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Enraptured | Jeon Jungkook x Reader


The psychotic stalker; completely and irrevocably head over heels in love with the heartless murderer? It was a Cinderella story just like no other: the perfect tragic fairytale. ↝ Jeon Jungkook x F! Reader AU. Published: 06.02.19 Finished: 20.08.19 ©KookaineAddict

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➵ |I| Love Letter To Satan.


〚 To my dearest Jeon Jungkook 〛

This is the fifteenth letter that I have sent to you already as of thus far, and yet still—you do not know who I am, but I would like to keep it that way for as long as I possibly can, even though I know that you're probably annoyed as hell at me right now, especially considering the fact that every single letter that I send to you, I always repeat this exact same statement.

First of all, as I always say, I really do truly and irrevocably love you, like you're the last of my kind. It is as if you speak the exact same language that I do, the language of pure love. To be around you is finally like not being alone anymore—as if all my life I've been isolated, in a windowless and doorless room, and then suddenly—you walk right in through it as if you're casually strolling over a summer meadow. How is it that you are so much more than just pure sunshine? Why is it that you are my medicine? Who could I ever love, more than I am able to love and admire you? So, my love, know this—that while I still breathe I am forever yours in mind, body and soul. You're not just an artist, but you're an idol. You're my idol.

Except for today, Mr. Jeon Jungkook.

And why is this? Well, because once again, like every single other letter that I send to you regarding this specific issue—you cannot bury a dead body to save your life. So here I am, having to do all your dirty work for you yet again just like the amazing secret lover that I am, and always will be, all because of your foolishness.

But this time, I really do understand why you have been so damn sloppy with your work lately. You're still fairly young I suppose—even though technically speaking, you're only around a year or so older than me—but yet, you still just have all this raw and pure talent practically circulating around inside your body like it's somehow a very key and efficient part of your bloodstream.

I know that you've been really struggling in terms of your writing recently, and I also am very well aware of the fact that it's because you're probably just lacking in finding some, if not any kind of inspiration whatsoever; you don't have anything to write about, because your life has been extremely boring lately. I know this because I can also relate to your situation. Life is boring. So fucking boring.

However, I may have just the solution for you Mr. Jeon. Unfortunately for you though, you're just going to have to wait—my assistance doesn't exactly come free, despite the lengths that I am actually willing to go to just for the sake of keeping you happy—despite you not even asking for absolutely any of this at all, but that's just how much I seriously love you with every single fibre of my very being.

Until next time...

➵ Your one and only beloved.


• • •


〚 To whoever the fuck you are, yet again 〛

I'm getting really fucking
bored of this now, mystery psycho bitch.

If you really don't want to show me your face, or finally tell me even so much as your fucking name—then kindly, please just fuck off. Also, I can bury a dead body just fine; thank you very much. I don't need you to do absolutely anything for me. Why? Because I don't need you. I never have, I never will and not to mention, I don't even know who the fuck you are.

Plus, who even writes letters to people anymore? You're wasting my ink. I hope that you're not some kind of old ass pedophile. If you claim that you love me as much as you say you do—then at the very least, especially after stalking every single bloody movement of mine—you could just stop being such an annoying little brat, and give me your goddamn fucking number already so that I can hunt you down once and for all, and then kill you.

Yours sincerely,

➵ Jeon Jungkook.

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