Something New {Fred Weasley x reader}


“Y/n can you come down here for a minute?" You hear your father shout from the dining room. "Yeah dad, what's up? What did you-" "Hi y/n, right? I'm Harry." "Harry... Harry Potter?" You say, turning to your father who is sitting at the head of the ridiculously long table; "dad? Why is Harry Potter in our house? And who are all these people?" DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters or places, they strictly belong to J.K. Rowling, I just like to write about them. ~there’s a ball every year. Just the the Yule ball but without the life threatening events. ~strong language. ~Y/n Black... in this book the Weasley family and Black family are NOT related. ~set in year 5 (Order of the Phoenix) ~starting Hogwarts in year 5, twins are in year 7.

Romance / Drama
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"Y/n, can you come down here for a minute?" You hear your father shout from the dining room.

"Yeah dad, what's up? What did you-" You cut yourself off when you noticed countless pairs of eyes burning into the side of your head.

"Hi, y/n is it? I'm Harry."

"Harry... Harry Potter?" You say, turning to your father who was sitting at the head of the ridiculously long table; "dad? Why is Harry Potter in our house? And who are all these people?" You ask while everyone else laughed. You didn't understand what was so funny.

"Y/n dear, this is Harry, Hermione and the Weasley family." Your dad answered, "go sit down we'll begin shortly."

Begin? Begin what? You ask yourself, sitting next to the brown haired boy. "Hi, sorry. I'm y/n, y/n Black." You say, shaking his hand until your attention shifts to the row of red hair opposite you.

"Oh, we know. I'm Ron, Ron Weasley" a boy spoke, he gestured to who you're guessing was the rest of his family; "this is Fred and George they're-"

"Identical twins? I hadn't noticed" you joked.

"We're two years older than these three" one of them said, gesturing to the people around him and his twin.
"But that doesn't explain why we haven't seen you around school." The other finished, you looked around them as they waited for your reply but you stayed silent.

"Y/n doesn't go to Hogwarts, she's homeschooled" Remus interrupted.

"Hogwarts? What's Hogwarts?" You ask, turning your attention to Remus and your father.

"Nothing that concerns you at this moment in time, my dear." He says, about to stand up from the table when a soft but stern voice came from the kitchen, catching everyone's attention.

"Sirius! She has a right to know" she says, walking over to the table, putting her hands on Harry's shoulders; "it's time she knows the truth."

Rolling his eyes, your father began to tell you about Hogwarts. Talking to you about the teachers, houses and classes. All in all it sounded amazing but you couldn't think for a second why you weren't told about it sooner. You tried to pay attention to what everyone was saying but you couldn't help think that they were hiding something from you.

"Why am I homeschooled?" You interrupted, "why aren't I at Hogwarts?" The room fell silent, like everyone knew something you didn't. You look around the table noticing everyone was avoiding your eyes. You turn to your father and ask; "can I go?"

He paused before opening his mouth to no words. "Dad. You said it yourself how safe it was."

"Yes, I did but-"

"So, if it's so safe and, I quote 'the best wizarding school in England', can I go?"

"No!" He snapped. Looking guiltily at Remus.

"What- why? Remus," You said, turning to face him; "why can't I go?"

"I- it's not my plac-" he began but was cut off by your father slamming his hands on the table and standing up sharply.
"Go. To. Your. Room." He says, extending his arm to the staircase, "NOW."

You storm off at his request, aggressively pushing your chair back into the table. As you make your way back up stairs, you can hear Remus, Sirius and Mrs Weasley talking loudly in the corridor. Through their muffled voices you can hear Mrs Weasley defending your case, Sirius contradicting her and Remus trying his hardest to calm them both down. Then it all went silent.

You didn't know what was going on, nor did you care but you walked over to your door anyways and opened it slowly, trying to make no noise. Instead of seeing the descending stairs, you are met with a yellow and white striped shirt. You follow it up only to be met with his eyes. His dark chocolate brown eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry. It's George right?"

He laughed, "not quite. Fred," he said extending his arm out to meet yours in a shake; "nice to meet you. May I come in?" He asked, walking in anyway.

"Um, I mean... be my guest." You stammer, your eyes follow him as he walks towards your bed, laying in it like it was his own. "Can- can I help you?"

"Not really love, but, I think I can help you." You look at him, your brows furrowed; "do you want to hear something a little more interesting?" He asked with a mischievous grin.

You nod at his proposition as he pulls a piece of string out of his pocket. On the end of the string is an ear, a singular ear. You look at him confused as he walks out of your room and to the start of the stairs. Standing up from the chair you were sat on, you notice the muffled voices of the adults increasing.

"What is-" You try and ask but are met with his finger over your lips to shut you up. He moves his finger to his ear then pointing down the stairs.

"I agree, she does deserve to know but the timing couldn't be worst Molly." You hear Sirius say as you feel Fred's eyes on you. Ignoring them you sit on the top step, looking through the gap in the banister.

"You're her father Sirius, it's your job to keep her safe until she's of age, then and only then do you need to let go." Mrs Weasley said gently.

"But I'm not!" He snapped.

"Sirius not now. Don't do this plea-" Remus began but got cut off by Molly. "What?" She asked.

He hesitated before saying, "I'm not her father."

"Y/n? Y/n don't-" Fred tried to stop you from running back down the stairs.
"Dad? What- what are you talking about?" You asked, on the verge of tears.

"Y/n, darling I can expla-"

"No! No you're lying!" You shout, catching the attention of everyone in the dining room. "Remus? Tell me the truth, please?" You pleaded, walking over him as the other came rushing through into the small corridor.

Remus avoided your tear-filled eyes, giving you the answer the question you regretted asking. You take a few small, stumbling steps backwards until you feel the front door pressed against your back. Without thinking, you open the door and run out into the dark street. Not bothering to look back to see if anyone was following you, you kept running.

Wanting to get as far away from 12 Grimmauld Place as you can, you ran, ignoring their calls until you felt a strong grip on your upper arm stop you from running any further.

Word count: 1111
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