Black reader x bakugo

Move in day

What you had on:

How you did your hair for the day:
(Yuhh it’s a lace😌)

Your kitchen/living room layout:

You and katuski had been planning on moving in together a few weeks after he proposed and today was the day so you had made cupped ramen in your kitchen one last time before packing the rest of your things katsuki came in and stepped over at least 7 different boxes and looked nervous”Gah damn teddybear you don’t need all this stuff” you turned around “bubba respectfully shut up before you catch these hands” you paused, smiled then continued “respectfully though” he flipped you off and picked one of the boxes up “Tch whatever dumbass” he walked outside and put your stuff in the moving truck.

You put katsuki and your cupped ramen on the counter and waited for him to come back in when he did you where tracing the center of the counter and staring at it he grabbed the ramen and slurped it up with a plastic fork you had in it “what’s wrong dumbass”? You shook your head and smiled he smirked “Oi do you remember how many time we had sex right here” you smiled and answered “too many times”.

Katsuki put his noodles down and started looking you in your face then kissed you “we can always make one more memory right there” you laughed and kissed him back “get out my face your forgetting I need to be able to walk ” he just shrugged and gripped your waist “says who” you put your hand up “umm my fucking doctors appointment tomorrow” he laughed “after your doctors appointment tomorrow teddybear” then he smacked your ass “KATSUKKKI” you yelled out and smacked his arm.

You guys finished packing your stuff up into the truck and headed to katsuki’s place when y’all got there this was the outside:

(Living room)



~Time skip~

You looked at katsuki you both plopped down on the couch y’all finished unpacking and katsuki had been laying on your lap groaning “damnnn dumbass why the hell did you pack so much” you rubbed his head and smiled while breathing heavy “because I needed that stuff bubs” he looked up at you and cuddled you wrapping his arms around you with his head up against your stomach and he mumbled into it something but at the end said “I love you y/n l/n” you started cheesing and you kept playing in his hair “I love you too bubba” you bent down and kissed him.

Y’all sat there talking for a minute and then a knock was on katsuki’s door you couldn’t get it because he was being a baby about you getting up “noo teddybear stay here they’ll go away eventually” he whispered his voice was raspy as always you where going to ignore it but the banging got louder and more obnoxious.

Katsuki looked pissed he growled and grumbled, stood up kissed you then went to open the door as he swung it open he yelled “WHO THE HELL IS-” he was cut off by mitsuki punching him in his head “DON’T TALK LIKE THAT TO ME IM YOUR MOTHER” you sat on the couch and held your laugh in while looking on the floor counting the line in the floor trying to not be brought into the conversation “AHHH there she is you better be treating my daughter in law okay” she said coming to the couch sitting next to you.

You smiled katsuki came over sat next to you and squeezed your thigh which made you jump “trust me ha- mom I treat her better then okay” you looked at him and squinted with the ‘imma beat your ass’ look and you cleared your throat “he treats me fine he’s hard headed but that’s easy to fix” you said laughing while tapping him on the side of his face smacking him a little, he looked annoyed “what are you doing here” he asked mitsuki and she rolled her eyes.

You stood up “imma go get something to drink did you want something mrs.bakugo” she looked at you and smiled “y/n I always told you that you could call me mitsuki since you where a kid but just some water” you laughed it off “my mom would kill me if I called you by your name” and you went to the kitchen when you bent down to grab a water bottle for her and yourself you felt katsuki come behind you he looked at you and dry humped you jokingly he laughed “dumbass you can’tevenfind the water” you realized what he was trying to do but before you could move out the way he grabbed you and took y’all inside the pantry and closed the door quietly placing you up against the wall “you’re making it hard to not want to rearrange your guts” you smiled and kissed him “that’s a compliment I guess”.

He put you down so now you where standing You palmed his dick and stood on your tippy toes to whisper in his ear “and your making it hard to not suck your dick right here right now” he looked took back you laughed “buuut after my doctors appointment your all good to rearrange my insides like it’s a restock isle” he smirked and smacked your ass as y’all walked out the pantry and back to the couch.

“Sorry it took so long I’m so blind the water was literally infront of my face” you said shaking your head trying to act like you where a klutz “it’s fine was this asshole any help” she said pointing at katsuki he growled at her you smiled “yeah he was ahugehelp” he almost spit his water out but caught it then slowly looked over at you and grinned before you laid your head on his shoulder.

Mitsuki stayed longer then expected but before she left she gave y’all both a hug “oh and y/n your mom wants you to come see her and hawks this week for something, she said while walking down the stairs to her car she yelled out “AND DON’T FORGET TO CALL YOUR MOTHER SOMETIMES SON” he nodded and waved at her trying to get her to leave “OKAY yeah whatever old hag he said as she pulled out the driveway going down the street and turning around the corner you hit his chest and he just laughed “shut up bubs that’s still your mother” he looked at you and rolled his eyes before picking you up bringing you into the house “Tch yeah okay dumbass” he kicked the door closed behind him and locked it then carried y’all up to y’all room.

He placed you on the bed and laid next to you “I’m bout to go shower bubba I’ll be back inna little” you kissed him then grabbed your robe and brung it with you into the bathroom you got in the shower and towards the end of the shower katsuki came in and got in with you “gah damn teddybear you never fail to turn me on” he looked at you up and down “bubba I already said not tonight okay” you kissed him and finished washing off the soap that was on you.

He looked pissed but he would get over it you got out the shower after you got done cleaning and you had started moisturizing katsuki came up behind you putting his head in the crease of your neck “cmon teddybear let’s got lay down” he said pulling you towards him.

You smiled and brushed your teeth before going to bed after all your hygiene was taken care of you grabbed katsuki’s wrist and pulled him to the bed and dozed off with him laying on-top of you with his arms wrapped his arms around you y’all both dozed off and went to bed.

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