Love Me? || Shimizu Kiyoko


All alone.

I sit here all alone again.

My thoughts taking up too much space to make friends.

I’m back in my usual place:

In the daisy field.

I pick up a daisy and I do it again.

I’ve always been doing it.

Asking the skies above.

Asking mother nature.

Asking myself.

Do you love me?

Or do you not?

It’s the same thing every day.

I’m too nervous to talk to her.

I’m too scared of rejection.

Too scared of her thinking I’m weird.

Is it really meant to be?

Or am I just one of those typical crushes of yours?

β€˜Love me. Love me not.’

And there I go once again.

With my hopes getting high.

Too high for my own good.

When in reality I have no chance with you.

I’m out of your league.

Is this a sign to stop?

Maybe I should.

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