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Sanders sides oneshots


A collection of Sanders Sides oneshots from my Wattpad book and also some new ones that you will only find here heh. Read the first chapter for rules and such please. Enjoy your read!

Fantasy / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hello and welcome to my first ever story here. I JUST got this app and have not even varified my email yet. I came here from Wattpad ( user is file_corrupted_) and I will still mostly post there but I will be here a bit. Okay onto the rules-

Okay so first off here are people I will write for:

Logan, Virgil, Janus, Patton, Remus, Remy and Thomas.

I will TRY to write for Emilie but it may not be as accurate. I despise Roman so there will not be much fluff for him or even a good angsty shot I put effort into. He will forever be a side character (pun not intended-) and will be like, an ex or whatever. I may do a little bit here and there but I just don’t like his rudeness towards the other sides, especially Remus and Janus.

Ships I WILL do: (ik most the names but imma still put who is with who if someone doesn’t)

Logan x Virgil

Logan x Remus

Logan x Janus

Logan x Patton

Logan x Janus x Remus

Logan x Janus x Virgil

Logan x Remus x Virgil

Logan x Janus x Remus x Virgil

Roman x Patton

Janus x Patton

Janus x Virgil

Janus x Remus

Virgil x Remus

Virgil x Remy ( even tho i usually see em as brothers)

Virgil x Remus x Remy

Virgil x Logan x Patton

Virgil x Logan x Patton x Janus X Remus

Remy x Emilie

Emilie x Patton

Ships I MAY do:

Patton x Remus

Patton x Virgil

Emilie x Virgil

Ships I will NOT do:( there is a VERY low chance I will do it - )

Roman x anyone at all minus Patton especially Remus x Roman and Virgil x Roman

Thomas x anyone cause that is just w e i r d

If a ship is not listed I will probably just do it.

about smut/limes:

I will do lime but idk if I feel like doing smut. I may at some point so you can request but it isn’t likely cause I am too lazy to type it up. I will rp smut tho. The difference between rping smut and writing smut is when I write I need to edit it and everyone can see it which idc about the second bit but idk if I feel like looking over a smut and having to look deep into it to be sure there are not too many mistakes and looking up proper terms for things. Maybe one day I will tho. Idk.

I will do fandom crossovers

Fandoms I will probably do a crossover with:

Five Nights at Freddy’s


My Hero Academia

Blackpink/Bts/maybe even Stray Kids

I will do basically any AU. I WILL NOT do unsympithetic Janus, Remus, Logan or Virgil EVER. I may do Remy tho... maybe Emilie too....

The mains AUs you may see :

Part animal one

Gender bend

Dark/darker side

Virgil and/or Remy Afton

Remy and Virgil as step,half or full silbings/cousins

Where they were humans than died and became sides

′ Normal ′ human

Where they are sides but can look however they want

Unsypathetic Patton/Thomas/Roman (basically cannon on the roman one but whatever)

One where a side or two are trans even tho that makes no sense

Au where they are all different ages depending on when they were developed

Patton and Emilie as cousins/step,half or full siblings

Also, I will write any angst it doesn’t effect me in any way for real. I will write any amount of gore i d c

Overal format of chapter titles:

the title, au,main character(s)/ship,what part it is if it is a mini series, the genere(s), if it is a skit or song fic it will say so, if it is platonic it will say so.


He just needed love: insane! Patton, patton x janus, angst/fluff

You should see me in a crown:royal! virgil, loxiety, idk what genere, song fic

Blowing bubbles: Patton and Thomas, fluff, no ship

(who knows I may do some of these ideas heu heu)

That is all ya need to know for now. Sry for not doing this earlier- bye ily glitches <3

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