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A Valentine


Levi × OC (modern AU) This randomly popped into my head around a week ago so I thought I would write it. Also this isnt going to be that good as it's my first. I was originally going to write it on Wattpad but a lot of accounts were deleted so I didnt want to risk it. This is a book with my OC Ayaka Shoji. Shes a lovely girl who has black hair and cute bangs which she dyed red at the bottom. Her eyes are a deep hazelnut colour which match the colour of the birthmark on the back of her right shoulder. Shes around 5' so shes not very tall. She meets her long lost friend (Levi) in a changing room! Shes goes to party and she gets heartbroken by her fiancee (Conner) of 2 years!! You'll have to read to find out what happens;) None of these characters belong to me only Conner+his trashy friends and Ayaka. Warnings Mature content

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hey. This is my first time legit ever writing a book so pls dont judge. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.
3rd person

Eren tapped Ayaka On the shoulder and said

"Oi Aya how long are you going to take picking out a dress to wear?!"

"Shut up Eren you ugly bitch!Unlike you Ayaka actually has style." Jean said as he hit Eren hard on the back.

"What was that for horse face!?" Eren shouted as he growled.

"WILL YOU GUYS SHUT UP?!" Ayaka whisper shouted at them both.

Both Jean and Eren apologised and glared at eachother silently. Mikasa just stood there also glaring at Jean.

"Oi!" Sasha shouted as she ate a bag of crisps (for any american readers its chips) she giggled as she waved at the 5 of us. Connie was walking beside her with some party clothes for the boys.

"Hey you guys, do you think Conner would like this dress?" (Conner is the name of Ayaka's boyfriend)

Ayaka held the dress up to show them. All of them nodded in agreement. Armin gave the dress back to her and said "Go try it on Aya! It's going to look so good on you."

Ayaka rushed into the changing room and stripped down until she was left in her red laced undergarments. She heard Sasha and Connie laughing which comforted her as she knew that they were still there. She was about to slip the dress on when the curtain was pulled. She looked in the mirror and saw a raven haired man looking at her. She squealed as she covered herself. He rapidly shut the curtain. He felt a soft heat spread across his cheeks.

"I'm sorry about that. I didnt know you were in there." The man said.

"Uh- it's okay. These things happen" Ayaka said as she sat on the floor completely embarrassed. However something seemed familiar about that man, it was his voice and that hair. It definitely rang a bell in her mind.

She slipped the dress on and looked in the mirror. It was a fitted, beautiful red dress which came up to around the middle of her thigh. It wasnt too long and it wasnt too short. It complimented all her curves.

She gently pulled the greyish curtain and stepped out of the changing room.

The man was still stood outside of the changing room. Ayaka rubbed the back of her neck and said
"Dont worry about it sir? I'm sorry what's your name?"
The man looked at her deep hazelnut orbs and said

"Levi. Levi Ackerman."

Ayaka finally realised who it was. Her old best friend who moved away! Yes they used to be neighbours and best friends until he moved due to his parents work.
She gently patted his head and said

"Levi! I havent seen you in so long! It's me Ayaka Shoji! You remember me...right?"

He nodded and said

"Well, I was actually planning on meeting you today as your old friends said that you still lived here, but I never thought we would meet again in this way."

Ayaka blushed as she got a flashback of what just happened a few minutes ago. She waved her hands infornt of her and said

"Really it's no problem these things happen!"

She felt a hand on her shoulder. She gently turned her head and saw Eren.

"Who are you eh? Trying to sneak a peek on her you perv?" Eren said.

Ayaka removed his hand from her shoulder and said

"Dont talk to him like that you idoit! Hes my old friend from my childhood. Thanks for caring though."

Eren glared at Levi.

They just stared at eachother. It had been nearly 2 minutes and none of them had blinked.

"Guys stop it."

Ayaka softly said as she heavily sighed.

"So Levi theres a party tomorrow night! You're invited! I'm sure my fiancee wont mind."

'Fiancee? She's engaged...?'

Levi thought.

~~a small timeskip to the next day~~

The Bitches💃💃

Potato girl:
Oi I'm ready to go Connie pick me up.

Fine fine jeez. I'll be there in 15.

Horse Face:
Mikasa I'll pick you up.

No I'm picking her up horse face.

Wouldn't it be smarter if horse face just picked Armin, Eren and myself up?

Great idea Mikasa!

What about me you brats?

Conner is picking me up but I can ask if you can tag along :)


Nevermind. He said hes going with 'the boys'. I'll pick you up Levi. It's not like I'm going to get drunk anyways. I'm good with alcohol. Send me your location and I'll pick you up.

*Location sent*

Okay thanks! See you all soon!

Ayaka got into her polished black car and drove to get Levi.

Author's note
Next chapter will be at the party! I know it's not good but I'm trying! It's not going to be a very long story but yeah. Oh and there might be some spice in the next chapter or the one after that I'm not sure. Anyways have a good day!
(Thank you for reading my first chapter btw)

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