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Toxic Love Story(SunaxFemReader)


“I love you but you’re just toxic” When y/n thinks Suna is the perfect boyfriend, but soon finds out his true intentions. I do not own any of the haikyuu characters Tw//smut, harsh language, drug usage, heavy kinks

Romance / Other
Samm <3
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When it first started

It was October of your first year at Inarizaki when you two had met. You remember it all like it was yesterday..


You're sitting on the floor as the gym teachers speak. You find your eyes wandering around the gym until you saw him. You two make eye contact, but you quickly pull your eyes away from the boy. You were so fascinated by him you begin to look over to him once more, this time he's staring at you. You quickly look away to your friend and smile. You knew he was older since in the gym block your class was the only first years, you thought nothing of it.

you find yourself at home texting one of your friends about how you're tired of being single and was ready for a new relationship..
I think I kinda want a boyfriend. Problem is I don't know anyone here.

Well I can introduce you to my cousin. He is on the volleyball team here.

Really what does he look like ??

Uh here's a picture of the team.
He's number 10. His snap is RintaroSuna01

Okay cool thank you !
Your eyes scanned the picture looking for number 10 and when you found him you were shocked. It was him. The boy from class earlier. You couldn't believe it and you thought it was meant to be. Obviously the universe wanted you guys together. You add the Snapchat Yumi had given to you and you wait and wait. You find yourself refreshing to see if he added you back and a hour later he did. You find yourself so ecstatic and wanted to talk to him, but you were too shy to text first.

You were sitting waiting for a text and nothing. You begin to overthink the situation as always.

'Why couldn't he just text me' you wondered to yourself. You saw he had posted something to his story. It was him talking about some YouTube video and lucky for you, you liked the same YouTuber and took matters into your own hands. You slid up saying some slick comment on the post to get his attention and it had worked.
Oh you watch (insert youtuber) too?
Yeah they're my favorite to watch lmao
Suna: oh word ? Same, but question you're in my gym class right?
you froze for a second. He really remembered you huh.
Oh yeah thats me
That's crazyy, we made eye contact if I'm not mistaken?
We definitely did..
a overwhelming rush of embarrassment took over your body
Yeahhh I remember you were pretty cute, we should talk more
wow wow wow he just complimented me. Fuck what do I say now, uhh fuck fuck fuck okay you got this y/n
Yeah definitely :)
well I'll catch ya tomorrow see ya :))
You later on your bed smiling to yourself. He was so cute and nice, what could possibly go wrong. You fall asleep lost in your thoughts about him and his perfect ways.

The next day at school you kept seeing him all over the school. He would just glance at you, no smile, no wave, nothing. 'Maybe he isn't interested' you being to wonder. Then you see your bestfriend Suzuki. You guys had just met this year, but it felt like forever. The two of you walk to class and then you get a notification on your phone. It's Suna typing, and a smile forms on your face without you noticing. Suzuki looks over at you in confusion.
"Y/n who are you texting?" Suzuki questioned you.

you didn't want to answer knowing she was the manager of the boys volleyball team so she most likely knew him. Suzuki got all the boys attention, but she was in a on and off relationship with Atsumu, he was the setter.

"Umm a guy" you answer quickly.
"No way who? Do I know him?" She was eager to know who it was.
"Probably he is on the volleyball team" you say while looking away.
"No way, what's his Jersey number" she demanded, "10" you reply and her jaw drops.
"Suna?? He's really cool, but seems like a player. I heard he hasn't dated for the past two years, not sure why he isn't ugly" she comments.

I chose to end the conversation there but had a running train of thoughts. Why didn't he date anyone for so long? Is he a player? Should I even talk to him? You being to think so much your forget about the snap he sent you. You decided to open it.
You keep staring at me, might as well just say hi.
Oh I didn't know if you wanted me too
Well I do, next time say hi or something loser. Gtg to class now my teacher is making us do something let's tak tonight tho. Give me your number.
Oh okay, it's (xxx-xxxx-xxxx) just give me a text whenever byee
You're walking back to your house and it's pretty late in the evening. *ding* it was your phone. You look down and see a text from a number that wasn't saved.
The text read "hey it's Suna" and you smiled.

You smiled at his text, are you crazy. You saw him time so you should not be this happy.

Oh hey what's up?
Ehh not much, just got out of practice and was wondering if you want to talk later, like in the phone or whatever
*this moment feels so surreal to you. Did he really just ask that*
Yeah sure :) give me a call whenever..
Yeah give me like a hour or so.
Whatever you do you just can't seem to get him off you mind. You walk into the bathroom, undress then hop in the shower. You're listening to (whatever song you like) and just having a good time. You were so excited to talk to him. It had been a while since your last relationship which ended pretty badly.
While in the shower your phone begins to ring. It was Suna. You begin to freak out knowing you had only just got in the shower, but you couldn't bring yourself to decline his call. You answered while still in the shower.

" hey- woah are you still in the shower?" Suna asked, you felt so embarrassed, but you didn't want to turn down his call.
" umm yeah that's what it looks like huh" you say nervously. He offers to call back when your done but you quickly and forcefully say no. As you shows he's playing video games and then the water turns off. You grab a towel and wrap it around you. You "forget" about Suna on the phone so you prop up the phone giving Suna full view of your body. It took him a few to notice but very soon you'd find yourself catching Suna eyeing you down as your dripping wet. You can tell he likes what he's looking at, but he acts as if he hasn't noticed. That made you upset. You begin to wonder if your going to fast, you were, but couldn't bring yourself to realize it. You were so desperate for a guy to notice you that you'd do anything and this was a open Invitation for Suna.

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