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Enraptured | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

➵ |III| Satisfied.

"Are you watching me right now?" Jungkook teased. "You are, aren't you?"

It was a stupid question, really. Of course you were watching him, it didn't even matter when, what time, or even what you were currently in the midst of doing. Homework? You were watching him. Eating? You were watching him. Sleeping? You were dreaming about him. Your day completely resonated with Jungkook's very own. His schedule was also your schedule.

He had been having his fun with you ever since the day that he finally realised you had literally bugged the entirety of his house with hidden cameras, and he was now also speaking aloud to you as if you were actually there, as if he knew that you were constantly listening. Naturally, your only responses came in through your letters of course—but now, the more that Jungkook was starting to acknowledge your existence, the more letters that you sent to him, the more curious that he was starting to grow about you.

Both of you actually attended Seoul University together—but of course, Jungkook didn’t know about this, and you genuinely wanted to keep it that way for as long as you possibly could. If he were to ever end up finding out that you were also studying there, then it was going to be very damn easy for him to finally suss you out once and for all, and you couldn't allow that to happen. Not just yet anyway.

However, despite attending the same university, both you and Jungkook were actually majoring in two completely different subjects. Jungkook was majoring in English Literature, and you, on the contrary, were majoring in Sociology—which also meant that you were never going to end up being in the same class as him, and you were fine with that. Well, at least for the time being anyway.

You were actually in the same class as one of Jungkook's closest friends—Kim Namjoon—who was also very well-known as being one of the most academically intelligent people in the entire university with an astounding IQ—on top of being extremely kind and undoubtably sexy of course—but you highly doubted the fact that he was even remotely aware of your existence, and honestly...you didn't mind. Apparently, the guy also learnt fluent English just by simply sitting on his ass and watching a sitcom all day? You couldn't even compare!

"So all I know about you at this point, is that you're a girl," Jungkook mumbled to himself. "Interesting. Hmm, sometimes I wonder how perverted you are on the inside. You must have watched me strip naked, you must have at least seen me take a shower..."

That wasn't actually true. In fact, none of it was remotely even close to what you really did. And that's why you were so damn interesting—such an enigma to all the people around you. For somebody who was so damn messed up in terms of morality, you still believed in this divine being known as God, you still believed in remaining pure until after marriage, you still believed in religion. It was very contradictory, sure, but it was also just the way you were. Maybe growing up in a very strict religious family probably had something to do with it—but still, you vowed to save yourself until after marriage, you vowed to never let a man other than your future husband see you.

To you—God is the creator and He is love. If it were not for Him, then the pure perfection known as Jeon Jungkook would have never existed on this earth, filled with nothing but complete and utter disparity, in the first place. He would have never caught your eye. So how better to honour Him than to act in His image—to create with great love? God made Jungkook specifically just for you, and betraying your fate that He created was basically a one way ticket to hell; it was deceitful, wrong.

However, this wasn't really to say that you didn't exactly have any sexual fantasies of your own—it was just that...you couldn't really bring yourself to actually act on your certain instincts. Never once had you watched Jungkook bathe, shower, or even strip naked either for that matter. In fact, you'd usually turn your gaze away from him or even quickly turn your computer screen off, only if you had to; afraid of somehow ending up going further than simply just sitting there and innocently watching.

But for some odd reason, something had felt different to you, especially this time around nevertheless. Maybe it was simply because Jungkook was now aware that you were constantly watching him, that you were always there, that you were always listening to everything that he had to say. It didn't matter if you didn't reply to him—because he still knew that you were a female, he still knew that you were slightly younger than him, and he still knew that you were technically what he would personally classify as a psychotic stalker. His very own psychotic stalker. Of course he was still completely in the dark about your appearance, or even how your voice had actually sounded, but that wasn't a problem—because to him, this was fun: entertaining, exciting, twisted.

So when he finally decided to step out of the bathroom after being in there for what had felt like absolutely ages—you literally had to suck in a dangerously sharp breath as his shirtless torso was now completely exposed to you right through your blaring monitor.

You were shocked, stunned, flabbergasted, amazed, wonderstruck, mesmerised by just his godlike physique. It was like nothing that you'd ever seen before—his body was absolutely drool-worthy. He had a chiselled chest, and the skin on it was glowing so damn healthily that it was almost blinding. His abdominals were sculptured to pure and undeniable perfection as his eight-pack popped, almost instantaneously giving you the impression that he literally just came straight out of a Calvin Klein shoot or something.

And my God, his arms. They were simply unforgettable. His biceps were literally the size of your head, strong yet lean—and his triceps looked like sharp diamonds—really rare ones, indeed. And even completing his masterpiece of a bodice were his shoulders, round and protruding, giving his entire look a vibrant new flavour, a new taste. You found your eyes now completely glued to the screen; unable to move away. They were stuck. You extended your hands out and touched the screen. You wanted him to look at you, notice you, know you, love you, marry you, fuck you. You kept begging him mentally; regardless of the fact that he couldn't even see you right now. Although, that wasn't an issue. You were satisfied as long as he knew that you were there. That you even existed.

Or were you?

Of course you were. You just had to be. You were one hundred percent satisfied with the way that things were currently going; you didn't actually want anything more, well at least...not just yet anyway.

"I wonder if you ever get turned on by me," he spoke out loud—suddenly breaking you out of your trance. "I wonder what you would do if I masturbated in front of you right here, and right now."

No fucking way.

"But I guess that will always remain such a mystery to me, won't it?" He dramatically sighed. "Maybe one day..."

Oh, thank God.

"Do you fantasise about me?" He asked. "Maybe you should answer that question in your next letter."


"Anyway, I'm going out to meet a friend now," Jungkook stated. "But of course, you probably already know that because you're my stalker. You probably even know his name too. I wouldn't exactly put it past you." He laughed.

"Yes." You nonchalantly replied to yourself; of course you did. You were one hell of a stalker after all. "Park Jimin."

Park Jimin.

One of Jungkook's closest childhood friends.

He was fairly shorter than the average man, but of course—he was still also the definition of extremely cute, and undeniably sexy. Although, that was basically the definition of all of Jungkook's friends; they had all literally looked like they were constantly walking down a freaking fashion runway or something, especially when they were all huddled together like a large flock of sheep—it was seriously like a major heart attack to every single Korean man and woman who had just so happened to be within a three feet radius away from them.

"Don't miss me too much," he teased. "Unless you're going to be there too. Unless you're going to follow me around. Maybe you're even going to wear a disguise so that I don't end up suspecting you. How many times have you done that before? Fuck, it's going to be so damn interesting when I finally get to kill you once and for all, my mystery girl."

"Not if I ever decide to kill you first, Jeon Jungkook."
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