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Toxic Love Story(SunaxFemReader)

How its going

It was nothing but pure silence on the phone. It was very awkward. You were in the bathroom drying your hair when he finally spoke..

"Um since you're busy, I'm just going to go do something really quick."

He was horny

"Y/n? You there?"

You snap back into reality, you knew he was horny. He didn't directly say it but you knew.

"You know Suna if you're just going to go pleasure yourself you can at least ask if I want to join" you replied straight forward.

What the hell am I doing

You look up and Suna is stunned. He didn't know how to process what you had just said to him.

You play it off as a joke, but you weren't joking. You were sexually attracted to him. Despite being a virgin your sex drive was very high and you knew you wanted him.
Timeskip :)
You and Suna kept talking and texting over the course of about two weeks.

You two would wait for each other every morning and walk around the school until class started.

Suna used to do this with his teammates, but stopped when the two of you started getting closer. This made his friends assume you two were dating and they were pretty mad since he kept ditching them for you.

You were happy so you really didn't care too much about how they felt, but from time to time you encouraged Suna to go with them, but he'd turn down your offer immediately.
One morning on October 25, the two of you got to your class earlier than usual. You wanted to take another lap around the school but were pulled back by your wrist. It was Suna.
"Hey, can we talk about something real quick?" Suna asked bluntly.

You were scared and began to overthink. Did he not want to continue talking? Does he have a crush on someone else? You're body began to shut down.

You nodded your head yes to his question, in fear you were going to lose your happiness. You prepared for the worst.

"Before you begin to speak hear me out"

Those words scared you

"Me and you talk everyday and night. We also spend a lot of time together"

You felt tears building up

"I guess what I'm trying to say is, I like you. I have for a while now" he turned his head trying to hide the fact he was blushing.

Your eyes widened and you felt a smile creep up on your face. Suna noticed. He grabbed your face, simply holding it waiting for you to say something.

"So are you asking me out or what" you replied, laughing happily. He smiled and nodded.
You two were official, he leaned in and kissed you. This wasn't the first kiss between you two..

"I JUST CANT DO IT ANYMORE"you stormed out the class bawling your eyes out.
A overwhelming feeling came over you like a cloud, but it was a dark cloud.

You cry and cry, soon finding yourself gasping for air. You just wanted someone to tell you it's okay.
So you called him.

You were sitting on the floor by the cafeteria when a figure appeared. You couldn't see due to the tears on your eyes.

"Now now you're to pretty to be crying" you knew that voice. It belonged to Suna.

You stood up and he pulled you in for a hug, he held the back of you head close to his chest to muffle the sounds of your cries.

You backed away and he wiped the tears basically drying your face. You went into the girls bathroom to rinse your face and when you walked out he was still there

"Are you feeling better" he had asked.

"Well since you're here.. no" you jokingly replied

"Wow that hurt" he held his chest as if he had pain, but laughed
The two of you walked all the way back to your class but he stopped you before you could go in. You were surprised and your body tensed up.

He looked into your e/c eyes and you jumped a little as you felt his hands grab your face. You both stood there for a few seconds.. and as you tried to back away he pulled you in for a kiss.
Present time
You backed away from the kiss the two of you shared and smiled. You began to walk into class until he called for you.

"Hey pretty girl" you turned around to find a jacked thrown in your face. It was his volleyball jacket

"It's supposed to be cold and your dumbass never brings a jacket so uh keep it or whatever" he scratched the back of his neck trying to not seem nervous.

"Since you insist" you smiled and put it on.

"Suna love I hope you know you'll never get this back" you said as you walked into class.

He did nothing more than admire your beauty.
You walk into class happily and sit next to your classmates Harumi, but everyone called her Haru.
The two of you weren't close, but didn't have issues either.

You sat in the seat next to her as she took a quick glance at your jacket.

"So whose jacket" she asked, you turned you heard to face her

"Oh it's Suna's" you said happily

"Are you guys like a thing? I've seen you two all over the school for weeks now" she asked while getting out a textbook.

"Yeah.. he actually just asked me out before class" you smiled as you replied. She wished you luck on your relationship and class began.
The bell rang and you walked out the class to be greeted by none other than Suna. You smile and run over to him causing him to smile back. He hugged you and began to walk you to your next class.

"Want to hang out this weekend?" He asked looking straight forward.

"Sure what do you want to do" you replied.

"My house. I'll pick you up." You knew what this meant, but you nodded your head in agreement and walked into you class after giving Suna one last hug.
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