Feisty Little Kitten (Bakugo X Female Reader) Discontinued


An ill-tempered, ash blonde, wolf clashing with a feisty, determined, kitten. Sounds like either a recipe for disaster, or a love story with some weird looking future children. *Trigger warning, this book does contain a lot of swearing and sexual stuff. Whether it be lemon's, crude humor, or sexual harassment. So if that stuff triggers you then this is not the book for you.* *Credits for BNHA and it's diverse set of characters goes to Horikoshi, I only take credit for my version of Y/N in this story.*

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(A/N: Hello, hello, hello my dear sweet bastards!! Welcome to my first ever fan fiction, I am super excited I have wanted to write one for so~~~~~ long. Like, you peeps have no clue. I have notes everywhere with ideas for potential future ones(I’m like the author version of Deku, lol). Anyway I’m gonna be doing this thing where I will post a song with each chapter. I have some picked out already, but if you have a recommendation please private chat me with it. Also the story I am writing isn’t going to completely follow the original timeline. I tried to make mine a little different, but I know at some point I’m going to end up writing a UA student X random BNHA human fanfic, so something to look forward to. One more thing, my upload schedule is probably going to be very weird and uneven. But please know that it is because I am trying to think of some interesting scenarios, plus homework is a bitch in this world that I just can’t kill. I have so much😅, so I will do my absolute best to try and upload decent chapters. Finally without further ado let’s get into this, because in the words of Deadpool

And I know all of you pervy readers want to get to the nuts in Bakugo’s pants. So lets get this shit started.😝😝)

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