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Black reader x bakugo


Y/n and Bakugo as adults ⚠️ Contains swearing & smut (16+ thingz) ⚠️ A spin-off There all aged up so in there 20's

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💍The proposal 🌶️

*your 22 years old in this book* h/n=hero name

This is your Apartment :

Your Car:

You had woke up to ten miss calls from your boyfriend Katsu most people woulda thought that after you guys graduated from U.A. that you and Bakugo would’ve broken up but that was the opposite.

You hopped in the shower and got dressed after you was done with your morning routine

Then you hurried and Facetimed him before going into work the phone rang three times before the call said connecting “THANK GOD YOU GOT DAMN DUMBASS YOU HAD ME WORRIED”

you couldn’t help but smile “Awhhh you where worried sorry boo bear I was still asleep and woke up in a rush but i still called did I not and we both know my boss doesn’t like when I’m late”.

he looked at you and squinted his eyes “shut up and you know I wouldn’t care if your late but I’m picking you up so hurry up with yo fine ass” he hung up the phone and a few minutes later you heard your door unlock and katsuki came around the corner watching you do your hair ”dammnn~“.

you turned to look at him and smiled “what’s wrong” he tilted his head and looked at you in your hero uniform you teased him a little pushing up against the counter “you wish that was you huh... Don’t you buss yet”

you started laughing and turned back towards your mirror he rolled his eyes while biting his lip “tsk fuck you and I mean that in the most literal way possible”

he came behind you grabbing your waist, then started kissing your neck and rubbing your booty

You smiled while moving your shoulder “movvee before I mess up on my edges” he growled then smacked your ass which made you yelp and he laughed “hurry up dumbass”.

You shook your head as you grabbed your phone and purse “c’mon whicha big head ass”.

Y’all headed out and you sat in his car he looked at you kissed he reversed out the parking spot doing that thing putting his hand on the back part of your seat he was driving then started rubbing your thigh going higher until you stopped his hand “uh uh not right now sir” he looked at you and squeezed your thigh tighter “c’mon teddy bear just a quick little quickie”.

You looked at him and laughed “boy you know damn well you can’t do no quickie” you air quoted the word ‘quickie’ he looked at you and raised a eyebrow “tch wanna bet”? you smiled and said”mhm I bet you can’t” katsuki pulled over into a parking lot then looked at you he grabbed your neck and kissed your lips “your about to see for yourself”

he unbuckled his seatbelt and moved his seat all the way up before getting out and going to the back seat he gestured for you to come to the back when you got out and went to the back he took his gauntlets off instantly and put them in the front seat, he started undressing and told you to do the same unless you wanted him to burn your hero costume you started rushing your clothes off because you knew he was serious when he said that.

when yall where done taking yall clothes off he made you suck his dick to get it lubricated first you got comfortable and licked the tip then slowly started putting him in your mouth inch by inch he groaned a little ”Fuuuck~y/nnnn”he grabbed your hair and gripped it forcing all of his dick in your mouth you gagged and a tear came out of your eye as you chocked on it.

he laughed and then took it out your mouth he had you get on all fours and rubbed his self up against your punnai you rolled your eyes to the back of your head and bit your lip “your already wet for me huh” he said grabbing the front of your neck then kissed you then went back to holding your hips then pushed in you causing you to fall forward a little while moaning.

“Nuhuh teddy bear where you going” he grabbed your hips and pulled you back up then thrusted harder going in and out ”dam~damnit baby your so fuckin ti~tighhht”he groaned and started speeding up the sound of skin slapping against each other started feeling up the car you bit your lip a little then moaned“F~FUUCKK ye~Sss~ss DA~ddy”he let go of your hip and smacked your ass.

katsuki put his hand on your back arching it more“pu-put your ar-arch~ii-nnn~~”you did as he said and felt your climax coming ”OH~H FUCK IM ABO~UT TO Cu~Um" you said katsuki activated his quirk and smacked your ass leaving a little mark on your left cheek you moaned and came he felt your walls tightening which put him over the edge and he released all his little explosion babies in you ”ohh shiit ”he said while pulling out his cum leaked out of you and he grabbed a towel and some wet wipes from out of the glove department.

you looked back at him and lowered your eyes “you woke up and chose violence today huh” he just laughed and put his clothes back on after wiping him self off you did the same.

~Time skip~

When y’all got to the agency katsuki had his arm around your waist when his assistant who had started volunteering for his agency two days ago had ran up to you and katsuki “Hi h/n and King Explosion Murder my apologies for interrupting but the hero pinky is waiting in your office H/N” .

When you went upstairs you saw Mina sitting in your chair katsuki went to his office to do some paperwork before going patrolling “HEY BESTTTIIEEE” you screamed and Mina got up and ran to hug you “HEY BESTIEEE You excited for your anniversary tomor-” she replied and saw your legs shaking “wait a damn minute bakuhoe was fuckin dat shit upppp”.

you pushed her out the way and let out a laugh “shut upppp” yall talked for a little until mina got a call from her mom who was babysitting “Hey sweetie how’s work going” her mom asked “it’s going okay but how’s kirmina doing” her mom had stopped talking and shuffled with the phone a little “she’s doin- hey give that here she’s doing fine just being adventures you know” mina had laughed then waved at you as she walked out to go back to her agency.

~Time skip~

it was Saturday and katsuki had spent a night like he usually does Friday nights but today was different because today was y’all 6 year anniversary you woke up to the smell of bacon and went to the bathroom to get ready you got in the shower and washed up then got out and put on some coco butter so you wouldn’t be ashy, your perfume and then brushed your teeth when you got done you walked into your closet and put this on:

did your hair like this:

(Yes Issa lace front but it’s getting changed later don’t worry)
the chain you had:

after you where ready you went to the kitchen to see him cooking “Heyy Bubba good morning” you came up behind him and hugged him he looked at you then kissed you
“happy anniversary teddy-” you grabbed a piece of bacon off a napkin and bit into it “happy anniversary bubba mmm this is goood” he looked at you “dumbass that wasn’t meant for you” you laughed and walked into your living room “awhhh sounds personal for whoever it was meant for”.

He finished the food, turned the stove off and came behind you picking you up “it was meant for me you got damn nerd” he walked to your room and placed you on your bed pinning you down and kissing you “apologize now teddybear” he looked at you “ummm how bout no” you felt him put his hand in your panties and he started fingering the fuck outta you he put two fingers in and did a come here motion with his fingers inside you, you squirmed around which made him smile and go faster ”mmm~fuck yes~ss“.

He started kissing your clit and sucking on it you felt like you where about to cum and as soon as he felt your walls tighten up he took his fingers out and stopped licking on your clit “now since you didn’t wanna apologize I’m not gonna let you cum” he got up and licked your juices off his fingers then went to wash his hands before going to eat.

you laid on the bed stunned on what just happened but ended up finishing yourself off then washing your hand and going to eat when you sat at the table katsuki was sitting on the counter “umm sir your losing your motherfuckin mind get yo ass off my counter my food goes there” he looked at you like ‘bitch are you serious’ but still got down and kissed you.

y’all finished off the food then started getting ready to meet up with your classmates from U.A. except (Uraraka because no one wanna have to pay for her meals) you brushed your teeth again then grabbed your keys “c’mon big head lets go” you said turning katsuki’s game off “Y/N THE HELL WAS THAT FOR” you looked at him and raised your eyebrow “First off WHO THE FUCK is you yelling at and two c’mon I have to get me a outfit for tonight” he stood up and grabbed his shirt “don’t you have a shit load of clothes why not pick from there” “because I wore those before and plus I wanna look nice for our Anniversary but if you don’t wanna go I’ll go by myse-“.

He just sighed and grabbed his keys and phone “well lets go” you grabbed his keys “I’m driving today” he was about to say sum but stopped.

y’all got in yall car and he put his seatbelt on Hella quick “damn you aint even sit in the seat all the way bubba” you said laughing putting your lip gloss on then putting on your seatbelt “because you drive like a damn psycho” he said while looking at his phone.

You reversed out the parking spot that you where in and drove to a clothing store that was down the street from where you lived you had turned on the radio and streets by doja cat came on you started singing to katsu “Yeah, damn papa, you a rare breed No comparing, and it’s motherfucking scary, Tryna keep him cause I found him Let a ho know I ain’t motherfucking sharing I-”

you where cut off by katsuki who was singing the lyrics now “i could take you to the parents Then to Paris Plan a motherfucking wedding You the type I wanna marry yeah And keep you merry I put a ring on when you ready”. you looked at him “Awhhh bubba you know my favorite sonnng” he nodded “Tch duh dumbass its the song you play every time we fuu-” you held yo hand up “ah ah you don’t needs to say it bubs” and you continued singing “And it’s hard to keep my cool, When other bitches tryna get with my dude and When other chickens tryna get in my coop ’Cause you’re a one in a million, there ain’t a man like you”

Katsuki’s POV

Y/n was singing and her voice was warm it cracked on some of the notes but she still had me mesmerized by it she touched my face with one hand while driving with the other and looked at me “I love you bubba” I kissed her and looked at her “I love you too Teddybear” I looked at my phone and saw that the ring pickup was ready so I texted shitty hair to go pick it up:

Nobody’s POV

You had walked inside the store and katsuki had sat in the car because you wanted to surprise him, you walked around until you found this outfit and those shoes :

You also found this necklace ;

You went next door to a watch store and got a AP:

You put all your clothes and jewelry in separate bags then went to get your nails done after they where done you went back to your apt to get ready: (the nails)

(The artist who did the nails here’s their Insta nailedbynashae her styling mwah chefs kiss go support her yall)

, when you got in the house you and katsuki got ready and then y’all sat on the couch until it was 5:10 you got up and went to the bathroom to start doing your makeup and installing your lace front.

~Time Skip 7:45~

You finally finished getting ready this was the finishing product of the lace front and makeup:

When you put your outfit, heels, accessories you went out into the hallway and katsuki “damn teddybear you look sexy as fuck” he said walking up to you spinning you around you smiled and he squeezed your butt you laughed and then y’all walked downstairs to his car, he opened your door then got in reached in the backseat and grabbed a bouquet of roses that where red and white and handed you a box of chocolates “Awh thanks bubbbaaa” you said then hugged him.

Katsuki nodded then turned around starting up his car the plan for today was you and him going out to eat with a few of y’all friends from U.A. and family then later around 10 the bakusqaud would go back to your house to hangout, when y’all got there a section of the restaurant was reserved for y’all and was a private event due to katsuki being the number 2 hero.

When y’all got there everyone was there you sat next to your sister and Sero was in the other chair next to her and katsuki sat in the chair next to you your mom looked at you “how you late to your own party”you smiled and did a little hair flip to be extra “the star has to be fashionably late” you laughed with your sister staring at you “umm miss what is you wearing its to revealing” you put your hand up and waved her off then stuck yo tongue out “girl please I am grown stop playing wimme”.

She laughed and was talking with y’all auntie now “imma be right back teddybear” katsuki said then kissed your cheek he pulled kirishima with him and they went outside you went by Mina “Heyyy bestie” you hugged her “HEYY bessttie thanks for coming” she smiled then blurted out “girl what did bakugo get you!?” You smiled “he got me flowers and a box of chocolates” she looked at you like this:

She looked at you again “are you serious just some flowers and chocolate” you laughed and put your hand up “girl it’s okay they where my favorite chocolates I’m good” Mina shook her head “if it where valentines maybe that would be okay but girl it’s y’all fucking 6 year anniversary you just shook your head and laughed “it’s fine really it’s not about the gifts to me” Katsuki came back in so that conversation ended there.

He sat next to you and kissed you Mitsuki had been talking to your mom and hawks (your father) was talking to masura y’all where all laughing and talking when katsuki cleared his voice fixed his tie then did the little clank thing with the glass and fork to make a toast *🥂* you looked at him he grabbed your hands and had you stand with him “jiro and kaminari stopped arguing and everyone at the table had eyes on y’all two “y/n l/n ever since we where kids I loved you I even tried to propose to you when we 6 but you said we where to young” he chuckled towards the end which made you smile and laugh a little everyone was awwing “and when I ran into you again at U.A. I knew that you are the only woman for me, so Y/n L/n” he paused got on one knee and pulled out a box.

“Will you marry me” you where in shock but happy your eyes started tearing up “oh my god bubbaaaa of course I will” he slid the ring on your finger and got off his knee to hug you he kept kissing you “I love you teddybear” you where blushing but no one could see it Cs baby MELANINNNNN anyways, you kissed katsuki “i love you too bubba” you had happy tears on your face and was wiping them away “my eyeliner got all smudged” you say laughing in between you sniffling he cupped the side of your face in his hands and whispered in your ear “it looks sexy teddybear” you felt your legs get a little weak so you sat back down smiling at katsuki.

~Time skip 1 hour later~

Your parents and old classmates congratulated you then went home Mina, jiro, kaminari, kirishima, sero and your sister all went back to your apartment with you and katsuki y’all went inside and hung out for a little when Mina had the idea that the girls should do the cry baby dance she turned on your speaker and used her Face to unlock your phone when you heard “that ain’t the baby that’s my baby you took your heels off and got off the couch you and Mina where in the middle while jiro was on the other side of Mina and your sister was on the other side of you.

Mina and you put one arm in the air and y’all was making y’all thangs thang (🤪 as y’all should) your sister had waited till the Meghan part to start bussing splits and shit you just looked at her “now when yo ass get stuck don’t ask me to help you up” she looked at you and stuck her middle finger up katsuki had been watching you dance and was enjoying it.

You put on ‘dance for you’ by Beyoncé and you started walking towards katsuki slow and seductively y’all 4 took turns giving y’all partners a lap dance to a song of your choice and you was up first he had been sitting in the stool and you started throwing it back on him but slowly you where bending all sorts of ways got low and went eye level with his dick then slowly went up to his face and kissed him teasing him for a little, he wanted to grab you and do you right there on the spot but didn’t because of y’all friends being there.

You stopped and sat on his lap smiling he just grunted and put his face in your neck while smirking a little you knew what he was thinking but didn’t say anything after a few minutes of y’all talking they left and you and katsuki celebrated y’all anniversary in a very very special way.

(Longest chapter I’ve written inna while but I hope y’all enjoyed this book like I said this is a spin-off from the other book so if you came across this before the other one you might be a little confused)

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