// WINGMAN // W. Ushijima x Reader x S. Tendou


“Wow, you’re really crushing hard on Ushiwaka aren’t you?” “Shut up...he’ll never like me anyways...” “Hm~ I doubt that! I’ll help you out! I’ll be your wingman!” A story where Tendou, the wingman to get you and Ushijima together, ends up falling hard for you. “Dude! I need help! I’m being a wingman for Y/n to get her and Ushiwaka together!” “Yeah, I know. What’s the problem? You’re doing a good job.” “THAT’S THE PROBLEM! Cause now that I’m doing all of this crazy stuff with her, I really like her!” “Oh, that’s rough buddy. Good luck with that.” “You’re cruel Semi!”

Romance / Fantasy
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I can’t gain feelings for her...I can’t let it happen..

But it did, and now it feels awkward for me trying to still help her get with Ushiwaka....

I didn’t think she would be so goddamn attractive! It’s kinda sad that Ushiwaka can’t see what I see in Y/n..but he is starting to get interested..which makes me mad...

Man...if only I never suggested to be her wingman, then I wouldn’t be struggling with these feelings!

It’s too late now..I’ll just have to suck it up....

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