Love Me? || Shimizu Kiyoko


Still waiting.

Recently I stopped with picking off the petals.

I don’t need to anymore.

I don’t need to ever now.

All I need to do is sit here and wait.

It could happen tomorrow.

It happen next week.

It might even happen a year’s time.

But no matter what I’ll still be here.

Here with the flowers.

And with the endless fields.

Patiently waiting for her.

I take a deep breath as I know I should go back home now.

I stand up.

The wind clings on to me, swishing my hair about.

I turn around ready to leave.

Leave and then come back next day to wait for her.

Until they were standing right in front of me.

In the distance he was standing there.

I couldn’t believe it was them.

Kiyoko Shimizu.

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