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Nice Serve! - Haikyuu Lemons


💦Thirsty for Haikyuu Characters!💦 💦One-Shot Lemons💦 [Only updates when I feel like it. Lmao] Date Started: Sept 7, 2020 (On wattpad) [All pictures used aren't mine. Credits to the owners!]

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Meal 1 🍦: 『Sugawara Koushi』

➳Word Count: 3.6K+

➳Date Published: Sept 1, 2020

➳Synopsis: Students were invited to a birthday pool party. You and Sugawara are childhood friends and in the middle of the party, you gave him a lap...dance...?

Note: Music on top. Play it if you like later on.

🥡 One Sugamama for take out please!

🍭🍭S E X Y B A C K 🍭🍭

You bit your lips as your eyes wandered around the swimming pool. All your female batch mates were clad in their swimming attire. Looking sexy and beautiful. Whereas you, you were still wearing your shorts and a hoodie. Underneath was your two-piece. You weren’t planning on taking it off since you don’t want to swim tonight and you just took a bath before coming to the party.

" [Name]! Do you want some? ” One of your friends offered you a drink. You smelled it first and found out it was alcohol so you politely declined her.

“Oh, okay. But if you change your mind, the alcohols are over there.” She pointed at the table not far away from you where fruits and drinks were placed.

You nodded at her. You then walked towards your childhood friend, Sugawara Koushi. He was with his team and by the looks of it, they’ve been teasing him about something. Tanaka saw you first and waved at you. “[Name]! Come here for a second!”

“What is it?” You asked Tanaka, you took the empty seat.

“You look lonely standing over there.” Tanaka teased.

“I’m not.” You playfully rolled your eyes.

In front of you was Sugawara who was busy talking to a girl whom you recognized as one of the popular girls in your school.

You averted your gaze, not wanting anyone to see hatred burning in your eyes and most of all, jealousy.

Girls flocked around your childhood friend. It can’t be helped. He’s such an angel after all. He was friendly, kind, intelligent, and athletic.

How could he be so perfect?!

You grumbled and snatched Hinata’s fries, shoving them in your mouth.

“Senpai [Name]?! That was mine!” Hinata pouted making you smile at his cute expression. You rolled your eyes and stood up. “Alright, I’ll go get some fries for ya, little tangerine.”

“I-it’s fine. I’ll go get it myself...” Hinata said, not wanting his senpai to do a mediocre task for him. You shrugged and didn’t sit down again, instead you followed Hinata.

You don’t want to sit there and watch the girl flirt with your angel! You might throw her unto the pool.

“I said I’ll get it myself. You don’t have to accompany me senpai.”

“I’m not. I’m here to grab some of...” You walked past the first table and stopped at the second one. Your hands clutching a wine glass that was filled with alcoholic drinks. “These.”

Hinata’s eyes widened. “You’ll get drunk, senpai.”

“That’s not a problem. I won’t drink a lot anyway.” You replied as Hinata grab a small bowl, filling it with fries again.

The party started two hours ago. Now almost half of the people are either in the pool or eating. It was the school president’s birthday and he invited everyone in the school in their villa to celebrate.

He even made sure that there are vacant rooms for them to sleep on in case they might be unable to drive themselves back.


The pool’s beside the villa. Thus it was easy to come and go to your room.

Hinata excused himself when Kageyama yelled at him for being too slow. Apparently, even though the volleyball club members are here for the birthday, they’re also having a meeting, which was led by Daich, their captain.

Your eyes landed on Sugawara and you waved your hand when you saw him looking at you. The girl was nowhere to be found. He smiled at you before averting his gaze and focused on Daichi.You sighed and finished one glass. His smiles make your heart flutter. He’s just too much to take in, he was adorable and handsome at the same time.

You badly want to kiss him and touch him but he was too good for you. An angel. You don’t want to taint him with your pervertedness!

You bobbed your head, feeling the beat of the music. Some were dancing on a small stage. You took your time drinking. You have no idea whether you have a high tolerance or low, either way, you weren’t bothered at getting drunk. Besides, if ever you get drunk, your room’s just a floor away.

As you finish your tenth glass, the music died down and a male voice resonated in the speaker. It was the secretary.

“Fellow students, before the day ends. The officers thought of an idea to make this night more fun.” He said, holding the wireless microphone. You placed back your glass and directed your gaze at him. He was only wearing shorts and his body was soaked.

“So let’s start. I want everyone to cooperate, understood?”

A chorus of yes and yeah filled the air.

“Good! Now here it is. See this bowl?“He walked to a small bowl that was placed on a table. It was transparent and inside was a bunch of papers cut into smaller sizes. “Inside this bowl is your names. We are going to choose five lucky students. And when your names are called, you are going to dance a random song that we are going to play.”

Some students who disliked the idea groaned, especially those introverted ones. You clicked your tongue and turned to get some bite-sized fruits. You don’t hate dancing, but you don’t like it either.

“Now now, we are all going to cooperate. Even the officer’s names are included here. So after that, once the names are called. You are going to dance to a random song and finished it. Then once all 5 participants are done. There will be voting in the end. The winner is going to receive 70 coupons to eat all you can from any buffet restaurant!”

Sounds good...

“Now I want everyone to get their own chairs and gather around the stage. But not too close. So that the contestants can walk around y’all.” He explained and put his hand inside the bowl, not looking. “Are you all ready? I’ll grab five papers and once I call your name, please come forward and stand on the stage.”

You were about to get a chair for yourself when you felt a light tap behind you. You turned around and saw Sugawara, holding two chairs. “I have yours.”

“Oh. Thank you, Kou.”

“No problem.” He showed you his killer smile again before turning his back and placing your chair beside his.

You sat down and purposely let your shoulder graze his skin for a second. He wasn’t wearing his top since this is a pool birthday party.

And because of that, you’ve been struggling to not let your eyes wander down! His face was enough to make your heart ram inside you violently. But then there’s his toned body!

You need tons of tissues to wipe your bleeding nose at how hot he looks!

Packing tape!

“You’re not going to take a dip?“Sugawara asked, jerking his thumb to the pool. You shook your head, “I took a bath before I came here. And I don’t think I can swim with ease.” You were feeling lightheaded. Thankfully you stopped drinking. Any more shots then you would have been drunk.

“Why is that?“Sugawara scrutinized your face. Your cheeks were flush red and your eyes half-lidded. There was an air of seductiveness around you. Unbeknown to you, you were giving him a sultry look.

Sugawara looked back at the stage when the third person was called out. His face heating up as an image of your pretty face flashing on his mind.

You chewed the cherries you grab on the table and boringly looked at the stage. There are now four of them. Your eyes landed on the left side where a familiar girl stood proudly, smiling widely as her classmates cheered for her. You rolled your eyes, it was the girl who talked to Suga.

You caught her glancing at Suga every now and then and you can’t help but feel annoyed. Good thing Suga was unaware at her glances.

“And the last lucky student is, [Name] [Last name]!!!”


You snapped your head back on the stage, choking at the cherries. You coughed violently as all of them looked at you.


" Ho ho ho, we’d get to see [name]-san dance!?”

Hinata and Tanaka’s voice was the loudest. Followed by Nishinoya’s laughed. The other members have a surprised expression.

“Are you okay?”

You shook your head, trying to keep yourself calm. You don’t want to dance! You should’ve gone back to your room earlier!

“Kou, I don’t want to.” You said. Your eyes were glazy due to you choking seconds ago. He gave you an encouraging smile, patting your back. “It will be okay. ” Of course he wants to see you dance too!

“[Name] [Last name], please come on stage.” The secretary said, making you groan in annoyance. You dejectedly stood up. The only thing that’s keeping you from exploding was Suga’s ′ You can do it’

You stood beside the girl who likes your angel. You noticed her glare when you went passed her. There are three females and two males on stage. Each one from different sections and year level.

You crinkled your nose when you realized that the two girls were clad in their bikinis. Whereas you were still wearing shorts and a jacket, zipped up above your chest.

“Alright. Now I’m going to randomly pick one of these pieces of paper to determine who will go first. Are you guys ready?!”



You scoffed. They’re ready and happy because it’s not them who’s going to fool around.

“I wish I’d be the first one to dance, while he’s still watching. So that I could walk up to him.”

You heard the girl said to the other student. This irked you. Is she planning to dance in front of Suga?! No way in hell you’d let her!

With the anger inside you, you found yourself praying that you’d get chosen first before the bitch.

“The first one is [random name]!”

There were cheers everywhere as the first music was played. You drowned out the sound and cheers as your heart began beating fast. You are going to dance too.

You can’t call yourself a dancer but you’re confident you won’t look silly just like the guy who’s dancing right now. He looked like he was enjoying moving his stiff body.

Before you know it, he was done, with a huge grin on his face, he waved t his fans.

He’s drunk. You concluded. ′ there’s no way he won’t feel any shame after looking silly.′ Unless he’s got a steel heart and thick face. In which you lacked right now.


There was a drum roll and then he took one piece of paper again. He read it, ” [Name] [Last name]!!”


You froze in your place but when the volleyball members roared and cheered for you, even calling out your name. A burst of confidence welled inside and you gulped. Especially seeing Suga who looked excited. His hazel-brown eyes were wide in anticipation and his light grey hair slightly messy.

You shot a taunting look to the girl, “Sorry, but he’s mine.” You said, smirking at her stunned expression before going to the center of the stage.

By the time you arrived at the center, the music started. It was a familiar one.

I’m bringin’ sexy back (yeah)

You glanced at Suga then to the others. You inhaled deeply and breathed out. ′You got this.′

Your unzipped your jacket as you followed the music’s beat.

Them other boys don’t know how to act (yeah)

Whistles and whoop came out from their lips as you took off your jacket, exposing your bikini underneath.

I think it’s special, what’s behind your back (yeah)

You walked down the stage after taking off your shorts too. Hips swaying seductively.

So turn around and I’ll pick up the slack (yeah)♫

You got only one goal. To let everyone know that Suga’s yours.

“Woah Woah Woah!” Kinoshita gaped, as you walked past the other members and arriving in front of a surprised Sugawara.

Sugawara dumbly looked at you. His body stiff as a pole.

Dirty babe, you see these shackles baby

I’m your slave.

“I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave.” You sang as you leaned closer to him.

It’s just that no one makes me feel this way

Come here girl, (go ’head, be gone with it)

Come to the back (go ’head, be gone with it)

Suga couldn’t help but open his mouth, breathing heavily as you swayed your body. He hasn’t seen you wearing a bikini before, so when he saw you stripping live in front of them. He felt like dying. Your alluring body was displayed, his heart was about to explode.

VIP (go ’head, be gone with it)

Drinks on me (Go ’head, be gone with it)

You see what you’re twerkin with ( go ’head, be gone with it)

Look at those hips (go ’head, be gone with it)

You looked sexy right now. He wanted to grab your waist and cover you with his karasuno jacket to shield you away from them.

“Go get it Suga-san!“Tanaka hollered. Finally, his ship is sailing! He wanted to cry!

You make me smile (go ’head, be gone with it)Go ’head, child (go ’head, be gone with it)Get your sexy on (go’head, be gone with it)

You sat in his lap and the crowd went wild. Sugawara held his breath, his arms awkwardly dangling on his side. What the heck are you doing to him? Giving him a lap dance?!

The first years were blushing furiously, Hinata passed out while Kageyama looked elsewhere, ears red.

Tsukishima just sat on his seat, unblinking, though there was a noticeable blush on his cheeks. And then there’s Yamaguchi, he was close to passing out too.

They have never seen you this... Wild.

Get your sexy on (go’head, be gone with it)

Get your sexy on (go’head, be gone with it)

Get your sexy on (go’head, be gone with it)

Get your sexy on (go’head, be gone with it)

Get your sexy on (go ahead, be gone with it)

As the music was ending, you slowly ceased your movement. You knew you’re not the best when it comes to dancing so you didn’t exaggerate your moves--The moves you learned when watching dance covers on Youtube.--

You finally halted and stood up from his lap.

All of them were gaping at you, it was so intense and you were so hot that they found themselves blushing as if you were dancing in front of them instead!

“Wow. What a tantalizing performance!”

You awkwardly walked back, too shy to know his reaction. You were giving him a passionate look as you were dancing. But now that music’s gone. Your confidence also died along with it.

You picked up your shorts and jacket. In Suga’s position, he could clearly see your tempting ass, as you bent down. Displaying your toned legs and back for him to feast on. He cleared his throat and glared at the other males who were checking you out.

Now that you’re done. You wanted to disappear. And to do that, you need to go back to your room.

You snatch a liquor from the waiter and gulped it down. The burning sensation made you feel an urge to puke yet you kept going. If being drunk means forgetting what you did. Then...


It was Sugawara, “stop drinking.” He grabs the bottle from your hand and places it on a random table.

“Kou, give it back. ” You were feeling dizzy.

“No. You’ve been drinking a lot.” He, of course, saw you finished those glasses earlier so he knew you’ve drank too much alcohol tonight.

You staggered and he noticed this, he quickly grabs your hand to help you steady yourself. You fluttered your eyes, blinking furiously.

‘I’m sleepy... That was fast’

“Come on, let’s get you inside.” He placed your jacket on your back as he guided you back to your room.

“Suga-san? [Name]-san?”

“She’s tired. Tell the president she’s going to rest for a while.”

The noises sounded distant as you lazily walk. The only thing you knew is that, you can’t face him yet and he’d to lead you back to your room.

You couldn’t hear what he was saying when you felt yourself drifting to sleep.


You groaned as you felt something soft on your back. You turned and ran your hand around you, then you realized you’re on a bed. You opened your eyes and saw Sugawara hovering close to you.

Both your eyes widened and he covered his mouth with the back of his hand. “S-sorry.”

You looked at him, bewildered. Was he... Was he going to kiss you?!


Sugawara didn’t look at you. His cheeks turning red. It was supposed to be a peck only then he’d leave you to sleep. But you opened your eyes before he could do it!



“Do you want to kiss me?”

Your blunt question made him snapped his head to you. He stuttered as he tried to find the right words to say.

“I-i-i don’t know what y-you’re talking about.”

“Ah. That’s too bad, I want to kiss you.” You said. You already showed everyone that you fancy your childhood friend. It’s too obvious. You won’t back down now.

You reached out for his neck while he was still distracted and you pressed your mouth forward to kiss him. The bitter taste of liquor evaded his mouth as your fragrant body advanced to his.

Sugawara tensed, you thought he was going to push you but then you felt his arms encircled your bareback, responding to your kiss.


The room was dim. Your soft and hot body tangled around Suga. Both naked underneath the sheets.

“Aah... Koushi...”

Sugawara massaged your breasts. He liked hearing you moan his name as his hand played with your breasts, his lips molding unto yours.

His hand was soft and hard at times, sometimes grabbing, sometimes massaging, making your globes flat and round and flat again.

Your pure body which has been lonely for many years and resembled a pile of firewood, suddenly ignited into huge flames burning you with lust.

“Do you feel good?” Suga asked he wanted to prioritize your own pleasure first and enjoy as much as he enjoyed tasting you.

He used his mouth to suck your nipple as he caressed your body with his other hand.

“Y-yes... Right there...”

You felt very satisfied as he teasingly played with your clit with his skillful fingers. Damn him for being so good.

He occasionally bit your erect nipple, also sucking more than half of your breast inside his mouth from time to time.

Not only was he good at using his fingers, even he was an expert in moving his tongue!

Sugawara finds your legs smooth, similar to silk cloth. He pushed your legs unto his shoulder as fingered you. This made your body feverish as you gasped.

His hand was coated with your fluids. He looked at you and said, “I’m going in.” His voice was husky and deep.


You nodded frantically, you can’t wait anymore! Enough with the foreplay. You wanted him inside you.

You bit your lip eagerly as you looked at his cock. Suga was gripping his thing already, positioning it to your entrance.

You spread your legs shyly. He supported his body as he entered you slowly. “Aah... Koushi it hurts...”

Though it didn’t take long for you to move your hips, wanting to feel him more. He whispered sweet nothings as he slowly thrust into you. “[Name]...” He moaned your name.

“Tight... Aah...” Damn, his moans turned you even more!

Sugawara licked your nipples again as he rammed inside you. After torturing your nipple, he finally released it, at the same time his pace quickened.

He kissed your neck, leaving wet marks as his huge cock pumped inside your flesh hole in an unrestrained manner. It felt so good and he couldn’t help but want to bury himself even deeper into you.

“Deeper...Koushi you’re so good....”

The violent pleasure made you writhed your body.

You were sucking him, your insides clamping his cock as he thrust in and out of your moist cavern at high speed.

The faster his thrusting became the louder your moans. The bed creaked loudly, almost banging on the wall at how powerful his thrusts were.

Damn. Sugawara’s a monster in bed!

His angelic image was gone.

On top of you was a wolf in heat.

He called your name over and over again as he buried his face in between your neck. “So t-tight...”

Feeling you clamped around his even tighter, Sugawara slowed down his thrust but he was hitting you even deeper than before.

You gasped at the sensation.

“Yes~! Koushi!”

Before you know it, the two of you were reaching your limit.

You embraced his sweaty body as both of you cum. Suga quickly pulled out his cock, his semen spurted and landed on your stomach and some even spilled on the bed.

“Oh ... I ... feel hot...” You mumbled.

Suga immediately stood up and grabbed some tissues and cleaned you. You twitched slightly when he touches your sensitive cavern as he lightly dabbed.


“Hm? Kou?”

“I got carried away... But I don’t regret what happened.”

You smiled and beckoned him to come closer to you. You kissed his sweaty temple.“I guess we’re no longer just childhood friends...?”

He smiled and kissed your lips, sliding his tongue to taste you and the two of you separated after a while. “After everything, I won’t settle for being your childhood friend only.”

You giggled and lunged at him. Sitting on top, you tilted your head, peering down at him.

“Then... How about another round?”

🍭🍭E N D🍭🍭

🧊 A P P L Y 🧊H O L Y 🧊 I C E 🧊F O R 🧊 T H E 🧊 A C H I N G 🧊 C A V E R N 🧊

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