Love Ritual


{Warning! Slight Yandere ahead!} One of Kakashis students, still didn't discover the slumbering Jutsu inside of her. The training got harder, the pressure was even higher than usual. The fear of an possible attack by the Akatsuki was growing and he feared the worst, without the missing Jutsu. (Y/n) (L/n) is the name of the said student. She tried to be better every passing day, yet she believes that she didn't possess an Jutsu like the rest...but why was the Akatsuki after her? {Disclaimer} I don't own Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. I don't own the character or the Story, that is behind the awesome Anime! All rights goes to the creator! [Hidan x Reader]

Romance / Adventure
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A sigh escaped my lips, as I finally had the opportunity to sit down. It was getting harder, the training was more efficient though and my skills have become better. Kakashi helps me to discover my power, that slumbers somewhere deep inside of me, yet I believe that I don't have such power at all. I can't summon fire like Sasuke, nor can I summon multiple clones like Naruto. I am....just me. The only ability that I possessed, was the fact how to cook and defend myself from others. I was quick, but I wouldn't say that I'd survive against a hord of ninjas out in the woods. Kakashi believes in me though, thats why he drags me to the training each time he gets the chance to.

Right now, I was sitting on a bench. A few feet away from the training grounds, away from the crazed sensei. I needed a moment to gain my strength, I was completely out of breath.

"(Y/n)! Common!" Naruto yelled as he waved towards me, with a big goofy smile.

I rolled my eyes and straighten my back, there goes my 30 seconds break.

"Here goes nothing." I mumbled as I proceeded to walk to the blonde male, my mouth slowly twisted into a smile as I reached him.

"Don't tell me you're already done for today."

My eyes came in contact with Sasuke, a rather quiet man with a mysterious personality.

"Its not like we started a few minutes ago, we are doing this for nearly a week..." I answered, awkwardly grabbing my arm.

Sasuke didn't answer, just a small smile and roll with his eyes answers my complain.

"She's right, I mean...I totally understand that she's exhausted." Naruto said, lazily laying an arm around my shoulder while he spoke, with a cheeky grin.

I blushed at his actions and didn't dare to look up.

"Ok Lovebirds, let's get back to training."

"We aren't Lovebirds!" I answered embarrassed, the burning sensation on my cheeks seem to get stronger.

"Whatever, just don't do anything in public. It's disgusting."

I rolled my eyes at Sasuke, visibly annoyed by his smart-ass remark.


"You're doing great, keep up the good work." Kakashi praised me after he watched my every move.

"Thank You, Kakashi-Sensei." I answered, bowing at the end as a sign of respect and then offered a small smile.

"Yet," his eyes closed and his arms were folded over his chest "there seemed to be no process at all...your Jutsu still didn't show."

We stood there what felt like an eternity, he was thinking about something real hard, mumbling a bit as he commented his thoughts. I wasn't sure what kept him thinking like this, but it seemed to be important.

"You know what?" His voice got a bit higher as he finally came to an conclusion.
"How about you join Naruto and Sasuke on a small mission?"

My mouth sprung open and my eyes widen, it would be the first official Mission for me.

"Are you sure?" I asked stunned by his offer, yet excitement took over and my smile grew bigger.

"Of course! What better way to reveal your Jutsu? It will be dangerous though, that's what you need to know before deciding."

"I know...but my answer is yes. I really want to go on that mission."

Kakashi opens his eyes, a sparkle was noticeable as he placed his hands on each side of my shoulder and glanced directly into my (e/c) eyes. His mask covered the big, proud smile he wore.

"I need to warn you though. If the Akatsuki crosses your way or a insanely high amout of ninjas, please stay behind the boys. They know what they are doing and they will protect you." He said strictly and then leand back again.

"But Kakashi, I know that I'm able to defeat one of them. I'm strong. All I'm asking from you, is to give me a chance, to have faith in me."

"(Y/n), you don't know what you'd be up against, if they would cross your path. They aren't going to have a chit chat with you either, they will kill you the second they get the chance to. I don't want you in harms way, not until you know your true potential and have become one with your slumbering Jutsu. I believe in your skills, but please, just let them handle it."

My eyes glanced towards the ground, clearly disappointed about it, yet I understood the issue and simply nodded at his request.

"Good. I will inform the two of them, you should go to sleep. The mission will start tomorrow early, you should restore your energy." He patted my shoulder and pulled me into a last hug, before he walked down the path. My eyes followed his every move till he left my sight and I was left alone on the field.

"Yeah." I mumbled quietly. I sat down on the ground and began to draw with my finger into the mud. 'Tomorrow then....'

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