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“I don’t know who to pick..I’m sorry” When y/n becomes manager or the boys volleyball team and finds the players a bit too friendly towards her. I do not own any of the haikyuu characters Tw//smut,strong language,drug usage, etc.

Romance / Other
Samm <3
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This introduction is just Y/n and the potential love intertrest, but there are other characters I just don't plan on adding them here :)


New girl in her first year at the pristine school by the name of Aoba Johsai, also called Seijoh. Recently transferred from Karasuno. Played volleyball since the age of six through middle school, but stopped when she got to high school. She had went to Kitagawa middle school and played as a setter while also having the role as captain of the girls team. She was forced to transfer due to her parents splitting up, her ending up in custody of her mother. Y/n is a sarcastic asshole, but uses that joking act simply to cover up all her emotional feelings

Tooru Oikawa:

Third year Captain of Seijoh's volleyball team and is the main setter. He also attended Kitagawa in his middle school days and was harassed by many high schools wanting him, he eventually ended up at Seijoh. He's flirts with all the girls and is known as the school's playboy. Sure he's flirty, but no one has ever shown his true love and peace. He could have any girl, but none catch his eye.

Hajime Iwaizumi:

Third Year wing spiker on the volleyball team and is considered the ace of the team. He is very aggressive in the game, but outside of volleyball people see him as a bad boy. In reality he isn't, but no one has ever given him the chance to show that side of him. Being bestfriends with Oikawa since middle school he had his fair share of fangirls, but they were too basic for his taste. He wants to show a girl the world, but can't find the right one. Ultimately he gives off a mean aura to others, but has a soft spot for the girl he loves.

Issei Mastsukawa:

Third year middle blocker for the team, who is seen as the quiet type. People assume he's a hard stoner, but in reality he's a raging gamer boy who rarely sleeps. He's your average horny gamer boy and can be very possessive when in a relationship with a girl.

Hanamaki Takahiro:

Third year wing spiker goes by the nickname Maki. He's always seen with Matsukawa, or Matsu for short. No one ever really acknowledges him when he's with the other third years. He's a sweetheart who is a literal nerd. He loves watching anime, reading and collecting manga and has a huge obsession with maid cafes ever since reading Maid Sama.

Kentaro Kyotani:

Also known as Mad Dog, Kyotani is a second year wing spiker. He is notorious for his anger issues. Constantly storming out of class, getting in trouble for yelling at his classmates and the list goes on. He was a troublemaker, but deep down he just wanted to tell him that he's doing a good job. He rarely talked to anyone outside volleyball since everyone was too scared to even be next to him, this hurt him a lot.

Yutaro Kindaichi:

First year middle blocker that is constantly getting playfully bullied by his teammates. The kid transferred to seijoh to follow up with his former teammates from Kitagawa. In his free time he actually volunteers at a animal shelter, mainly for community service hours, but he secretly enjoys it. No one knows that part of his life or any part of his personal life to be honest.

Akira Kunimi:

First year wing spiker who is on and off the court. Kunimi is a more closed off than his teammates, but cares for them deeply. He and y/n had always been close, but when they separated to different schools they stopped talking. In his free time he likes to spend his time in the library, mainly because it was quiet and he enjoyed the environment. At night he played video games with the rest of his team, usually never knowing how to play the game he would place last in almost everything
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