Love Me? || Shimizu Kiyoko


β€˜Love me. Love me not.’

β€˜Love me. Love me not.’

β€˜Love me. Love me not.’

I pick each time from the little white daisy.

β€˜Love me. Love me not.’

Is this really how I’m going to know if she has feeling for me too?

β€˜Love me. Love me not.’

There are two more petals left, so two more choices for if they love me or not.

I know this is stupid.

I know this is childish.

Then why do I still do it, if I know what the end result will be?

β€˜Love me. Love me... not.’

My heart sinks down to the pit of my chest.

Do they not love me?

Do they even know I exist?

I rest my head in the flowery field and look up to the sky.

Well there’s always another chance.

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