little as the stretch caused him to deeper. She shrieked as he moaned. His thrusts became sloppy but his speech became more dirty. Y/n couldnt think straight anymore. She was reaching her peak fast and so was he.

Quickly pulling out, he sat on the edge of the bed and pulling her back against his chest before making her moan when he thrusted into her. She shrieked when he locked his arms under knees and brought them to her chest. She couldnt stop her screams as he brutally fucked her. They both moaned until he found her g-spot making her moan so loud, the entire Miyagi couldve probably heard her.

With a final thrust, they called out each other's names before crashing on the bed panting. Y/n couldnt keep her eyes open, Matsukawa had fucked her into oblivion. She felt herself being wiped down before the sheets were pulled on her form and she felt heat against her.

"That was the best fuck I ever had in my life" was the last thing she heard when sleep succumbed over her.


Y/n groaned as she groggily opened her eyes. Sitting up, she let her eyes adjust to the room. Taking a few seconds to realise that this wasnt her room. She remembered getting drunk and then having the best sexual experience of her life. Matsukawa was a beast and the first guy who left her satisfied.

She snapped out of her thoughts when she felt the weight on the bed down next to her. She blushed when Matsukawa sat down next to her. Looking fresh and dressed in his loungewear. He offered her a cup of coffee with a small smile.

"Good afternoon, I take it you slept well. I know I did" he winked.

Eyes wide, did she really sleep that long? Eyeing his digital clock, it was almost 1! Turning to Matsukawa, her breath hitched.

Getting to see his face in the daylight. Her heart thumped, he was so handsome. She had a one night stand with a God. She thanked him and quietly sipped her coffee. Feeling a little awkward that she was naked under this sheet she wrapped around her and he was fully dressed.

"Ill just finish this and quickly leave, dont worry." She said.

He placed his large hand over her shoulder.

"Actually, I want to talk to you."

She raised a brow at him

"Okaay?" She said slowly.

"Last night, I had the most amazing sex last night. Scratch that, in my life. No other woman has ever been able to last that long or take me inside all the way like you did."

She blushed and pulled her coffee mug closer.

"Matsukawa-san, it was the same for me..." she mumbled. With 0 alcohol in her system, she was less confident.

"I have a proposal for you." She turned to him confused.


He searched in his pocket before pulling out a paper and handing it to hers
Confused she eyed the form.


"Th-this is a marriage registration form!? Why? Where did you get this? Is this a prank? I get it, dont worry buddy, I wont call you again. I got the hint!" She moved to get up but he yelled no and stopped her from getting up.

"Im being serious, our sexual compatibilty is out of this world. You complained last night that men cant keep up with you. I fucked you so good last night, you passed out"

"B-but!? We dont know each other!? Married people love each other" she argued

Matsukawa stroked her face making her stop.

"Y/N, think about it. Last night on the way to my place. You complained your mother is forcing you to move home and get married, my parents are the same. If you marry me, you can live here and continue teaching. Our families will leave us be. I dont think I can sleep with another woman again. We both like sex so we can do it all the time. You can move in with me too." He insisted.

She sat there thinking. Sure, he avoided the question about love but she would be free from her mother's wrath. Matsukawa matched her sexual compatibilty to a T. What did she have to lose? Surely, they could fall in love with each other along the way? That was the only thing she was hesitant about. Thinking it over. She looked up from the form and into his eyes as he waited for a response.

"Give me pen"

"With pleasure, wifey"

"Shut up!"

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